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Stardust Balance's Blog

Out Now: The Diary of River Song 2!

Posted by Stardust Balance, 10 January 2017 · 108 views

Big Finish have shown their remarkable craftsmanship in audio dramas with the recent released boxset of The Diary of River Song 2. This time, River encounters not one, but TWO of the classic Doctors. And as someone who listened to it firsthand, I definitely, highly recommen...

New Chapter Published To Shipping Fic!

Posted by Stardust Balance, 17 December 2016 · 83 views

Enjoy! Next month it'll be Stardust X Applejack, otherwise Applestar!

Big Finish Has Done It Again

Posted by Stardust Balance, 06 December 2016 · 80 views

The latest boxart cover revealed for the fourth and final installment of Doom Coalition 4. This time, the Eighth Doctor and River Song will be opposing the Eleven, the Sonomancer, the Weeping Angels A...

You Wake Up At Three-Thirty In The Afternoon...

Posted by Stardust Balance, 09 November 2016 · 134 views

Hear that a monster has been elected the new President of an already corrupt country, no snow has yet to appear despite weather forecasts - Shocking - and you're almost freezing to the bone. Luckily, Big Finish released a new audio today:  https://scontent.xx....41975ca0d6f5...

It Strikes Me About Top Bolt (Spoilers)

Posted by Stardust Balance, 20 October 2016 · 89 views

How the clear romance between Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger had a million times more depth and realism to it than all the EQG specials combined. This romance was actually subtle, and it made me FEEL for these characters. I wanted them to get together at the end. And they did... Kinda. But I will take a subtle romance over blatant Disney ripoff anyday.

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