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  1. Formula 1 2015:

    -Several Online Races

    --Trophy Earned: Multiplicity( Complete 50 online races. )(Silver)(Rare 14.36%)

    --Trophy Earned: F1 Super Hero( Spend at least 600 minutes out on track. )(Silver)(Uncommon 46.03%)


    Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain:

    -Several Stuff


    Call of Duty Black Ops 3:

    -Zombies Mode(Only 1 time with friends)

    -Mulriplayer 16(I think) to 25

    --Trophy Earned: The Beginning of the End( In Shadows of Evil, complete all Rituals. )(Silver)(Uncommon 37.04%)

    --Trophy Earned: Tactical Specialist( Get 5 Medals based on a Specialist Ability in a single game. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 37.34%)

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    So here's my first go at this project. Hope you all enjoy!IMG_0674.thumb.PNG.960ffe85adab99dd26682bef69f1ff72.PNG

  2. Okay, so "Dance Magic" was a fluke. This second short, "Movie Magic," is still low-stakes and impersonal, but it's a lot funnier than the first short, and makes much better use of both the Rainbooms' character traits and some of their magical powers as well. While I may dream of nuanced character arcs and satisfying narrative payoff, all I really ask of My Little Pony in all forms is that it's entertaining. I always felt that "Movie Magic" had the most potential of these shorts, and although it would benefit from being a bit snappier story-wise, the pacing is still brisk enough, and there's enough fun jokes and neat character moments this time around to entertain. Nice!

    When Rainbow Dash & friends are invited to the set of the new Daring Do movie, some carefully-selected props approved by Daring Do author A.K. Yearling are stolen, and the Canterlot High girls immediately set out to find the props and save the movie.

    That's about it, really, and the mystery is both too obvious and too easily resolved to excite. For the most part, the characters are simply running after shadows, and while there's a little bit of sleuthing, most of it is inconclusive, and when the Rainbooms actually find the culprit, it's largely by accident, and primarily based on a single piece of evidence. Narratively, that's not especially satisfying, and like "Dance Magic," the plot stops dead in its tracks for a comedic digression, this time featuring those old Power Ponies costumes. Still, in the context of Equestria Girls's increased focus on superpowers, that's a fairly apt reference, and at one point we even get to see Twilight using her power to pick a lock while in full costume. It's a pretty cute reference even if I'm not super impressed by such callbacks, and thankfully it's accompanied by some relatively fun use of the mane seven's powers. I'm not super excited about that permanent magical element to begin with, but if it's here to stay, I'm glad it's used in fun ways.

    Pinkie Pie gets more lines this time around, and that does a lot to make the special more entertaining. At one point, she reveals there's a cupcake mountain on-set, and in another scene, she chugs chocolate pudding straight from the bucket, which might have been less amusing were it anyone else but feels perfectly in-character for Pinkie. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle also stand out, as their enthusiasm for Daring Do brings a lot of energy to the episode and allows for a few solid gags. Twilight in particular seems to be rapidly improving with each special, and while she doesn't quite take command yet, she's noticeably more confident here, which helps a lot with making her feel like her pony counterpart. While those three are the highlights, everyone gets their fair share of good lines, and even Sunset displays a little more personality than usual.

    All the new characters around the movie set are fun as well. The role of Daring is being played by Chestnut Magnifico, a stereotypically demanding movie star who is revealed to have environmentalist leanings, and whom both Rarity and Fluttershy want badly to meet. While Chestnut isn't a particularly deep or unique character, she has a commanding screen presence, and it's fun to watch her stomp around the set grumpily when things aren't going well. Film director Canter Zoom is even less distinctive, but he's amiable and has some solid lines, so it's fun to watch him dealing with all the chaos on-set. Both of these characters are used sparingly enough that they don't outstay their welcome, which is especially good because neither is especially well-developed.

    The most significant new character is Canter's niece Jupiter Montage, who is adorably enthusiastic in her few scenes, and who turns out to be the ultimate culpript. Her reasons for sabotaging the movie set are petty, but the special never suggests we're supposed to sympathize with her. The scene where she's caught seems to exist partially to set up the next episode, and the motivation dump doesn't add much to her character, but it serves its purpose well enough. In any case, she too is used sparingly here, and she's charming enough in her early roles even if it's pretty obvious that she's the villain.

    On top of all the solid lines, there's also some nice visual gags, and the episode does a lot more with its improved animation than "Dance Magic." I've already mentioned Pinkie's gluttonous pudding consumption, as well as the Power Ponies costumes, but there's also a lot of enjoyable facial expressions, and some fun moments of slapstick like Rarity getting hit by Chestnut's trailer door. Furthermore, the actual area of the Daring Do set is nicely designed, even if certain cuts make the geography unclear, and the scenes which represent the movie itself are energetic, filled with detail, and generally a lot of fun to watch. Finally, a couple brief scenes near the middle feature the Rainbooms chasing after Juniper, and while they maintain the pace, they're not really imaginative or tense enough to be satisfying. That mostly comes down to the mystery not being very compelling, however.

    With a better storyline to tie it all together, this could have been the epitome of what Equestria Girls could be, but even as is, it's a fun step in the right direction which checks most of the boxes for what I want from this show. It has hints of what the girls are interested in, it's frequently funny, and it demonstrates what familiar stuff from the show looks like in the human world. I still crave more personal stories and character development from this series, but for now this is a very entertaining addition which I hope leads to better things in the future, maybe even in series form. All I really ask of My Little Pony is to entertain me. "Movie Magic" delivers on that front, and for now that's enough.

