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#1182463 What Kind of Fan are You?

Posted by N8C8 on 17 February 2013 - 09:07 AM

Well, the title is pretty self explanatory. There are several different kinds of fans to choose from.


For instance, there is the desk fan:



There is the hand fan:



There is also a ceiling fan:



Well, pretty much any kind of fan you can think of. So, which one are you?

#1180210 Season 4 Preview & Info [Spoilers]

Posted by Kyronea on 16 February 2013 - 03:33 PM

Season Four presents us with a grand assortment of new opportunities.

First, we need to learn what precisely Twilight is a Princess of. Is she the Princess of Magic? Of Friendship? Or is she something else? Is she perhaps the Princess of Knowledge, who teaches all, which is why Celestia said that everyone was Twilight's student now?

Second, we need to learn where she will live and how the rest of the Mane Six will interact with her. Will she stay in Ponyville, turning the library into a royal home, complete with royal guards stationed outside? Will she move to Canterlot or to the Crystal Empire? If she does, which of her friends will follow and who will stay behind? If ponies stay behind, do we see them during CMC episodes?

Third, what is the show going to be about in general? There are so many things Twilight could do. We could see her learning new things about herself as she copes with her royal duties. We could potentially see her traveling Equestria or even the world, with her friends by her side, a season of adventure, world-building, and wacky hijinks.

Fourth, there's potential for some new villains out there. Starswirl the Bearded, for one, could potentially show up as the Big Bad of season four, a counterpart mage to Twilight's mastery over magic. We've seen how his previous spells, his time travel spell and his half-finished destiny spell both tried to rewrite reality, but we don't know his purpose. It could be his purpose was something harmful. Sombra could have been a victim of his destiny spell, for example, rendered cruel and mindless because it was the result of what the spell did without an Element of Harmony to at least channel it into something not completely malignant.

In truth, what we do know is that we don't know anything, and that makes season four exciting! The fact that it's unpredictable means it's going to be a lot more interesting to watch it unfold.

It is, of course, possible that season four will be terrible. It's possible that Princess Twilight will receive so much focus that her friends are marginalized and that the show turns into "The Twilight Sparkle Hour" which for obvious reasons would kill the thing we love about it so much. I don't think that's likely though.

I remain cautiously optimistic, for now, to see what season four will bring. I'm hoping it'll be fantastic.

#1182583 Season 3 Review Thread

Posted by Radiance64 on 17 February 2013 - 09:55 AM

I liked season 3 for the most part, but it has to be my least favorite season compared to seasons 1 and 2, with 2 being my favorite and one being my second favorite. The episodes just didn't wow me as much as the ones from the last 2 seasons did as a whole, but I do appreciate it for being experimental and keeping consistent continuity, and having the balls to really change something; make no mistake, this show is going to take liberties and I like it! I would probably rank the episodes like this, from favorite to least favorite:
1) Magic Duel
2) Keep Calm and Flutter On
3) Magical Mystery Cure
4) The Crystal Empire, parts 1 and 2
5) Apple Family Reunion
6) Games Ponies Play
7) Spike at Your Service
8) Wonderbolt Academy
9) Just for Sidekicks
10) One Bad Apple
12) Sleepless in Ponyville
13) Too Many Pinkie Pies

Maybe a little avant-garde compared to popular opinion, but it's how I really felt about the episodes. No I didn't love Sleepless in Ponyville, and yes, I did love the finale, so :P
Oh, and you can find my full reviews of some of the episodes here on my blog:

