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  1. I like to say there's no such thing as a bad Fluttershy episode, but I have to and gladly will expand that to Pinkie episodes. Not much more to say here. I just enjoyed it way too much to do an analysis. :lol:

    And I love the idea of half-birthdays. Such a pinkie thing. :pinkie:

    Pinkie.Scriptum.: When it comes to hugs, she knows what she's doing. If the hug is too tight, you are too tight. :)

    Oh and did anyone else see this for a brief moment?... :ooh:


    I definitely had to raise awareness of severe pie deficiency a moment later... :okiedokieloki:


  2. Fire pone has frustrations he needs to vent. So, let's begin.

    Forums, image boards, YouTube comments. What do all of these have in common? They all slow people!ego share, like,and exchange information with each other almost instantly. If you use one (or probably many or all) of these things, you're going to come across a lot of people. Some with small stories, some with big ones. Some interesting people, and your adverage joes. Sometimes,x there's nice people, but nice isn't synonymous with internet these days.

    ive been seeing an increasing trend in toxic members (members with very high hostility towards other members) and the vocabulary usually consists of profanity. These members basically spoil the fun. They don't allow any sort of people enjoyment and they just aren't fun tone around.

    and to make matters worse,sometimes even nice people, friends willing to give the shirt off their backs for people in need, can become toxic in a drop of the hat. Multiple friends I know have become so hostile I can't even call them friends anymore. That hurts.

    To be honest, they just aren't fun, and they ruin the fun of everyone else. I'm glad there isn't many of those types of people here. (Unless its a hotly controversial topic, but I avoid those like its the plague.) and a staff team that's willing to sort out the toxic users should things get too far.

    all in all, toxic people just aren't fun and enjoyable.





  3. In Equestria Girls, there is a certain character that a lot of people in the fandom seem to not like. That character is Flash Sentry. The main crush of Twilight Sparkle in both the pony world and the human world of Equestria, this particular character seems to be known as "filler", or a character that is just there with no purpose. I, however, disagree with this. Flash is not filler. I just think he needs more screen time in the films and/or shorts. Yes, Twilight may seem to have another crush in Timber Spruce (TimberLight), but Flash and Twilight go WAY back before that. I mean, who else's car in the films (or maybe shorts) looks like a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro? This may mean that Flash's family is rich, but rich people are spoiled, arrogant, big-egoed people in my eyes (no offense to Rainbow Dash). This is NOT the case with Flash. He is a nice person who cares about Twilight a lot. And since Twilight is the mANE character in MLP: FiM (pun intended), anypony (or anybody) that has a crush on her should be seen as a good character. Yet, still, people still don't like him. They still see him as "filler".

    Why? Why is this the case? To me, he seems like one of Equestria Girls' major characters, along with the Main 7 (or the HuMANE 6). The HuMANE 6 sure get a lot of screen time, so why not Flash? By comparison, Bulk Biceps is a minor character in both series, yet it seems like even HE gets more screen time. Maybe the writers don't want Flash to interact with Twilight as much, because of the fear of shipping, which a lot of little girls would not understand unless they asked their parents. That would not be a good thing. And what if Twilight and Flash even KISSED?  That would be even WORSE, leading for parents to possibly sue Hasbro for showing something like that. Maybe that's why he doesn't get that much time.

    So my final take on Flash is that he should NOT be hated. What reasons are there to hate him? In fact, hate is a strong word, so maybe a less harmful world could be used.

    What do you think about the character of Flash Sentry? Let me know in the comments below!

    Thanks for reading!



  4.  THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! I just saw "My Little Pony The Movie" I must say I thought it was really good. The animation was beautiful and the music was used to nicely compliment the story. I really liked Twilight's arc. Some of the previews and spoilers I heard from other bronies made me concerned that Twilight might be portrayed as OOC or a jerk. Luckily that was not the case in my opinion. You could easily see how Twilight's insecurity leads to her anxiety, guilt and frustration to the point of lashing out. Actually Twilight seems like the realist in the movie being that she was appropriately on guard about the new characters while the other Mane 5 seem a bit more naive and overly trusting, and Twilight gets more desperate so her stealing the pearl while wrong did make sense. Rainbow Dash was great and I loved the scene where Twilight rescued Pinkie, and Tempest's voice actor was amazing. This movie reminded me of the movies I grew up with and watched when I was recovering from surgery as a kid in the best way. I like that Tempest still had a broken horn at the end because it makes a good statement on what could be considered a disability for a unicorn and about acceptance, that she did not need to cured to be whole as a pony. I felt Sia's song was about Twi "weathering the storm" and her "soul growing" i.e character growth in the movie. 
    However the movie had a bit too many characters, some things aren't explained at all, and the movie is paced like an episode rather than a movie in that the ponies could have actually taught the new characters about friendship gradually, especially Tempest since they have a full length running time to use. 

  5.   Never really got spoilers really. Like, merely the way its told can drastically affect the way you interpret a scene. Like yeah, you can tell me Snape kills Dumbledore, (Oh come  now, that's been around for ages! Don't think that was really all that important in the story anyhow. Now if I told you that literally just about everyone died...) but why, how, where, to what ends and the dramatic importance on the story can only be personally experienced. I could sit you down and tell you the entire story of a movie in summary, but it still wouldn't be your journey! A spoil does nothing but encourage you to see how events turn out! Besides... for the most part I can tend to see things coming before they happen in most movies. There's only so many storytelling conventions after all.

      Well... for the most part~

      The Brony... I mean Pony Movie was & is a big thing for me. Granted, its not the big life changer I had gone in expecting, but it was all the same! I was squealing like any of the kiddos and never before had I felt so free with emotion enough to so genuinely enjoy myself in public. It's a happy movie! Weell... okay, the "experience" is anyway. I think that's why the movie gets such a bad rep with critics like the Tomatoes of Rotting or whathaveyou. From a technical standpoint, the MLP movie is notably lacking. If you go into this movie with a checklist of expectations, of needing things you expect every respectable movie to have, then you'll be grumpy coming out. You go in just to have a fun time, knowing its "just another kids' movie", perhaps escorting your own little humanspawn of your own, then your expectations shall be overflowing! There's a lot of movies that vie for the coveted spot of "A Faaimly Peecture" where both young & old can get different things from it. Like, say, a few times where a goon was assaulted and said goon's hands reflexively went south to the damaged area and my knowledge of anatomy would alert me that there was really only one place that hook just went.

      I suppose I'm more of a reaction sort of fellow, rather than an opinion piece. I suppose the best place to start is the beginning! ...Of the short before the intro before the actual movie...

      Yeeesh...Can't even remember the name but that was some J-Pop sparkly nonsense! All a bunch of colors and overly expressive expressions and razzle-dazzle animation... golly, that was probably what everybeing against bronies that can't get past the eighties-version of the show probably see MLP as! Though, I will grant it that its not only the first showing of a Tentacle-Dragon, but a truly respectable portrayal of what can only be described as big, goopy, monstery cuteness! While I could practically hear every brain in the audience immediately forgetting the little starchild, her pet color-beings and the... "Little Dreamer" I could hear every body in that place reacting to Ol' drooly face tentacles exactly as you knew the writer wanted them to! I know not who is responsible, but you made a bus-sized Tentacle-Dragon immediately relatable! I salute you writer!

       That opening title drop, man... that really leads me along. That building awe of "Omigosh, what's going ooon?!!?" Most would call this franchise sparkly, but it gets pretty easy to ignore all the colors & pastels once you get used to it. That, was well done though!

      That opening preparing-the-party scene:  That's probably where I accepted my, shall we say, my Theatrical Alignment, with Rarity. Why, YES rainbow~ Just sloppily drape the delicate bows just aaaall over the stage... We need Presentation & Percision, darling!

      Have to say though, that opening song of "We Got the Beat" as sung by ponies was rather trite. Cute, but was kind of wholesale stealing that from original meaning. Another thing that we rightfully didn't exactly need in the movie.

      The short joke of Applejack trying to fill a mug of apple cider faster than RD can swoop it up was amazing! Kind of want to see what would happen if I could just blur-fill-in enough mugs to the point where Dash tanks too much and faceplants the paved plaza! Glad to see the mare finally gets her fill of her favored cider!

      Some might say that the turning point was Pinkie's supposed ruining of the party by attempting a Three-Tier Cake Cannon. I find myself asking the question of why any other being would not want to be instantaneously encased in goopy cake!

      And... well, let me tell you now. I'm a character driven fellow. Most of this will be regarding characters.  And... well, let's face that some among you are waiting for a point to get angry at me about, so I might as well deliver a point of contention to thee promptly!

           Sia is garbage.

             Yeah, I'm not saying she's worthless or anything... She's just icing on the cake. A cake most would say is already too sweet... I don't know this Sia sort. I'm sure she's more than earned the right to be called a great singer, but she gives nothing to this movie. She shows up the first time, practically grunts, then leaves. Second time, she's singing in a cage for a few seconds before the scene changes. Third and final is her big number that we've been hyping up... and her song is pretty much unintelligible to me. I'm sure it fits, they wouldn't have paid her otherwise, but its just random noise behind mumbling for me. Sia could have been removed entirely from the movie & not affected anything. I'm not even sure I'm spelling her name right. The whole movie she's hyped up like half the reason anybeing is watching this movie is to see an animated version of this Sia and not the ponies or the actual story. Maybe a few songs I've heard from Sia without knowing about it, but as to Songbird Serenade... I... I just really cannot even care. 

      This whole shindig is for Sia's sake. I mean, sure, I can understand Twilight doing her usual over-fretting about it but, really? YOu think its a good idea, Twi to have Celestia & Luna divert the very celestial bodies, and Cadence to do some crystal lightshow (because she's apparently a crystal-mancer now?) just to make an already showy show even showier? Oh... and... just one teensy little issue...                      Isn't getting the Four Leaders of the Free World all in the same city, and away from their kingdoms, a huge liability? I mean, just any mercenary with a handy weapon can just waltz right in and-... oh, see, there ya go.

        Must say, using a crystal-forming grenade (corruption crystal matrix does look somewhat familiar... like that rock-infection Shining Armor got on his horn during Sombra's attack. Hmm...) is extraordinarily clever. Not fatal, more like a paralytic. Later, we hear sounds escaping those prisons, so its even weaker magic then the calcification Discord went though.

       And that's what I like about our villains. They're mercenaries. Selfish, opportunistic, but not really all that violent if they don't need to be. I like Storm King! He's got no ageless vendetta, no complex scheme with so many, easily misplaced parts. No, he just wants to wield power with the staff he's already got. Had it not needed to be powered up using four leaders as basically batteries, I feel no doubt he'd just as easily rather smooth talk his way in as an ambassador and just steal what he needs before anypony notices. I get this funny notion... that he's the way he is the same reason Twilight Spar-... wait, no.... Starlight Glim-... no, Tempest... Shadow, yes! The reason she is, because it was made clear to him early on that trusting others gets you taken advantage of. I'd say he's more chaotic than even Discord. He doesn't want to listen to your pleas, because it doesn't help what he wants and it kind of bores him. He has not much in the way of an end goal, doesn't want to make you quake in fear... you just have something he wants, and you're in his way. 

      Pity he's not the actual villain. I mean, sure, his symbol is plastered on everything outside of Equestria, but that's all done outside the scope of the scenes we're shown. He doesn't really even show up until the last third of the movie! That's probably the biggest fault with the movie, it just changes setting far too fast because it got too excited to be "new." No doubt the moviemakers were all excited to put as many details in as possible, and I can't say I or any of you all would have done any better going in with that mindset. But it's... a bit disjointed. 

    But I digress.

       I complained, belligerently, about how easily they dismissed the entire world in To Whatever & Back as the last two-parter finale. We're seeing a REAL bad habit of show-writing where we have to toss out every possible trump card and every ruling body just so we can have more drama to deal with. In this movie however... think they did it pretty well. Celestia & Luna were quickly dispatched, but they don't feel any weaker for the fall here like as what happened when Celly was gunned down by a MacGuffin at Cadence's wedding. Here, the twin leaders of the free world were pretty much suckerpunched out of commission. No doubt Tia could shoot that weapon out of the air were she not distracted trying to order out plans against this invading force and Luna was head dead-on while trying to flee to safety in mid-air. A lucky shot from our villains, I must say. Likely the opposite trope of good ol' Stormtrooper Aim. Perfect aim when it removes major players out of the story. Still... while I'd like to see our Leading Mares actually be competent for... for once, felt its dealt with well here.

      So, Twilight & her crew once more happen to get away from the battle to begin our journey, but there appears to be a note I'm forgetting. Ah, oh yes... that would be that...

    Ditzy-Doo took a bullet for Equestria!

      My swee' babby cheese! I think, beyond any of my doubt, that that moment will go down as the best writing & action having undertaken in any film in forward perpetum for the rest of my life! And, now look, I'm not all that avid of a Derpy fan. I frankly dislike that nickname. There isn't much to her character, but I can understand the feelings & emotions that are moored to her, that she kind of represents the brony fandom as a whole, almost. Really now, think about it. You can't really do too much with Ditzy of Doo. Play her too often and you'll have to give her a character, write her lines and risk running contrary to the ideal the fandom has ascribed to her. Miss Muffins is all about being seen, but not heard. She's silly, cute, but kind and innocent. Any of us fans would have been happy with her popping up that once to break line during a song. That's so her, after all! But... that momentary war that burst out... all the Confusion & calamity. Where I know I would have just become overwhelmed to curl up in a corner to wait it all out... I heard a high lilt of a voice peal out... as a bomb heads right for Twilight, the last royalty and hope for Equestria, all being taken down in a cruel twist of drama having been unforeseen. 

       I could not place that voice. It did not seem to match any of the previously introduced characters. I could not, for once, fathom what was going on. And the magical aftermath settles...          and we see the form of a pegasus having frozen still where she pushed the last remaining hope out of harm's way.   ...a small, awkwardly placed party hat haphazardly coming off her head where she had clearly put it there only in a moment of revelry without second thought. That same rash thinking having not only doomed her, saved all of Equestria and... well, everything. The movie, everything else that happens during all of this... Rides on the grey wings of the Sunny-Haired Mare.

      We... Just no one could possibly ever ask for anything more of our lass Derpy at this point. That's "Jumping the Shark" done right! Think I have heard it say that that moment was essentially like all of the fandom leaping into to take the proverbial bullet. As if to encapsulate every time any audience member has cried out with the thought of "No! Please don't harm the characters I've grown to love!" 

      And what's absolutely beautiful even more to that short, short moment is the technical, logistic side of it. You can't do much with her, even making her speak strains credulity when working with Ditzy-Doo. So just have her do what she's always done. Just be there when you need her. Think so very much can be pulled out of so little there. Don't we all wish we just simply had somebeing to be there when we needed them?

       Ah, but I must dry my tears of emotion for now. Before I leap into the adventure, I'm reminded of that "We Got This" song. Must say I adored Rainbow Dash's part and in this movie as a whole. Once more I'm reminded of how she seems more like a symbol of Courage rather than Loyalty. But I noticed that, that message in that song feels a little ominous. "I've got this" is the sorta self-reassurement we tell ourselves when we're buckling under stress, and I think that's a tone that certainly carries onto the rest of the movie too.

         But anyhow, after this, our six heroines fall off the Canterlot mountain into the river below. Putting aside how that should still be fatal, I have a Big Question here. Just how do the places from this movie line up on the Equestrian map? I'm no good for directions, but... they fall into a river, follow it... East? then somehow wind up in a huge, trackless desert? Deserts seem to be the one severely lacking biome in Equestria, and on top of that, somehow that desert immediately leads right into a port-town right on the ocean? H-how? Can deserts even do that? Be right next to large bodies of water like that? Then, after that, we seem to be up in the air, traveling over the ocean to who knows where to a forested area then somehow poof back into Equestria! I was initially worried about them not being able to juggle as many characters as they wanted to, but holding scenery for longer then fifteen minutes seemed to be the bigger issue!

      Did adore that port town! It's a right wonderful thing to see a part of Equestria that ain't so happy-happy, party-all-time sorta place. Cause really, no matter how peaceful and utopic a society is, there will always be shady parts of town! And another thing, that I REEALLY want an answer to: What even was the name of that town? Because this place was MADE to be a wealth of new RPing for the fandom! The place where anything can be bought or sold! Though on top of that, this tiny town gives us all another huge shift to the fandom. Anthropomorphic & Furry characters are now a thing in this fandom! We've all argued about what the difference is between a Furry & a Brony (there has got to be a smattering of jokes for that!) but now, there ain't no reason not to anymore! Kinda woulda preferred this world remaning strictly quadrepedal, but... well, more OC options, eh? 

