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#1191096 *Post-S3* Favorite Episode of Season 3

Posted by Devotion on 19 February 2013 - 03:00 PM

Top 4 are

1: Sleepless in Ponyville

2: Wonderbolt Academy

3: Too Many Pinkie Pies

4: Apple Family Reunion

Sleepless wins because it developed Scootaloo and her relationship with Rainbow Dash well, had great moments and comedy, used a variety of characters well, had a Luna appearance, played with my emotions masterfully, was relatable, showed Dashie's soft side, and it was the most heartwarming thing ever. It's my second favorite episode of the series and has a decent shot at moving up :)

#1190542 Did anyone else catch this?

Posted by Fluttermena on 19 February 2013 - 11:31 AM

I'm having trouble uploading to MLB for some reason. I have no idea if it worked or not, so I might have to try again later.

Anyway here's what I made if anyone wants to have a look at it:


Last Season.jpg

#1190009 My MLP Forums Review

Posted by Derpy Azusa on 19 February 2013 - 07:28 AM


My Little Pony Forums is the best MLP Lovers Forums that I have been able to find. A few days ago I came across MLP Forums and was so excited because I have been looking for a community dedicated to My Little Pony. The website is very unique I have never come across a website like MLP Forums, from the theme to the look and feel no other website has it. They use Invision Power Board but have customized the feel to make it feel like your in PonyVille, instead of the usual like button it says BroHoof. The theme of the website is super unique that no one could beat. To make it more interactive they have set member post titles 


Full Entry

#1190457 Did anyone else catch this?

Posted by Fluttermena on 19 February 2013 - 10:59 AM

Seriously, stop talking and someone make a meme for MLB or something. Before I do x3

I'm doing one right now, hopefully it'll make it to the voting page. 

I think I'll start making content for MLB more often, my first one went pretty well.

#1188732 What's up with the adultness if MLP on Google?

Posted by Haven on 18 February 2013 - 11:12 PM



Its nothing but R34.

Just ignore it, set your search settings to strict, and move on.


And yes, some bronies are into it. Its not a big deal at all so no need to make one out of it.

I mean, cloppers gotta clop, right?

#1190252 Season 3 Review Thread

Posted by I am Lunar Fire on 19 February 2013 - 09:32 AM

I see a lot of negative reviews on Magical Mystery Cure, althought it wasn't that bad of an episode. One that feels rushed and maybe should have been twice as long, but a good one nonetheless.


I'm not going to rank the episodes or put them into tiers but I feel like giving a few comments on each:

The Crystal Empire

Wayyyy too dark. You know when your laptop screen is about to go to sleep and you notice it just enough to move your mouse and prevent it from going black? I must have did that at least 20 times because I thought my screen was actually doing it. The color tones just have that feeling to it that everything is about to go wrong...

And everything did go wrong actually.


Also with the vilain is felt like you're watching Silent Hill or Resident Evil or whatever zombie movie and a Z-Virus comes infecting everybody. The following scenes are usually gross images of people swollen or disfigured. Anyway, you know when you're watching My Little Pony and it feels like Resident Evil that something is not right.


Too Many Pinkie Pies

Feels like some people are experts in the WTF domain. I get the idea behind the whole episode but I thought the execution to be somewhat weird. This reminds of a particular Simpsons episode:


One Bad Apple

I have to admit this episode is pretty good at depicting the bullying phenomenon and how the CMC reacts, but the ending (CMC riding the cart in the mud) is pretty much just another akward moment in this season.


At least we got a new Apple in this episode (Babs Seed).


Magic Duel

So Trixie is back (YAY!) and we get to see Zecora also (Double YAY!).


I actually liked this episode because we get to see the strenght and weaknesses of the characters clearly and I'm all for character depth. I also liked the fact that we they explained Twilight's tricks in detail at the end, rather than the obvious ending we could have had.


Also it felt good to see that Twilight acknowledges another pony that is more talented than her, and not have this feeling like every other show that the main characters are better than everyone else.


Sleepless in Ponyville

I'm gonna make this short: Rainbow Dash + Scootaloo = Pure awesomeness


On a more serious note, it's fun to see one of the most daring ponies with nightmares, and it didn't feel like a contradiction. Breaking stereotypes is a thing most bronies care about, and I think this episode what just about that.


Wonderbolts Academy

I have to admit the awesomeness of this one not only because of Rainbow Dash. Most people will just like this episode because "Hey, we get to see 20 minutes of RD's stunts". Nah, this episode just focuses on humility and being careful. I think the overall script of this show was good and I hope to see Lightning Dust again.