#1182342 Season 3 Review Thread

Posted by CITRUS KING46 on 17 February 2013 - 07:57 AM

  • The Crystal Empire is probably my favorite two-parter thus far. Yes, even more than A Canterlot Wedding. While the villain wasn't as strong (though I believe Sombra doesn't get enough credit for being as evil if not more so than Chrysalis and being the only villain smart enough to realize that the power of friendship/love could defeat him and thus took proper precautions), it included the entire Mane 6 (and Spike, too!) rather than just have Twilight have to do everything herself as usual, it was exciting, and it was well paced, never feeling like something could have been expanded on like the other two parters. And the production quality is top notch throughout, from the music, to the animation (WINDY MANE FTW), to the design of The Crystal Empire itself. A great way to open up a season. 9/10
  • Too Many Pinkie Pies was way better than I expected it to be. Pinkie is always hit or miss with me, but I absolutley love her in this episode: she's genuinley funny, the existensial crisis bit was heart breaking, and she fits the "clones-running-amok" plot perfectly. It was a wise desicion to focus on the characters' reactions to the clones rather than all the car-razy antics of the Pinkie clones, and the resolution of the conflict is both creative and ambiguous (we have to have faith that the right Pinkie was the one who passed the test rather than being told outright that that was the real her). Overall, pretty flippin' sweet. 9.5/10
  • One Bad Apple is just okay; there's arguments to be made for both its quality or its mediocrity. One one hoof, the song is catchy, the CMC get some great character moments throughout (forgiving Babs after the hell she put them through speaks alot about her charcter), I kinda like Babs, and it's cool that they're tackaling bullying. On the other hoof, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have absolutley no character development at all and I cringe whenever I see them (not because they are bullies, but because they're incredibly lame bully characers), I think it should have been Applejack who said something to them at the end, it's kind of predictable, and i think that it tries to hard to be cute sometimes (a man can only take so much diabeetus before it gets redundant). I think the good outweighs the bad, and i guess I enjoyed it. 7/10
  • Magic Duel was a dissapointment the first time I watched it, due to my lofty expectations, but with subsequent viewings, it has improved. I always felt Trixie got royally screwed over for doing her job in Boast Busters, so it was satisfying in the first act to see that the writers had actually taken the route I thought would be best for her return episode; she was humilated after the Ursa Minor incident, and comes back to seek (maybe not entirely unjustified) revenge. I'm also liking the fact that the show seems to be following my head cannon for dark magic (it amplifies the wort aspects of the pony using it). Magic training with Zecora was cool (even if it was entirley glazed over) and I like that they defeat the villain by using cunning and teamwork, as oppoused to just shooting rainbows everywhere. That said, the episodeshould have been a two parter (like it was originally suppoused to be), as it felt like it was in fast forward sometimes. And while she was cute in the ninja-bunny outfit thing, you'd think that after facing down a dragon, a changeling army, and Mr. T, Fluttershy would be less...cowardly. Ah well, It was good episode nonetheless. 8/10
  • Sleepless in Ponyville is perfect, and is probably now my favorite episode. The characterization of Scootaloo and her relationship to Rainbow Dash is excellent and has the potential to set up great stories in the future. The use of Princess Luna was a nice surprise and helped to greatly developed her role as a ruler. The interactions between the cast is great, it strikes the right balance between drama and comedy, and it's the most HNNNNG inducing episode of the season. Reminds me of why I love this show in the first place. 10/10
  • Wonderbolt Academy is plain awesome. Rainbow Dash has earned a lot of love from me over this season, and alot of that good will came from this episode. She's retained character development better than anypony else, and this story felt like a true test of character and the lessons she's learned. Her desicion to quit her Wonderbolts training was surprising and instantly gained her my respect, and though the writers eventually used a happier ending as oppoused to the [somewhat depressing] ending they originally intended, it's still a very mature resolution that felt earned. Also, the animation was fantastic, the use of background ponies was great, and Pinkie is hilarious. And while I may be a minority on this, Spitfire is awesome in this episode; I like the idea of her being this layed back, approachable pony in real life, but once she gets into a professional setting, you don't mess with her. Overall, great episode, Rainbow Dash is best pony of the season. 9/10
  • Apple Family Reunion is a pretty darn good episode. It doesn't do anything particularly intresting, but hey, we finally get another Applejack epsidoe where she's actually in it, and she get's a solo this time (and a really awesome one, too!). People complain that more emphasis is place on AJ's family rather than her, but that's the best way to approach her stories, I think; family is a big part of who she is, and they're badass anyway. The comedy is great, heart warming, and it's a lot of fun. And the hint at AJ's parents was ingenious; bronies and observant kids will get it, and it brings a level of meaning to AJ's efforts in the story without feling out of place with the light hearted nature of the episode. Classy. 8.5/10
  • Spike at Your Service gets way to much crap, IMO. It was weird to see Spike act so clumsy (to the point that I speculated that this was originally penned as a Derpy episode), but it's nice to see this evolution of his heroism in The Crystal Empire into this noble (if not misguided) attempt at chivalry. It's overall an enjoyable episode that features at least one great moment from everypony and some awesome set pieces involving the [totally badass] timberwolves. Good stuff, good stuff. 8/10
  • Keep Calm and Flutter on is solid for the most part. Discord is bucking awesome in every scene he's in, it's nice to finally get a Fluttershy episode that isn't about her social anxiety, both of them have some good chemistry together, it's very funny, and there's Disney refrences galore. However, like Magic Duel, I feel that it should have been a two parter, even more so then that episode. I actually have no problems with Discord's heel-face-turn, as it could lead to some great, TNG-esque stories in the future. However, it was extremely rushed. The basic outline of his reformation is there, but I never really felt that Discord appreciated Fluttershy up to that point. All she ever did was tolerate his BS. We never really saw her genuinley befriend Discord, and I'm still not sure why the god of chaos wouls suddenly value friendship. I like the episode, but again, it was rushed. 7.5/10
  • Just For Sidekicks stinks. I know everybody else likes it, but I just didn't like it, and it's only getting worst the more i think about it. I've already talked at great length about why I dislike it so, but in short, I think it's needlessy mean to Spike, who's written as a fail-tastic butt monkey jerk, a derailment from the nuanced hero we saw before. There's some good moments in the beginning, particularly with Rainbow Dash and Tank, but it's all eclipsed by the main plot. I can't stand this episode, but apparently I'm the only one. 4/10
  • Games Ponies Play is an episode I do not care for. There's some good stuff with Mane 6, I find myself liking that weird mustang pony, and seeing Rainbow Dad was a pleasant surprise. Otherwise, though, it's just meh. The idea is meh, the misundertsnading around which the episode is based is meh, and the final resolution is meh. Also, after a season of no episodes about her, I was dissapointed to see Best Pony Rarity get pushed out of the main plot. Meh. 5/10
  • I think it may be too early for me to call Magical Mystery Cure. It's been only an hour or two since I watched it. Overall, the songs were great, and animation is pretty stellar, and it's heart-warming TO THE MAX. It feels satisfying to see how far Twilight and her friends have come. However, I wished they had kept the alicorn thing as the resolution to something more...epic, I guess, and I think that in some areas, it's rushed in terms of plot (the main conflict is explained in a flashback). I'm not against the idea of Twilight being an alicorn. For now. Eventually, I do believe there's going to be some conflict in which Twilight will (or must) give up her princess status as the ultimate act of D'AWWWW. But as of right now, I'm a bit confused as to what this all entails, or why it was important naritive-wise for this is too occur now. All in good time, I suppouse. Overall, I liked it. 8/10



