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Captain Whirlwind's Blog

Entry #33 All hope is Gone?

Posted by Captain Whirlwind, 11 January 2017 · 165 views
Help, life
Yesterday I started school again. I'm looking forward in English and Photography.......But not Math :( :(
I've had a lifelong battle with math in general. I was never good with it to begin with with.
I could get all the help I can whether it's tutors, extra class hours, note takers, and I still would fail the class.
I experienced this back in High school...

Entry #32 Life is getting better for me

Posted by Captain Whirlwind, 24 December 2016 · 123 views
life, progress
At the beginning of the month I was at one of the lowest points of my life. However in recent days and maybe even weeks, I discovered what reality was starting to shape me into. And with the beautiful love and kindness from my amazing pastor, he had managed to understand how I felt and how to deal with my inner depressions and sadness. I kept talking with...

Entry #31 A Very Special Announcement

Posted by Captain Whirlwind, 24 December 2016 · 106 views
thank you, love
A special message to everybody I met and every Staff member on the MLP Forums. A long time ago I was supposed to do a drawing for most forum users I made great friendships with. But School being the biggest priority I only got 4 of them done out of the 10.
But you know what, The brony fandom and this site community is by far the greatest gift I could...

My Little Pony intro but it speeds up 20% every time the word pony is said

Posted by Captain Whirlwind, 19 December 2016 · 124 views
video edit, video, edit and 1 more...
The meme has been going across Youtube for some time now.
Why not be do a edit on it :D

Entry #30 Brony Christmas party

Posted by Captain Whirlwind, 06 December 2016 · 83 views
Christmas, party
Hello. I am glad to announce the official scheduling for my very own Christmas party Watch2gether celebration.
This Watch2gether will consist a pony video playlist I created myself.
I will also host a Group Skype call to stream with the videos to those who have skype. (I'll message some for those who want to do that) But If you want to just watch vi...

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