Apple Family Reunion

I'm not a fan of AppleJack to start with, but I must admit this episode made me like her a little more. Getting to see Babs Seed again was nice even thought it was kinda rushed (by AppleJack, not by the writers).


I thought the photo finish was kinda cute.


Spike at your Service

This one goes way back in my head and I'll just have to watch it again because I kinda forgot the whole episode.


Keep Calm and Flutter On

The long awaited return of Discord. I didn't quite like the opening "Hey, make Discord nice, KTHXBYE", but the remainder of the episode made up for it. We got to see the whole mischevious Discord again and even though he did not terrorize PonyVille I think he stayed true to his roots.


Just for Sidekicks/Games Ponies Play

I'm doing both at once because they are linked one into the other and I have pretty much the same comments about them: Filler.


Those two episodes felt like they were there because they didn't know what to do with 311 and 312. The scripts didn't bring much to the show IMO. Both could have been in the same episode and it would have worked better.


Magical Mystery Cure

I talked about it earlier: I loved the musical feeling to it even if they cramped up much in the episode. When the two previous episodes could have been put together, this one should have been split in 2 episodes.


Anyway, mixed-up Cutie Marks, Songs and OMG TWILIGHT IS AN ALICORN! make it a really fun episode. Now imagine 2 episodes like this one, that would have been a perfect ending for S3.

#1190098 Did anyone else catch this?

Posted by Crispy on 19 February 2013 - 08:20 AM

Run with this one, I think you're on to something.  That's just subtle enough to be on purpose and not an accident of phrasing.


Well done.

#1190071 Did anyone else catch this?

Posted by Argumedies on 19 February 2013 - 08:11 AM

I wish I had a clip to share but...

I was re-watching the latest episode when right after the very first song and Twilight was talking to Rarity and Rarity was working on the cloud patterns when she said.

"Doesn't my sky look fabulous or what?"

Then as everyone was getting mad at her she came up with the line.

"Too last season?"

I had not heard that line before and I had one of those moments where ya go WWHHHAAT!!! (moan groan, Oh my sweet Celestia!, this is why I love Rarity)

Too last season. As in a reference to when Discord in season 2 "last season" turned things into a checker board pattern much like the sky Rarity just created, leading into the chaos that was about to begin this story into Twilight's ascension.

DID ANYONE ELSE CATCH THIS! cause I'd hate to think I'm going nuts by myself.


#1187887 S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

Posted by Pulcinella on 18 February 2013 - 06:56 PM

Honestly, I LIKED this episode. A lot. And, I don't think that Twilicorn will ruin the show, just drastically change it. Plus, who's to say that it wasn't a dream, or a result of The Professor's What If machine. :P I loved all the songs, MLP songs are usually REALLY good, the only two I didn't like were "You Gotta Share" and "Raise This Barn". The episode itself was amazing as well, great plot, even if most of the dialogue was singing. I hate it when people rage quit the fandom or scream and kick, just because of Twilight's wing gain. Or what I hate even more, is people who won't even WATCH the episode, because they're afraid. *cough* Rainbowlzoomi and poniesforfun *cough* Don't knock it before you try it, that's my number one rule, and that's how I became to be, practically, the least picky eater in the world. I didn't knock it before I tried it. If I hadn't followed that rule, I never would have tasted my absolute favorite food, eel, tempura shrimp, and avocado sushi, AKA Dragon Roll. Also, Twilicorn has something to say to all of her haters.

#1187670 S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

Posted by Arcanel on 18 February 2013 - 06:10 PM

So...... we finally got the last episode of S3...........holy Celestial Twilight Moon! (yes, that's my new phrase, sue me ^_^ ). That was just a marvelous episode! Definitely my favorite of the whole season, and one of my top episodes of the whole show! :D Marvelous job M.A.Larson. Marvelous, wondrous, fantastic job! :mellow:


So, when I first saw the episode, I was around some of the bronies here in Argentina because we had made a get together to watch the episode in HD for those who hadn't managed to watch it live, one of them was me. I gotta admit, even though there was a lot of noise around, I was actually able to inmerse myself completely in the episode, which made it even more enjoyable. So, let's see what this episode left in my mind!


First let me talk about the beginning. I had read in a status update somewhere before I saw the episode that the beginning had been taken straight out of the Beauty and the Beast. And I could not agree more because I remember that movie, and Twilight became Belle in her way of singing all happy and stuff. If this WAS actually similar to it in purpose, then it's ANOTHER plus to Daniel Ingram. Seriously.