I very much enjoyed this season, despite some grievances with some episodes, and I had a good time experiencing my first live airing of a season with this fandom. Here's to hoping season 4 is 40% cooler.


And welcome back, Derpy.

#1181483 Season 3 Review Thread

Posted by Anadu Kune on 16 February 2013 - 09:31 PM

ok so I posted this in the episode discussion but Ill post it here too.

Magical Mystery Cure overview/Review

Ok so here is my very first just watched it  impression review.

The bad
First lets get my one big complaint out of the way. This episode needed to be a two parter. It went by fast 22 minuets felt like 10. I felt more time could be spent on pretty much everything. Its weird because at the same time I feel they divided the the episode well. I guess 22 minuets isn't enough. For all the good and beautiful moments contained within this episode are slightly marred by a overall fast pacing. All of these theme's could have been explored more thoroughly. This leaves some questions and somethings go unexplained. One being the weird dimension Twilight and Celestia go to. What does being a princess mean in Equestria? Are all alicorns created in such a way? The exact purpose of Starswirls spell has some ambiguity. As I said in a previous post, this seems to be the one consistent problem that pervades the entire series. They have a lot to show, but not enough time to show it without pacing problems.


oh and why can she fly already? stupid nit pick but whateves. 


Though it should be said lot of these questions dont really need to be answered right now. This is still an on going series, so many of these questions are almost certainly going to be addressed. 


The feels

First thing I wanted to say is that this episode managed to evoke a greater emotional response in me than any other episode. That Celestia song my god. I am not lying when I say I teared up a bit. It takes a lot to do that to me. The way in which it is presented just shows how much Twilight has grown, brings up continuity and is an excellent song to boot. The loving tone in the song is I think what does it. Celestia has been like a second mother to Twilight and Twilight like a daughter to Celestia. Its not only stated that Celestia is proud of Twilight, but it really shows in the tone of the song. For as much as Celestia may have impacted Twilights Life Twilight has impacted Celsetia's just as much. That relationship and Twilght's growth are presented greatly in this song. The presentation is really helped by the weird dimension they are in all the memories from past episodes flicker by reinforcing the message of the song as a theme of growth and progression. What the dimension is isnt really explained, but it largely doesn't matter as it is mostly an artistic device used for effective staging. It may well be my favorite song, and one of my favorite moments in the series. This was the scene that had the most impact on me which is why I bring it up first.