      There was toad people, bipedal fish, anthro lizards... that cat... All wealth of variety you could imagine! Guess the only rule to Equestria now is no human faces. Eh, a great setting all the same! I loved that scene where Pinkie hollers out for somebeing to (Oh heh, validates my "Somebeing" now don't it? More then ponies about, eh?) guide them to their next destination and she rattles off items, among which is a Picture of Maud. Now, we All know how valuable that is, but I loved how every audience member, especially the older ones laughed out loud along with me when one voice out of the excited crowd shouted out with a somewhat nerdy request of "I'll take the photo of her sister!"  Because we all know that One Guy in the crowd!

        I can just SEE it now! Some large, overweight, mouth-breathing, wall-eyed fish person slowly picks Maud's photo off the ground and just becomes instantly enamored by her immaculate visage! And so begins an endless, tiring journey for him to finally meet his beloved on her doorstep! 


        ...Oh... yeah... I guess I have to touch on Crapper at some point. He seemed to be another Aladdin copy street-tough. Sure, he was... fine, but he still struck me as an unnecessary addition that we'll undoubtedly never see again. Capper was pretty dapper, I must say, a fine example of the sorts from this port town if we had to only get one named character out of that visit. I do approve of how well he and Rarity "hit it off." There was this whole... sort of betrayal thing he did but... while I loved the town, still seemed to just be a Stage in the movie rather then a part that was imperative to where the story wound up. Will grant him a fair bit of respect for him addressing Spike during combat with the line of "You are fire-breathin' dragon, ain't you?" How could anybeing worry about their odds when they've got a dragon their side, eh?

       Kind of didn't like all that stuff & nonsense about how easy it was for the villain crew to track down the hero crew. I suppose, yes, Storm King kind of had claim over this little Port-Town and would probably know when they showed up, but still, Tempest Shadow sure did show up pretty quickly after what must have been essentially abandoning the three princess they had flashfrozen down. Second time, I'll grant them. Rainbow had been deprived of her chance to show off during that interrupted party, and it was a joyous moment. RD ain't known for patience after all! Third & final time the villains showed up again... that was just a cheap shot at dropping a cage on our protagonist having been left alone for a few minutes. As with the huge issues I had with Whatever n' Back, I kind of feel they made the villain force a little too unreasonably strong to match what we've worked the good side up to after all this time.

      Oh, and speaking of that "Joyous Moment." Yeeeah, I dunno Dashie. Probably don't want to be giving a pep talk to a pirate crew. Yeah, sure, no doubt you're loving this, Raininator, but... Well, Each one of these feathered fellows happens to have some form of prosthetic. Sure, I know that's a joke. Peg-claw, Peg-foot, Peg-beak, Peg-tail... funny there, until you realize that this means they've seen Actual Combat. Not PG kiddy show hoofin' of enemies or magicy hoohah... straight-up lopping off of parts, deep wounds that don't heal right that require amputation, actual health concerns actual pirates face. Not to mention that I'm pretty sure a fully-stocked pirate boat usually has significantly more then just four members to keep it running. That seems strongly like they lost quite a few friends in the fights with the Storm King that reduced them down to the mere delivery ship they now are.

         aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... that's kinda the thing with pirates, you know? They can't be kept down because of what they are. As soon as they're let loose from being directly pointed at with whatever weaponry you have, they can go back to robbing whoever they want in the Wild Blue, because its kind of hard to track rogues in uncharted wat-... well, skies in this case. That pep talk kind of just reminded them that "Oh that's right! We can just go right back to doing whatever we feel like! We can lie to whoever wants to try controlling us!" So, without the Storm King around Caeleno and her crew are just as likely to go back to robbing everybeing they come across if they want. But I'm sure it's a Friendly Mugging!

       Oh! And Caelano herself! Love that design! I... don't know how a harpy has giant feather ears like that, but she's totally beautiful all the same! Loved that one aftercredits scene of Spike trying to chew on her crystal peg leg!

       Well, after their run in with pirates & getting shot down yet again by the villains du jour, the main seven find themselves at.... Happy Hippogriff Land to find the wossnames they thought would help save the day or whatever. And, the... the thing here is... that I want to make a solid point across to any who read this...  and... as a mythology buff myself I'm... I'm rather offended by this... But HippoGriffs & HippoCampi are NOT the same thing! Yes, to any fan who actually was excited for the FishMutants... I mean, "Merponies" then I'm sorry to tell you that, no, they are not a race or species of their own. That was all a merchandising cash ploy for... I mean, Magical Effect. Now granted, The Hippogriffs turning into Hippocampi (which is old greek for a horse with the bottom half of a fish.) clearly means that there's a preconceived form for these new forms. Implying that the idea of a Merpony is around in Equestria but none are actually shown anywhere in this movie. I will certainly grant that Hippogriffs are by and far better designed than merponies. Princess Hyperactive looked far better in her original birdy form and alot more withstandable without all the constant, fishy, thrashing about she did as the stereotypical ditzy teenager. Queen Nova though I liked better. Probably just because we finally have a positive Queen around and a princess in her intended role of "daughter of the actual royalty." Was pretty convinced Queen Nova was being played by Queen Latifah. 

        Thing is... Thing is... Problem most watchers have with this portion of the movie is that they accuse Twilight being out of character & just taking the solo road of just stealing what she wanted when met with adversity. I say that's entirely within her character and the whole point of the movie. 

       That's what this movie is about. Trust Issues. Everything just about literally blew up around poor Twilight Sparkle and the fate of the world pretty much literally rests on her back now. She can't afford to lose! ...granted, quite sure we covered this issue in the show... when... like, the Plundervines came up and she insisted she had to go on alone when all her friends didn't want to risk losing the last leader in Equestria. But the point still stands. At the best of times, like when this movie opened up, Twilight isn't one to take stress well. This is a situation that really doesn't feel like just a quick party will help. Friendship won't help matters here nor do we have the time to just yuck it up with the natives to gradually earn their trust. Their Queen said she didn't want to help and there was no other options to take. Sure, i can't begin to comprehend how "Giant Orb that Turns Things Into Being Part Fish" in anyway helps the problem at hoof, but still. And on top of that, this point has been made blatantly clear during the past few days. Trusting others hurts sometimes.

       They gave the invading force enough trust to talk things over, and they didn't want to talk. Everything blew apart there. They fled to a strange town, trusted a CatPerson when they needed a guide and got backhanded again when he tried to sell them off as slaves... or food, that guy looked rather dubious. They went to the only town they had any information, they're last hope for saving the world, and they simply got shot down because they didn't want to become involved. Their position was habitually compromised time and again. Twilight was supposed to have "Got This" and she can't do anything. (Eh? Eh? And y'all didn't think a song could also be foreshadowing!) Ask yourselves, haven't you ever had a moment when you were backed up against a proverbial wall with no other options for you to take? Simply convincing them wouldn't work & Twilight's only working off of panicked guesses at what to do here. I'd say it was less moral for her not to let her friends in with this plan, maybe talk it over with them first, than her outright trying to steal the MacGuffin object to supposedly win the war. 

       Huh. Guess that Pearl really wouldn't have helped. The Hippogriffs did show up a little bit towards the end and that Pearl never showed up again anyways.

    But, after this, our protagonist is laid low by the character arc she's going through and gets captured and taken back to where everything eventually went down. And this, is probably the best time to touch back onto the remaining characters, the villains. Grubber is best villain! Sure, he's pretty much a useless, comedic relief sidekick that doesn't add much, but I can totally relate! Really has that feeling that he's with the bad guys just because that means he can enjoy the baked spoils of their conquests. Sure, a bit annoying but not as insufferable as Scrappy-Doo levels sidekicks tend to get. He really does seem to know his place in this hierarchy but still manages to keep his own personality in spite of it!

       Oh, and Tempest Shadow. (No, While I may not belief in Spoilers, what her Real Name is just too good to ruin for any other fan!) I bring her up now, because at this point in the movie, she gets her villain song. Man... Villain Songs...

       That was just far too intense & mature! ...What? You don't think the Pony Movie can be mature? The entire time during that song, there's little in the way of distracting visual effects, no chipper music, just the whole thing set in the brig (prison area) of an airship while Miss Shadow's giant head looms center screen staring over the audience the writers know have small children and she says with a matter-of-fact tone of what is esentially: "Wake up Little Ones. Life is Pain. Sometimes things turn out wrong, hurt you, make you incapable of playing nice with others. Life will hurt you, test you, and make you wish for the times you were happy like you are now when you're young & protected. Expect others to hurt you, because they often will."

        Ah Jeez... I've never thought I would see media meant for children take the effort of teaching the lesson that we're not special, that life isn't always easily solved by being happy at it, that you should be afraid & scared sometimes. Maybe some haven't seen this, expecting it to just be another kids' movie of fluffy nonsense like so much has lately been. T.S is undoubtedly Emo, but she has well enough reason to be so.

       Ah, Jeez. Poor Tempest here. Got mauled when she was young, and as a result she was handicapped and prevented from ever having anypony be her friend. Granted, there's still, like, her entire teenage years for her to be social... there's a big time span there to do, like, whatever to fix that so still moping about that now when you're adult enough to be leading an army kinda seems to point out that maybe you're standing in your own way here, but... still convinced that you've got a reason to distrust all the time, Tempest.

          IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIf it weren't aaalso, the little fact that you're working for Storm King too. Cause, you know, you did say you were expecting him to "Make you whole again." (Yeah, that phrase setting off anybeing else's Feminism Alarm? Or maybe a little heavy on the Handicap Discrimination there?) Isn't that kind of a great deal of trust there too?  Yeah, being mean to others because that's what you expect is one thing, but crying to Storm King her and acting surprised that he suddenly doesn't want to hold up his end of the bargain kind of makes you a massive hypocrite. 

       So too, I was balking at the notion of a broken horn. Seems be that having the last two inches snap off still doesn't effect your magic usage all that much. A bit random & dangerous, like having a perpetual firework stuck to your forehead, but still. Kind of seems like whining if you you complain about your horn damages in front of your hornless earth pony friends, ya know? I mean, ya don't see pegasai constantly flaunting their wings in front of-... well, okay, I'll grant you that. I still hold that breaking a horn, especially at a young age when it ought be able to grow back somewhat or at least get used to it being like that; its kind of like breaking a toe. It doesn't really cripple your life, despite that being the point of designing it broken like that, but it might be something to be shy about if its pointed out too much. 

       This... really raises curious questions about that one vendor in that Port Town that was selling unicorn horns. ...does this mean he killed the pony that had it,or are there ponies walking around with their horn having been sawed off entirely? Are unicorn horns supposed to be an aphrodisiac in this world too?

       So, really, Tempest is kinda of a bit shallower then I first thought. Still quite relatable and a welcome somber change to ponies as a whole. And... yeah, still kinda love her too. Hey, I gotta thing for Mayaderes and Pathos! 

       As for the ending, can't say I remember it too well at this point several days away from having watched it. Seem pretty by-the-numbers really. Everything wrapped up nicely I suppose. I do kind of find that funny though... that it seemed that "The Storm King" really only wanted to make the biggest storm he could. Like he just wanted to live up to his title. Kind of a shame that he straight-up done got murdered. Just full up broke to dadgum pieces he done did dere. Sure, they made a joke about that in the credits, what with the stacking back up the shattered pieces of the body of the defeated leader among the crowd of his goons you left behind and convinced to play along with your party. Bit of a dark connotation there, I must say. If there was any villain in the MLP franchise that I would wish for a reformation it would be Storm King. He seemed fun, and willing to listen to others if it benefitted him. Not nearly as bloodthirsty as Sombra, Tirek & Chrysalis were! Besides, I'd love to see that seven foot yeti try to walk peacefully among ponies!

        Well... they're not yetis per se... the official Wiki states the Storm King & his goons as "Storm Creatures" being their species name. That's, like, another thing I want somebeing to get back onto me about.      Name of Port-Town & Storm Creatures... this is gonna bother me now...

  6. No big introduction this time. Just look at my list because i am incredibly bored. :P


    10 Second Ninja X



    ACA NEOGEO Neo Turf Masters

    ACA NEOGEO Super Baseball 2020

    ACA NEOGEO Super Sidekicks

    ACA NEOGEO The King of Fighters 96


    Amnesia Collection

    Another World (Out of this World)

    Arcade Archives Armed F

    Arcade Archives Karate Champ

    Arcade Archives Mat Mania Exciting Hour

    Arcade Archives Renegade

    Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug

    Arcade Game Series: Galaga

    Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man


    Assassins Creed Freedom Cry

    Back to the Future: The Game 30th anniversary edition

    Beyond: Two Souls

    Child of Light

    Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

    Curses 'N Chaos

    Dangerous Golf

    Dark Cloud

    Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

    Disc Jam

    Don't Die Mr Robot



    Drawn to Death

    EA Sports UFC 2



    Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2


    Fifa 17

    Final Fantasy VII

    Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered

    Game of Thrones

    God of War 3

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City

    Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

    Hatoful Boyfriend

    Heavy Rain


    Hustle Kings

    Infamous First Light

    Infamous Second Son

    J-Stars Victory VS+

    Journey Collectors Edition

    Just Cause 3

    Killing Floor 2

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

    Laser Disco Defenders

    Layers of Fear

    Let it Die

    Life is Strange

    Little big Planet 3

    Lovers in a dangerous Spacetime


    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Story

    Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Metal Slug Anthology

    Monopoly Plus

    Mortal Kombat X

    Neon Chrome

    NHL 17

    Ninja Senki DX

    Not a Hero

    PaRappa the Rapper 2

    Peggle 2

    Project CARS GOTY Edition

    Red Dead Revolver

    Red Faction

    Resident Evil

    Samurai Showdown VI


    Skyforce Anniversary

    Snake Pass

    Sonic Mania

    Sound Shapes

    Spy Chameleon

    Star Wars Battlefront


    Street Fighter V

    Super Star Wars


    Tales from the Borderlands

    Tearaway Unfolded

    Tekken 7


    The Disney Afternoon Collection

    The Evil Within

    The King of Fighters 2000

    The Last of Us


    Trials Fusion

    Trivial Pursuit Live

    Twisted Metal: Black

    Type: Rider

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

    Until Dawn

    War of the Monsters

    Watch Dogs 2

    We Are Doomed

    WWE 2K17

    XCOM 2

    Yu-gi-oh: Legacy of the duelist

  7. There's a small list of My Little Pony episodes which I consider guilty pleasures. These are episodes which have enough clever gags and fun dialogue to keep me happy, but which have bad enough plots that it brings down my enjoyment somewhat. Season 2 had the sloppy but energetic "Putting Your Hoof Down." Season 3 had some of the show's best dialogue layered on top of the asinine "Spike at Your Service." I find these two episodes hugely entertaining, and even though their poor narratives kill my buzz a little, it's not enough to overcome their respective qualities.

    Joining this short list is season 7's "Secrets and Pies," which combines a threadbare storyline and off-base characterization with a ceaseless, energetic procession of clever gags. While I've often complained about episodes which don't have enough humour relative to plot, this episode is very much the opposite, with hilarious scene after hilarious scene which still can't help but drag as a result of how inane and thin the actual storyline is. But man, it's just so inventive and so madcap that I found it hard to resist, and it even manages to lessen the guilt somewhat by adding some nice insight at the end.

    When Pinkie Pie learns that Rainbow Dash didn't eat a pie she prepared, she realizes that she's never actually seen Rainbow eat one of her pies, and sets out on an investigation to find out the truth. Once she does, she sets up an operation to get Rainbow to admit that she never ate Pinkie's pies.

    On one hand, "Secrets and Pies" is as dumb as a bag of hammers. It stretches an exceedingly simple premise out to 22 minutes through extended scenes of rambling, and its entire problem is based on poor communication which seems uncharacteristic of the mane six in season 7. If Rainbow doesn't feel comfortable telling Pinkie that she doesn't like her pies, what does that say about their relationship? And if Pinkie isn't willing to just ask Rainbow what's going on, what does that say about her? Once again, Rainbow needs to be told what she was doing wrong, and once again, Pinkie treats even the smallest break in communication like the biggest deal ever. It's a distracting example of the ponies acting like small children, which is disappointing, because I've always considered the relative maturity of these characters to be a large part of this show's appeal.

    It's also such an unexciting, mundane dilemma. So what if Rainbow doesn't like the pies? This doesn't tell us anything new about the characters, and because the dilemma is so childish, the fact that everyone involves takes it so seriously makes the episode feel unusually juvenile. Perhaps that still has some value for the target audience, but it's not as compelling for older audiences. Further, because there's not a whole lot of story to wring out of this issue, the episode is constantly repeating itself. We see Rainbow disposing of pies about seven different times, and while Pinkie visits three different sites looking for clues, they all follow more or less the same formula of Pinkie grilling a nearby pony while acting incredulous. That's not even getting into the detours around the middle of the episode, including one which takes place entirely in Pinkie's imagination without giving any new information.