I enjoyed ALL of the songs of Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews, Will Anderson of course didn't fall behind with his BGM music (AND CELESTIA SANG HOLY HER IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! :D ). And if that wasn't enough, the animation was MARVELOUS. And in fact, aside from the fact it was all flowing so smoothly, and had a lot of awesome tricks like the memory call back to all the ponies and the lasers that came out of the EoH and most importantly the friggin SPACE LIKE PLACE, I found another type of animation that I hadn't seen that well in a good while. What am I talking about? None other than Twilight's slow-mo motion when finishing to write the magic. What did it remind me to? Dexter's Laboratory. I think I really saw it on my second view of the episode, but it was nice getting another nostalgia attack nonetheless. So, honestly to me, DHX friggin kicked flank.


Another thing I'm starting to realize is, that most of M.A Larson's episodes have references to past episodes, just like Magic Duel did for example, and I'm sure others before it did as well. This goes to show me how Larson makes full use of the show's history to make his episodes as well. Considering there were at least 3 references or call backs to past episodes in this episode alone, this was rather interesting.


Another thing I realized, especially during True, True Friend is how Ponyville DOES act like a small village where everypony knows everypony. This came more to realization when Pinkie came up. Here's why. Pinkie is obviously known as the local party planner of Ponyville, aside from working in Sugarcube corner. So, with all of her parties, literally everypony would have managed to know other ponies thanks to her. Plus that to the fact Pinkie is also a local prankster, the pony who always has a smile on her face AND is known for ALWAYS bringing the same thing to others................................well... seeing how happy was were the ponyvillians to see her again, was truly wonderful, and goes to show how much of an impact she has left in the small town.  :)


Now, as for how Twilight was quick to both fall from her fault, and rise to help out, it seems to me that-... wait a moment... I'm just wondering, if Spike hadn't been around, what would have Twilight done? Would she have snapped from her sad moment anyway... or would she have kept on guilt tripping? This is something interesting to think of IMO. Besides, this is not the first time that Spike has to play the role of snapping Twilight out of a "trance" that was NOT going to be good for her, so I felt actually rather well with that moment altogether.


Then comes how quickly Carousel Boutique and Sweet Apple Acres fell in disgrace... now... Carousel Boutique depends much on word of voice. So should this same thing failed to happen or brought bad reviews and comments, it definitely go awry. And as for Sweet Apple Acres, I have the slight feeling that Pinkie broke the balance that maintained the farm. Considering that the Apple family had left when AJ had probably disappeared from her doings, the farm would also go awry really fast. Now, even if it WASN'T like this, it goes to show on what would have happened, and it is, like someone else said, a rather artistic way of showing how each pony not doing their jobs can bring some very awful things. 


The thing about the destinies of each pony representing their cutie marks. Now everypony with their cutie marks had followed exactly what their talents represented, and therefore, followed what their cutie mark implied. So I'm guessing that changing a cutie mark like Starswirl's spell did, would technically change their personalities slightly because the situation would go a bit like this, that is, supposing they had all the memories of doing something completely different, which wasn't the case this time:


"Wow... what happened... is everything oka-........... I don't remember this cutie mark! What the...? Why do I...? But I remember doing something else... but..." And then go on wondering why in the world would the pony have a different cutie mark that represented something different from what was done, and this might lead to investigating on how to fix it. But, there's also the fact that changing a cutie mark somehow changes WHERE did they get their cutie mark, and therefore, change their memories slightly to follow that timeline. I believe this to be a good reason for the whole change of personality as well.


Now, I wanna say that pretty much EVERYTHING that was in the episode had a meaning. Even the explosion where Twilight "died". I don't know if many had caught this, but the scorch mark that the explosion left in the house did have a meaning in itself, and was how I knew Twilight had actually been transported. For those that didn't caught it, the scorch mark had the form of Twilight's cutie mark. That right there is foreshadowing that something big was going to happen to Twilight.


Now, let's get to the big subject that had paralyzed 3/4 of the brony world around.


Twilight Sparkle turning into an alicorn.


So, Hasbro or no Hasbro, why would Celestia want to turn Twilight in an alicorn? Why so fast? And I think the key lies in all the tests that Celestia had prepared for Twilight along the show's story.