The Songs

I thought all of the songs were great. A true friend comes off much better in context. That sad Twilight song. Remixes will abound this year. The purpose of all the songs was to move the story along and evoke emotion I would most certainly say they accomplished that. Each song served a purpose. 

-Everythings going to be fine.
This song starts the episode in an energetic way and introduces us to the problem at hand. The happy energetic nature of the song conflicts with the more dire tone of the next two songs and the situations those entail. It also serves to book end the episode and character arch of the episode. The first showing Twilight's normal happy energetic, optimistic outlook. The reprise showing that Twilight has accepted the change and situation she is in. Going from despare to revelation, and confusion to the state she was in at the beginning of the episode.

-What my cutie mark is telling me.
This song expresses the confusion of the characters. Showing that they have switched lives, stuck in a position in life that they are not meant for. Consistently failing at the jobs they think they are meant for and not knowing why. 

This song shows twilights regret and the aceptence of her mistake. It expresses her misery whilst also showing the misery of the other ponies.The scene also serves the purpose of showing the consequences of Twilight's mistake.

-True True Friend

This song serves as a montage of the characters solving the problem. At the same time it emphasizes the connection they have as friends and that it is that connection and help that enables the to see their true purpose, or as the song would put it"see the light".  The song serves to reinforce the main message the show has put forth since the first episode. Showing the importance of friendship.

-Celestias song
 I already addressed the emotional context of the song as well as much of its meaning, but ill elaborate more. This song is particularly poignant because it is the moment of Twilight's change. It serves to show us how she has grown as a character and what she has accomplished. and finally ends in Twilight's change.

-Going to be fine reprise

this largely serves to book end the episode whilst establishing that Twilight has returned to her normal happy self as she was in the beginning  However this time it serves to also show that twilight has accepted her new situation and will tackle it with the same vigor that she does with every other day.

Switching of the cutie mark and destinies

There seems to be some confusion over this. The spell seemed to be trying to unify the elements further producing "a magic without end" but it malfunctioned. As we know the elements of harmony are not just magical devices, they are linked to the ponies and the ponies to them. It has been shown that if they change they cant use the elements properly. It not a big leap to believe a change to the elements in the form of a malfunctioning spell could somehow effect the ponies. As a result of the spell they switched cutie marks and destinies. In other words they literally switched places in the world taking on the other's lot in life believing they were meant to do this. They maintained their personality traits but their place in the world had been forcibly changed. They were stuck in a position struggling to succeed but constantly failing and never knowing why. Of course they didn't take on the desires/personalities of the other ponies otherwise it would just be a body swap episode.

Keeping a Consistent Theme
I found this episode to be pretty clever. The solution to both problems tied directly back to the first episodes. The same "spark" of friendship which started Twilight on this journey was the one that allowed her to take this big step forward. Its that similar type of spark shown as a cutie mark the first time which enables her to return her friends to their normal state. She realizes that only by helping each other as friends the problem will be solved. This leads directly into her solution to Star Swirls spell. It is then that the same exact spark shines in Twilight's eyes and she now fully realizes the importance of friendship, even in connection to her studies in magic.  

Alicorn Twilight.


I'm still meh on alicorn Twilight. I'm not enraged by it nor am I whole loving it. Though I do like the design. 


some lingering questions and answers. 

What does the spell do exactly? 
From the indications given in the episode it seems the spell was trying to further unify the elements of harmony to produce "a magic without end"meaning either literally unlimited magic or very amplified magic. Unfortunately for Starswirl that requires an understanding of friendship. as it has been established since the first episode that the elements require or are heavily influenced by the unity of freindship. So it makes perfect sense that a more refined understanding utilized in a spell would amplify them.


Where will twilight live?

Probably in ponyville according to Tara Strong. Though all you have to do is think about it. There's no indication in the show that princesses are forced to live anywhere. Not to mention there is a presedence for princesses doing "mundane" tasks such as baby sitting. 


Why didn't Celestia ask twilight? 
im gonna chalk this one down to pacing problem. I have theories but they aren't things drawn from the episode. So it would be head cannon. It bothers me a bit, but its not a giant problem for me. 