    But I have a hard time seeing "entering Pinkie's imagination" as a bad thing, and it leads to a really fun scene where Rainbow is imagined as a crudely-sketched supervillain, complete with pointy wings, sharp teeth, and eye beams. This particular scene is still pretty silly, but it's far from the only humorous scene in the episode. Like "Discordant Harmony," it's filled with long scenes of hilarious riffing, including a great cold open which ends with Pinkie referring to her "mid-morning pie-making chocolate fuel which keeps this pie-baking train chugging down the tracks," and nearly all of the dialogue is similarly glorious. Other exciting gags include the ever-escalating ways in which Rainbow disposes of pies, which begin with her simply throwing it in the dumpster and reach such heights as catapulting it to an open window, calling upon a swarm of kids to steal it, and tossing it into an elaborate chute to feed to her pet. "Secrets and Pies" may be as dumb as a post, but it's also as sharp as a razor.

    Even when there isn't a major gag to speak of, the episode is kept afloat by an almost exhausting supply of charm and energy. Despite the rough edges of characterization, Pinkie still has a lot of sweetness. For instance, she says she's celebrating Rainbow's 73rd anniversary of becoming a Wonderbolt simply because she couldn't wait any longer, and while that enhances her childishness, it's also pretty cute. Rainbow Dash also has some charming moments, especially near the end, where she reveals that she kept pretending to eat Pinkie's pies because she was afraid of hurting her friend's feelings. Again, that's rather childish, but it's just too sweet to be mad about, and there's a reasonable moral about honesty at the end as well, just for good measure.

    Other moments are reliant entirely on general flow and visual quirkiness. For instance, the first transition between Cloudsdale and Pinkie's party cave is a silly reference to the '60s Batman TV show, complete with a pastiche of the sound effect used in the same program. Again, the episode is comprised mostly of Pinkie rambling, but she doesn't miss a single beat, and the few moments where she isn't talking are punctuated with hilarious cuts to, say Gummy blinking silently, or Pinkie herself dropping randomly from the sky. The voice actors are clearly having a blast, and their audible enthusiasm is infectious. And then there's slapstick scenes, like Spitfire "accidentally" crashing into Pinkie, or visual goofiness like Pinkie standing on a wobbling pyramid of pies.

    In truth, explaining what makes this episode so fun would ultimately devolve into me listing every single gag in it. Unfortunately, some of these gags also become weirdly disturbing, like a late scene where we see Pinkie's eyes all dried up to the point that she needs to lick them to keep the moisturized. That's strange and creative, and I found it hilarious, but it's also gruesome in a way which doesn't mesh with the show's general aesthetic. Further, Rainbow feeding Tank all her pies is presented as Tank eating the entire tin whole, which then makes him sick and feels uncomfortably close to animal abuse. Combined with the juvenile storyline and character issues, that makes the whole episode just feel weirdly uncharacteristic of this show, and not necessarily in a good way.

    And yet I just can't resist it. So, yes, call it a guilty pleasure, but it's a pleasure nonetheless. There's a lot of elements in "Secrets and Pies" which are downright bad, and from a narrative and structural standpoint there's not all that much to praise. Add in some off-putting aspects like Rainbow's treatment of Tank, and you should have a recipe for a subpar episode. But that dialogue is just glorious from top to bottom, the voice performances have an irresistible energy, and every single visual gag is fantastic, so it's hard for me to dismiss the episode entirely, or even at all. In my brain, I know it's not very good. But it's one of the few episodes this season which I'd watch again in a heartbeat.

    Entertainment: 9/10
    Characters: 5/10
    Themes: 7/10
    Story: 4/10
    Overall: 63/100

    You can find more episode reviews at my offsite blog

  8. So I finally saw the My Little Pony movie.  I actually enjoyed it.  Most likely a 4.5/5.  Not perfect, but still awesome.

    But you ask: What if you were in charge of the sequel?  What would you want in it?

    The ideal plot is similar to the first.  Except this time, the new foe is a concerned Alicorn Empress named Eternia.  Her goal is to conquer all lands so that her lands would be protected.  When Celestia, Luna, CAdence, and the Mane 6 went on the counter attack with the Royal Guards(As well as the former servants of the Storm King), they were completely curb-stomped, and CAnterlot is laid in ruins.  As a result, The Mane 6 and Princess Cadence are taken captive by the Empress(Save for one: Pinkie Pie) while Celestia, Luna, Starlight Glimmer, DIscord, Pinkie Pie, Capper, Tempest Shadow, Captain Celaneo and Princess Skystar made their escape to Mt Ares.

    As Queen Novo gives shelter to the misplaced Ponies, Starlight was hit by a Plague Orb.  Novo placed Starlight in a healing ward to prevent the plague from getting to her, as Celestia and Luna lament the loss of Equestria to this new foe.  Starlight gets a nightmare about losing Twilight Sparkle, and even Tempest Shadow became concerned, with Pinkie Pie playing the morale chief.  Things take a turn for the worse when Mt Ares and Seaquestria are invaded, forcing everyone to evacuate.  Even Discord is no match for the Empress as her power is even greater than any creature.

    It didn't take long for reinforcements to arrive in the form of Dragons, Yaks and Changelings.  They form an alliance with the Republic of Equestria(Lead by Celestia and Luna) and the Hippogryphs(Lead by Queen Novo and Princess Skystar).  The leaders of all the groups have named Princess Celestia the leader of the Equestrian Alliance Army, declaring her "Celestia Prime."  War would now begin against the Timeless Empire from the far west.  During the war...

    -We see love bloom between Captain Celaneo and Capper

    -As Starlight's condition worsens, she thinks long and hard about Twilight Sparkle and Sunburst.  She chose to fight alongside her fellow ponies than to die alone with all available cures destroyed.

    -Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity have escaped the clutches of the Empress, with a small resistance group.  They join in on the war

    -Twilight Sparkle, still in captivity along with Cadence and Flurry Heart, learns that Empress Eternia is the mother of Celestia and Luna.  Which means they were originally from the Timeless Empire, and she's over 2000 years old.

    -Even more so, it seems the Empress had her reasons to invade Equestria, besides recover her children.  She fears that the world would tear itself apart, and that it would creep into the Timeless Empire.  The irony is that they have united, and war is now within the Empire.

    -Tempest Shadow is honored to fight alongside Equestria, after all she's been through serving the Storm King

    -It is said that the Plague Bombs are like the Obsidian Orbs, except that it infected the user with a plague.  Even more so, the plague cannot be transferred through Air or Water.  It only affects those who were caught in the cloud.

    At the Climax of the film, both sides are at a stalemate, even the EMpress is starting to weaken from endless combat.  Everyone is tired to continue fighting.  As the war began to die down, a weakened Starlight approached Eternia, asking her why is she doing this?  When the Empress responded, Starlight points out what she's been through, and that she nearly let her own selfishness destroy Equestria.  The Empress is even shocked that  a plague bomb would hit Starlight, and that it came from one of her own.   Starlight then dies in the Empress's arms, succumbing to the Plague that was eating her.  As the Empress realized what she had done, she was hit with an even more powerful Plague Bomb.  Betrayed by her own Advisor.  She apologizes to her children before also dying.  

    Celestia and Luna confronts the Advisor, who uses Twilight as a hostage to force everyone to give up their magic.  Reluctant, Celestia and everyone else agreed, making the advisor more powerful than anything in Equestria.  The Advisor uses the magic to bring terror and fear across the entire planet.  Even the Windigos were no match for this monster.  The Advisor's dream: Leave the planet in ruins, and become a god/goddess.

    Luckily for Celestia, she had a backup plan in case that happened.  The Elements of Harmony. She gives them to Twilight and her friends, and they use them to defeat the Advisor, reducing the monster to a former shell.  

    But what about the recently deceased Starlight Glimmer and Empress Eternia?  Twilight was told of a cure: A Bath underneath the palace with the same waters as Seaquestria.  Celestia places her mother and Starlight in the waters.  At first, it didn't seem to work, but the waters took effect and brought Starlight and Eternia back to life.   Celestia and Luna embraced their own mother, while Twilight and Tempest gave a big hug to Starlight.

    In the end, grateful for being given a second chance, Eternia has formed a treaty between the Timeless Empire and Equestria, creating a new alliance.  Celestia was to retire from the name of Prime, but the other rulers insisted on keeping it, to serve as the Prime leader of the Equestrian Alliance.  And to top it all off

    Two weddings: Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst, and Capper and Celaneo.


    The title would be: My Little Pony: War of the Timeless Empire.

    And the voice for Empress Eternia?  Gal Gadot.

  9. ChikoritaCheezits
    Latest Entry

    So I saw that waifu charts were popular on Deviantart and decided "Hey why not make one too?"  They're pretty easy to make. There are easy templetes on the site myanimeharem if you feel weird enough to make one of your own. But yeah, here's mine. You may notice a pattern with the type of girls I prefer ;) 


  10. Trump recently attended some type of voter summit where he belted out to a crowd of adoring fans about how he would restore Christian values to a nation that had lost its religious roots.  Allowing companies to deny women birth control on the basis of religion was just the beginning.  Every day that I wake up, it's some new unspeakable horror.  Most days, I wish I didn't wake up.

    Yes, this blog entry will be provocative and probably offensive to some, if you haven't figured that out.  I can't pull any punches today.  The fact is that losing our religious roots is the only way that we have made any progress.  Outgrowing our attachment to divisive, irrational, superstitious dogma is how we move forward, improve our world, grow out of the infancy of our species, and become adults.  And yet, fans cheered with joy as Trump touted about rolling America back to a more traditional and religious time.  He said, (paraphrasing) "My, how the times have changed, but mark my words, they are changing back."  The actual quote was something extremely close to that.  Trivially different.  That's the sentiment he conveyed.  Trump's vision is bad enough, but the cheers from his fans is what upsets me the most.  It fills me with a horror so dark, black, and unspeakable that I sometimes I feel like my heart is literally going to cave in from despair.  Knowing that, most likely, the next ~7 years will spent watching my culture crumble and eat itself makes me wish I was dead.

    Yes indeed, our country has drifted too far from its religious roots.  We have drifted too far from burning witches and heretics.  We have drifted too far into the realms of reason, rationality, sanity, compassion, knowledge, science, truth, fact, tolerance, and equal protection under the law.  No sir, we cannot have any of that.  We must return to a dark age when god's law was THE law, and if your beliefs differed from those in power, then it's a fiery death for you.  We must return to a time when the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around us, as it should.  Letting companies discriminate on the basis of religion is a good start, but certainly not enough to meet our goal of returning us to circa 1314.  We must outlaw gay marriage, and interracial marriage to boot.  We must then teach pseudo-science in school.  All public schools must have a creation class, followed by bible studies, prayer, and alchemy.  We'll want to destroy most modern medicine, as god never intended for us to play him with our bodies in this way.  We must get rid our doctors, surgeons, and therapists and bring in priests to perform exorcisms on children with schizophrenia.  We must roll back women's suffrage--after all, what good has a woman ever done in this world?  Oh, but that's still not enough, is it?  No.  We'll need to reinstate slavery as well in our quest to make a world worth living in.  Above all, we must roll back our world to a time when gods came down out of the sky and flooded the earth and performed miracles, because that time was far more interesting, romantic, and exciting than the boring world of today when all we can do is make self-driving cars, look at the microwave background radiation of the big bang, and move silly carbon monoxide molecules around to make a stop-motion movie with atoms that can only be seen under an electron microscope.

    I apologize profusely for the exaggerated sarcasm.  I realize that that last paragraph probably went too far, and was offensive, but my gut-wrenching despair is often too much to bear, and it helps to vent honestly.  I'm sorry.  Please understand a couple of things: first, I am in favor of reason, rationality, secularism, and equal protection under the law.  That last paragraph was sarcasm intended to paint a vision of the most horrific world possible.  Secondly, I am not in any way saying that every religious person, or every conservative, or every republican wants the dark world I just described.  Of course not.  That's crazy.  And I'm not in the habit of painting entire groups of people as my enemy.  But what terrifies me day and night is that a sizable number of people really do want to roll back time, not to the middle ages perhaps, but to the 1950's, absolutely.  Many people desperately want the bible to be a part of our constitution.  They want god's law to be federal law.  They want homosexuality to be a capital crime.  They want segregation.  They want pseudo-science taught in schools.  They want birth control banned.  They want to take away all rights that a woman might have over her reproductive cycle.  I must take a quick tangent to say that while the abortion debate is at least a valid debate, with valid opinions to be heard on both sides, the idea of contraception, of preventing unwanted pregnancy to begin with, being immoral, is purely medieval.  Believing contraception to be immoral is perhaps the darkest, most backwards and disgusting stupidity that our pathetic species is capable of.  Many people want to undo a century of fantastic progress, and I do not doubt for a second that Trump is one of them.  I genuinely believe that if Trump were made lord emperor of earth, with absolute power and no checks of balances, he would roll back our civilization to the dark ages.

    I desperately wish to be told that I am GREATLY exaggerating, but I fear am I not.  I fear that we are on a knife's edge, and with the slightest nudge, the enemies of basic human sanity could win.  I fear that forces of superstition, lunacy, and religious fanaticism may be gaining an unstoppable amount of momentum.  It doesn't help that people are losing trust in liberalism due to the outrage culture, what with free speech being hindered due to political correctness and such.  I fear that the agents of ignorance will never stop trying to eat this world, and if we relax and grow complacent, they might yet win.  We need to keep speaking out against dangerous ideas with every fiber of our beings.

  11. Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"!  Well at this point it shouldn't be any surprise that this season we were delivered yet another very exceptional episode, but here we are again, and boy oh boy was this one a long time coming for a very big reason.  We all know by now that family and legacy have been the two major themes of Season 7, and this week the show hit on that theme yet again with a major appearance (for the first time ever in the show) of Twilight's ENTIRE family!  We may have seen plenty of Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, and even Flurry Heart in the past, but strangely enough, before this episode, her parents, Twilight Velvet and Night Light, despite making multiple appearances in episodes throughout multiple seasons, had never had roles as main characters and had only spoken a few lines in a minor appearance in last season's "The Crystalling - Part 2."  This was always a bizarre oversight, not quite as infuriating as Celestia being so neglected as a character before this season, but very head scratching all the same considering (1) we've seen them make appearances in the show since Season 1, (2) they are the parents of the main character of the show (not to mention a princess of Equestria), a major supporting character, and the in-laws of another princess of Equestria (or another kingdom entirely if you're one of those folks who don't consider the Crystal Empire to be part of Equestria).  Well, after the show's writers finally rectified this strange oversight, I am happy to announce that Twilight Velvet and Night Light made splendid appearances and that both were not just likable as individual characters themselves, but also gave us a very solid glimpse into how Twilight and Shining Armor both ended up the way they are with parents like those two.  There's a lot of other great things to unpack from this episode, so without further ado, let's dive in!  This is "Once Upon a Zeppelin"!!!


    So the episode start with, oddly enough, the best Spike and Twilight scene of all of Season 7 thus far, if not the best Spike scene of the season.  Now, the bad thing about this is it speaks to how little major attention outside of one OK episode Spike has gotten this season, but on the other hand he still has had some very good moments this season, and this one was a true gem.  The implicit and total trust and love that Twilight and Spike have in and for one another was on full display for about two minutes, if that, with Spike insisting that Twilight take a vacation for herself when her parents offered while he stay behind to handle her work load.  Twilight in turn objects by declaring that he's as much a family member of hers as the rest of her family (possibly the first time she's ever flat-out stated so clearly he is family), but Spike, while clearly appreciative of Twilight recognizing this, just takes everything in stride and still insists she take a nice break for herself.  This is all capped off by Spike humorously predicting to himself that Twilight's gonna start planning a schedule of activities for the trip any second now, which she then does.  While, as I said, a very short scene, there's a lot of heartwarming elements to unpack here.  Not only is Spike's offer very selfless and generous, especially considering he already functions as Twilight's assistant virtually 24/7, but the way he and Twilight treated each other like family didn't feel forced in the slightest.  Instead it felt like how two siblings would treat each other when one is just trying to do something nice for the other and who have the utmost confidence and trust in one another.  Contrast this with Season 1, where not only Spike was considerably less mature but also Twilight treated him very often more like a son than a sibling, and you have an idea of just how much these two characters' relationship with one another has matured and developed since the show began.


