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You're cos playing as that?

This is a companion piece to my article on the nerd culture. I don't go to many conventions, but I have been to a few MLP cons in the past few years. At these cons I have seen people cos playing as Dr. Who, the Assassin's Creed guy, Storm Troopers, and Master Chief from Halo. I have to wonder why people are doing this. Keep in mind that these are MLP conventions, not general “nerd” conventions. So why do people cos play as non MLP characters?   The reason I come up with is that these people wa

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Weird stuff that happens to me.

I seem to have an inability to interact socially on a day to day basis. I have a lot of examples that I will have to post later. But an odd thing I want to mention is this. A lot of times when I order food at a fast food restaurant the server at the counter will put my food in a bag to go when I intended to eat it there. So I have to take my bag to a table and look stupid. I know it's a strange thing. Does the server look at me and think, "oh, this guy is in a hurry, he wants it to go." Does any

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


The Undateables

There is a British TV show called The Undatables where people with physical or mental disabilities are trying to find a date. It’s kind of sad and I feel sorry for these people because I know what it’s like. Specifically, there are a few people who were good looking but then they had some kind of accident or illness that left them disfigured or disabled. These people talk about how they had no trouble getting dates until their illness. There was one woman who was beautiful, then she had mos

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Stop saying "literally"!

Just stop! If you think you need to use it, you are probably wrong. The incorrect use of the word “literally” has become an epidemic. It keeps getting worse. I seem to hear it every day. I have started keeping track each time I hear it. It is 11:30 am and I have heard it 4 times today! I listen to a couple of radio programs, and I know one of the guys I listen to uses it a lot. I know that biases my sample, but I still hear it from others as well.   The site www.dictionary.com has 4 definition

Statistical Analysis of Dice Rolls in Gaming

probability.pdf   The attached pdf is the same as the post below, but with the histogram pictures.   I like to do mathematical models and analyses of gaming, and I was thinking of this one lately.   Dungeons and Dragons Next has what they call an “advantage” and “disadvantage” system. For an advantage, the player rolls 2d20 and keeps the favorable roll. For a disadvantage, the player rolls 2d20 and keeps the unfavorable roll.   Advantage System If the player needs the number n to succee

She Ra ideas

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power season 2 is starting soon. I like that cartoons in recent years have story arcs that go for an entire season. For shows in the past each episode would be a stand alone story and there was little or no development. The new She Ra has interesting characters and a story line that keeps you coming back. This means there must be an ultimate end and wrap up of the story. How long that can go on is the question. Here are my thoughts on how the show could go for the ne

She Ra fan fic

I have only seen 7 episodes so far, but I had to write this scene. I hope you like it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                 The transport craft’s engines whined as Adora pushed the throttle forward. There was a thump on the roof as Catra landed on it, having jumped from the dock. She wasn’t about to let Adora get away from her. Catra opened the top hatch and jumped inside, landing on her fe

Sense of smell/taste experiment

I had a bad cold the past few days and I lost my sense of smell and taste. But I learned some things, for science! First, I ate some jalepeños. No taste but I felt the hot. The next day, I ate wasabi. I could not taste it but it still burned my nose, which is weird. Then today we unloaded ammonia at work. I could not smell it, but it definitely burned when I breathed some. Then, at home, I had a bottle of organic vinegar, which is supposed to be good for you. You're supposed to drink a little of

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


RPG Rants

Random Stat Generation   I do not like games where you randomly determine your character's statistics. Dungeons and Dragons is the most famous example of this, and that is the game I will be talking about for the most part. There is a fatal flaw in creating a character this way. The problem is you could end up rolling a really bad character. Who wants to play a character with bad stats? Some will claim that this is not a problem because you could also roll a character with really good stats. B

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Proof that irrational numbers cannot have repeating decimals.

Assertion: Irrational numbers have decimal digits that do not repeat, nor do they have a pattern of digits that repeat. An irrational number cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integers.  Proof by contradiction. Assume that the irrational number does have a repeating pattern of decimals. First, consider an assumed irrational number x = a1a2•••am . am+1•••am+l•••x1x2•••xn•••x1x2•••xn••• Where the digits a1a2•••am are the part of the number greater than one. Note the decima

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Looking for new friends.