    Entertainment: 8/10
    Characters: 9/10
    Themes: 5/10 (honestly, I'm not sure if this even counts; Equestria Girls has never cared about moralizing.)
    Story: 6/10
    Overall: 70/100
    You can find more like this at my offsite blog
  3. To all of the 10 or so people who actually took a look at my last blog entry where I reviewed MLP:FIM Season 1, I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me that I can express my opinion on a large social interface and for people to see it and maybe even get something out of it. There were some grammatical errors ( It was like, 7AM in the morning and I'd stayed up all night attempting to complete it, so I'm not going to apologise, although I will be returning to said blog entry and giving the grammar a significant overhaul in the upcoming week ) but, I feel like it went rather smoothly. However, as the people who observed my latest endeavour may be aware of, I was unfortunately late to upload it. I'm sorry, I really am. But, do you know the reason why? It was so much more work than I had anticipated, it took for ages to complete and, frankly, I just didn't enjoy it very much. I'm a naturally vey lazy person and it seemed like an awful amount of work for not much of a pay off. But, your support made me think otherwise and forced me to re-evaluate my previous opinion and as for the writing part itself, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the process of expressing a specific opinion of a specific episode while simultaneously injecting my own personal style and brand of humour into the whole thing. I received a piece of mail to my ...mail...icon...thingy, from a user who, although I didn't know at all, made me aware that he/she enjoyed the entry, and that comment alone made me want to continue. And, you know, it hasn't gotten any easier. The process of giving 26 episodes a semi-thorough review in a space of time short enough to keep the interests of the people who wanted it is difficult, it's a big commitment. With school getting more and more challenging, the hustle and bustle of every-day life, on top of my ongoing personal struggles and turmoil, there were times when I just wanted to say "screw it" and leave. But, despite all of that, I recently found that I was starting to enjoy the process of formulating the reviews themselves far more enjoyable ( maybe Season 2 is just way better than Season 1, I don't know ). I found that despite taking a lot longer than I had initially hoped for, I wanted it to get completed regardless, and that is always a good sign. To have a project that starts off as merely a passing promise gain something resembling mild popularity to the point where you want to see that project to succeed and evolve, it makes you stop answering questions and to appreciate what you have created to a much greater degree. I'm still not 100 percent positive on when exactly the next entry will be uploaded, but I can say with near certainty that it will be sometime in the upcoming week. To all of you who have waited for this, firstly, I apologise that it has taken so long and, secondly, I want to sincerely thank you for your ever-present patience. Although I am the being who has created this project, you, the viewers, are the ones who have sustained it, the metaphorical blood of the metaphorical creature that is this blog. Remember, this is your product as much as it is mine.



      Thank you, for everything - The most trusted underling of the queen of the television screen, Rarity The Supreme.



  4. Well we're on hiatus so I'm stuck reacting to the new Equestria Girls specials, starting with ''Dance Magic''..this is gonna hurt... XD


  5. I believe there are certain levels as to how we are capable of carrying ourselves through life. Some of us are more hesitant, shy, and reserved, while others are open, outgoing, energetic, and zestful. I think that as we go through life, we become really accustomed to never analyzing ourselves and how we feel day-to-day. If you feel down every day, then it's important to take a step back and look at what you're feeling exactly, and how it compares to everyone else. It is not normal to feel down and depressed every day, and if you do, then you should do assess yourself and look at the options available to you. 

    I think that depression can be judged on a spectrum. Some of us are happy, some are doing sup-bar, and others struggle through every day. Here are the levels of deep-held disapproval or contentment with one's self that I think everyone can be judged to lie on, with 10 being the happiest and 0 being literally crippled because you're so emotionally empty.

    Level 0 - Hospitalized, unable to move/think
    Level 1- Hardly conscious, always laying down
    Level 2- Sad, low energy, crouched down
    Level 3- Down, unambitious, unexcited
    Level 4- Apathetic but capable of moving with ease
    Level 5- Able and open, but do so with reservations 
    Level 6- Some zest for life, but not overly zestful
    Level 7- Ambitious, but not overly enthusiastic
    Level 8- Excited, looking forward to the future
    Level 9- Thrilled to move forward, looking to the sky
    Level 10- Overjoyed and absolutely in love with living

    Most people, I would wager, are at about a 6. They're ok with life and have room to pursue their goals, but aren't overly energetic or excited by simply living. They would usually answer "pretty good" if you asked them how they are doing, and don't generally have a lot of problems with themselves.

    Those who lie at level 5 and below are susceptible to daily depressive thoughts. They're a bit vulnerable and sensitive when it comes to their weaknesses being revealed, and try to live each day hiding their insecurities.

    If you are at a 3 or are probably majorly depressed. I would highly recommend getting some help. If merely your negative thoughts/emotions are seriously impacting your day, then it should be obvious that it's worth the effort to feel better day-by-day.

    For those of you hovering at an 8 or above...I applaud you. I would gladly switch lives with you lol. Just know how many people would do anything to feel the way you do. Don't take it for granted...please.

    I know I didn't go into much detail with any of the levels but if you want me to expand on them I'll do that. But it's a simple, understandable way of viewing how you are and where you could be.