What do I think overall?

I think overall this was a good episode and a great piece of art with great emotional scenes. This piece of art was marred by pacing issues making it great, but not the excellent episode it could have been. I think if this were a two parter it would be my favorite episode alicorn or no. As it stands I enjoyed it greatly I just wish they had gone the two parter route.

Im sure ill notice more as I watch the episode a second time.

#1181208 Miss America?

Posted by Feld0 on 16 February 2013 - 08:20 PM

Eh... it was only a brief advertising stunt. It's hardly canon that Miss America chatted with and hugged the ponies outside of the actual episode. I wouldn't take it too seriously; while I get that it goes against the "all girls like poofy frou-frou princess stuff!" belief that much of FiM has been designed to dispel, the fact remains that many girls in MLP's target audience do, in fact, like that.


Bringing in a guest like Miss America helps publicize the show precisely to its target audience, which isn't a bad thing. Yeah, it means more money for Hasbro and The Hub - but there's nothing inherently evil in that. The people behind MLP all have to put food on the table, too, y'know.


Be pleased that Miss America wasn't inserted into the canonical Equestria, and realize that the advertising stunt wasn't meant for you. :)

#1179247 Miss America?

Posted by Circadian on 16 February 2013 - 11:04 AM



Remember when the entire point of the show was that girls were complex human beings who deserved more than just pretty princess tea party crap?


Seriously, wtf??? This show is supposed to be empowering to girls, not advocate that sexist pageant bullshit. This pissed me off way more than Twilicorn ever could.


Faust is rolling in her grave. yes i know she's still alive derp

#1181059 S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

Posted by SBaby on 16 February 2013 - 07:43 PM

Ok.  Seriously, this bickering is getting out of hand.  So instead of trying to rebut what honestly is starting to become a wee bit ridiculous, I've just got three words for everybody that thinks this change will effectively 'ruin the show':  Sally From SatAM.


As for permanent.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.  But you'll all watch Season 4.  You know why?  Because every time you think about the finale, you'll be wondering just what they have planned.  It'll gnaw at you, like a big flea of curiosity, slowly driving you insane, until you scratch it and see what it is.  Even you critics out there are gonna want to know.  You'll need to know.  You'll have to know, and you'll watch it to find out.  It's psychology.  It's drilled into your heads now, and there's no way to unsee what's been seen.


What I'm getting at with this is, just wait for Season 4 before totally writing the show off.

#1180963 S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

Posted by moonlightavenger on 16 February 2013 - 07:18 PM

After some thought, re-watching, and talking, I came to the conclusion that I like this episode. I just thought that didn't talk about the good things before and it was unfair. 

This is my original opinion: http://mlpforums.com...dpost&p=1178705

I hated the episode.


Now, my thoughts are more like this...

"A True True Friend" was just fucking beautiful.. The way they portrayed the ponies' distress trying to do just what they don't know how (AJ's tearful eyes almost killed me), and then, they remember who they are because of their friendship. It touched me. The ponies cheering when Pinkie's back... And the instrumental part. Sweet Celestia, it was just fantastic. Awesome job producers. 

And then there's Celestia singing. Period. That scene was beautifully done too, with Celestia explaining it all to Twlight and then Twilight's "ascension". 

Sure. It's not perfect and I still don't like a lot of things: it was rushed, some people don't like the "musical" feeling of the episode as it seem to disturb the storytelling (i like it though). I hate the sheer number of times they spoke of the cutie marks as destiny (but that may be open to interpretation), Celestia (she the highest authority, IMO... Well she had the biggest crown, and it looked like a "kings crown", while the ones the others were using seemed more like "consort crowns") and the other Mane Six bowing to Twilight (but it may have been just for effect). 

After all this, I'm more inclined to believe that it's going to be alright. I'm waiting for Season Four. But I still want Twilight taking flight lessons with Rainbow. Anyway... It's going to be a long wait.

#1180890 S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

Posted by Kyronea on 16 February 2013 - 06:55 PM

As an aside, I can't get over this. Queen Celestia's huge honkin' crown. It's like they were practically screaming "Twilight is not taking over for Celestia. Calm down."

It looks silly, but it also looks queenly, which I approve of.

The Twinkie in this screencap was unintentional I assure you.

