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Entry 79

Posted by Dusk Claw, 09 January 2017 · 129 views

Life Progress

Looks like i can't hide from my IRL parents anymore cause I changed my phone number so many times and they still find it and I deleted my old facebook account and they found out about it through the rest of the family and i can't take it anymore cause of them and I feel like I'm trapped in a never ending loop cause of them. :( :( :( :(

Tell them off and delete all accounts that they are on and start new ones with new names and emails 0n0
Why would they be so persistent? if they don't agree with you then shouldn't they simply go their own way?

I agree with both, it seems to me that they just enjoy tormenting you. But you have me and Dynamo now sweetie. *hugs* I'm sorry, there;s not a whole lot more else I can say

Have you tried blocking them? I hope you feel better soon.

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