  6. Here are some stories that were written for me about my ponysona by chaosprincess.


    Aria's Backstory

    Born into royalty her mother a beautiful alicorn and her father a unicorn. She was born a beautiful unicorn, but she learned how cruel the world can be at such a young age. Greed getting the better of one pony desperate for money she was snatched while her parents were patrolling their kingdom. Hearing the news her parents ordered all ponies to search, but it was to late she was gone. Sold to any pony who would pay, she was sold rather fast forced to do work once she hit fillyhood. As she hit her teenage years she ran from her home not wanting to marry somepony she did not love and not wanting the physical abuse that was placed upon her. But even with years of pain and sadness she still had a big heart and was always willing to give. With no place to go she decided to roam helping those in need of it and making friends, But as her luck was looking up an unfortunate event occured costing her, her life. A dear friend of hers who she met on her travels would become victim to a unknown creature who only had death on its mind. Aria rushed to her aid vanquishing the creature, but also losing her life. Her story would have ended there, but a hidden magic inside of her blossomed that day a light surrounding her bringing back the lifeless unicorn, but she was no longer a unicorn, but a beautiful alicorn. Once she was released from the light she stood proud with her new wings proudly out a unicorn princess had passed, but a alicorn was born.

    Aria's Cutie Mark Story

    While she was being put to work she heard a scream. She ran as fast as she could towards the sound. As she neared it she noticed it was the stallion she now called her father. He was being attacked even though he was cruel she ran to his side, and fearlessly fought against the unknown beast winning. Now things for her did not change, but she now had a new cutie mark to admire.

    How Aria Met The Stallion Of Her Dreams

    Aria now a young teenage mare was doing her job of collecting fruits and vegetables to sell since it seems they were a big money maker. As she was in the process of collecting apples a young stallion came onto the property interested in purchasing some milk. She looked at him not thinking to much on it since customers always came and gone some returning others leaving not to return. But she could not help, but to take a peek at the young stallion he was handsome and strong, but she knew she had to focus. Once she was finally done with apple picking she happily lifted the bucket with her magic her thoughts going back to that stallion. As she was lost in thought she did not notice the squealing pig coming her way it collided with her only to quickly run off again. The bucket was thrown landing on the stallions head as an apple came down onto her horn she walked over to apologize lifting the bucket with her magic even though there was an apple attached. They both found it amusing and found they had a lot in common they had an instant connection falling for each other the more they spoke. But Aria never knew her parents had an arrange marriage set for her, her fate would have been sealed, but Aria never stayed long enough to meet her arranged husband instead she ran off in search of the one she truly loved.



  7. Sir Floof
    Latest Entry


    Just two guys from Boston dancing. Please ignore the corpse in the background.



    "I'm the real Spy!"

    "No, I'm the real Spy!"



    nerf engineer.jpg

    I don't even know how I got this many points. All I did was build a sentry and shoot people.



    Kaztotsky tower! The only one of these screenshots that was taken recently.



    I don't remember why I took this screenshot. I think it was because this was the first time I had ever seen a boxtrot spy, and I thought it was really cool.

    Man, I used to be such a noob.

  8. So I recently started playing Rainbow Six Seige on Xbox one, (recent being 2 months ago) and I was wondering if anybody would like to join me, if you have a Mic it is recommended because well I like to conversate, (I do have siblings fair warning you may hear them speak) and strategize I don't take the game so serious as some I'm just a casual gamer, if you think you can join hmu and I will give you my gamertag, otherwise this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT!

  9. Welcome back to the season four wrap-up of My Little Friendship: Pony is Magic/AIDS!




    Today, we're taking a look at the penultimate episode before the two-part season finale, Equestria G-...........wait a minute....................okay, no, good, that says "Equestria Games", not "Equestria Girls". *shivers*........, this is the episode that finally finishes the Equestria Games arc that we've been building up since the twelfth episode of season three: "Games Ponies Play". Therefore, there's some big shoes to fill. So what did I think of this episode when it first spared?


    On 5/3/2014 at 2:15 PM, PrymeStriker said:

    For an event we've been building up to for 25 episodes, this episode was kind of an anticlimax. Not to mention some of the inconsistencies that carried over from Rainbow Falls were less than pleasant to be reminded of.


    ............................WELL ISN'T THAT REASSURING? This is "Equestria Games".





    So this episode opens up with Rainbow Dash on the train to the Crystal Empire with the CMC, Bulk Biceps, Fluttershy, and...some other...random generics, as they prepare for the Equestria Games. Rainbow Dash herself doubts that she, Fluttershy, and Bulk Biceps will be able to beat the Wonderbolts, all the while I have the worst "Rainbow Falls" PTSD that sends me into a cataclysmic spasm. After the "Skip Intro" button sends me into a catacl-...wait...SHIT I used my "Skip Intro" joke too early. FUCK!! *sigh*.....after I skip the intro...we...hold on, I'm not done with the "Rainbow Falls" shit. Rainbow Dash is still competing in the Equestria Games with the lowest common denominators. Just like with "Rainbow Falls", WHYYYY?! It still makes no sense. Also, did Fluttershy just forget her "stage fright" from the fuck-up opus that everyone loves, "Filli Vanilli"? 'Cause the Equestria Games is going to be a big event with lots of people staring at her. Why would she not realize this? Fuck me. Why the fuck do I watch this fucking show? Anyways, once we arrive in the Crystal Empire, Spike is whisked....whipsed....whifflefluffle...whatever the fuck the word is....away by the royal guard to meet with Princesses Cadence and Twilight Sparkle, where he learns he's basically a God in the Crystal Empire for saving the crystal heart. Remember that shitty episode? Me too, I think. 