#1178587 Best Cute Pony Pictures

Posted by Feather Spiral on 16 February 2013 - 07:17 AM

OMG! Look at little Spiky Wiky! Is that adorable or what?[/color]


Don't say that before him, you know how he wants to be seen!

Then again...

More Spike:

Moving on, time for some Woonaluv.

#1178969 Season 4 Preview & Info [Spoilers]

Posted by DashForever on 16 February 2013 - 09:32 AM

Well now Season 3 is over, for better or worse. And now we begin the long long wait for new episodes where seconds seem like minutes and months seem like years. During my time as a part of this fandom I've learned two things:


1: Most of us can't resist spoilers but maybe it's just me.


2: Due to both purposeful and accidental leaks, we're going to find out loads about new seasons/episodes long before they ever air.


So if you find out anything cool about Season 4 and you can't wait to share it with everyone, please share it here so that everyone who wants the news can find it easily and everyone who doesn't want it can avoid it. I will share what we have so far, and I'll try to remain active in updating the OP for your convenience.


11/25/13-S4 E7 Synopsis




11/22/13-McCarthy Twitter Takeover




S4 E6 Screenshots/Synopsis



S4 E5 Screenshot/Synopsis



S4 E4 Synopsis/Screenshots



S4 E3 Synopsis/Screenshots



S4 Premiere Synopsis/Promos/Screenshots


September 2013-Rainbow Dash S4 Tease



September 2013-Rarity and Pinkie Pie Episodes in S4



7/20/2013-Comic Con Season 4 Pony Clip and Panel





6/20/2013-Rarity, Spike, and 90's Pop Culture References Coming S4




4/9/2013- Meghan McCarthy Q&A on Twitter




2/24/2013-Highlights from Writers Panel at Unicon (with some Season 4 info)




2/21/2013-Daniel Ingram's Season 4 Tease




2/15/2013-Season Finale Has a Bit of Continuity Apparently




2/5/2013- 26 Episodes in Season 4 Confirmed


#1178537 What is your favorite thing about each Mane 6 pony?

Posted by Wingnut on 16 February 2013 - 07:03 AM

Some of you may be groaning, “Oh, here's Wingnut again. Incoming wall of text! TL;DR! Duck and cover!” I wish I could promise this will be shorter than “Five reasons I love Fluttershy”. But it's actually a little longer. :P


Applejack is more self-giving than any pony I know. Applebuck Season showed how hard she drives herself when her family is counting on her. When she failed to win a first place ribbon in The Last Round Up, she thought she brought so much shame on her family and Ponyville that she decided to exile herself. And there are numerous more subtle examples of how she puts others' happiness and well being ahead of her own. This grew out of the loss of her parents at a young age.


In Apple Family Reunion, Applejack verbally worried that some of her relatives may be too busy to attend the next family reunion but her body language tells a different tale. She was thinking of the other meaning of “not making it”. I thought the animation here was nicely done. Applejack's face saddened as she took a moment to reflect on her deceased parents.  In my opinion, this is the most poignant scene in the entire series. Her brief expression of sorrow promptly gave way to one of resolve. Applejack knows that each day is a gift and tomorrow is promised to no one. This is the real reason she was so determined to make this the most memorable reunion ever. And it is also why she is a workaholic who routinely denies herself for the sake of others.


Kindness is Fluttershy's wonderful long-term response to being brutally teased as a filly. Anybody who took the time to read “Five Reasons I Love Fluttershy” already knew I would say this about her.  It was true then, and it is true now. If anypony had a reason to hate the world, it's Fluttershy. She could've easily grown up to be a full-time Flutterbitch. But thankfully, she had the support of her one true friend Rainbow Dash and a chance to escape the torment of her fellow students. These enabled Fluttershy to choose kindness over resentment and friendship over fear.


Pinkie Pie's greatest gift is her ability to bring out the best in others. Pinkie first demonstrates this in the series opener. On their first ever mission together, fear fell upon her new friends as they wandered into the Everfree Forest. It was her laughter that raised their spirits and gave them the confidence to push on. In A Friend In Deed, Pinkie met a seriously depressed newcomer. He was living in the past and had lost the spark and the joy that makes life worth living. In her quest to see that nobody goes unhappy, Pinkie did the one thing that could remedy his problem by reuniting him with his long lost girlfriend.