    Ya know, I should be more surprised that Twilight would find vacation-scheduling/list-making while on vacation to be relaxing, but honestly after seven seasons I don't think any brony at all should be phased by this revelation :orly:

    Once the vacation itself begins the episode introduces a whole slew of characters, so we'll have to break down the episode by them bit by bit.  Starting with our main character, Twilight was quite good here.  I wouldn't go so far as to say this was her best episode of the season by any means, but if you're going to do 'Twilight stresses herself out unnecessarily because she's trying to juggle too much and please too many people without thinking about her own wants or needs' in Season 7, this is how you should do it.  It's no "Lesson Zero" breakdown where the fault and blame rested squarely on a much younger Twilight's shoulders because she was making bad choice after bad choice, no no, for the most part Twilight was trying to please both her family and the ponies on the cruise (more on them later) as best as she possibly could by keeping a stiff upper lip about it.  Her biggest mistake was that she underestimated how important devoting some time to herself would be in this situation, especially in the context of taking a vacation with her entire family, which is a very rare occasion for her these days given how busy she and the rest of them are (with the exception of possibly her parents, they seemed to be either retired or, if they're too young for that, just entering the twilight stages of their career-lives and seem to be very relaxed now that both kids are out of the house).  Her other mistake is that she failed until the end to set some boundaries for ponies outside of their family who, although well-meaning, were a little too pushy, clingy, or cloying at times in their desire to let Twilight know just how much they liked her.  These were undoubtedly a big mistakes, after all they're why there were any problems in the first place, but they are also very understandable mistakes, even for Twilight to make at this point in her life.  She's a goodhearted pony who always wants to do the right thing for any pony she can, and given her responsibilities as one of Equestria's own monarchs (technically) it's hard for her to unwind when around others these days.  Thankfully she learned her lesson by the end, and I can't even say her venting and lashing out at Star Tracker was that bad (more on him later too) seeing as, even though her anger itself wasn't good, her being brutally honest was how the rest of her family finally realized something was wrong for her in the first place (though they did keep asking if she was OK throughout the episode).  All in all, this was about as solid an episode featuring Twilight in Season 7 as you could ask for, at least in an appearance that, while quite exceptional, was hardly something we'd call one of her best showings ever.


    Holy shit, that's cute!!! :wub:

    Moving on, the Royal Crystal Family (or should it be Imperial Crystal Family since it's an empire???  Whatever, point is, it's Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, and Princess Flurry Heart) had a pretty great showing as well.  Flurry Heart, while she didn't have much beyond some cute and funny appearances, was her usual, adorable self.  Probably her funniest bit was where she was at a playtime with a bunch of other foals and couldn't help but keep trying to stack them on top of each other like building blocks with her magic.  Besides that, though, wasn't too much else to her, although her surprised reaction to Twilight doing something off-schedule was both hilarious and also suggests she may be starting to understand adults more and more... that or the writers just did it for the sake of making the joke even funnier.


    Today's episode features Princess Flurry Heart in "Shit You Do When You're Bored, a Foal, and Have Wayyyyyyyyy Too Much Magic" :please:


    Shining Armor was one of the best scene stealers in this entire episode, which is pretty impressive when you consider that a "airsickness/seasickness" running gag is pretty hard to make funny in anything.  I think what made it work here is that it not only gave us a look at Shining Armor's dorkier side (which is usually when he shines the most) but we also got to see him hilariously trying to handle airsickness which he tried to insist wasn't a thing the entire time in front of his ENTIRE family, quite literally.  His sister was pretty much laughing her ass off at him, his wife was quietly trying to help him save face, and his parents (especially his mom) were pretty much coddling him (the funniest bit being when his mom literally lifted him out of the water with her magic, an image which just looked hilarious considering he looks to be a head taller than her).  Don't get me wrong, Shining obviously wasn't just the butt of jokes; he still looked out for his sister and family and seemed to have a good time, but my goodness, "Airsick Shining Armor" was a terribly fun running gag.


    "I'M THE KING OF THE WORL- oh buck, nope, not good!" :scots:


    "As your LSBFF, I am obligated to find joy in your suffering."

    "I bucking hate you sometimes, Twilight."


    Finally, Cadance herself had an exceptionally solid showing with a bit of a subplot of her own evening, a pretty subtle one at that.  The entire trip she seemed to look out for Twilight the most out of the entire family, most likely because she could relate the most to what Twilight was dealing with.  They all wanted to make sure she was doing alright, but Cadance in particular kept approaching her and, after Twilight's breakdown, was able to tell her exactly what she needed to hear.  She explained that part of being a princess means accepting that you can still be a good princess even if you are unable to please everyone 24/7.  You have to be able to take care of your own needs still, and sometimes even wants are needs (such as Twilight needing some time to relax with her family).  Cadance both explained and showed this in the episode in how her first and foremost priority, in most scenes, was taking care of Flurry Heart, and watching out for the rest of her family while she was at it.  This is best displayed when Cadance explains as much to Twilight and Iron Will when they learn the exact nature of the air cruise, as well as when she makes sure her daughter doesn't get smothered with attention from complete strangers who just want to see their kids befriend a baby royal princess, even though they're well meaning.  She's very protective throughout the entire episode, and much of that includes being protective of her family's privacy.  The fact that this never came off as snobbish was very impressive, you could really sympathize with what Cadance was going through and why she was doing what she did, and I even found myself wondering if this is what watching out for their kids in real life is like for major celebs or public figures.  But overall, as far as being the bearer of an episode lesson goes, this was definitely one of Cadance's best showings ever in that regard, especially in her role as a mother and her mentoring Twilight as her sister-in-law, friend, and fellow princess.


    This, however, will probably haunt her nightmares for quite some time... and mine, too. :unsure:  Seriously, who the hell sold that in the first place???


    Now that we've got the familiar faces out of the way, it's time to get into some of the juicier and unexpected bits of the episode... which were admittedly a bit of a mixed bag, though largely solid on the whole.  First of all, let's talk about, you guessed it... Twilight's parents, Night Light and Twilight Velvet (voice by Charlie Demers and Patricia Drake, though they had been previously voiced by Andrew Francis and Tara Strong).  How were these two?  Oh, a whole lot of fun!  They weren't the amazing soccer parents that Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistle were, nor were they the sweetest of couples with an amazing romantic backstory to go along with it like Bright Mac and Pear Butter were.  In fact, their appearance, while anticipated, wasn't nearly as fandom-mind-blowing as those previous two sets of parents were, considering, as I mentioned earlier, we've seen these two many times before.  And yet it was still a very satisfying appearance all the same in which we got a very solid idea of how these two produced the children they did.  First, you have Night Light, who, although both he and his wife are pretty grounded for the most part, is definitely the more straight-laced of the two.  I mean, the guy's favorite thing to do on the airship for crying out loud is BINGO!  This is the type of guy who, like Twilight, probably loves nothing more on a lazy Sunday than curling up in his favorite chair with a good book and a cup of tea, and I could easily see the majority of her love of organization, lists, and scheduling coming from him mostly.


    Not that Twilight Velvet seemed out of sorts or anything, but out of those two, she was, very surprisingly, the wild child of the two!  I think many bronies were caught off guard by this character development, but at the same time most I've spoken to (myself included) welcomed it, as it quite refreshingly helps distinguish the two parents from each other.  She still seems very similar to her husband and daughter, but she definitely has a bit of the "thrill junkie" within her; heck, speaking as someone who keeps a lot of his own likes and habits "close to the vest" myself, I could totally see Twilight Velvet being the same way.  Not necessarily being dishonest in public about who she is to others, but simply keeping a lot of her own private likes and habits to herself, only occasionally cutting loose with them.  The best bit in this, of course, was Twilight Velvet's literally riding a barrel over Neighagara Falls, a scene which was as hilarious as it was adorable.  Twilight Velvet's reaction and adrenaline from it all was priceless, her wet mane whipped over her face looked adorable, and Night Light coming up and pecking her on the cheek to her delight while her face was still covered was even MORE adorable!!!


    And now Batbrony presents... lewd conversations with the Sparkles. :bedeyes: Read at your own peril :toldya:




    "Wow... so uh, dad, if this is mom's idea of "relaxing" while on vacation, what exactly does she mean when she says you two are gonna have a "relaxing" night in?" :wacko:

    "Well, uh, you see... oh boy.  Ya know what, I think I'll let Cadance handle this one." :lie:

    "Huh?" :wat:

    "Well it's just that it's a bit more in her area of 'expertise' and might be less awkward if she explains it to you." :blush:

    "I still don't follow." :huh:

    "Don't worry, Night Light, I got this." *Cadance whispers very lewd things* :sunshower:

    "OH CELESTIA, NO, WHY?!" :love:

    "Hey, why do you think I married your brother?  He had to impress me in quite a few areas that I am VERY picky about!  Kinda comes with the whole "being the Princess of Love" territory and all." :orly:


    "Wow... didn't think she'd take it that badly.  I really never pegged Twilight as that much of a prude, especially with all the books she reads.  Boy am I glad your son got his 'special traits' from your wife." :orly:

    "Yeahhhhhhh... I better go talk to her.  Before she throws herself off the zeppelin." :unsure:


    "Sweetie, we're not the only ones staying there!" :love:

    "I DON'T CARE!!!" :D



    MAJESTIC AS BUCK!!! :muffins:


    My lewd jokes about Twilight Velvet's "wild" side aside, this was the bucking cutest shot in this entire episode and it is as sweet as it is pure and innocent.  It's amazing how just a little peck on the cheek from Night Light and the smile it brings out on his wife can reveal so much about how much they love one another, and I'm sure that many married couples or just people completely in love with one another could tell you (speaking as someone madly in love myself) that little gestures like that between two loved ones are some of the best parts of getting to shower love upon someone else you love.  Doesn't always have to be a sweeping gesture, sometimes little reinforcements of one's love for another like that mean all the world to them.  Also, c'mon, I mean... LOOK AT HOW BUCKING CUTE THAT IS!!! :wub:

    Of course, they had more good bits than just that.  Their policy about accepting free tickets to a cruise, no questions asked (even though they had no idea what contest it was for to begin with), was too funny (especially how it came back to bite them in the flank later, not to mention it sounds like the setup to a slasher film); their looking out for their children was quite fun to see (especially the aforementioned scene where Twilight Velvet literally lifts Shining Armor from the water with her magic); and their soaking up attention from cruise participants thrilled to see the princesses was pretty funny too.  Overall, they were just a cool, cute couple who behaved for the most part pretty much exactly as you'd expect Twilight's parents to behave - dorky, straight-laced, and just a little bit crazy, with just enough wrinkles and unique character traits thrown in there to make them stand on their own as their own characters.  It was a great showing from the both of them and I am happy we finally got to see these two in expanded roles!  Hopefully we'll get to see even more of them in the future.


    In yet another returning character, we, surprisingly, saw the return of Iron Will in this episode!  The reason I list him here among newer elements is because (1) his return was so unexpected (seriously, I would never have pegged him to show back up in this of all episodes) and (2) he was written kind of... differently than in his first appearance.  Let's recall, in Iron Will's first appearance in "Putting Your Hoof Down" he was, at the most, a minor antagonist, if even that.  He didn't come off as deliberately malevolent or anything, just a bit of a shrewd businessman and slightly bully-ish in the way he threw his muscles around to intimidate others.  But he was still a minotaur of his word who set out to ACTUALLY help ponies become more assertive, and when Fluttershy insisted that she wasn't satisfied with his services, he kept his end of the bargain and stopped demanding payment from her.  He seemed like someone who overall was, at the end of the day, pretty decent, even if he was a bit of a hothead as well.  Here, Iron Will was far more of a jerk and written as, if I'm being honest, a bit of a con artist as well.  I mean, he did try to deliver a quality product to his customers until the end of the episode, but he bamboozled Twilight's family into taking the trip in the first place and then, when they finally decided they were done letting him drag Twilight all over the place at the end of the episode and explained the situation to the other ponies onboard, just skipped out on his angry customers for some bizarre reason.

    Now, make no mistake, hearing Trevor Devall in this role again (one week after he reprised his role as Thunderlane as well) was hilarious and a lot of fun, and for the most part Iron Will was still his old, over-the-top, bombastic self (like a... jerkier Mr. T, if you will).  But again, his presence here was confusing at times, especially in his interactions with Twilight considering... well, he'd technically never even met her before!  He'd met Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy previously, but certainly not Twilight.  Now I'm sure it's both possible Twilight saw him around town and heard about him from her friends, but still, as far as we know, those two individuals had never actually met each other.  Heck, I was confused as well how he'd heard about Twilight's tour of Cloudsdale; his other stories about her were obviously made up, but that first one was legit, unless of course he thought he made it up and instead accidentally told a legit story about Twilight.  However, if I'm being perfectly honest, most of my critiques for Iron Will here are largely me nitpicking.  He was for the most part a treat to see; his story about getting into the themed cruise business because the assertiveness-seminar market had dried up was as hilarious as it was random, and his exit at the end, like with everything involving Iron Will, was hilariously over the top!  Overall, he had a fine showing, and was a lot of fun to see once more.


    Finally, we come to the cruise passengers themselves, who, let's be honest, were an obvious allegory and stand-in for the fandom, particularly fans when they encounter show makers and celebs at pony conventions.  As in "Fame and Misfortune," their presence here was both mixed and very meta.  However, it was definitively superior to the depiction of the fandom in "Fame and Misfortune" for a number of very good reasons.  Generally speaking, the cruise passengers here, while often depicted in a negative light, were also depicted in a positive light as well (I'd say the balance between the negative and positive was 50/50) and they had a satisfying resolution to their place in the story arc.  In contrast, "Fame and Misfortune" felt very raw and hostile in its treatment of any ponies who were supposed to be representing the fandom (with like the exception of one or two characters), and had barely any resolution with them even.  As I said in my "Fame and Misfortune" review, there is nothing wrong in concept with the show delivering a message aimed squarely at the fandom about how we act as fans and how we should act; the problem there is that it feels more like the show makers venting about the fandom than actually, constructively saying anything about it.  By itself it was just a meh episode for me, and I still stand by my earlier conclusion that it is such a divisive episode that there is no one right way to feel about it, whether one loves, hates, or just doesn't care for that episode; however, this episode's existence does bring down "Fame and Misfortune" quite a bit, since it was a far better handling of how the show should and can critique the fandom while still having plenty of positive things to say about it.  Were the passengers oftentimes too exuberant, clingy, or nosy in their adoration of the princesses, especially Twilight?  Sure, but the worst their behavior got was awkward to cringey, and they never treated Twilight or her family like assholes or jerks as so many ponies in "Fame and Misfortune" treated Twilight and her friends.  They also had a better excuse for their behavior in that they thought from the get-go that the princesses were there as a part of the cruise specifically to see them, meaning they would never think of treating them like this in regular, day-to-day life; now, as a brony, while I would argue that going to a con doesn't give one license to just leave your brain and good sense behind and treat con guests however you want, there is an expectation at cons that celeb guests are there to see fans, unlike say if you randomly encounter a celeb in real life at a store or restaurant.  Once these passengers were explicitly told by Twilight that she could use some space and time to be with her family, they were very respectful of her wishes and realized that they'd been misled by Iron Will.  Once again the overall message directed at the fandom was that just because you're a fan of someone doesn't mean you should feel entitled, no matter what the circumstances are, to butt too much into their business, even if they're taking time to hang out with you, but it was delivered and executed so much better in this episode than it was at all in "Fame and Misfortune."


    Honestly this isn't even that different from how he behaved in the actual episode...

    The most obvious stand-in among these passengers, of course, was Star Tracker, and I'm even more mixed in my feelings about him than I am the passengers as a whole.  For starters, I couldn't figure out whether this guy was supposed to be a teenager or an adult (I'm leaning towards the former but still, not sure), and whether he's one or the other does put his behavior into a different context.  Also, while by the end of the episode we realized that he too was, overall, just a well-meaning pony who was really excited to see Twilight, the delivery in some of his humor was... odd.  Like, my best guess is that the writers wanted to make it seem like he was just a really, really awkward pony, largely for the sake of humor.  The problem, however, is that he does things like (1) keep invading Twilight's personal space WAYYYYYYY too much, (2) awkward gestures like continually biting his lip around Twilight or combing back his mane, and (3) talking with a very odd tone in his voice that his behavior ultimately came off for much of the episode as less awkward and more... creepy, really, especially in a sexually stalker-ish kind of way.  Again, I really don't think that that was the intent of the character, but for me, that's simply what he came off as for much of the episode.  Also, his freakout from Twilight stepping on his hoof was WAY too over-the-top.  No offense Star Tracker, but frankly, ya acted kind of like a pussy in all that; I mean dear Lord, my mom doesn't flip out that much from someone stepping on her foot!


    Seriously man, NUT UP!!!  I'm not even one to usually say that, but sheesh, grow a pair! :angry:

    Thankfully he was pretty cool by the end of the episode (though his standing up for Twilight to Iron Will felt a little forced, and I never really dug his voice actor; I couldn't figure out if it was an actual VA doing a bad, awkward teenager/obsessed fan voice or an actual fan who just wasn't very good at voice acting).  Overall, as far as meta-stand ins for the fandom go, Star Tracker and the other passengers here, while not perfect in their delivery, were a significant step above the incredibly hostile, angry, and at times downright cruel crowds that Twilight and her friends encountered in "Fame and Misfortune," and in that respect they felt like they were a part of delivering a far more helpful and constructive message to the fandom than the latter were.


