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#1227242 The Head-Tilt Revolution: Before this trend EVEN STARTED

Posted by Wubsie on 01 March 2013 - 09:06 PM

Filly please.

Navel Revolution is best revolution. >:3

#1236909 Pony Navel Avatar Revolution - Belly Buttons are Magic!

Posted by Harmonic Revelations on 04 March 2013 - 03:59 AM

Coulda just asked ;P I've known this forever. They're not round circular indents like with humans, they're more like elongated scratch mark scar things, but they're still 'navels'.

You're a tricky one though. ;)


Alright, just for you, the next time I get a new avatar (Not for a while, I love this one) I'll have a pony navel in it.

I can't find any Celestia navel. D:

#1236691 Are You Online Right Now?

Posted by Hazardus_Havard. on 04 March 2013 - 01:16 AM

I created it a few months ago. It's linked to at the top of every forum on the board, and is actually not easy to miss xP I also made a big Canterlot Castle topic back when it was created. I suggest you follow that forum for all future updates, as is suggested in red text in Canterlot Castle's description :3

So there is a possibility that I may have missed that since I didn't join until back in the summer of last year around June.  Also, I... am an inattentive idiot.  I didn't think to look at that since I have both Fic and Art on my Bookmark which is where I usually frequent most of the time, so I missed that (We have a Skype group?  Oh boy...)  I suppose I'll be checking up on that soon.

#1235708 Do we grow out of nightmares?

Posted by Aquila on 03 March 2013 - 07:16 PM

I'm no expert, but here's what I think. You don't grow out of nightmares, per se. You grow out of the causes. There are so many things to be afraid of as a young child. You might be afraid of the dark, for example. You might also be afraid of monsters. As you grow, you become less frightened of these things, and so you're less likely to be scared in your dreams. Essentially, you become less susceptible the more knowledge and sense you gain. Adults can still get nightmares, except it's usually if something traumatic occurs.

#1235807 Do we grow out of nightmares?

Posted by Artemis on 03 March 2013 - 07:41 PM

I have a little more than six years on you, but I still have nightmares on occasion. They are very common in kids and teens due to all of the physical changes they undergo and because they typically have more active imaginations, but adults still have nightmares. Sometimes they're brought on by experiences, stress, or for no discernible reason.


Not only has the frequency of my nightmares decreased over the years, I noticed that most of the nightmares I have now are unique, whereas as a kid I had plenty of recurring nightmares. There's also the fact that what might constitute a nightmare for one person might not bother another at all - see also what Twilicorn had to say; his post explains a lot.

#1235884 Pony Navel Avatar Revolution - Belly Buttons are Magic!

Posted by Twiliscael on 03 March 2013 - 07:59 PM

In the big-ass Canterlot topic that all members should be keeping up with :o The big and obvious red text underneath said section says so |'D

Of course! I know this because all members are expected to keep up with new topics here to remain informed of major changes that may affect them.


This is an automatically generated message, by the way.

#1235777 Pony Navel Avatar Revolution - Belly Buttons are Magic!

Posted by Princess Kenny on 03 March 2013 - 07:35 PM

Nope, I'm a navel doughnut for life o/

Even if the other guys get bored and change back, we can be the Three Naveltiers.

#1235763 Pony Navel Avatar Revolution - Belly Buttons are Magic!

Posted by Twiliscael on 03 March 2013 - 07:31 PM

Made Artemis a newer, larger Twi avatar, as I wasn't a big fan of his first one, being so zoomed out :3 In this one, I really like how angelic Twilight looks. Even after this thread loses its' traction, he's interested in keeping this one for a while, as I do with mine.

We're all belly button bros to the close, bro.

All by ourselves

#1235666 Scootaloo's Family?

Posted by Stormwind on 03 March 2013 - 07:04 PM

Hi every pony,

I recently watched cutie mark chronicles and started thinking about something I noticed. Of all the nine core ponies (the mane six and the CMCs) we have an origin story for all but one, scootaloo. We have seen twilight's parents, rainbow dash's dad, pinkie's parents, fluttershy's fillyhood, rarity's parents, apple jack's family, apple bloom lives with AJ, and sweetie belle lives with rarity. However I have never seen scootaloo with any family, I have never heard her refer to any family, and we have never seen her past. So, who is this mysterious young Pegasus?