I can even cite two examples of Pinkie Pie physically bringing out the best in others. The first was in Baby Cakes. Pound and Pumpkin weren't just exhibiting mild outbursts of unicorn and pegasus power, they were tearing it up! My personal belief is that it was their proximity to Pinkie which caused them to be so much stronger than older kids like Sweetie Belle. The other instance is in A Canterlot Wedding. By herself, Twilight Sparkle can only fire magic bolts one at a time like a semi-automatic. But with one touch of her tail, Pinkie Pie turned her into a Changeling mowing Gatling gun!


There is one thing that Rainbow Dash cherishes more than the thrill of victory. And that is the rewarding feeling that only comes from helping others. This is the one constant throughout Rainbow Dash's life. In Cloudsdale as a filly, she defended Fluttershy from the bullies who were teasing her. It is her motivation in The Mysterious Mare Do Well. At least until she became addicted to the adulation of her fellow citizens anyway. A desire to help her friends as well as Equestria is her impetus in each of the series two-parters. And she even wanted to help a small pony avoid the disappointment of losing the Equestria Games in Games Ponies Play.


Although Rarity is sometimes self-centered and unaware of the problems of others, her soul is that of a giver, not a taker. Episodes like Suited for Success, Sisterhooves Social, and Secret of My Excess show this the most. Unfortunately, Rarity's reputation as a drama queen sometimes obscures her Element of Generosity. Although Rarity's character isn't as mistreated as Pinkie Pie's, Fluttershy's, or Spike's for comic relief, I do wish they showed her generosity a little more often.


Twilight Sparkle's realization that the power of friendship is stronger than any magic spell. I know this looks very cliché and it plays right into MLP:FiM's underlying theme. But it still rings true. Lessons about friendship were the only thing Princess Celestia couldn't teach Twilight in a Canterlot classroom. In order to wield the Elements of Harmony, it was necessary for her to form the bonds of friendship with five other ponies. But there's more. In order to promote Twilight to the position of power Celestia had planned for her in the future, she would have to learn everything about the true power of friendship first. And Celestia knew Ponyville was the perfect environment for her to undergo those studies!

Hmm, curiously only my thoughts on the two earth ponies turned into two paragraphs. Thank you to everybody who took the time to completely read my 5,000 character post! :)

#1178807 S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

Posted by Wingnut on 16 February 2013 - 08:30 AM

OK, time for me to check in with my initial reactions.


First, the “musical” aspect of this episode. It has by far the most singing of any MLP episode to date. But I'm glad they didn't make the mistake of making ALL dialogue singing. Episodes which do this grate on my nerves. They put in about as much music as they could before it started to become a turn off.


Second, a lot of us, myself included, were expecting a curveball at the end of the story. This didn't happen. Instead, it looks like they stuck to the original series ending script. Some fans predicted a season ending cliffhanger. But this cartoon is aimed at a younger crowd than something like Transformers Prime. A cliffhanger would be seen as mean and unfair to the kiddies. Hasbro has already shown themselves to be very obstinate. They know the Bronies will be groaning and moaning the entire offseason about Twilight becoming what looks, for now, to be a permanent princess. But Hasbro also knows they are mature and patient enough to wait for the series four opener before bailing on MLP:FiM. And if any of you are crying and saying that things can't be fixed, take heart. The opening of Magical Mystery Cure shows that unexpected events can change a pony's destiny. This is good foreshadowing for what I think will be a kick ass season four premiere.  As others have said, this is essentially part 1 of a 3 parter. 

I will leave you with my thoughts on Twilight mastering her understanding of friendship which has allowed Celestia to elevate her to princess:



Twilight Sparkle's realization that the power of friendship is stronger than any magic spell. I know this looks very cliché and it plays right into MLP:FiM's underlying theme. But it still rings true. Lessons about friendship were the only thing Princess Celestia couldn't teach Twilight in a Canterlot classroom. In order to wield the Elements of Harmony, it was necessary for her to form the bonds of friendship with five other ponies. But there's more. In order to promote Twilight to the position of power Celestia had planned for her in the future, she would have to learn everything about the true power of friendship first. And Celestia knew Ponyville was the perfect environment for her to undergo those studies!

#1178805 So...what now?

Posted by DashForever on 16 February 2013 - 08:30 AM

Now we wait :). Since Meghan McCarthy said that the first two episodes tie in strongly with this one I'm still holding onto a shred of hope for Unicorn Twilight in Season Four. Today's episode was beautiful but it actually made me dislike Alicorn Twilight more than ever. I suppose we'll see.

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