    This, however, will forever and always be terrifying :unsure:

    Besides all of these players, there were plenty of other things that caught my attention in this episode for both better and worse.  Finally getting to see an episode featuring a zeppelin the entire time was pretty awesome, and the design of the airship here was sweet.  The one thing that bugged me with it was how the passage of time and distance seemed to work; the tour scene in particular was bizarre in that Iron Will seemed to point out locations in a matter of minutes that should be hundreds of miles apart from each other, and there's no way the ship was moving fast enough to get to those that quickly (hell, his pointing out Canterlot second on the tour was downright confusing considering they TOOK OFF from Canterlot).  I get that that was largely because the show had to be fit into 22 minutes, but still, it was an odd flaw all the same.  Some of the activities, particularly barrel riding over Neighagara Falls and Shining Armor's boat race, were hilarious, though I will say it's a shame that we didn't get to see a full scene of the actual Frozen North Stars.  The one thing about that scene that bugged me was that Twilight's family didn't seem to consider at first that she'd be upset that she missed literally the one thing she'd wanted to do with all of them more than anything else the entire trip, but again, that's a minor nitpick.  Getting a pretty even dosage of day and night scenes was pretty cool and unusual as well, as were the sheer number of settings in this whole episode.  All in all, while not a flawless episode, this was still a very exceptional Season 7 episode and, especially for all of the new elements it had like getting to see more of Twilight's parents, a delight to watch on the whole!  We've only got 4 episodes left everypony, and I've got a feeling they're going to be rather delightful (and please, while I'm on the subject, don't watch the early episode leaks so that we can support the official DHX releases of them, or if you do, please don't spoil them for anyone else).  That's all I've got for ya everypony, until next time, this is Batbrony signing off.  I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*


    This is what Spike gets for doing nice things

  12. Ok, so I'm not the most confident guy ever. In fact, I'm about as closeted as a brony as you can get. Well, okay, I did go to the movie with a few other people, so I'm probably not that bad. But still I have a lot more nerves than I probably should have. You could say I had trouble getting myself to even consciously admit that my pony obsession means my dignity will be at stake if I don't go! Thankfully a gave in to these urges and got myself in the car and my butt over to that theater so I wouldn't put dishonor on my family...although my family isn't that supportive so that's probably a terrible expression to use XD

    So I get to the theater mall, right. It's 45 minutes till the showing and I'm just standing near the venue as awkward as I can be. I know everyone's probably staring at me even though I have no pony merch or anything so there's really no reason for them to be. But in my head they totally are. Well, I kind of do this weird walking around thing where I'm looking at the showing times on the screen above the ticket counter while also pretending to be interested in the stores nearby. I do this for about 20 minutes until I realize the other people who were supposed to come are probably late. So I have to go up to the ticket guy by myself. Well great.

    I'm walking into the theater when suddenly I hear the ticket guy call my name. No way, I'm thinking. He can't possibly know me. I walk up to him, and sure's a guy I know from high school. At this point I know I'm a dead man. There is no way this could have gone worse...time to pray and hope God makes my last moments quick so I don't have to remember them when I'm in the afterlife. No lie, I've done bad things in life, but this a whole new level of torture that I thought should be reserved for the worst of the worst...not me. 

    Somehow I managed to tell him, Vlad, this guy I know from freaking high school...that I want to see the MLP Movie. I think I was on autopilot at this point, because I don't remember having to tell myself to tell him what I wanted to see, it just kind of came out. To my surprise, he didn't even blink. Just handed me my change and total my to go to the auditorium on my right. I'm kind of in shock for the next 5 minutes...did that seriously just happen. I guess...I can live to see another day. Now I've just got to make it into the auditorium.

    Well, I walk into the auditorium and there's one adult lady there. She looks up and I'm like oh shit and run back out. I gotta get myself composed first! Can't just walk into the room like some ghetto clown...or at least that's what I thought myself as. Just breathe deep, I'm thinking outside, when I notice that the rest of my group has shown up. YES! Finally I can be awkward with some other people. 

    Inside the room we sit down and one of the guys has got like five plushes with him, a pony shirt, and an mlp-themed handbag. And here I am with nothing. You can imagine how I'm trying to mentally transition from being self-conscious about going to the movie as a male fan to being totally outdone by the hardcore fans around me in terms of merch count. Like, can I possibly feel normal in this setting in any way? XD

    Yeah, so the movie was incredible obviously. At least, I thought they did a pretty good job. After we leave the auditorium and are standing at the front of the theater, the guy who was sitting next to me goes up to the lady at the counter and asks about what they do with the movie posters after the films are done showing in theaters. He's wanting to know how he can get the poster for himself. Eventually he's discussing the fandom and what they do at pony conventions and all these things and the lady at the counter is just nodding "uh huh" to everything he says, and she probably has no idea what any of this is about. Yeah, it was pretty awkward...but I lived and made it out of that alive too.

    You think that was all I went through - Nope! I run into another person I know from high school further in the mall. She asks why I'm there and my friend replies we just saw the MLP movie. She goes "ohhhhhh" and then changes the topic. Yup, I don't even know what's happening at this point. It's all been too surreal for me and nothing can scar me anymore. Nevermind that we walked around the mall for a half hour getting TONS of stares from everybody and pretending like we're not. Afterwards we peeked into Toys R Us to look for pony stuff...and then I drove them home and hung out at their apartment for a bit. But ultimately, it was pretty exhausting to go through all that as an anxious guy...and I didn't die. That's the good part at least. It's safe to say mission accomplished, although my nerves made want to explode at times. I hope I wasn't the only one like this, haha.

  13. Josh Haber extended his résumé quite a bit since joining FIM back in Season 4. During that time, he published and edited a combination of the good, the bad, and the average. He wrote really good episodes like Re-Mark and Bloom & Gloom, yet edited Season 6, the worst of the series, and helped write To Where and Back Again, FIM’s worst finale. For most of Season 7, he was absent while working on another show. One week ago, he made his return joining the Lady Writers as editor for Daring Done? In his first written episode since To Where, Haber showed his growth and wrote Season 7’s most surprising amethyst.


    Colorful characters.

    Ponyville’s charm comes from its cast. With the tertiary and background characters, Mane is no exception. Just about every character in this episode is very likeable. Filthy Rich in his desire to find the right flower bouquet for his Spoiled wife. Mr. Breezy and Davenport in trying to improve customer service and sales. The flower trio using Rarity’s advice to select and sell bouquets easier. Townsponies weren’t only interested in listening to Rarity’s advice, but also receptive to each other. It feels like the town actually likes each other and wants to help one another.

    Pay attention very closely to two very clever continuity nods in the background.

    1. As the flower trio sold out, Granny and Grand Pear were next door in the booth the entire time, cluing those who watched The Perfect Pear they put the past and feud behind them permanently.
    2. In the beginning shot, look very closely:

      Apple Bloom and Burnt Oak conversing.


    >BM and Sugar Belle…

    Seriously, good to see the show continue building the relationship after a massive screwup.

    One of the ponies to catch my eye most was Daisy and how receptive and kind she was to Rarity the entire time. Only a few episodes ago, she and Diamond Cutter denigrated her behind her back and was part of the anti-Rarity boycott. It was one of the most out-of-character moments of the entire show, ’cause this normally sweet pony bashed a supposed friend. Here, it’s like none of that happened, and everything returned to normal. Thank Mama Celestia!

    However, the background characters share their role. Fluttershy, Dash, AJ, TS, SG, and Zecora do, too, in their own ways.

    1. Zecora: Over the years, she has appeared very sporadically, sometimes only making two appearances for an entire season. In her first speaking appearance since Re-Mark, she clearly points out which item is which. True, Zecora could’ve labeled them, but the conflict and accident aren’t her fault whatsoever and, thus, not a flaw in the episode at all. She pointed with her hoof which is the shampoo and which is the remover potion. Rarity’s accident caused the mix-up.

      Telling Rarity to conclude Act 2 she can’t brew a potion in time is a breath of fresh air, particularly in a show where magic’s sometimes considered the be-all end-all. To conclude Act 2 or the episode as a whole with Zecora saying she got one available right now would be as anticlimactic as Dragon Quest.
    2. Fluttershy, RD, and AJ: Like any good friend, they try fixing Rarity’s mane as a last resort. Each of their choice for wig works, because they’re familiar with the items they share with her: tree leaves, cloud moisture, and straw. Rarity desperately wants to be in the photo shoot, but can’t with her mane so messy, and with their last resort being a failure, it leads to Rarity having to cancel. Why does this work? Because they’re doing whatever they can to help her. Their wig creations are intended to help Rarity, and both she and the audience get it.

    3. Twilight & Starlight: They, too, tried their best to help. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

      Although there was a clever callback to Re-Mark:

      Zecora: Oh, no. I'm afraid I can't fix it before the big shoot. But in time, the hair will grow back from the root. There's no magical cure to hasten us through it, unless you went backward in time to undo it.

      Starlight Glimmer: Uh-uh. I think we can both say that's not a good option.

      More about them a little later.

    Of the RM7, the character that got my attention the most was Applejack. Over the past few seasons, when they communicate, it’s if they can’t stand each other rather than the opposite (Made in Manehattan exempt). Here, after Rarity sulked to the point of downing tubs of ice cream, AJ turned on the light and had enough. This is exactly who she should be: honest to the point of saying the uncomfortable truth, yet do so because she cares for her.

    Now, a good episode doesn’t require background ponies to be involved in the episode. But when done right, it makes Ponyville feel more like a town and community. It does that here.


    It ain’t a good episode if the star isn’t written well. She was written well here. Every line she spoke oozed with personality: confident, sassy, vain, unsure, hopeless, upset. She reacted to specific situations she was involved in, whether it’s having super-sticky string bound to her body, accidently applying remover potion on her mane, and so forth.

    One criticism I noticed of this episode from an analyst is he called the salesponies in the town dumb for not recognizing Rarity under her black cloak. There’s a problem with the argument. Rarity completely covered her entire body aside from her hooves and face with a large cloak. When Rose tried to peak underneath, Rarity shyly refused from fear of ostracization and embarrassment. A few times, she pulled her hood down, once after opening Mr. Breezy’s door and as she headed to Davenport’s auction, possibly to keep her identity hidden.

    By how the episode was structured, Rarity apparently looked forward into taking part of Vanity Mare and Photo Finish’s photoshoot. How long? Not stated. Although you can guess it was scheduled well in advance. Her self-assurance was obvious throughout the opener by how she used her mane proudly during the three scenes. Being no shortage of ego, it ain’t a surprising for her to flash or focus her proud locks. :P

    The accident was so sudden and so close to the date of the shoot that she was desperate in trying anything to fix it. Borrow a Crystal Pony’s glass-like mane, mask it with a beautiful dress, use a cloud or straw, have Zecora quick-brew a potion to revert the mane to its original state. When her wig options dried out, she was forced to cancel her shoot, which she longed planned for and visibly upset her.

    From all the buildup and the RM4 worrying about her wellbeing, her iconic meltdown isn’t treated as a joke. Her disappointment and sadness are real. Nothing is exaggerated. Consider this: If by chance you lose your hair through some kind of accident before some kind of important event, how would you feel? It makes sense in Rarity’s character to be so upset. Good for DHX and Haber to treat her situation seriously.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

    Getting back to Starlight and Twilight, some lines grabbed my attention:


    Rarity: Yes, well, even if everypony isn't utterly indifferent to my presence, Zecora might not be able to fix this in time for the shoot. Can't you do a spell to restore some semblance of my mane?!

    Starlight Glimmer: The thing is, it's pretty much like Zecora said. Fixing manes with magic is—

    Rarity: Tricky! I know! I don't care! Make with the tricks!


    Rarity: This won't do! I need an actual mane!

    Starlight Glimmer: But it has to come from somewhere.

    Twilight Sparkle: Oh, you can't just make a mane with magic. The results could be disastrous.

    Rarity: More disastrous than this?!

    How significant are these lines? Very.

    A magical boundary within this world is established. It doesn’t matter how rich the world of ponies is. Without rules, you arbitrarily pull solutions out of your basket. Worldbuilding is fun, but it’s equally important to sit back and cut off possible shortcuts. Look no further than Twilight having only a few minutes to become one with a book and griffons never getting cutie marks.

    Twilight, Starlight, and Zecora (from earlier) inform and remind her that magic doesn’t come out of thin air. You need something of substance to create the magic. Rarity’s mane is so shredded and damaged by Zecora’s remover potion that re-growing her mane with magic’s even riskier.

    So, what about the mustache and poison joke?

    1. The mustache temporarily grows above the lip. At some point, it either disappears or falls off. Rarity pleaded to grow her mane back to what it used to be as a permanent solution.
    2. Rarity’s mane and tail were fully grown when the poison joke made dreadlocks out of her fur and hair. With most of her violet hair missing, there’s no guarantee if she’ll be poisoned the same way. Once more, the poison is temporary; a bath reverts the joke.

    Mane sticks to their established guidelines of Equestrian magic. Like Zecora’s quick brew, finding a spell to revert the potion’s effects is anticlimactic and contrived, neither of which this episode needs.

    More importantly, they set up the platitude expressed by AJ and FS:


    Applejack: But it's Rarity. If anypony can turn lemons into lemonade, it's her.

    Fluttershy: I guess it's harder for her when she feels like the lemon.

    Older than time, but its truism helps circulate it and not expire. Rarity is one such pony capable of turning around a worst-case scenario. Just two questions: How can she overcome this horrific problem, and what can her friends do to help her?

    Twilight answers the latter:


    Twilight Sparkle: Well, she's not a lemon – she's our friend. And right now, she needs our support.

    With Rarity at her lowest point in a few years, comforting her makes sense. This trek commences this conversation chain, including feeling guilty for canceling her photoshoot and believing to be a fad the entire time, her friends reminding her of the goals she accomplished, and Twilight nudging a lesson of self-confidence to get by her difficult situation.

    Here, we’re reminded of one important detail: Throughout Act 2, she assumed that ponies looked at her differently because her mane is missing. Again, that’s not true. Everyone she came across knows her for her pizzazz, ability to help others, and inherent command for attention. How big of an ego does the Element of Generosity have? Really big. Yet, they never ostracized her for not being pretty. She isolated herself and desired to blend in, an act they see as out of character of her if they knew it was her. Rarity was so shy around the merchants that she refused attention. The townsponies weren’t acting like jerks at any point.

    So, with the barriers of what ponies can’t do with magic, Rarity’s desperation and depression, and their words of encouragement, what do you get? Three things:

    1. Reinvigoration of Rarity’s self-worth.
    2. Kickass Rari-punk mane.
    3. And one of the cleverest and smartest resolutions of the series.

    Although she canceled the shoot, her decision worked out for everyone. Rarity’s lavender order was left over, so Filthy was able to give his spoiled wife bouquets of her flowers for Mare’s Day. Mr. Breezy relocated his large fan outside his shop, allowing traffic to interact with it firsthand. Davenport’s chaise is sold. Everyone picked up the best possible. (Good for the show to have Rarity’s mane grow naturally.)

    Yet, if that wasn’t enough…

    Warm cup of karma.

    Although Rarity canceled the shoot, Photo Finish took pictures of her as she ventured through Ponyville, courtesy of her friends.

    Sure, this ending is sorta Hollywood-ish, but Rarity underwent a literal bad hair day and then attached her newfound look to spread goodwill to everypony that having her front and center of Vanity Mare magazine makes sense. Negotiating with Photo reinforces how much they care for Rarity and will do anything to make her feel better. Mane comes full circle with the ending.

    Good at what it doesn’t do!

    Back when I first heard about Mane, I was concerned. Coming to the episode, my two biggest fears were:

    1. Rarity’s worst personality trait reemerges: her judgmentalism. Occasionally, sound bites of prejudice spew out of her mouth, most notably her racism towards Zecora in Bridle Gossip. Witnessing one of the most groundbreaking characters in the series showing a prejudice to bald ponies would seriously damage her rep.

    2. An unfortunate implication of the story belittling cancer patients. How would that be represented? Rarity or any pony treating somepony bald or becoming bald differently than folks with a full mane. Ponyville treating Rarity differently for losing her hair. Magically growing her mane back after melting down for losing it. The idea of baldness as the worst possible thing.

    Neither happens.

