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The BLANK STATUS UPDATE bug has returned. Remember to copy your contents before submitting them! <Click here to read more>


Submitting a Status Update posts a blank one instead. Edit it afterwards and the content will stay.



Please note, that blank flanks (newcomers) cannot edit their contents. To see the edit button, you'll have to raise your content count to at least 5. [more about ranks] [more about limitations]


beEWGks.png Until the issue is fixed, please remember about this, because once you submit the status, the content will be lost.


Post Status Updates using one of these methods:

1) Submit a blank status right away and then edit it with proper content

2) Write status as you normally do, but remember to COPY everything before submitting, so that you can PASTE it back when editing afterwards


Sorry for the inconvenience!


remember to copy content before you'll be like:
e-bigangery.gif.f46e3888b42483d4fbc643247a93206a.gif -{ the hay where's my status )


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