    "Bringith thy Rarity in so thout may port her legs like the red sea"


    The princesses tell Spike that they want him to light the torch for the Equestria Games, which he agrees to. However, once he arrives, he realizes he fright. Oh, come on, please, not another "Filli Vanilli". PLEASE. He goes up and due to his fright, is unable to light the torch. Like, physically, he can't generate fire breath. Hmm...that does give reason to why he couldn't just burn the timberwolves in "Spike at Your Service", but it's not like I'm exactly in the mood to remember every shit episode of this show. So Twilight helps him out from her throne all the way in the audience by doing a little magic trick-aroo mcfuckson and, boom, fire! Spike ends up thinking this is because he can light fire with his mind, but Twilight bitchslaps him and puts the little prick in his place. This makes him mope as you might expect, but screw that, it's time for the main event! The relay race, with Fluttershy ignoring all of her redundant character development! How delightful. At the games, a disabling spell is cast on unicorns to prevent cheating, which comes into play later. Otherwise, Ponyvillle ends up coming in second place to the Wonderbolts when I start realizing I don't care about this event. Like, yeah, this something we've been building up to for a season but...almost every episode in the arc was bad. So this is less of an anticlimax and more of what's expected. Except, we've got a Spike story to follow, so, maybe we should direct our attention to that first and foremost. Spike then asks Mrs. Harshwhimmy (I don't care if that's misspelled) to do something else after the faux lighting of the torch. He offers to sing the national anthem instead....of Cloudsdale. See, he thought he was gonna sing the Ponyville anthem, but Ponyville didn't win. So he'll have to sing a song that he's never heard, and has no idea how to sing. Alas, it's a bit too late when he realizes this.  


    Come on, Spike. Sing it with me! "Blame Cloudsdale! / Blame Cloudsdale! / With all their weather hullabaloo / And that bitch Rainbow Dash too!"


    Right..............actually that song was kind of funny. How did MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC pull off GOOD CRINGE COMEDY?! Have you SEEN their fandom? Christ. After the fuck-up, Spike decides to go into his room and pack before he leaves tomorrow. Spike's been built up all episode to be knocked down to size? once again.......another relatively good Spike conflict. I'm genuinely shocked. Later, during the ice archery contest, Twilight goes looking for Spike, but the CMC say he pussied out. So Twilight gets pissed and goes to find Spike so she can whip out the belt. Purple parents are the worst, but purple slave owners? Damn. Talk about a taste of your own medicine. Twilight confronts Spike and tells him that while, yes, those were some slow and embarrassing moments out there, ultimately everything went right for the games, so there's literally no harm in any of this. Purple bitch speaks too soon, though, as one of the ice arrows has shot up into a cloud above and created an ice cloud that's about to fall on the ponies below!



    ....Okay, a frozen cloud is a concept. Heheheh...........................God my comedy is going soft.


    There's no time to cut the disabling spell on the unicorns, and the pegasi can't lift the cloud on their own. There's only one person at the games that can save the lives of thousands! CAPTAIN AMERIC-I mean SPIKE! By hopping on several pegasi, he unleashes his mighty dragon fire breath to melt the cloud of ice. Once this is done, the crowd cheers in glory for his majesty Spike the great. The princesses even come to thank Spike personally for his act of heroism. Lucky bastard.




    .............................................................................................fuck, that's gonna be taken out of context, isn't it?


    Welp, suck my balls, queers. Spike receives all the praise from his friends and the entire city, and he reacts with a resounding boost of confidence. That is, that's how this episode would've gone if it was written poorly. Instead, Spike receives all the praise from his friends and the entire city, and he reacts with a resounding..."yeah, I guess". He says that it just so happens that he can breathe fire, and that if any of the others could've done something they would've. Twilight realizes that, throughout Spike's story, he's felt like he's let everyone down, but people keep telling him its all good. The only person who's gonna make Spike feel complete in what he's himself. Later, in the journal he writes that all the praise in the world means nothing if you don't feel it in yourself. Holy shit, a really deep moral. did I miss this? Even at 15 I should've had some kind of grasp of these kinds of things, or else I wouldn't have started this review series three months later. I guess this goes to show you how time and maturation can change some things.



    Err.....Spike? You've got a little...octopus cum on your face.


    In the end, Spike gets to light the fireworks that close the ceremony. And so concludes "Equestria Games".




    Huh...that was...actually another good Spike episode.


    I don't know what I was thinking before, but Spike's story is truly the saving grace of this episode. Sure, we get reminded of a bunch of different shit episodes, including Rainbow Falls given its seminal place in both the key arc and the Equestria Games arc. And, yes, this is something that bogs the episode down a little. But in the end, we get this really powerful moral about self fulfillment. Being a musician, this hits right home. I've actually directed people to check out some of my work, and then have them come back and say "Oh wow, this is pretty great. I like [song name]", and felt the chilling bite of realizing that the song they think is so great, is the song I hate the most and feel the most regret for. Their comment of praise for it meant nothing. I knew what was wrong with the damn song, I could hear every mistake, every missed opportunity, every piece of shit moment that made the song unbearable for me. My opinion of my work did not wane just because someone else thought it was amazing. That can be reassuring when it's praise for something your passionate about, but regardless, true fulfillment comes from yourself. So, yeah, like future episode "Canterlot Boutique", this is another moral that hits me right in the nuts. This is a genuinely good episode, and while it might have been an anticlimax for the Equestria Games arc...let's be honest...this arc was going nowhere fast anyway. I'll give "Equestria Games" a 9/10




    Here we are, the season four finale. Come back next week where we take on both parts of "Twilight's Kingdom", and always remember that your family is edible! 


