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A pi based counting system.

I came up with a pi based counting system. The place holders are thus   ... pi^3, pi^2, pi^1, pi^0, pi^-1, pi^-2 ...   The digits are 0, 1, 2, 3. So you count 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, etc just like you would count in a four based system. Note, however, that 10 etc are irrational, because they contain multiples of pi. It's a lot like a four based but pi instead. Since pi is irrational, the only "rational" numbers in this system are integer numbers of pi, and 1, 2, 3 themselves. But a

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


"Digital download" is a bad descriptor.

Continuing in my line of grammar rants, I talk about the phrase "digital download" or "digital content." The problem is when the term "digital" is used to mean "...as opposed to content on physical disk." For example, a movie package might say "DVD, Bluray, and digital download."   The truth is DVD and Bluray are digital as well. Wikipedia defines digital as information being stored in discrete segments. People say "digital" when perhaps they should say "medialess." I have seen DVDs that say "

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


"Head canon" is an oxymoron!

I hate when people use words incorrectly. The term "head canon" does not make any sense. "Canon" does not mean "back story." The word "canon" is used in the religious context to basically mean official. Using the term for fiction, such as a television show, means that something is officially recognized by the owner of the intellectual property. The only people who have the authority to make something canon are people who own the product, or who have been officially licensed to produce material f

Gun Rights Post 2

A response to questions from my earlier post http://mlpforums.com/blog/1004/entry-11356-gun-control-does-not-work/   There are already laws that state that a person can be denied the right to own guns if they are declared, by a court, to be mentally incompetent (or whatever the proper legal term is). The point is, they deserve their day in court. I'm not against a mentally ill person, having proper legal representation, having certain of their rights curtailed to protect themselves and others.

Gun control does not work.

Gun control advocates believe that restricting the types of guns available will have an effect on crimes committed with guns. This idea is untrue. The type of gun used has very little effect on the outcome of the crime. To understand this, we first have to understand the different types of crime that might involve a gun, and we have to understand the different types of guns that exist. Foot notes are provided for some interesting data, but for now we shall look at the argument from a theoretical

Is there really a "nerd" culture?

Something has been bothering me for a while. This whole idea of the “nerd” sub culture. It used to be that a nerd was someone who worked with computers and math, and participated in a few obscure hobbies in some dank room on Friday nights. But now “nerd” is the new hipster. Everyone is a nerd now. I've seen people call themselves a nerd because they watch the History channel. The term is meaningless. If everyone is a nerd then no one is.   I'd like to focus the term down to describe people who

Weird stuff that happens to me.

I seem to have an inability to interact socially on a day to day basis. I have a lot of examples that I will have to post later. But an odd thing I want to mention is this. A lot of times when I order food at a fast food restaurant the server at the counter will put my food in a bag to go when I intended to eat it there. So I have to take my bag to a table and look stupid. I know it's a strange thing. Does the server look at me and think, "oh, this guy is in a hurry, he wants it to go." Does any

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Feeling lonely.

I don't have any friends where I live now, in Canada. I took a job that pays a lot. Technically I have 5 friends from school, but I see them once in a year at most. Really there are 3 that I have seen in the past year. And even then, there is 1 that I have a lot in common with. We play video games and watch some cartoons. But I don't have any friends who would go to conventions.   When I go to cons I meet people who like cartoons as much as I do. It's nice to know those people exist but I wish

2nd Amendment Brony

2nd Amendment Brony


Learn to write.

There should be a law: You can't post on the internet unless you know basic grammar. You should know the difference between the following: you're and your its and it's their, there, and they're There is a difference between a typo and being stupid. It's not all of you, but it does seem to be a lot of you. How do you not know how to put a coherent thought together? You can't tell me what you typed makes sense to you. Try using punctuation. Put only one thought in a sentence. Separate concepts