It is clear after this that Friendship is DEFINITELY Magic. The title of the show now not only rings as something good for kids to learn, but now has an actual meaning. I know, this isn't a reason at all, but regardless, it is something important to notice. However, the moment I think Celestia might have thought of Twilight to becoming an alicorn............... was right on the entry exam of the little filly, back when she almost made a magic nova. Celestia probably at first thought nothing of it, and rather saw a filly who a TREMENDOUS amount of potential. However, as Celestia grew on her role as teacher for the little filly... something might have snapped.


Now, in theory, a teacher has a role of helping his/her students to reach their maximun potential. What if this is what Celestia thought? Of course, she couldn't just go and say "Hello, now you're an alicorn" and BOOM hello taller size and extra flying-capable limbs. No... I think... this might have been a reason on why Celestia had been testing Twilight all along.


The first test on to see in whether or not Twilight would aqcuire the potential she might have suspected was right in the night where The Mare in the Moon, AKA Nightmare Moon came back, and if Twilight would trust the ponies she met in Ponyville. Considering how the whole thing allowed Celestia to recover her sister, she could not have been more in debt to her faithful student, especially if she had been watching through some sort of magical crystal ball or whatnot since the beginning.


Then came the other tests. Against Discord. Against Sombra. And now... against Starswirl, you could say. The first let her learn that friendship will have its ups and downs, always. The second let her learn how sometimes, she would have to rely on her friends to help  and do what she couldn't (which is different from letting her friends help her, lesson in the first episodes). And finally, the last one, made her learn that Friendship IS really a way of magic. Which casually, is more or less what her cutie mark represents. Also, like someone else said, solving Starswirl's last spell is probably the equivalent of solving a really old math problem, like Fermat's. And for those that don't know if her writing new magic is a means to becoming an alicorn, remember that it seems that Twilight has just as much potential for knowledge and magic as Starswirl himself. It wouldn't be too hard to imagine that the roles could have been inverted, and instead of Starswirl writing the new spells, it had been Twilight. Or at least it isn't for me.


Now, let's couple this with the fact that Celestia had been preparing the book of Starswirl since episode 1 in S3, which was the biggest bout of foreshasowing that we could have ever got. And, coupled with all the lessons Twilight herself learn that could have gone for something else, biggest examples would probably Lesson Zero (which was more or less dealing against HERSELF), and Magic Duel (which was dealing against somepony more powerful than her). All of this would imply that something big would happen to our dear adorkable purple unicorn. And this was it.


Now, I want to address a different pony. Starswirl the Bearded. Now, I'm getting the slight feel that Celestia, while teaching Twilight, was realizing just how much her student was looking like Starswirl. And with this... this might have scared her. Why? Because if Starswirl had failed to complete his masterpiece because of lacking an understanding of friendship............. I have the slight feeling that this might mean that Starswirl was lonely... without friends...driven by the thought of wanting to learn more... and disregarding the subject of friendship as something with not much meaning and that only helped interrupt his studies. I have the slight feeling that Twilight was going through the same way. And this is another reason why Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville. Because while she was her teacher, she was also the best friend Twilight had ever had before Ponyville (and not counting Ms. Smartypants of course ^_^ ). She might have thought that Twilight was going through the same path as Starswirl. So not only she sent her student as a teacher... but she also sent it as her friend. Which in my head, sounds like something beautiful to do.


And here I call upon all of the Rainbow Dash fans of the fandom. Because if what I said was true...then Rainbow Dash, helping Twilight gain her cutie mark, causing the filly to make the gigangic magic nova and which caused Celestia to garner Twilight as her student, could also be held as being indirectly responsible for Twilight becoming an alicorn.


Just think about that. ;)


Of course, this is all just speculation. I could be completely wrong. But hey, this whole episode gave me stuff to think. :D


And then there's the fact of how Twilight becoming an alicorn could affect her relationship with her friends. I know for one that Rainbow gaining a new flying buddy, and Pinkie having a reason to make a party don't mind at all. :lol: However, let's look at it the other way. Suppose her friends DO start treating Twilight different for being a Princess now. Wouldn't this give the writers a potential episode about Twilight wanting her friends NOT to treat her differently? Especially with how much Twilight appreciates her friends? I think this could easily happen in S4, and I wouldn't mind seeing it at all. And besides, her friends love Twilight a lot. Conflict because of not knowing how to treat a princess who happens to be your close friend... might or might not be more potential writing episodes. ONe would think of her friends possibly taking advantage of Twilight's new position and wings, but not only that seems WAY unlikely, we already had a episode with a similar plot, which was "The Ticket Master".