  10. Welcome Bronies,


    I have finished my latest chapter.

    Enjoy it and comment if you please.

    So in this chapter we actuall see a little bit of Scootaloo's backstory and that her foster parent do like her.

    Without further redo,
    Enjoy just for a few days.
    And If you want to, try out my story in the first place., it could surprise you.

    A loving family,

  11. This blog is going to have pictures of my ponysonas Laurel and Chaos both my ponysonas have twinkle eyes which means they have gems for eyes Laurel has brown twinkle eyes and Chaos has red and gold twinkle eyes in which her right eye is gold and her left eye is red Laurel's pictures will be posted first and Chaos's pictures will be below her.

    First picture of Laurel drawn by PrincessOfCompassion

    Second picture of Laurel drawn by Prophet

    First picture of Chaos drawn by PrincessOfCompassion







  12. From now on I will just review the episodes when I feel like it. But I still want too review all season seven episodes. I might do a review of The Perfect Pear on Thursday since I think it's getting released in Austrailia on Wednsday and I will just watch it online. I think for Hanazuki I will just do a review of the first part of season one then a review for the second part. So episodes 1-14 and then 15-28. Anyways I will start doing reviews again soon. I also want too actually finish a few fan fictions I wanted too write this summer, and still learn how too draw. But thats all I have planned for now.

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  13. 1036825__safe_artist-colon-kaalover_oc_o

    Ssssssssso small and walking all alone in thissssssssss forest...

    Let me help you be lesssssss alone...

    you can keep me company...

    you jusssssssssst need to stare into my eyessssssss...

    my big beautiful eyesssssssss...

    that'sssssssss right...

    jusssssssst stare...

    back and forth...

    back and forth...

    don't worry anymore ponycub...

    i will keep you sssssssafe here with me...

    you can ssssssleep ssssssssafetly in my coilssssssss...

    my comforting coilsssssssss...

    you wanna sssssssleep in my coilssssssssss right?...

    good little pony...

    you feel sssssssso tired now...

    your eyessssss are ssssssso heavy...

    hard to keep them open...

    hard to keep looking into my eyessssssss...

    don't be afraid of me...

    you can sssssssleep peacefully till morning...

    jusssssssst let go of your fearssssssssss...

    good ponycub...

    you can trussssssssst in me...

    ssssssssssweet dreamssssssssss. :)

  14. I will never have enough money to go to LA by myself for E3 anytime soon, nor will I go with my family since everyone in the family is busy. So I remained home here in New York.

    I believe there was E3 related stuff at the Microsoft and Sony stores in Manhattan, but I'm not 100% sure. Nintendo on the other hand, had events for the entire week going on at their flagship store: NintendoNYC. Starting with their presentation, a large crowd of us watched it on their big screen, and we had some pretty big reactions which could be seen here: 


    After the presentation, we got to demo several games, one of them being Super Mario Odyssey, and of what I played, "This gon be a good game," in the words of JonTron. Nintendo also had a sponsor apparently with Pepsi and they were promoting the new Pepsi drink: Pepsi Fire and had other various Pepsi drinks (Pepsi Fire is not all that bad, but it made be different for someone else because I love cinnamon.) To end off E3, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and every other colored cap, came from LA to New York for a meet and greet this past Friday (cross country like that may have been hell, with some serious jetlag, but he remained positive through it all doing every single character he voices.).  Got an autograph and a picture with him which is amazing since he voiced the characters my entire life (since 1995). It may have been one-sided with only Nintendo , but my non-E3 experience is another highlight of this year.


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    Taki Turtle, Dinah Squirrel and Big Joe Toad were all heading down the lovely little path through the Doodleybob Forest. They were all headed to Shiny the Toy Robot's place for their usual cookies and fruit punch - Shiny threw the BESTEST picnics!

    As they came round the bend, who should they see but Argyle Fox, looking all sneaky-weaky, and he had a box in his paws. As soon as they saw him, the trio of friendly friends slowed from their traipsing gait to a slow walk. That old fox could NOT be trusted, and they knew it - he would try to take them to his den and gobble them up... even Taki!

    "Well hellOOOOooooo, my fine friends! Say, the three of you wouldn't mind helping me out here, would you? I seem to have gotten a lot of cupcakes in this box here, yet it's FAR too many for my little self to eat ALONE... but I'll share them with you!"

    Argyle opened the box juuuuuuuuuust a bit, and motioned to the opening. "Well? Who wants to come over here, riiiiiiiight next to the box, and take a peek, hmmmmmmm?"

    Taki was curious, but was wise enough to know better. "Not I," said the turtle.

    Dinah REEEEEEALLY wanted a cupcake... but she knew that wily old fox was just strong enough to be able to shove any one of them in that box... so she flicked her tail at him instead. "Not I," said the squirrel.

    Big Joe Toad pulled out his chrome .44 caliber pistol and shot the fox right in his motherfucking face. Five times.

