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Transit Fans United

For The Race Fans: Driver Profile: Ken Block

Posted by Stalliongrad, 10 February 2017 · 77 views

An iconic visonary of the modern era, Ken Block is often credited with making the sport of Rallying more popular among youth in North America and worldwide. 
http://www.mawaterar.../hrd_2503-1.jpg  Ken Block with the Team Hoonigan Ford Mustang "Hoonicorn"  
​Driver Quick Facts:  
Name: ​Kenneth Block...

For The Transit Fans: Intermission: Washington Auto Show

Posted by Stalliongrad, 04 February 2017 · 145 views

http://www.washingto...terlogo2017.gif   I have always loved the auto show, it comes to Washington DC every year in January and I always miss it. This year I got my tickets early and made it. I thought it be interesting to share my thoughts on what I saw​.  
Noticeably absent this year we...

For The Transit Fans: Company Profile: Dublin Bus

Posted by Stalliongrad, 26 January 2017 · 103 views

http://quadraconsult...o_DublinBus.png   Serving the largest city and the capital of Ireland, Dublin Bus provides 125 million rides a year.   https://upload.wikim...400_(07-D-30001)_(8203457462).jpg  Dublin B...

For The Transit Fans: Company Profile: Fairfax Connector

Posted by Stalliongrad, 23 January 2017 · 150 views

​Serving the bustling Fairfax County, Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. The Fairfax Connector was one of first of the smaller transit agencies in Suburban Washington to grow into a much larger operation. 

For The Transit Fans: Vehicle Profile: GM Scenicruiser

Posted by Stalliongrad, 22 January 2017 · 115 views

The next inductee into the Hall of Transit Greats helped shaped American Road Travel for Decades.  https://s-media-cach...e37719846a4.jpg  GM Scenicruiser in service with Greyhound  
​Manufacturer Quick Facts:
​​  F ounded: 1901

For The Race Fans: Series Profile: World Rally Championship

Posted by Stalliongrad, 10 January 2017 · 265 views

​(Happy New Year!)  
https://upload.wikim...yes_WRC.svg.png   ​Formed in the late 70's, the WRC is the highest caliber of Rally Motorsports in the world and formally united rallying events which were held separately and were...

For The Transit Fans: Industry Perspectives: U.S. Import Law

Posted by Stalliongrad, 28 December 2016 · 111 views

​  http://www.jeep4ever..._Customs_03.jpg  U.S. Customs and Border Protection Jeep Wrangler Rubicon   Laws regarding the importation of cars into the United States are set by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection a branch of the Department of Homeland Security.   ​ Overview: ​In th...

For The Race Fans: Event Profile: Isle of Man TT

Posted by Stalliongrad, 23 December 2016 · 206 views

http://blog-imgs-10....0303/952235.png   The oldest and most prestigious motorcycle race in the world, only the best race at the Isle of Man.  
First Organized: ​1907 ​​Type: ​Time Trials, GP Race ​Course: Snaefell Mountain Course ​Class: ​Tourist Trophy  ​The Isle of Man is a small isla...

For The Transit Fans: News, Stories and Lore: Performance Utility

Posted by Stalliongrad, 08 December 2016 · 162 views

​Americans have very specific buying tastes, Americans like large crossover SUVs with preferably a V8 engine under the hood and enough room for at least 5 people. Noticing these trends has opened up a brand new segment of luxury vehicles which may have seemed ridiculous 5 years ago. http://files2.porsch...e/rd-2013-9p...

For The Transit Fans: Manufacturer Profile: Elio Motors

Posted by Stalliongrad, 07 December 2016 · 161 views

​(So Sorry I've been AWOL, work/life been crazy)  
A newer automotive startup, seeking to reinvent personal mobility while achieving astonishing goals of building cars with high fuel economy, improved safety and low MSRP.  

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