I looked around various fan sites and found an interesting idea: scoot may be an orphan. I compiled some evidence both for and against this theory and decided to post it here. I only use canon content (official and from the show or various merch) to give evidence, so no fanfics.

Evidence she is an orphan
1: we never see her family or relatives ( and no, she is not related to rainbow dash)

2: she never speaks about home, family, or her earlier life.

3: scootaloo looks up to rainbow dash as a big sister. This may just be her being young but she sees dash as a big sister and almost parental figure.

4: scoot just seems to be there. If you pay attention in sleepless in ponyville than you may notice that sweetie belle has to get permission from rarity to go on the trip while scoot just says she's coming and does. Scootaloo also does not seem to do anything or go anywhere in particular unless its with her friends.

5: she can't fly. If you watch episodes that take place at the school than you may notice that most of the other young pegasi can fly, we also know from cutie mark chronicles that pegasi need to be taught to fly. This means that no one is there to teach scoot to fly until rainbow dash takes her under her wing.

Evidence she is not an orphan
1: this show's target demographic is little girls. While most bronies would be fine with her being an orphan I'm not sure how it would affect the younger viewers. However mlp fim is notorious for not being overly sweet and sugary (dragonshy, the whole impersonating cadence to destroy equestria thing, king sombra actually getting killed, etc.) so this is more or less irrelevant.

2: we have possibly seen her house. If you remember the first babs seed episode (one bad apple, I think) than you may have noticed that the CMCs gather in a room in a normal house. Sweetie belle lives in the boutique with rarity and apple bloom lives on the farm with AJ, so who does that room belong too?

My opinion
I think she is an orphan and Hasbro and DHX will not directly confirm it due to potential controversy. However I think the creators want the community to infer that she does not live with/ have a family. I would like to see some official backstory for scoot and finally know for sure weather or not she has a family.

Until next time /),

#1235067 Let's evaluate character distribution on season3

Posted by Motion Spark on 03 March 2013 - 04:23 PM

Now that season 3 finally ended I have the feeling that many of you would agree that season3 was the worst season this far. One of the reasons were the lenght of it with only 13 episodes, half of the amount of the regular episodes. Also as the time pases by, we can't deny that we have become more critical about the show, still calling season 1 or 2 the best, before we joined the fandom.

I can't say that I disagree because I have to say the worst episodes of Friendship is Magic are within this season sadly.


But this is not of what I want to talk about, I want you guys to just discuss what was going through the minds of the producers, writers and Hasbro when they decided with what content they wanted to fill each episode and why. Since MLP is primarily focused on the characters before the storyline, it is no surprise to us to see that an entire episode is dedicated for a character, having said that, I felt like the amount of screentime used for the characters, except for Twilight of course (in a way), was very unbalanced and some of the episodes were easily forgetable or boring enough not to watch again and taking into consideration the lenght of the season, the negative impact in the viewer can be much bigger.


Here's a chart I prepared for everypony with the relevance of each character on each episode. (this is based on personal opinion, but I have the feeling that you guys will agree with me)