    "Ain't SHIT!", said the toad.

    The three friends then continued along the path to Shiny's, leaving that bastard fox bleeding out in the gutter, shitting himself as he died in the most excruciating pain he'd ever known.



    {Da Moral}:

    Don't fuck with Big Joe Toad.


  15. Good evening, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"!!!  Well, the midseason finale has arrived, and while I can't say that our final episode before the Season 7 mid-season hiatus was amazing, it was still a very, very decent episode that was very enjoyable to watch.  Not flawless, but not in a maddening way whatsoever.  This should prove to be a fairly short episode review since there's not too much to cover, so without further ado, let's begin, this is "Not Asking for Trouble"!


    OK, not gonna lie, that's bucking adorable :wub:

    So as there's not too much to cover with this episode, let's start with the most complex aspect of it, the lesson.  This was both a strength and a weakness, oddly enough, and for very similar reasons.  It was admirable how complex and subtle the lesson itself was, but at the same time it was almost too complex and subtle for its own good.  The best way I can put it is that, in execution, this lesson was "confusingly nuanced."  Jeric pointed out to me that unlike with most episodes, the lesson here wasn't telegraphed; this is not to say that we as an audience are too stupid to learn lessons unless they're spoonfed to us, but it's not like telegraphing lessons has ever been a big weakness of MLP, they usually do a good job of delivering lessons without making it seem like they're patronizing or belittling the audience.  It's not even to say that MLP can't have subtle lessons, they have many times.  This one, however, wasn't even apparent by the time the final frame had ended; the episode was far more about WHAT was happening than about WHY or what we were supposed to take away from it.  After all, what happens is very simple: (1) Pinkie Pie goes to Yakyakistan to celebrate Yickslurbertfest with the yaks, (2) she celebrates with them, (3) avalanche buries Yakyakistan, (4) things suck for the yaks and they try to cope while Pinkie unsuccessfully tries to get them to accept help from the ponies, (5) she leaves Yakyakistan and secretly comes back with her friends, (6) they unbury Yakyakistan, the day is saved, and the yaks are grateful despite having insisted on no outside help.

    And... that's it.  That's the whole episode.  So what are we to take away from all of this?  I think two things contributed to why this lesson was so confusing: (1) the pacing, seeing as about rather than 2/3, it seemed like more like 3/4 of the episode were devoted to Yickslurbertfest and setting up the conflict itself, before Pinkie ACTUALLY fixed the problem, and (2) the fact that the lesson seems to be more applicable to a problem for individuals, but what we had before us was a national crisis for the entire nation of yaks, which made it harder to understand the nature of the problem and the lesson.  The first point is forgivable considering Pinkie Pie was trying to help the yaks, she just didn't want to be a bad friend by going behind their backs and wanted to get their permission to seek help from others before she did (both considerate and a wise course of action considering the yaks have proven just how hot-headed they can be in the past).  The second point I'm still trying to make sense of, but I think Jeric put it best to me when he said that the writers probably intentionally left it vague and muddled so as not to give younger viewers unfortunate implications.  You see, the lesson at play here is basically that sometimes, friends or family who we deeply care about are in some sort of trouble or get themselves into some sort of trouble, but aren't willing to admit that they have a problem, even as the problem gets worse.  Such self-destructive behavior usually arises because of one's stubbornness or pride preventing one from admitting they have a problem or being willing to ask others for help, or even an addiction that people are so hooked on they can't even see they have a problem.  This makes it a little clearer why they would've kept things so vague and centered on a problem as strange as the yaks being unwilling to accept help with unburying their village; it's not like we'd be likely to see an individual character struggling with an addiction of some kind on this show, after all, that'd be a little too mature even for this show.  So what we got instead was Prince Rutherford letting his pride get in the way of doing the right thing and stubbornly refusing to ask for help, even though he really did WANT help.  And that's really what the lesson boils down to: sometimes pride, or stubbornness, or addictions prevent those we care about from asking for help, even if they really do want it, and when that happens it's up to us to step up and help them anyway, even if they haven't asked, because we care about or love those we want to and try to help.  It's certainly not a bad lesson in the slightest, it was just oddly executed is all, but again, not in a way that really bothered or annoyed me.  It was just... odd, overall, neither the best nor the worst lesson we've ever seen presented or executed in this show.


    Someone needs to seriously dub Andrew W.K.'s "Party Hard" over this scene! B)


    Good to know that Equestria is not the only culture in this world that has a problem with ridiculously high levels of sugar intake on a regular basis :orly:

    Thankfully, everything else we got was incredibly likable and fun in this episode.  Pinkie Pie had a far better episode than her last starring outing in "Rock Solid Friendship"; she was her fun, lovable, caring self, but her behavior was never unnecessarily too over-the-top, this was clearly a writer who understands how to healthily balance Pinkie Pie's fun-loving side with her serious, being-a-good-friend-and-solving-friendship-problems side.  Considering how much of the episode was devoted to Pinkie just touring Yakyakistan and learning about and partaking in Yickslurbertfest (gosh that name is hilarious), I was very surprised that none of it ever got boring or felt like padding, it was actually a ton of fun to watch Pinkie just hanging out with Prince Rutherford and the yaks!  Yakyakistan was pretty cool to see more of, and Prince Rutherford and the yaks themselves were just as hilarious as they were the first time, though thankfully not as insufferable either.  Rutherford in particular was a hoot, and some of the bits where he trolled Pinkie or delusionally tried to act as though everything were OK with the yaks after the avalance were pretty hysterical.  I do have to wonder how their village doesn't get buried more often by avalanches considering it seems like a festival like Yickslurbertfest would be very prone to setting off avalanches, but this was a silly enough episode that that point doesn't bother me too much.  The Mane 6 were in the episode about as much as they needed to be (RD's line in particular about them not playing Pinkie Pie's roadtrip game was hilarious), and Gummy was quite funny here as well as only he can be.  Also, Pinkie Pie is officially an honorary yak now, which just seems right and is also just kind of amazing and perfect.  Overall, I really don't have too much to say about this one.  It was a perfectly fine episode, not great, but very enjoyable in spite of some of its minor flaws, and a fine finish to the first half of Season 7.  We're entering the mid-season hiatus now, but don't worry everypony, new MLP episodes will be back before you know it, and when they are I'll be right here as always, ready to write more reviews!  Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off.  I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*


    BEHOLD!  PINK YAK, CUTEST YAK!!! :muffins: :wub:

  16. This is the third time I have done so. I did it once today and decided to do it a second time and record it. The reason for the camera recording is because of a wifi error that has been going on for a week or so.

  17. Hey, this pony game has just been announced. It takes inspiration of the atmospheric indie platformer games like Limbo. It's worth a look

  18. joanro
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    So today is the brony meeting I wanted to go to. I'm nervous about going, but I still want to go. I don't like that it is more than a 30 minute drive from where I live. I'm not used to driving so far...I know it's not really that far, but it seems far to me. Everything seems far to me though because I almost never leave the city I live in. Well, we will see how it goes, I guess.


    So, I did end up going to the meeting after all. It would have been easy for me to back out, but I'm proud myself for going if nothing else. We met up at a place called Potbellys which I had never been to before. I ended up buying a sandwich even though I wasn't that hungry. The members seemed pretty nice, so that was good. There weren't too many awkward moments for me. Being new there, I kind of wish they would have asked me who my favorite pony was though as I was thinking about my answer would be all day(I probably would have said Twilight, Rarity, or Fluttershy). After the sandwich shop, we headed out to a comic book shop where the meeting would be held. After talking for a bit, we then played a game called Bring Your Own Book using MLP books or comics. All in all, it was a positive experience. It was neat meeting other bronies outside of the internet, but it sort of confirmed that maybe I am not as big fan of MLP as other people who like the show. 

    I think it would be kind of cool to start my own club. I feel like the areas(the mid-cities) in between Dallas and Fort-Worth are kind of neglected when it comes to clubs and groups that are located in the area. Of course, this is me just thinking out aloud. I probably wouldn't be able to start up something like that anyway. 

  19. In my honest opinion E3 2017 sucked and failed and the reason why is because A LOT  games were missing from this year's E3 that were teased over this past couple of years. So here is the list of games missing from this years E3. Im hoping that they make appearance next year's E3

    • Borderlands 3
    • Last of Us part II
    • Bestheda's 2 New IPs
    • Project Louisiana  from Obsidian
    • Untitled Visceral Star Wars Game
    •  Bloodborne 2
    • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Sucker Punch's New IP
    • Dreams from Media Molecule
    • Deep Down


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    Hey everyone!

    I know it's been awhile since I last did a blog. I thought I'd post a list of some of the games that caught my interest at E3. It doesn't mean I'll buy them all but I'll at least look more into them, some I do want more then others.

    -Need For Speed: Payback



    -Sea of Thieves


    -Fable Fortune

    -Skyrim Switch

    -The Crew 2

    -Skull & Bones

    -South Park (the console & phone game)

    -Assassin's Creed Origins

    -Beyond Good & Evil 2

    -Detroit Become Human (I reserved this game, I want! T_T )

    -Fire Emblem Warriors


    -Splatoon 2

    -Super Mario Odyssey

    -Star Wars Battlefront 2

  20.   There's something else about me I feel I have to bring up to you lot. Which I only do so in the knowledge that I'll more than likely never meet any of you, and in the rare case that I do, you would have likely forgotten about this blog by then.

      I find that one of the most important things is to have a definition of yourself, a sort of hole to peg yourself into. Because when you know what you are, how you tend to react to things, both good & bad sides of you then you can come to terms with yourself & start accepting and hopefully loving yourself for it.

      I feel I need to come out of the closet about this.


         ...I'm a Tsundere.

     And a male tsundere at that! A rare breed, I must say! Hoh~*


        It's just... well, if your not the sort to know what that term means... and how could you not, I would think most of everyone on these Internets is a hopeless nerd in some fashion. Don't go looking for examples of what a Tsundere is! Yes. By all means, I am saying that you should take my definition of the term and only my definition!

      Because everyone else's is just stupid!

       Eh... I GUESS I'll tell you what popular culture THINKS is a Tsundere. If I have to... If only to show you where everyone else goes wrong with it.

       A Tsundere is a personality trope. A character archetype, most common in Anime... japanese animation, basically. It seems the common misconception is that a Tsundere is somebody who doesn't warm up to others fast. Someone who starts out openly hostile because of their somehow "cute" awkwardness means they berate or even physically abuse those who they want to get closer to. Because, why yes, that makes perfect sense that a character treat someone they see as a romantic possibility by constantly nagging & berating every single detail they get wrong and even grabbing them by the neck to ram their face into the nearest hard surface or even drop-kicking them like a hackysack! Do all you anime fans know what happens in REAL LIFE when you constantly antagonize, berate, abuse and intentionally scold those you wish to love? You wind up pushing everyone else away and dying alone! And deserving it!