    1. Her mane grows back naturally a few months later.

    2. Rather than vanity or prejudice, self-confidence during the heat of a sudden crisis is Mane’s overarching theme. Rarity assumes ponies will treat those without (good) manes differently. Instead, no one insults, shuns, or intentionally shames her. Self-embarrassment by her destroyed locks causes her to cloud her own judgment and believe her own livelihood is a lie.
    3. After Twilight reassures her that her lost mane shouldn’t destroy her self-worth, Rarity takes what should be the worst-case scenario into the best. Until here, Rarity’s confidence was never tested, and this plot rounds her character more.

    Credit to @Jeric for helping me provide info for this section.


    Clean Up on Aisle 19!

    Every episode can use a cleanup, and Mane ain’t no exception.

    The dialogue can use some better editing and more varied vocabulary. How many times does the episode use the word “mane”? Forty-one. That’s way too much! Dash herself said the word “awesome” thrice. Varying the word choice and cutting down the repetition will allow the dialogue flow a bit more. If you ask me which bothers me more, it’s Dash’s “awesome.” These days, that word has become a catchall identification for her, when she’s more than capable of using others. At least, multiple ponies rather than just one used “mane”.

    The script’s repetitive vocabulary also made the moral of shining from the inside out really heavy. Saying it once as Rarity changed into Punk Rarity is fine. But to do it twice more pushes it.

    Shake off the excess.

    The opener takes too long to establish some level of conflict. Usually a minute long, the theme song doesn’t play until three minutes in. For a 22-minute episode, that’s excessive and slow. The message can begin more effectively by either rearranging the song’s placement — perhaps after ordering the lavender bouquets — or trimming some of the runtime in the market.

    Mane-ly forgotten.

    After Pinkie accidentally applied Zecora’s shampoo on Pound and Pumpkin Cake, the episode focused the entire time on Rarity. No mention of her at any point until a few minutes before the end. Considering she was the catalyst for the conflict, her absence left a gap in the story and felt like she was re-inserted to tie it all up.



    Nice ‘do. :P


    Well, well, well, what a pleasant surprise. Out of every episode in the second half, this one worried me the most. Prior to Daring Done? (the episode preceding Mane), I was looking forward to DD more. Why? Blame the synopses. That said, the actual story is something very different. I’m really surprised by how I enjoy Mane more, Mane is (in over quality) better than DD?, and none of my fears came true.

    In Haber’s first story since co-writing To Where and Back Again, he shows his FIM touch. Rarity has easily one of her best appearances in quite a while. The rest of the mane cast is also well done, especially Applejack. Zecora’s first speaking appearance since Re-Mark brings her to the familiar role, yet at the same time showed how she can’t solve all problems. No background or tertiary character is a jerk, reviving and sticking true to that refreshing (albeit familiar) welcoming atmosphere the show proudly presents itself in. A guideline of magic was both established and stuck to, providing Rarity (and the episode itself) the opportunity to twist the story’s formula. Mission accomplished!

  14. Given the recent happenings within Poniverse, I feel as though I have to share my personal opinion of how I feel about this whole situation.  Please note that I have no ill will with anyone, it's that this comes from a regular user of this forum. 


    Let's start with Poniverse.  In the case you guys haven't seen the Poniverse Blog by @JonasDarkmane, click here to read the full story.  Now I just want you to know that my blog is NOT for posting your opinions, so if someone is able to delete the comment section, hurry up and do so by the time you see the blog show up.  Back to the blog in question, it has stated stuff about adding a segment to the forums, which was rejected by a majority of the staff.  One of staff who rejected it is @PiratePony, who apparently took it way too far.  Then some heated conversation between Apple Dash and the other staff, skipping to a civil conversation of sorts... and then PiratePony was shown the door from the Skype Staff group.(I'm honestly surprised that Skype is still being used lol XD)  This is where I give no fucks as to where this blog goes.


    This happened months ago... MANY months ago, and this is being brought up to our attention NOW?  Jonas, what the fuck is your deal?  All I see from that long shit storm of a post is hostility.  None of us even know if all of that is true, since it did happen months ago, even if you don't consider the fact that IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET.  You don't know if the shit is true or not, and for all I know, you bring this up now to leave a bad taste in the leaders because that's who they are, leaders.  Leaders these days have been seen as money-hungry, power seeking bitches that don't care about anything else, and there are other forums out there that will take this to their advantage.  For all I know, this could have been made up.  This could have been some excuse to try and get us to go against the Poniverse leader, so that's why none of us should believe this.


    Do you want to know the worst part of all of this?  I haven't been on the forums up until I re-created my OC for the Equestrian Empire RP section.  I can see is that from the last time I've been here, NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT ALL.  I don't care about how "flashy" the new look is.  The fact that there's still people wanting to cause drama makes me SICK.  The people who have left the forums had a good reason to, because this place is a shit-show of drama and power grabbers.  If I don't see mature staff fixes and actually trying to be what the staff is supposed to be, I don't think I'll stick around, either.

  15. It took quite awhile for me to finally get this. But finally, after a Paypal option was created, i bought myself a subscription for NJPW World, New Japan Pro Wrestlings answer to the WWE Network. How well does it hold up?

    First of all, i must say that it's cheaper then the WWE Network. NJPW World only costs 999 Yen a month, which is 7,40€ in europe so that is already a big plus.

    Their Menu needs a bit to get used to, but it's good overall. You might be a bit shocked at first at the japanese signs, but you can also switch to an english version for us Gaijins. :P

    NJPW World has a big archive of matches all throughout their history, from today till Antonio inoki found it in 1973. Most of the 70s and 80s stuff are not full shows but only single matches, but it's not that bad. They even have some of the cross promotion shows they had with the WWF, WCW and All Japan pro Wrestling. for fans of wrestling history, it's truly nice to look at.

    There are several special features, like a G1 special page, where you can find all the tournaments that go back till 2007 or special shows like Wrestle Kingdom and Dominion. the stream also offers all current and past episodes of the Tiger Mask W Anime, which great for people who want to watch it, but are not interested enough in anime to buy a crunchyroll subscription.

    NJPW World also has exclusive behind the scenes interviews and documentaries in store, even with english subtitles for those who are not capable of the japanese language. Most of the Documentaries are very well done and also makes some of the top guys in New Japan more interesting.

    Of course, there are livestreams going on if there are Live shows and not just New Japan. Besides New Japan, the stream also shows special events from mexicos CMLL and special shows of Americas Ring of Honor, which are most of the time crossover shows with New Japan. Shows most of the time come with american commentary by former WWE and ROH worker Kevin Kelly and the former extreme intellectual Don Callis, who was known in ECW as Cyrus the Virus.


    All in all, i would recommend it for the people who are big fans of New Japan. This is a very good streaming service and a good way to support this promotion.

  16. Look..... this is going to be very hard for me to post. I know the risks of doing so.... but it has to be done. I've felt so guilty all this time and hoped that this might have been resolved quietly without any drama like last time.... like last October.... ironic.. heh... 

    I know there will be a lot of anger with all of this, but I ask people to try to react to this in the most responsible way possible. You all have the right to be angry and outraged, but please, do not let it overtake your behavior here, as we don't want to give the forum staff any extra job of having to do cleanups. 
    I have talked with @PiratePony about this and told him of what I was about to do, I have talked with other members of staff, because I did not want to wade in blind nor did I want them to be taken by surprise when I posted this. They deserve to know my full intentions here.... 


    To give a bit of a context, I was once a Global Moderator on this site (before that I was a Sectional staff member), I worked with the staff on most every matter that I could be working on here on the forums. However, there was one other who also used to do that. His name was Matey, @PiratePony. He was one of the greatest staff members to have ever worked within the forums, having been the treasurer of Poniverse as well at one point. Everything he did, it was so just and he was very understanding with everybody, very engaging and he went by the book..... and for that.... he was terminated within the staff.... 


    See, dramatic things have happened within the staff. This took place back in April. But if I had to think harder about it, this actually took place a bit before that even, when the head of Poniverse, @AppleDashPoni came up with the idea of implementing an NSWF section here on the forums. This was rejected hard by most of us on forum staff, but none were as hard opposed to it as Pirate was.... and I think that is what drew him the ire of @AppleDashPoni. The conversation was not a pleasant one, AppleDash did not seem to understand that we worked as a team and that we reached common agreement before taking an action on something. We did discuss his wish, but in the end, we declined it. 


    Let us now fast forward over to April (even though I did not mention any date previously for the NSFW discussion). Pirate was informing us of the possibilities that we might have in regards to the possible change of leadership. Nothing out of the ordinary, this was information that we should have all been aware about... he was telling us this (and just to be clear, this all took place on Skype)... and then the dreadful message of [5.4.2017 20:01:32] *** Blackjack removed PiratePony from this conversation. *** happened..... this was..... everyone in staff (at least moderators and administrators) reacted negatively to this. And I can safely say here now that no one accepted what AppleDash did and we all protested this harshly. AppleDash had taken the authority to fire Pirate, a Global Moderator, on his own volition without consulting anyone about it, not even the forum's administration. 


    Look..... I am now going to provide you with the log with both the discussion we had about it and the log which @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate "personally attacking" him and "working against the corporation's leadership". Look, when I provide you with the logs of the discussion we had within staff (Global Moderators and Administrators), you will see that some names will be presented as "Anonymous 1" or "Anonymous 2". Those are people who have either requested that their name not be shown or are people I have not been able to contact, so I will show them the dignity and respect for their privacy to not publicize their names. However, the names that will appear there are of mine and AppleDash and of those who have agreed to allow me to show their name. 

    I respect the privacy of people of not wanting to get dragged into some drama, but here come the logs of the conversation we had, though be warned, there will be missing context as I in the end leave the chat, but I have heard that the chat went on, though it was very unfruitful.... I have colored some of the names just to make it a bit easier to keep up with the conversation, on who is saying what. And when there is no space between lines, that would mean that someone is being quoated, for instance when it appears I am saying "And personal attacks, baiting, working against the corporation's leadershipFrom the example you provided, that is false. " this is actually me quoting AppleDash until it reaches "From the..." which is my reply to the quote of his words. Be aware that me editing the "anonymous" parts and putting color to names is the only edit I do. Everything else is completely untouched and raw. 
    Also, another thing to be aware of, AppleDash is actually Blackjack on Skype. That is (or was) his username at least. 

    If you are busy in any way, I suggest you keep this window open still as this might get removed, even though I have talked with the people who would have the biggest say here on the forums and I am in full right to write this. 

    The log: 




    [5.4.2017 10:31:27] PiratePony: Sorry guys i crashed a and didn't say goodnight.  Thanks again

    [5.4.2017 11:56:07 | Edited 11:58:11] PiratePony: PONIVERSE BUSINESS Hey guys. I know some of us have not been happy with some policies being discussed recently. Even though the first annual meeting hasn't happened yet, the class A membership can request a general members meeting if 5% of the membership requests it.  The board of directors would then be bound to host it. At this meeting, we could discuss and vote on things such as to confirm or change the board of directors, approve and amend bylaws, etc.  So I'm going to send a request, as I'm a staffer who is over one year of service and should be considered a class A member - Not only am I stating it here, but I'm going to send an email to I hope that if you guys agree with me that you'll do the same

    [5.4.2017 12:04:36] PiratePony: After all, this is a corporation, and as the actual members of the corporation, you have a right to have a voice in policy, as well as who is representing you on the board of directors.

    [5.4.2017 12:23:59] PiratePony: Okay Appledash just informed me that I'm not a class a member

    [5.4.2017 12:24:06 | Edited 12:24:11] PiratePony: As there's a membership freeze

    [5.4.2017 12:25:50] PiratePony: So this one is up to you guys

    [5.4.2017 12:28:56] PiratePony: If you class a members want a members meeting - demand it from them. If not, fair enough. But if this is something you have the right to do, take it before it gets taken from you.

    [5.4.2017 20:01:32] *** Blackjack removed PiratePony from this conversation. ***

    [5.4.2017 21:25:57] Anonymous 1: So could I get a count on who in here agrees with the action taken against Pirate, and those who disagree?

    [5.4.2017 21:26:05] Anonymous 1: So far, myself, Jonas and Light disagree

    [5.4.2017 21:26:16] Lightwing: This is a question for ALL staff thugh, sectionals should also get a voice if possible

    [5.4.2017 21:26:19] Lightwing: And Anonymous 3 seems to disagree too

    [5.4.2017 21:26:20] Lightwing: add

    [5.4.2017 21:26:20] Lightwing: 4

    [5.4.2017 21:26:35] Blackjack: What are you hoping to accomplish with this?

    [5.4.2017 21:26:42] Lightwing: Something

    [5.4.2017 21:26:49] Anonymous 1: I'm sorry but I don't think I was addressing you here

    [5.4.2017 21:26:51] Lightwing: More than what we have gotten by "discussing" things with us

    [5.4.2017 21:27:02] Anonymous 1: I was addressing the staff of MLPF

    [5.4.2017 21:27:09] Lightwing: But yeah, you are not part of this

    [5.4.2017 21:27:17] Lightwing: This involves only staff members of MLPForums

    [5.4.2017 21:27:21] Lightwing: no chair members, no board directors

    [5.4.2017 21:27:25] Lightwing: moderators and administrators only

    [5.4.2017 21:27:34] Anonymous 1: hell, sectionals too

    [5.4.2017 21:27:41] Lightwing: Prolem is contacting them

    [5.4.2017 21:27:45] Lightwing: but they also have a voice on ehre

    [5.4.2017 21:27:54] Anonymous 1: I'll talk to every single one of them privately if I have to

    [5.4.2017 21:28:00] Lightwing: Problem is... well, THIS is the royal council

    [5.4.2017 21:28:07] Lightwing: I'll talk to every single one of them privately if I have tolike if i have to do it too then

    [5.4.2017 21:28:18] Lightwing: I already messaged an adminstrator personally to get more details of this

    [5.4.2017 21:28:24] Lightwing: i don't have fear of doing the same with everyone

    [5.4.2017 21:28:34] Jónas Candymane: So far, myself, Jonas and Light disagreeSo does Vengeful Strudel. He was tired

    [5.4.2017 21:28:47] Anonymous 1: Vengeful Strudel too, and Anonymous 3 if I remember correctly

    [5.4.2017 21:28:50] Anonymous 2: I have been reading these screenshots and I see that Pirate has been removed from a group. What is going on?

    [5.4.2017 21:29:03] Lightwing: Anonymous 2, quick rundown: Blackjack fired PiratePony without consulting any staffer from MLPForums

    [5.4.2017 21:29:06] Lightwing: no admins, no nothing

    [5.4.2017 21:29:10] Lightwing: a personal vendetta, if you may

    [5.4.2017 21:29:19] Anonymous 1: It was done for 'insubordination'

    [5.4.2017 21:29:25] Anonymous 3: I cannot abide by the decision that was undertaken.

    [5.4.2017 21:29:29] Lightwing: 5

    [5.4.2017 21:29:31] Lightwing: People

    [5.4.2017 21:29:33] Anonymous 1: In that Pirate did not agree with Blackjack being the leader

    [5.4.2017 21:29:42 | Edited 21:29:44] Blackjack: And personal attacks, baiting, working against the corporation's leadership

    [5.4.2017 21:29:48 | Removed 21:30:05] Lightwing: This message has been removed.

    [5.4.2017 21:29:53] Anonymous 1: Anonymous 3, Light, Vengeful Strudel, Jonas, Myself

    [5.4.2017 21:29:55] Anonymous 1: so far

    [5.4.2017 21:29:56] Lightwing: Staff, what do you think of this?

    [5.4.2017 21:30:05] Anonymous 1: We'll see who else as the day progresses

    [5.4.2017 21:30:07] Jónas Candymane: And personal attacks, baiting, working against the corporation's leadershipFrom the example you provided, that is false.

    [5.4.2017 21:30:17] Lightwing: Darnit, I removed my message by accident

    [5.4.2017 21:30:22] Lightwing: I said "You don't have voice on this"

    [5.4.2017 21:30:31] Anonymous 1: I wonder what happens if we find out 100% of MLPF staff cannot abide by Blackjacks decision?

    [5.4.2017 21:30:33 | Edited 21:30:37] Jónas Candymane: So it can not be treated as a serious case of evidence

    [5.4.2017 21:30:47] Anonymous 1: Id imagine that would mean something pretty significant

    [5.4.2017 21:31:19] Lightwing: Firing people was never done before. It is only reserved for the absolute bottom.

    [5.4.2017 21:31:34] Lightwing: Corrupted mods, disruption of the forums, abuse of power from the moderator's part, and such.

    [5.4.2017 21:31:47] Blackjack: I consider this disruption of the organization

    [5.4.2017 21:31:55] Lightwing: In which way?

    [5.4.2017 21:31:58] Lightwing: Details, no "pm me"

    [5.4.2017 21:32:10] Jónas Candymane: So far the only one who has been offering any kind of disruption, is you Blackjack

    [5.4.2017 21:32:14] Anonymous 2: What exactly does Blackjack's position entail?