p1/ep2 - The Crystal Empire

FOCUS CHARACTER twilight sparkle.jpg

FEATURING mane6.jpg spike.png


ep3 - Too Many Pinkie Pies

FOCUS CHARACTER pinkie pie.jpg

FEATURING twilight sparkle.jpg rainbow dash.png applejack3plz.png mane6.jpg


ep4 - One Bad Apple

FOCUS CHARACTER cutie mark crusaders.png

FEATURING applejack3plz.png


ep5 - Magic Duel

FOCUS CHARACTER twilight sparkle.jpg

FEATURING fluttershy.jpg mane6.jpg spike.png


ep6 - Sleepless in Ponyville

FOCUS CHARACTER scootaloo.jpg rainbow dash.png

FEATURING cutie mark crusaders.png rarity.png applejack3plz.png


ep7 - Wonderbolts Academy

FOCUS CHARACTER rainbow dash.png

FEATURING pinkie pie.jpg mane6.jpg


ep8 - Apple Family Reunion

FOCUS CHARACTER  applejack3plz.png


ep9 - Spike at your Service

FOCUS CHARACTER spike.png  applejack3plz.png

FEATURING mane6.jpg


ep10 - Keep Calm and Flutter On

FOCUS CHARACTER fluttershy.jpg

FEATURING mane6.jpg


ep11 - Just for Sidekicks


FEATURING cutie mark crusaders.png


ep12 - Games Ponies Play


FEATURING twilight sparkle.jpg rainbow dash.png


ep13 - Magical Mystery Cure

FOCUS CHARACTER twilight sparkle.jpg



So, let's imagine that we are the producers of the show, it's imperative that we must use 13 episodes only and it's also imperative that Twilight Sparkle has to become an alicorn princess at the end of the season. That's what we have so far. As producers, I ask you, what the hell did we smoke to distribute the characters in the way we did? Leaving the quality of the episodes aside, the distribution of each character on each episode was very bad executed and even unfair for other main characters *coughRaritycough*


here are my picks....


Spike had 2 episodes

We are low on episodes amount, and we have to make 2 episodes for Spike, how that even work? and on top of that they are not even memorable. From all the Spike's episodes that I have seen, these 2 are the worst, not saying they are bad, but Just for Sidekicks was the worst of them.


Fanservicing Applejack

The producers of the show listen to bronies, that's a fact. Sometimes a wonder if fanservicing is even a good thing. If you see my chart Applejack had plenty of time, action and lines throughout the season. That gives her so much importance and presence that when I went to see her episode I find her episode very boring and her song easily forgettable, because I have seen her doing cooler stuff on the other episodes.


Where is Rarity?

do I even have to explain this? Maybe said that Rarity had a lot of time in season 1 and 2, which I agree, but ignoring her completelly to give others the "opportunity". I think that's unfair.


Rainbow Dash?

If what I said about Rarity was true, then why Rainbow Dash didn't had a cut on her screentime if she was as prominent as Rarity on season 1 and 2? She had 2 leading episodes (she shared the leading role with Scootaloo in Sleepless in Ponyville) and also featured plenty of episodes, just like Applejack, she had a recurrent role in Games Ponies Play with Twilight. On one side Rainbow Dash was with the her drama when the Equestria games weren't in Cloudsdale and on the other side Twilight was also shown alone trying to make time for the inspector to see Cadence. 

Separating Rarity from the rest made the episode feel more of a mane 5 episode. It doesn't matter in the end, the episode was very bad.


Path of Twilight

Not all is bad. During this is season we actually did saw Twilight training hard since season 1 to be prepared for that "something" that Princess Celestia was always telling her about. Especially in the way she talked about Twilight "she'll be ready", "your destiny" and whatnot were key words that I enjoyed to listen because it can give you a sense of mistery and makes you wonder for what kind of thing will Twilight be ready? You can see her progress in her magical abilities and the coronation actually do makes sense at the end of the season, at least that's what I thought.


Mane6 union

Comparing season3 episodes with the older ones, we can see more episodes mane6 oriented. I like this mechanic because it's an excuse for them to say that Rarity was present we could see on a regular basis how all the 6 ponies interact with each other.


Sleepless in Ponyville issue

How do I dare to find an issue on this episode? :o you can calm down, there is no issue with this episode, in fact it's perfect from beginning to end. But having into consideration how short this season was, I think it would be better to make this episode wait until season 4, think about it, we had a cutie mark crusaders episode, and then another one (putting Scootaloo in the spotlight), we could have used that spot for other "urgent" stuff.


Pinkie Pie, stupid

This season I felt Pinkie Pie character to be used to just fill comedical spots and nothing else, unfortunatelly, to me, her character suffered because they made her look like an idiot that doesn't think straight. I said it in a thread before, that on previous seasons she was random and "crazy" but she was smart in her own way, and also delivers fun which was always nice.