Then, we can treat it for the other way, which is the responsabilities of Twilight as a princess interrupting her friendship with the the rest of the mane 6. I don't need to say that this is easily the reason Twilight might step down from being an alicorn. But even then, there are other posibilities, like her friends actually HELPING Twilight through her ordeals as a princess. So I'm, again, not bothered in the slightest by this.


Next, another thing about Starswirl. Why exactly would he make a cutie mark/destiny changing spell? I can only think of two reasons:


1. He did it for the sole purpose of researching, and I actually see him doing this just to test if it was possible to change cutie marks between other ponies.

2. Someone might have been in help or distraught about their cutie marks, and Starswirl might have been concerned enough to try and figure out a spell to save them or something different. This is something I don't see as much probable though...


I can't exactly tell if there's a certain reason, but for all purposes, I'm going to go and guess that Starswirl just wanted to test magic the same way he did as for whenever he wrote new magic, but I'm not sure at all.


So... another thing that brings curiosity. What exactly is that space-y place where Celestia and Twilight were? Is it a certain place that all ponies who will turn into alicorns go? Was Twilight supposed to go there and, like someone else around here said, Celestia just came so that her student wouldn't be all alone and all "What the hay?!"?I don't really have an answer for this. It is obviously a place that can obviously only be accessed through a certain channeled power. I'm gonna go and guess that the Elements of Harmony, which by the way were used by Luna and Celestia, have something to do with this. Problem is, that still leaves Cadence's alicornhood in question. But then again, Cadence looks like she was born from the cross of a crystal pony... and a normal pony, which COULD have been an alicorn. There is a reason after all why she's Celestia's niece... but the question around our Crystal Princess goes on... 


And finally, one more thing that I'd like to point out, is how well did the writers chose would do the "new" task for each pony when the cutie mark change happened. This is of course, taking out the ponies with their "correct" jobs, like Rainbow Dash being the onw who controls weather, etc and taking out Twilight Sparkle.


Rarity was the one handling the weather. The only other one who could have done this is Fluttershy. But she is neither that fast nor would want to have anything to do with dem clouds. So Rarity who has magic could handle it, could be fast enough, and do it well... had it not been for the fact she just wanted to create "cloud art" (I swear, if I see a brony taking a photo of an "art-y" cloud, I'm gonna call it a day in life and die :P ).


Rainbow Dash was the one handling the animals..........technically she was the only one who could do this because she's the only other pegasus. Handling animals unnaturally with magic (let's count that Twilight was doing the whole Magic Duel thing with permission of Fluttershy AND the animals, so to speak) doesn't seem really likely, so it RD was the one who was called in.


Applejack was the one handling the dresses part. Fluttershy wouldn't make sense because she can actually sew. Pinkie Pie wouldn't make that much sense either because she at least knows how to handle things with care, so to speak. And while in subtlety with hooves both AJ and RD would be considered the same level, it makes more sense that AJ be the one as at least HAD done something arts-y, like cooking (no offense to Rainbow Dash, but her Sonic Rainboom doesn't really count, but I welcome anyone to remind of whatever I might have forgotten when RD might have done something arts-y).


Pinkie Pie was the one handling the farm. Now in here, Rarity would not work at a farm at all Fluttershy doesn't have enough strength to buck trees IMO. Rainbow Dash could probably take all the apples herself by flying fast as all hell. But Pinkie was the one who had technically worked in a farm before (maybe not an apple farm but a farm nonetheless), and she's also an earth pony, ergo, keeping her to do all the apple working, earth pony style.


And then Fluttershy was handling making the townsponies laugh. Rarity doesn't seen to be the one to want to make others laugh as Pinkie would do, Rainbow Dash as a prankster would obviously go awry as somepony might get hurt, and Applejack would have the.. erm... let's call not subtlety enough to do Pinkie's job, plus the fact Fluttershy would be the one to try and make others feel good and laugh out of all 4 left, but I could be wrong.


This is, again, even more especulation, but once more, this episode made me think a friggin lot. :mellow:


I think that's all. I honestly thoroughly enjoyed the episode, and I'm one of the few who didn't feel the episode was rushed (but I don't think I'm the best to actually notice this because I really don't tell if something was rushed or not.). For those who did feel it like that, a second watch MIGHT give you a different opinion, but then again it might not.