      No sane person would ever treat someone they want to keep around with disdain!

       ...well... unless you simply don't know any other way & have some deep-seated issues.

       That's what a tsundere does. They start off from a place of hatred. Because that's what they work with. They've seen or been the target of hatred before, know others are fully capable of meeting them with just as much and therefore start off distrusting & judgemental of others. But that's not the farthest the rabbit hole goes down. Intrinsically, because a tsundere judges so much, they feel like they don't deserve to be met with genuine, positive emotions like Love that doesn't come from ulterior motives, like sex or otherwise taking advantage of them. So yes, a Tsundere is someone who hates themselves, yet holds a double, contradicting standard to pretty much everything around them. So yes, pretty much scum of the earth. Bipolar could be one way of describing it. But that term gets bandied around far too much. How many times have I heard somebody complain that "Oh, she's just being bipolar!" Tch, like that excuses abusing others...  And yes, that basically means that anime is getting off with making fun of a mental issue in their shows because "Oh, har-har! She's being mean to some pervy guy! That's unexpected!!"

       You... you don't abuse people if you don't want to be alone... but... some people can't stop themselves. Think we all know some people like that. Like some jerkhole in the grocery store parking lot that looses his cool for whatever reason. The sad part is that Anime-Tsundere isn't too far off from real life in that regard. Though, oh, I don't know, I like to think most are aware that swatting people, punching them flat to the ground, tail-whipping them into walls, or otherwise drawing blood would...oh, I dunno... GET YOU ARRESTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER IN REAL LIFE!!!

        Some just can't help themselves. It's in human nature after all to judge, even if opinions are as changeable as any other whims or decisions. I'm a nitpicker myself, you show me some of your work, and before I can stop myself I can spew out several dozen other things you could change or how this relates to that part of it or whatever. The popular view of what a tsundere is is that all the abuse, all the intentional efforts to keep you away somehow makes the fact that they're softer & more vulnerable inside all that much more attractive. But that's idolizing dysfunction. That doesn't make the harsh words once said go away.

      We all put up our walls I suppose. Just mine are so heavy that I can not only feel them but practically name them. I know, that in text here I may sound more open or perpetually giddy or erstwhile jocular, but that's because in real life... I don't really talk much. Well, short of embarrassed rambling when I don't know what I'm on about. Sure, get me on a topic I know something about & I can be excited, but I will pretty much refuse any attempts to befriend me in real life, since its so impossible for me to accept that you'd actually want to be around me.

      That's what being a Tsundere is really about. We don't abuse you, we just poke you with a ten-foot-pole and sneer as we scoot you away to a suitable distance. You're stressing me out & offending me just by standing in front of me, so go away already! ...but I'm also scared, lonely & incredibly afraid so... please don't leave me... I don't need you to tell me what to do! I already harp on myself constantly about everything! I don't care about you!...but I do want you to care about me... since I can't do it for myself...


      I find that amusing too. The ever-famous tsundere line of "Baka" translates to "Stupid." Yet somehow it's not quite as endearing if I just say that you're stupid repeatedly! Almost as if y'all are more attracted to the concept rather than the actual person who has high standards that you have to work though! A tsundere isn't about being abusive, it's not just about being hyper-critical... it's about being hyper-defensive. It's about fully expecting everyone you meet out on the street to greet you with a punch in the face... then getting offended when they don't meet up with your violent norm. I like to think that a major part of being a tsundere is adding a qualifier to pretty much everything you say & do... of happiness just not being a natural state for you. ...though it's not like I'm telling you all this for any reason. Not like knowing me any better is gonna help either of us. ...and no... there's no particular reason I'm using this color text for any reason. Well... maybe... but I don't gotta hold your hand for this!


           I pout so easily though tightened lips that It's no doubt my go-to expression. Sometimes I can just feel a healthy Baka welling up in my throat, even if I'm not the slightest bit japanese myself.

      I'm no Japanese Schoolgirl, but I'm still quite convinced that I can be "ruined for marriage." I'm no violent type, I've never risen a hand in anger for anything bigger than a bug... but... if you were to...theoretically  walk in on me changing... you'll be deserving blows from every hard object I can get my hands on!


        I just feel it's important to know what you can call yourself. While... uh, sure, maybe I would like to strike up a relationship, given the chance... It's not like I started this blog so you could give me attention or anything! It's not like I'm desperate or anything! Sure, if you're some short-minded idiot who gets some sort of simple amusement outta some shmuck like me typing for little to no reason, you go ahead! Far be it from me to stop you from being a dummy, dummy!

      "Brohooves", "Likes" Pssht! Such shallow, unimportant buttons that don't even mean anything! ...but do leave a comment. It's not like I don't want to talk to you or anything! Even if its clear it won't mean anything. Like, I mean... do what you want or whatever, I gotta tell you what to do?

      ...No! I'm not playing this up! I talk like this all the time! What, you think I'm some trained monkey for you? Some kinda clown or somethin'? Maybe I want to do this of my own accord, you know! Don't think you know me! I don't know me! I'm a unique & special snowflake! I'm not some cog in your machine!!

          *devolves into frantic, unintelligible gesturing*