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Pony Hypnosis

Posted by Kolth, 15 December 2012 · 10488 views

I don't really know how to begin this post, to be honest...so lemme just start from the start.

Through various sources, I found my way to a Google Doc with a list of audio files that, when listened to, would suggest to the listener that they had the body, features, and personality of a particular pony. I like to think I have an open mind (which is necessary for hypnosis), but I also know that my mind moves at a very rapid pace and I would have difficulty concentrating on the voice, let alone believe it. But I thought "Well why the hell not?", downloaded a Rainbow Dash file that lasted about 21 minutes, relaxed on the couch, and pressed play.

I only remember little bits and pieces of those 21 minutes. It was...weird.

HOLY FUCK. Sorry. Uh, I'm listening to music right now, and it shuffled to the audio file, and the voice is REALLY creepy. (Now back to our regularly scheduled blaug post.)

So during the countdown, I felt my body go through little jumps or hop down little ledges from five to one. And when it reached one, my body just...shut down. I couldn't move, at all. And then the voice started telling how my fingers and toes were "smoothing out" into "beautiful hooves", and I lost all feeling in my fingers. They felt like...well, like I imagined a hoof would feel. A breeze was going by my feet, though, so that part didn't really work.

When the voice started telling me how my jaw and tongue were elongating into a muzzle, my tongue started pulling inside my mouth of it's own accord. Blah. THAT was freaky.

Those were really the highlights of the audio file portion of my journey. The last couple of minutes were used to teach a phrase: "I'm an awesome pony!" The theory was that this phrase will make my mind and body revert to my "new pony body". Then, when I needed to feel like me again, I only needed to say "Revert to normal." So after I finished the file, I took a breather and said "I'm an awesome pony." And the fingers on my left hand pulled shut, and it was extremely difficult to move them at all. Of course I freaked out, so I said "Revert to normal" and my hand completely relaxed and my fingers opened.

I know that there will be those who don't believe this (I didn't believe it to start), but I can only say that this is all truth. I'm going to explore this more and see if I can get the phrase to do more other than mess with the muscles in my left hand.

Anyways...yeah. Hypnosis.

- Kolth

Could chu send me the link? It sounds pretty creepy, but I wanna try this. :3

^Same. I'd like to try this.



I think I found it. 


Interesting. Saw this on /mlp/ a while back (this thread and the tulpa thread are the only two I bother with) but never saw a RD one. Need to try this out. *looks at headphones* ... Be right back. :3 /)

I can't wait to try it out!!!! Hehehehe!!!!

The file you uploaded isn't the one I'm sorry to say. But, I found the one that Kolth is referring to, I'll give you the downloadable link:

You can get it here: http://www.mediafire...1prbemy4sq5wswb

Here's the G-Doc where you can find ALL of the audio files.


I'll edit the post to include this link as well.

downloaded the one where it said "become rain-butt dash" because I wanted to be in a lesbian fic with Twilight Sparkle. Unfortunately it was a mis-nomer and the name had nothing to do with that, lol.

I didn't think it would work, but 5 minutes into it my whole body began to lock into place, I couldn't feel my hands or feet, they were like real hooves!!!


The only way for this to work is if you are COMPLETELY relaxed, it worked for me when I was lying on my back in bed, try it like that, I find it to work better. Heck it was crazy, I actually felt like I was inside Pinkie's body for a few seconds, never felt anything like it!

I wanna try that Too But im scared D:

Don't worry, Pink. It's more weird than anything, and especially not scary. Just listen to one casually (as in not trying to follow it) so you get a feel for what it is like.

I tried it but...
I must be immune to hypnosis.
It was fun and all, but I felt no involuntary reactions.
And the "safe phrase" thing does nothing either.

Either my mind is a fortress

Or my ginger lack of a soul is prohibiting me

I tried it but...
I must be immune to hypnosis.
It was fun and all, but I felt no involuntary reactions.
And the "safe phrase" thing does nothing either.

Either my mind is a fortress

Or my ginger lack of a soul is prohibiting me


First off, ginger jokes lol.


Second, this isn't a one-time wham-bam occurrence. Same with lucid dreaming and nirvana-inducing meditation, this requires dedicated repetition and a progressively opening mind.

First off, sorry for the slight necro. I was going through my search history, saw that I'd looked at the webpage for the files, and figured I'd share my thoughts.

I know that the script includes a safe phrase, and expressly states that there are situations that might call for being human, but there's also that part that says something like "the more you become the <adjective> pony, the more normal it will feel/the more you will want to". That sent up a neon-red "THIS IS ADDICTING!!!1!" flag. Does the hippocratic oath apply to recreational hypnosis?


Oh wow, this was once a thing. Crazy. 

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