With this I felt Pinkie's appearances to be annoying and easy forgettable, though she still delivers fun, but IMO Rarity delivers more fun than her.



in my opinion Discord doesn't have an impact on me like he has on other bronies, but I do acknowledge the popularity that he got since his first apparition in the return of Harmony. I always thought that he would be the villain of the season finale but I never thought that he would share an episode with Fluttershy and also be good, that was a nice touch. And a good thing for Fluttershy as well.


Twilight is ok

I don't know about you, but Twilight being the main character and all, I felt like they didn't shove her up my face. Her screentime was ok, she is the mane character and I felt like they didn't abuse of her.


so, were you satisfied with the character distribution on this season? was season3 the worst season this far? what do you think of all of it?

#1233243 Are Chickens Birds?

Posted by Key Gear on 03 March 2013 - 08:44 AM


So, I just learned that chickens aren't birds... I'm not sure what to think!

Everything I've ever known may have been a lie!

Help! I'm so confused... Only your votes can guide me! D:

#1234749 Trainloads of Moderators Episode III: Return of the Sectionals

Posted by Key Gear on 03 March 2013 - 03:10 PM

And I wonder how you could notice them to be men for the job. Do you stalk every single 10361 member or what?


Actually, for the beginning, I wrote a series of database queries that were designed to look for members with certain criteria that were active during fairly specific hours of the day. You see, we only had a limited number of mods that operated within the timezones in question, so limiting ourselves to those that were "well known" to our existing night moderators would have resulted in a pool of members that was far too small to truly contain the best possible candidates. We needed a larger sample size.


The database queries were run against the entire database. After the first run, we looked at the results and tweaked them based on suggestions made by the more experienced recruiters of the admin staff. After the second run, we looked at the results and tweaked them again. At this point, the database query was more or less able to provide a list of users that fit our needs. The list consisted of just under 100 names. At that point, this list was examined by the members of the administration. Each and every individual was duly considered and evaluated based on an examination of their posting history, overall demeanor, and overall familiarity with online communities. At the end of this exercise, we had the members selected, and we gave the to Feld0 for the final checkoff (he'd been involved in every step of this process but a final okay was needed, of course). Finally, Feld0, himself, gave the thumbs up on our selections. 


It's worth noting that, after these three members were selected, it turned out that a number of staff members were actually familiar with them. The problem was not really unfamiliarity, the problem was the fact that when you have a site that consists of so many members, it is very difficult to have instant recall of who, what, and where. This doesn't mean that the members are unfamiliar to anyone, it just means that they were not necessarily super popular with the staff prior to admission. To me, this is a good thing. Popularity should have nothing to do with whether or not someone becomes a moderator. Individuals should be selected based on their ability to perform the requirements of the position. You can rest assured that all of the individuals selected are more than capable of being the best possible staff members. 

#1232067 Marco's Art Stream Creations

Posted by Key Gear on 02 March 2013 - 09:44 PM

Gentleponies, this stuff is amazing and the stream was remarkably entertaining. Now...




Ummm, I mean... Thank you, Marco! It was worth the wait! ^_^

#1232044 Marco's Art Stream Creations

Posted by Marco ~ Ace Attorney on 02 March 2013 - 09:41 PM

Hay there guys, this is just going to be a quick submission of what I created during my art stream,



Scootaloo Wallpaper: Requested by - Keygear





An avatar requested by: Harmonic Revelations AKA "That Jackass"




Spitfire Wallpaper: Requested by: Chaotic Discord




I may do another art stream next week, however, I would like to get more people involved :)


Hope you guys enjoy





#1231409 Trainloads of Moderators Episode III: Return of the Sectionals

Posted by Scootabloom on 02 March 2013 - 07:41 PM

I could totally sing Celestia's Ballad to all these friends who were just hired as mods. Listen to the lyrics :P


Congrats new sectionals!

Fulfill your destiny.

Make Celestia proud.

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