    [5.4.2017 21:32:14] Blackjack: Once again - working against the leadership, and implying / encouraging that others should do the same.

    [5.4.2017 21:32:16] Lightwing: I am gonna instantly ignore that suggestion of yours from this point on, I will only abide by team choices from this point on

    [5.4.2017 21:32:19] Jónas Candymane: We have stayed within the realms of our work

    [5.4.2017 21:32:22] Jónas Candymane: So has PP

    [5.4.2017 21:32:36] Jónas Candymane: He stayed within the realm he worked in and was concerned with

    [5.4.2017 21:32:50] Anonymous 1: [5. apríl 2017 21:32] Blackjack:


    <<< Once again - working against the leadership, and implying / encouraging that others should do the same.Blackjack...we work with the leadership fine. We've done so for years and we will continue to do so

    [5.4.2017 21:32:56] Jónas Candymane: He did not conspire against Poniverse, but worked for the benefit of the forums

    [5.4.2017 21:32:58] Anonymous 1: but you have failed to act like our leader

    [5.4.2017 21:33:01] Blackjack: You're not working with me right now.

    [5.4.2017 21:33:02] Anonymous 1: and so you will not be treated as such

    [5.4.2017 21:33:05] Lightwing: We have been doin this for years

    [5.4.2017 21:33:12] Anonymous 1: What we are doing, is rallying

    [5.4.2017 21:33:21] Lightwing: In the realm of experience even our youngest staffers have shown to SURPASS you in maturity and disposition to work

    [5.4.2017 21:33:30] Jónas Candymane: You're not working with me right now.You are not giving any reason for us to do at the moment. And as Dawn says, we are rallying

    [5.4.2017 21:33:36] Anonymous 1: and once we have grouped together, I imagine the next goal would be getting you removed from your position

    [5.4.2017 21:33:39] Blackjack: Against the leadership.

    [5.4.2017 21:33:40] Anonymous 1: Then, getting pirate reinstated

    [5.4.2017 21:33:47] Anonymous 2: I'm a bit unfamiliar with what Blackjack's position entails. Please inform me.

    [5.4.2017 21:33:59] Lightwing: I will message you more detailedly that because it's easy to get tangled here

    [5.4.2017 21:34:00] Anonymous 1: lastly, amending the boards document about the chairs power on MLPF

    [5.4.2017 21:34:02] Anonymous 3: If enough people aren't happy; it leads to a potential Motion of no Confidence.

    [5.4.2017 21:34:08] Blackjack: What my position entails:

    [5.4.2017 21:34:36] Blackjack: I will message you more detailedly that because it's easy to get tangled hereThat's oddly hypocritical

    [5.4.2017 21:34:45] Blackjack: I asked for you to do the same for the same reason, yet you declined

    [5.4.2017 21:35:04] Lightwing: Difference #1

    [5.4.2017 21:35:11] Lightwing: Everything that had to be said on that matter was said already in public

    [5.4.2017 21:35:15] Jónas Candymane: You're not working with me right now.Also, just to highlight this because this is a very interesting thing for Blackjack to say.


    When the whole NSFW thing happened, we worked with him. We discussed it with him. It got heated, however, we worked through the issues and we were processing it. We did not like what was presented to us, but we still dealt with it through communication.


    What you are doing right now though, as vague as you were during the NSFW discussion, you are offering us nothing now. No information, nothing. You are keeping us in the dark and only providing us the justifications for your own powers, not the reasoning.

    [5.4.2017 21:35:26] Jónas Candymane: So if there is anybody not working with anybody here, it is you

    [5.4.2017 21:35:40] Lightwing: I can guess there are well over 400 messages on the MLPForums Staff Lounge and it can get lost easily. I just make an easy gateway for newcommers to understand, they can read the entire thing which was discussd from our part.

    [5.4.2017 21:35:42] Blackjack: I have given you as much info as I can

    [5.4.2017 21:35:46] Jónas Candymane: No

    [5.4.2017 21:35:47] Lightwing: Difference #2

    [5.4.2017 21:35:48] Jónas Candymane: You have

    [5.4.2017 21:35:49] Jónas Candymane: Fucking not

    [5.4.2017 21:35:53] Blackjack: What do you want?

    [5.4.2017 21:35:56] Jónas Candymane: The log

    [5.4.2017 21:36:00] Blackjack: Gain his permission.

    [5.4.2017 21:36:06] Jónas Candymane: You just said it yourself

    [5.4.2017 21:36:11 | Edited 21:36:16] Lightwing: I did it because making life easier. You do it for arrogance, so you can't be cornered by one person (spoiler, I could corner you any day)

    [5.4.2017 21:36:23 | Edited 21:36:28] Blackjack: He has ignored my request for permission and I have a feeling he's doing it on purpose so he can protest it later on

    [5.4.2017 21:36:32] Jónas Candymane: Alright - I can provide relevant logs, since from Jonas' screenshots it would appear that Pirate is alright with them being shared here.

    [5.4.2017 21:36:37] Blackjack: Yeah, I rescind that

    [5.4.2017 21:36:39] Jónas Candymane: THIS IS YOUR OWN WORDS!!

    [5.4.2017 21:36:40] Blackjack: That's a bad idea in every way

    [5.4.2017 21:36:50] Jónas Candymane: And now you magically decide to rescind that?

    [5.4.2017 21:37:15] Blackjack: Yes - request permission from him and show me a screenshot of it

    [5.4.2017 21:37:19] Blackjack: That should be easy to obtain

    [5.4.2017 21:37:25] Jónas Candymane: Does not matter

    [5.4.2017 21:37:27] Jónas Candymane: I asked him for one

    [5.4.2017 21:37:30] Jónas Candymane: He is about to provide it

    [5.4.2017 21:37:34] Blackjack: Alright

    [5.4.2017 21:37:41] Blackjack: I have re-requested consent

    [5.4.2017 21:37:48] Anonymous 1: This is unbelievably dumb. We have never had someone in power act like such a...child? I guess that's the best word. Acting like someone with 0 experience or 0 interest in the opinions of others

    [5.4.2017 21:37:57] Anonymous 1: almost like a child dictator ?

    [5.4.2017 21:38:13] Lightwing: Nah

    [5.4.2017 21:38:15] Anonymous 1: Refusing to actually work with us on the decisions that matter

    [5.4.2017 21:38:18] Lightwing: Child dictators want their candy

    [5.4.2017 21:38:32] Blackjack: I'm trying to work with you on this and it isn't working

    [5.4.2017 21:38:39 | Edited 21:38:46] Lightwing: What Blackjack wants is to have a group of sheep that follow their every command like if they didn't had emotions

    [5.4.2017 21:38:39] Anonymous 1: Blackjack, you are not

    [5.4.2017 21:38:45] Anonymous 1: you are not working with us

    [5.4.2017 21:38:48] Anonymous 1: you are working against us

    [5.4.2017 21:39:31] Jónas Candymane: Alright, a bit easy with the sarcasm/insult road we are going

    [5.4.2017 21:39:33] Anonymous 4: Guys, I share disappoint and flat out disgust over the actions that have taken place earlier, but let's leave the insults and sarcasm to a minimum. Our views matter as well, but let's be careful of what we say for now.

    [5.4.2017 21:39:50 | Edited 21:39:53] Blackjack: I want staff who will work to carry out my vision for the organization, not those who work against it.

    [5.4.2017 21:39:57] Anonymous 1: If I'm not mistaken, we are currently working 'against the leadership' and are being 'insubordinate'.

    [5.4.2017 21:40:00] Anonymous 1: Should we not be fired?

    [5.4.2017 21:40:02] Jónas Candymane: I want staff who will work to carry out my vision for the organization, not those who work against it.Then I am gone

    [5.4.2017 21:40:13] Blackjack: Alright, you are welcome to leave

    [5.4.2017 21:40:28] Anonymous 1: Blackjack, its not YOUR vision that we're meant to work towards

    [5.4.2017 21:40:31] Anonymous 1: its OURS

    [5.4.2017 21:40:32] Anonymous 1: as a group

    [5.4.2017 21:40:34] Anonymous 1: as a team

    [5.4.2017 21:40:39] Blackjack: It literally is my vision that you're meant to work towards

    [5.4.2017 21:40:41] Lightwing: we are a team for a reason, blackjack

    [5.4.2017 21:40:41] Anonymous 1: YOU cannot run this place on your own

    [5.4.2017 21:40:47] Lightwing: Nobody in Poniverse AS A WHOLE takes lone decissions

    [5.4.2017 21:40:56] Lightwing: Nobody. Ask any staffer from any part of it, any place.

    [5.4.2017 21:41:07] Blackjack: Indeed, I do not want to run it on my own either... That's the point of having staff that work with me towards my general goals.

    [5.4.2017 21:41:15] Anonymous 1: You will not have that

    [5.4.2017 21:41:17] Lightwing: Well then, your general goals are shit

    [5.4.2017 21:41:21] Lightwing: Simple and dindle

    [5.4.2017 21:41:24] Anonymous 1: Because again, this is not what your role is

    [5.4.2017 21:41:28] Anonymous 1: you are not meant to be a dictator

    [5.4.2017 21:41:32] Anonymous 5: Also reinforcing that we should drop sarcasm and insults to a minimum, please. I also am currently disagreeing with the actions taken.

    [5.4.2017 21:41:35] Anonymous 1: You have misinterpreted your role

    [5.4.2017 21:41:44] Anonymous 1: significantly

    [5.4.2017 21:41:46] Blackjack: Can I please have a quick tally of who is willing to calm down and work with me, and who is not?

    [5.4.2017 21:41:50] Lightwing: I tried hard to not use swearing on here, but it's getting harder

    [5.4.2017 21:41:59] Anonymous 1: We are TRYING to, but you will not listen to reason.

    [5.4.2017 21:42:04] Anonymous 1: You only want to do things your way

    [5.4.2017 21:42:09] Lightwing: This is like arguing with a kid. Difference is that the kid at least gives in eventually to reason, but you don't.

    [5.4.2017 21:42:32] Anonymous 1: I'll agree that we can keep the insults down, but the anger will remain.

    [5.4.2017 21:42:39] Anonymous 1: Cause this is ridiculous

    [5.4.2017 21:42:52] Lightwing: I'm gonna try to hold on my insults a little longer. Just one slipped down my radar, but I'm not letting another one do the same.

    [5.4.2017 21:43:03] Anonymous 1: There need to be a meeting and a vote as soon as possible

    [5.4.2017 21:43:13] Lightwing: But I will still say that your actions don't even categorize as "Bad", Bad is a compliment.

    [5.4.2017 21:45:02] Anonymous 1: Can we get some kind of vote of no confidence in place?

    [5.4.2017 21:45:04 | Edited 21:46:13] Jónas Candymane: Again with calming down, I echo what Anonymous 5 and Anonymous 4 have said.


    However, as to me leaving. If the future will be that only your own vision is the one we must follow, where we are forced to abide by that which you dictate and come up with, without our agreement or consent in terms of forums matters, if this is the future of the forums, you can count on me resigning. That is a promise.


    As to the discussion getting more heated, it is hard to keep it so cool while one is literally witholding all information, refusing to work and only wants things done privately without any kind of checks and balances, without witnesses.


    You say you want people who will work with you. Fine, but there must be an incentive for it. Currently there is none at this moment. You must know what compromise is, as if there is one thing an actual leader compromises, it is his pride.

    [5.4.2017 21:45:15] Anonymous 1: I'm pretty sure that's allowed no?

    [5.4.2017 21:45:54] Anonymous 1: "A motion of no confidence (alternatively vote of no confidence, no-confidence motion, or (unsuccessful) confidence motion) is a statement or vote that a person or persons in a position of responsibility (government, managerial, etc.) is no longer deemed fit to hold that position: perhaps because they are inadequate in some respect, are failing to carry out obligations, or are making decisions that other members feel are detrimental."

    [5.4.2017 21:45:58] Anonymous 1: That's what I want

    [5.4.2017 21:46:05] Lightwing: I will make my stance clear too. I drop the badge if this "leadership" keeps going. When I signed up, I was greeted by a stern but fair leadership ladder, your very actions spit in the face of that ladder.

    [5.4.2017 21:46:15] Anonymous 1: And in an organisation such as this I'm pretty sure that's a thing we can do

    [5.4.2017 21:46:17] Lightwing: And I vote for that too. You are in no position to be a leader as of currently.

    [5.4.2017 21:46:51] Jónas Candymane: I just told hin to give today's

    [5.4.2017 21:46:53] Jónas Candymane: We are waiting

    [5.4.2017 21:47:23] Jónas Candymane: He is also ready to provide screenshots in case of falseness

    [5.4.2017 21:47:25] Anonymous 1: Whats AppleDash's skype?

    [5.4.2017 21:47:40] Blackjack: <---

    [5.4.2017 21:47:42] Anonymous 5: Because we've not had the first Membership meeting since incorporation, the current draft bylaws have not been ratified. Without ratification, I honestly don't know where anything is legally, to be honest. We're kinda in a limbo state relative to that.

    [5.4.2017 21:47:58] Anonymous 1: oh, mixed names up

    [5.4.2017 21:48:03] Blackjack:

    [5.4.2017 21:48:46] Anonymous 2: Well, based on what I've seen from the screenshots and what I have been told, I can't say that I conquer with Blackjack's action. I know that I am not necessarily involved in what happened with him and Pirate but I figured I'd put my input forth regardless.

    [5.4.2017 21:49:06] Lightwing: We are a team Venomous, your voice is very appreciated by us. Thank you.

    [5.4.2017 21:49:57] Anonymous 1: Anonymous 4, Anonymous 5, myself, Light, Vengeful Strudel, Anonymous 3, Anonymous 2, Jonas

    [5.4.2017 21:50:05] Lightwing: Eight people

    [5.4.2017 21:50:08] Anonymous 7: Nine.

    [5.4.2017 21:50:17] Lightwing: out of 12 moderators/administrators

    [5.4.2017 21:50:22] Anonymous 2: So what is the goal of this particular discussion?

    [5.4.2017 21:50:29] Anonymous 7: This does not include sectionals either.

    [5.4.2017 21:50:45] Lightwing: Sectionals should be included i too, but this is the royal council, so for now only mod/admins

    [5.4.2017 21:50:51] Anonymous 7: I agree.

    [5.4.2017 21:50:53] Lightwing: but Anonymous 8 already showed to be against that decission

    [5.4.2017 21:50:56] Lightwing: so 10

    [5.4.2017 21:51:13] Anonymous 1: the ultimate first goal of all t his is to move for a motion of no confidence

    [5.4.2017 21:51:15] Anonymous 1: or anything similar

    [5.4.2017 21:51:21] Anonymous 1: Because that's what this is

    [5.4.2017 21:51:30] Anonymous 1: a complete loss of confidence and trust in the chair

    [5.4.2017 21:51:38] Lightwing: I vote for a motion of No Confidence against Blackjack. He has shown to not be fit for a position as a leader.

    [5.4.2017 21:51:51] Anonymous 1: We are not tools to be ordered around for the sake of a single persons vision

    [5.4.2017 21:51:51] Lightwing: The actions that happened today just grounded it completely.

    [5.4.2017 21:51:55] Blackjack: That isn't something you can do

    [5.4.2017 21:51:56] Anonymous 1: We either work as a team, or we don't work at all

    [5.4.2017 21:52:32] Lightwing: [5. apríl 2017 21:51] Blackjack:


    <<< That isn't something you can doThe law is backing us up, kid.


    In federal politics, a vote of no confidence takes down the government, and votes of no confidence may be asserted automatically if the House of Commons rejects the government's budget. Provincial governments may also fall if a motion of no confidence is passed by the legislature or if the legislature fails to pass a confidence measure (e.g. the provincial budget).


    In the consensus government system of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, in which the premier is chosen among and by a vote of the members of the non-partisan legislature, a vote of no confidence removes the premier and cabinet from office and permits the members to elect a new premier.[9]"

    [5.4.2017 21:52:48] Blackjack: This... isn't the government.

    [5.4.2017 21:52:55] Blackjack: This is an independent corporation

    [5.4.2017 21:52:56] Lightwing: We are an organization though by the end of the day, we have the right to call a vote for this

    [5.4.2017 21:53:32] Lightwing: The only reason of why you don't want it is because you know the outcome, we cornered you and you have nobody to run towards.

    [5.4.2017 21:53:59] Lightwing: more than 75% of the moderation team (not including sectionals as of yet) doesn't trust you in this position, what's your answer to that?