But seriously though, for those going overly commando and overanalyzing, don't let it ruin your enjoyment of the episode. Do I mean that if you overanalyze you instantly dislike it? Hell no! What I'm saying is that it might distract you. If you don't like an episode because there was simply something that totally made you disconnected from the episode and made you dislike it, then that's it, you don't like it, end of discussion. Nobody should try and change that because tastes is something that shouldn't be forced to change in this type of cases. But I want is that overanalyzing the episode should be left for a second watching of the episode, if you want to do so, that is. First watch and see if you enjoyed the episode, and then watch it again if you wanna analyze stuff. Kind of like playing a game. First enjoy the story or different, then you should try doing everything else in a second try if you like it enough and wanna do extra stuff.


Anyway.... this is the end of Season 3, and we don't know how much will we really have to wait for it. But I can honestly say, that I'm waiting for it as much as I can. But there's also something else, and it is related to Twilight as an alicorn. Meghan McCarthy has already stated, that the episode is in fact the first of three parts, according to her, and the that the next two parts will be in S4. But this left me wondering........ Meghan is a brilliant writer. And so is the rest of DHX. I don't know about you but......... the whole "Everything's going to be fine"....... I can't help but think that something bad will happen in the Season 4 premiere. I don't know what, but something. It could be a test to Twilight's new responsibilites and body, but I'm not sure. All I know is that the phrase "everything's going to be fine"... could be the biggest foreshadowing that something will happen in the next episode. What, we don't know. But it leaves me waiting for more... and I can't wait. :D


Finally, the last thing I wanna say something about is Hasbro. Did they gave the order of of making Twilight an alicorn? Probably yes. But as far as at least I can see, the alicorn thing could have more meaning than we might be intending to see. And this is why I trust ALL the writers from the show to make the alicorn part, which by the way gives them an interesting thing to deal with and a change in their way of dealing with the show, as nice and great as possible, without breaking the show. I haven't lost this faith, and I don't think I will. From the (apparently dreaded) different point-of-view Merriwether Williams, to the semi-comtroversial, joke liker Dave Polsky, to the newbie writer, CMC liker Corey Powell, to the animation user, also lyric writer M.A. Larson, to the lesson teacher Cindy Morrow, to the crazy pony liker Meghan McCarthy, to the might-be-participating and newbie Teddy Antonio, to the once and maybe returning (he left a while ago, I think) Chris Savino, and the returning Amy Keating Rogers. I have liked all their episodes, respect their skills, and trust them with this fantastic job. And this applies to the storyboarders, the animators, the VA's etc. All the crew. I trust them with the next season no matter what.


Finishing this gigantic post, I hope you all enjoyed this fantastic season, and until Season 4! :)

#1188245 What Voice do you Read the Above Poster's Voice in?

Posted by Devotion on 18 February 2013 - 08:14 PM

Like my Junior AP English Composition teacher. Heaven knows why.

#1188436 Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

Posted by Zoop on 18 February 2013 - 08:56 PM

+ Good cropping/focus

+ Nice border work.

+ Very colorful

+ Extremely crisp

- Scootaloo


Final Grade: A


I is like dis avyatar. Is good. 

#1187886 Hey, I'm Cloudchaser!

Posted by ⛅Cloudchaser ⛅ on 18 February 2013 - 06:55 PM

Hi I'm Cloudchaser and I am so happy to have joined! I'm really friendly and don't bite so don't be afraid to talk to me :)

#1188172 Best Cute Pony Pictures

Posted by Gone Airbourne on 18 February 2013 - 07:55 PM

That's an incredibly nice signature :3 Good job on it, perhaps I'll stalk you a little bit and see what other ones you've done, if you display them anywhere. If you don't, you should. >Disregard pictures and thus point of entire thread, compliment signature



:3 aw I appreciate the comment on it a lot. I made a deviantart account recently and posted some of the ones I made on there. But I don't think I'll make a thread for them. I'll just post the DA link here but thanks so much though :) http://goneairbourne.deviantart.com/

#1188111 The MLP Video Masterthread

Posted by Zygen on 18 February 2013 - 07:42 PM

The original music piece of this was released before the S3 finale came out, and it can be found here. Later that day, the following PMV was made. The epicness and hilarity is too much.


I heard the music at first and I thought it sounded all disney like, then I heard the"I just can't wait to have wings" and I was like OHH yeah Xd. I can't believe i didn't get the song from the title.


By the way this is so awesome Xd. I love this so much, maybe its all the Disney who knows :P.


Oh and I found this PMV of a fanmade parody of one of the really popular PMV songs on youtube right now, I'll let you watch and see, its a pretty good song, and the PMV is pretty well made to :).

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