I'm looking for new friends, people who share my hobbies, interests, values, and beliefs. I have basically turned away from my old friends, mostly because I have nothing in common with them. A couple of them are married. As some of you know when your friends get married it means they are no longer your friends. It means every free moment of their lives is dedicated to their family. No more hanging out, no more playing games, no more having fun.   Besides that, none of my friends are interested

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Logic and Politics, Chapter 1

Logic And Society Let us review some problems in logic. If it is assumed that “society” must provide a service to a person, then how far must society go to provide that service? Also, if a person is entitled to something, then do they have an obligation to society? How do you determine the limits of that obligation? Take, for example, providing health care. How is health care defined? Must minor injuries be treated, or only major conditions? Go back to basic logic, meaning, model the s

Learn to write.

There should be a law: You can't post on the internet unless you know basic grammar. You should know the difference between the following: you're and your its and it's their, there, and they're There is a difference between a typo and being stupid. It's not all of you, but it does seem to be a lot of you. How do you not know how to put a coherent thought together? You can't tell me what you typed makes sense to you. Try using punctuation. Put only one thought in a sentence. Separate concepts

Is there really a "nerd" culture?

Something has been bothering me for a while. This whole idea of the “nerd” sub culture. It used to be that a nerd was someone who worked with computers and math, and participated in a few obscure hobbies in some dank room on Friday nights. But now “nerd” is the new hipster. Everyone is a nerd now. I've seen people call themselves a nerd because they watch the History channel. The term is meaningless. If everyone is a nerd then no one is.   I'd like to focus the term down to describe people who

In defense of power gaming.

Power gaming is defined as optimizing the rules of a role playing game in order to create the most powerful character possible. The implication is that this is done with no regard to the story of the game. In other words, the player cares about being powerful and does not care if it makes sense in terms of the plot of the game. Power gamers are often derided and ridiculed. Why? It irks me that people criticize players who do nothing more than read the rules and strategize.   Power gaming, also

How I got into FIM

It looks like I never explained how I got into MLP, so with the show ending I figured now is a good time to do that. I will also explain what the show means to me and try to understand why it has become a phenomenon. I think the year was 2012. I know I had gone to BronyCan in 2013 after going to BronyCon, and I don’t remember how many BronyCons I had been to before that. But I guess the exact year doesn’t matter. I was visiting with a friend in Baltimore (of all places!). I had brought 2 ot

Horror Movies Suck

I am working on a hypothesis that horror movies suck. Even fans of horror admit that most of the movies suck. To support this idea, I have compiled scores from Rotten Tomatoes . I plotted the movie score vs release year. I wasn't able to get the movie titles on the charts, but you can cross reference the year with the movies listed in Wikipedia. So far, I look at Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and for a comparison Star Trek. I then list what ratio of the movies got a scor

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Gun Rights Post 2

A response to questions from my earlier post http://mlpforums.com/blog/1004/entry-11356-gun-control-does-not-work/   There are already laws that state that a person can be denied the right to own guns if they are declared, by a court, to be mentally incompetent (or whatever the proper legal term is). The point is, they deserve their day in court. I'm not against a mentally ill person, having proper legal representation, having certain of their rights curtailed to protect themselves and others.

Gun control does not work.

Gun control advocates believe that restricting the types of guns available will have an effect on crimes committed with guns. This idea is untrue. The type of gun used has very little effect on the outcome of the crime. To understand this, we first have to understand the different types of crime that might involve a gun, and we have to understand the different types of guns that exist. Foot notes are provided for some interesting data, but for now we shall look at the argument from a theoretical

Grammar, "this" versus "next."

Assume it is Friday, the 1 st of the month. What does it mean when someone says, “this weekend?” Are they talking about tomorrow, the 2 nd? What if it is Monday, the 28 th and someone asked, “What did you do this weekend?” Do they mean yesterday, the 27 th? Surely not, because in one case “this” means the upcoming weekend, while in the other case it would mean the past weekend. In fact, it makes no sense to say “this X” unless you are in X.   Consider the logic. If you say, “this year” you mea

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Game Puzzle Analysis: Levers and Wheels

levers and wheels.pdf   I wrote up another mathematical analysis of a puzzle I have seen in video games. I wrote the analysis in Latex and created a pdf. I have tried attaching the pdf to this post. I thought there used to be a way to post Latex typesetting here, but I don't see how to do that now. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do that. For now, try downloading the pdf.

Game Mathematical Analysis 3

I was reading some old rpg books and they had this rule: if a monk hits he has a 75% chance of stunning his target and a 25% chance of killing it. This is a grammar and math issue. The conjunction "and" means both. Therefore if the monk hits then he rolls % dice to see if he stuns. He then rolls % dice again, regardless of the results of the stun roll, to see if he kills. So he rolls the % dice two times, and determines the stun and kill rolls separately. How does the math work on this