    [5.4.2017 21:54:28] Blackjack: I have no comment at this time, mostly because I need to leave for about 5 minutes

    [5.4.2017 21:54:40] Anonymous 1: "Members can remove a director by ordinary resolution at a special meeting. This does not apply to a director who is appointed because they hold a particular office. If a director is elected by a particular class of members, only the members of the class can remove the director in this way."

    [5.4.2017 21:55:47] Anonymous 1: Members can take a number of actions under ONCA to make sure directors and officers are properly supervising the management of the corporation and complying with their duties. For example, members have the right to:


    apply to the court for a compliance order to make officers and directors comply with ONCA, the articles and by-laws of the not-for-profit corporation (refer to section 191 of ONCA)

    remove a director from office by ordinary resolution at a special meeting (refer to section 26 of ONCA)

    have greater access to financial statements to make sure their corporation’s financial position is effectively supervised (e.g. upon request, a member can receive financial statements before an annual meeting)(refer to section 84 of ONCA)

    in the case of a not-for-profit corporation that is not a public benefit corporation, disagree on certain fundamental changes and have any financial interest they may have re-purchased by the corporation (refer to section 187 of ONCA)

    apply to the court for an order winding up the corporation (refer to sections 136 to 138 of ONCA)

    apply to the court to require an investigation of the corporation (refer to section 174 of ONCA)

    apply to the court for permission to act in the name of the corporation or to intervene in an action in which the corporation is a party (a derivative action)

    this is not available for a religious corporation (refer to section 183 of ONCA)

    [5.4.2017 21:55:48] Jónas Candymane: Alright, I read the log and I must say that I find BJ's reasonsings to be shit, to put it bluntly.


    There was no personal insult there AT ALL!

    [5.4.2017 21:56:10] Jónas Candymane: There was also no exact proof presented about "actively working against the leadership", only accusations

    [5.4.2017 21:56:15] Anonymous 1: Those are the laws in Canada from what I've been able to see so far

    [5.4.2017 21:56:18] Anonymous 1: in regards to non profits

    [5.4.2017 21:56:25] Jónas Candymane: Plus, he was doing this in good faith, not bad.

    [5.4.2017 21:56:32] Lightwing: We hold the right to call such vote, and I do want to make it come true

    [5.4.2017 21:56:32] Anonymous 1: We have the ability to remove someone from the board

    [5.4.2017 21:56:44] Lightwing: And quite bluntly, I don't see anyone opposing it

    [5.4.2017 21:56:52] Anonymous 1: Even if its class A members only

    [5.4.2017 21:56:54] Anonymous 1: we have enough

    [5.4.2017 21:57:01] Blackjack: Jonas, the personal insults are not in that log - they are in this chat, IIRC

    [5.4.2017 21:57:10] Jónas Candymane: The NSFW chat?

    [5.4.2017 21:57:33] Blackjack: Yes

    [5.4.2017 21:57:39] Jónas Candymane: Where a few of us went a bit off board with the sarcasm and we were told to tone down and we did so?

    [5.4.2017 21:57:45] Jónas Candymane: That is your basis for firing?

    [5.4.2017 21:57:59] Blackjack: That is part of it, yes

    [5.4.2017 21:58:04] Jónas Candymane: No, that is it

    [5.4.2017 21:58:05] Lightwing: Why target Pirate specifically then?

    [5.4.2017 21:58:23 | Edited 21:58:24] Jónas Candymane: Because Pirate argued against him in good faith

    [5.4.2017 21:58:48] Blackjack: Take note that many others here argued against me, yet I had no problems with them until today

    [5.4.2017 21:58:52] Lightwing: I want to hear from his mouth though. That's the real reason, I wanna hear the "reason"

    [5.4.2017 21:59:08] Blackjack: Lightwing in particular gave me a very good wall of text in PM

    [5.4.2017 21:59:13] Blackjack: So did Anonymous 9

    [5.4.2017 21:59:19] Jónas Candymane: Take note that many others here argued against me, yet I had no problems with them until todayPirate talked to others before suggesting the whole vote thing for Class A Members

    [5.4.2017 21:59:26] Jónas Candymane: He even talked to me and I agreed

    [5.4.2017 21:59:37] Jónas Candymane: Even though I was not Class A, I supported what he was doing

    [5.4.2017 21:59:46] Jónas Candymane: Because that is the point

    [5.4.2017 21:59:48] Jónas Candymane: Discussing

    [5.4.2017 21:59:50] Blackjack: Both of those people, at least, were willing to work with me at that time, and I was willing to accept it

    [5.4.2017 21:59:51] Jónas Candymane: Reaching a conclusion

    [5.4.2017 21:59:52] Lightwing: When I saw taht chat I fully agreed to it. I am Class A after all, I called for such vote.

    [5.4.2017 21:59:54] Jónas Candymane: Together

    [5.4.2017 22:00:43] Lightwing: I still hold on the motion of no confidence, Canada backs us up in this regard, and you are not in a state where you would be a good leader. Opposite, you would be a very bad leader at this rate we are going.

    [5.4.2017 22:00:44] Jónas Candymane: Both of those people, at least, were willing to work with me at that time, and I was willing to accept itSo did Pirate, it seems

    [5.4.2017 22:01:14] Blackjack: Except he was not... He constantly went against me and was not willing to work with me in any capacity. I thought he was the other night, but then he turned around and proposed the members' meeting thing.

    [5.4.2017 22:01:22] Anonymous 4: And apparently, Blackjack, you and Pirate spoke last night, and you two had a good conversation. However what you call your 'final straw' is weak reasoning at best, from my vantage point. And that occurred after said conversation.

    [5.4.2017 22:01:31] Jónas Candymane: Except he was not... He constantly went against me and was not willing to work with me in any capacity. I thought he was the other night, but then he turned around and proposed the members' meeting thing.After hearing from others first

    [5.4.2017 22:01:32] Anonymous 4: On 4/5/17, at 6:01 PM, Blackjack wrote:

    > Except he was not... He constantly went against me and was not willing to work with me in any capacity. I thought he was the other night, but then he turned around and proposed the members' meeting thing.


    Which there shouldn't be any problem with. :/

    [5.4.2017 22:02:00] Anonymous 4: On 4/5/17, at 8:04 AM, PiratePony wrote:

    > After all, this is a corporation, and as the actual members of the corporation, you have a right to have a voice in policy, as well as who is representing you on the board of directors.


    On 4/5/17, at 8:28 AM, PiratePony wrote:

    > If you class a members want a members meeting - demand it from them. If not, fair enough. But if this is something you have the right to do, take it before it gets taken from you.


    There is nothing wrong with what was posted.

    [5.4.2017 22:02:05] Jónas Candymane: He would not go about to do this if he did not think that there was not consent for what he was proposing and an actual will to do it

    [5.4.2017 22:03:12] Blackjack: That doesn't mean it's a good thing to do.

    [5.4.2017 22:03:27] Anonymous 4: Why is it not?

    [5.4.2017 22:04:08] Blackjack: Do you really not see how effectively staging a less violent form of a coup is a bad thing in any organization?

    [5.4.2017 22:04:27] Lightwing: He asked for a reasonable vote that was inside our RULESET

    [5.4.2017 22:04:42] Lightwing: "A coup d'état (/ˌkuː deɪˈtɑː/ About this sound listen (help·info); French: []), also known simply as a coup (/kuː/), a putsch (/pʊtʃ/), or an overthrow, is the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus"

    [5.4.2017 22:04:43] Anonymous 4: You're the only one seeing this as a coup; he was reminding voting members of their rights. Nothing more.

    [5.4.2017 22:04:58] Lightwing: He did nothing against the rules, he, in fact, suggested a legitimate and legal way of working towards a common solution

    [5.4.2017 22:05:02] Jónas Candymane: That doesn't mean it's a good thing to do.PFFFTT

    [5.4.2017 22:05:04] Jónas Candymane: What?

    [5.4.2017 22:05:07] Jónas Candymane: I am sorry, but what?

    [5.4.2017 22:05:15] Jónas Candymane: "It doesn't mean it is a good thing to do"?

    [5.4.2017 22:05:19] Jónas Candymane: what?

    [5.4.2017 22:05:34] Jónas Candymane: So because it can mean that it is possibly not a good thing to do, BAMM FIRED!

    [5.4.2017 22:05:58] Anonymous 1: [5. apríl 2017 22:04] Blackjack:


    <<< in any organizationThe problem is you're not treating this like an organisation. You're treating it like a military

    [5.4.2017 22:05:58] Blackjack: A "common solution" that most likely involves removing the person you're in disagreement with - that is as much a common solution as me firing Pirate.

    [5.4.2017 22:06:16] Jónas Candymane: Do you really not see how effectively staging a less violent form of a coup is a bad thing in any organization?[5. apríl 2017 22:04] Lightwing:


    <<< He asked for a reasonable vote that was inside our RULESET

    [5.4.2017 22:06:27] Lightwing: You pretty much admitted to do it just because of fear

    [5.4.2017 22:06:29] Lightwing: You

    [5.4.2017 22:06:29] Blackjack: "less violent" is the key there

    [5.4.2017 22:06:29] Lightwing: Fucked

    [5.4.2017 22:06:30] Lightwing: Up

    [5.4.2017 22:06:34 | Edited 22:06:38] Anonymous 1: We did not join up to serve as tools for YOU. We joined up to work as a team towards a common goal.

    [5.4.2017 22:06:41] Lightwing:

    [5.4.2017 22:07:01] Lightwing: This is not getting anywhere. You blatantly said "I don't want u guys to fire me so I fire him first"

    [5.4.2017 22:07:03] Blackjack: I need a statement from everyone

    [5.4.2017 22:07:56] Blackjack: Do you respect me as a leader and wish to work with me on implementing my vision for the organization, starting with resolving this issue personally? Yes or no. Continued discussion without an answer will be considered a no.

    [5.4.2017 22:08:04] Lightwing: [5. apríl 2017 22:07] Blackjack:


    <<< Do you respect me as a leaderNo

    [5.4.2017 22:08:06] Jónas Candymane: No

    [5.4.2017 22:08:10] Anonymous 1: No

    [5.4.2017 22:08:39] Blackjack: Anyone who answers "No" - Please leave.

    [5.4.2017 22:08:49] Anonymous 7: No, not anymore.

    [5.4.2017 22:08:58] *** Jónas Candymane has left ***


    Now, you have read the log of the conversation we all had and you can see it is all hostile. Usually we do not get so hostile, but Pirate's firing came as great shock to us all and it was too much of a surprise, it was just so surreal. To make matters worse, AppleDash did not really want to talk to us or even converse with us as a team, but rather talk to every single one of us "privately". We did not trust that, so we had the discussion within the group chat on Skype anyways because there was no way we were going to trust him with private chats. Better to keep things as transparent as possible. 


    Here is the log that @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate personally attacking him and working against the leadership. I will post it in the form of the link he himself provided as when I copy and paste it over here, it just becomes really messy.


    Now you basically have full context of what has happened.

    I just want to say.... I did not expect things to go as they went.... 

    You will ask: "Why? Why now? Why are you bringing this up now of all times and not immediately when it happened?". 

    To be honest.... I thought this might have gotten resolved within staff. I thought that my resignation (and I was expecting more to resign) might put more pressure on AppleDash's leadership and that Pirate would get reinstated.... but... nothing has happened. AppleDash is still the head of Poniverse and PiratePony is still no longer a member of staff. He has not even been apologized to. The people I worked with.... they tried the best they could..... but they were unable to succeed. 

    So things now fall upon the forums as a whole on what type of action they want taken here. I am not trying to start some populist outrage here, but I am doing what consider to be the right thing to do. People deserve to know about this. Considering that such a gross violation and misconduct of power has been allowed to prevail, the people of Poniverse deserve to know who is leading them. 


    Now.... I intend to lock this commenting section of this blog if I can. Now you will ask why I would do so... because last time, last October when things blew over, when threads were made detailing everything that had happened.... people did not react in the best way in the thread and the anger only grew in those threads with people letting emotion taking more and more over to the point that the staff had to start hiding posts and even hide the thread as it was just so divisive. This is why I ask you, though you can be outraged, to not violate the terms of services of this site.... we all know the rules folks... even if some of our officials and leaders may not.... This might also just be the (former) staffer in me speaking out, trying to conduct public management and trying to contain spread of chaos and... well... you already know guys, heh.... old habits die hard I guess...


    To summarize this up, Pirate was unjustly fired due to selfish reasons and the current management of Poniverse, or rather, it's current leadership, has shown itself to be untrustworthy and corrupt. Forgive me for using such strong words.... I have tried to stay as neutral in posting this whole thing.... but I think my own thoughts about this whole matter are valid as well. 


    However, @PiratePony If there is anything you wish to say upon this whole matter, I would be happy to unlock the commenting section just for you or to somehow highlight your thoughts upon this whole matter. We are all here for you man.... whether we are just public members or actual members of staff. 



    Btw if I am not able to lock the commenting section here, I ask people to please refrain from commenting here as to keep this clean as possible. Even if this whole thing I am doing here might end up doing nothing, people deserve to be informed. I invite all people who were involved in this matter, please, if you have anything more to add to this, please do so. 

    Don't shoot the messenger folks

    Jonas out! 

  17. Celestial Flight
    Latest Entry

    Late night blog post thingy...

    I am beginning to feel that i don't really matter to anyoneand that i do not belong anywhere. I am starting to feel unsafe, not just in my home, but in my country (Australia) as well..

    I feel like that nothing i do is ever goodenough for anyone and that i have no purpose other than to exist and be an easy target.

    So maybe i should just find a rock or bridge to live under or end my existence, 

  18. An old nostalgic song that has helped me throughout a lot of hell as the years have passed me by. I've always wanted to do a review on songs I love. Songs have a different meaning to all of us and our take on them. Some of us tie songs to certain memories and experiences you know what I mean? I always like to say that "music is the love that keeps on giving" whereas with humans heh you can hardly count on at all. 

    Float on is one of those songs that just takes away all of your stress and worries something you can always listen to when you are down and out. At the title of the song suggests it reminds you life is good and you make life how you want it to be 😊. Don't worry cause worrying does not fix anything and just makes you feel worse. 

    "A fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scam
    It was worth it just to learn some sleight of hand
    Bad news comes, don't you worry even when it lands
    Good news will work it way to all them plans" 

    This part of the song reminds me that in any situation or circumstances good or bad. Never let the circumstances take over you. You can make the best out of negative experiences because you learn from them and in turn become much more experienced. When he sings he was hit with a scam then he sings well it was worth just to learn some sleight of hand. Don't let anything get the better of you just make the best of the experiences you have and just float on cause with time everything will work itself alright 💚

    Band Modest Mouse 

    Album ~ Good news for people who love bad news

  19. MLP FiM's original show bible leaked yesterday and I'm not gonna lie, there's some really cool stuff in there. Not sure if I can link to it without violating forum rules because after all it appears to be copyrighted material. But I think it's great stuff if you are interested in Lauren Faust's creative process while developing the show, as well as possibly what could have been if Hasbro hadn't insisted on including less of the adventure stories that Faust wanted.

    So just in case I can't post a link, here are some highlights:

    - Lauren Faust predicted that at least some boys would watch the show

    - Many characters had different names, designs, and cutie marks. For example, "Twilight Twinkle" was colored differently and had a cutie mark resembling the flag of Pakistan.

    - Twilight and Cheerilee were originally supposed to be very close.

    - Celestia was supposed to be a queen (this was later changed because Hasbro believed that "queens" in fiction are usually evil).

    - Unicorns were apparently supposed to hail from the mountains.

    - There's a lot of concept art of things that never ended up being used, like different outfits on some characters. For example, some outfits include bridles, which have never really appeared in the final show.

    - The Wonderbolts were originally called the Blue Thunders.

    - There are some episode synopses, meant to give examples of adventure and relationship stories, respectively. Some of these ideas for episodes are recognizable from Season 1, while some ended up being discarded.

    - Deer and seaponies were supposed to be canon from the very beginning. It's possible the unused deer episode was the inspiration for one of the comic arcs.

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    Before I begin, I want to say that I don’t normally publicly acknowledge leaks as I feel that gives them more attention that they shouldn’t get, however, it’s probably a safe bet that just about everyone here knows about the one I’m going to write about, so I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

    I also want to clarify that this isn’t the same thing as episodes airing internationally before airing in the U.S. A leak is when something gets out before it’s officially released anywhere (and places for it to be officially released are not just limited to U.S. TV).

    When the movie was leaked, it was met with some disdain and people saying not to watch the leaked version and support it in the theaters. Equestria Daily also didn’t make a post about it and I think that was a great decision on their part. Then today, the rest of season 7 was leaked, and this wasn’t met with as much disdain (or at least from what I saw). I’m not saying everyone is okay with this, from what I’ve seen, some people seem more okay with this. I even saw links on my Twitter timeline. This leak is no better than the movie leak. Like any other leak, it’s illegal.