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Here to plug things

Hey, so I haven't really been on here and probably won't be too active on here much. I only really come back here for nostalgia every once and a while. But since there were some cool people I did meet on here, guess I might as well give you methods if you want to still talk to me.

Here's my Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChikoritaCheez

And my Discord is ChikoritaCheezits#7476 




My Waifu Chart

So I saw that waifu charts were popular on Deviantart and decided "Hey why not make one too?"  They're pretty easy to make. There are easy templetes on the site myanimeharem if you feel weird enough to make one of your own. But yeah, here's mine. You may notice a pattern with the type of girls I prefer  




Da Return

So some of you may have noticed I've been inactive here and there. I left without much of a warning (geez, wonder how many people thought I died).   You see, I've gotten overloaded these last few months. I started college, which gave me tons to work on, got a new job, and have just been trying to improve my social skills by socializing outside the internet. Semester break is coming up so I may have more time to be on here, though I probably won't be as active as I used to be. I guess well I'm here, might as well go through my thoughts on everything that has happened since like early September when I left.   First elephant in the room is the election.......... Yeah I ain't touching this. Any of this! All I'm gonna say is I'm appalled at how both sides have been acting.   So the Nintendo Switch was announced during my absence. To be honest, that announcement was great timing because frankly their last direct wasn't very good. The Switch to me feels like what the Wii U wanted to be. Also that trailer markets way better than they have been the last few years. My only concern is if this a mobile/console hybrid, does that mean exclusive handhelds are gonna be axed? The bright side of that is that would mean all future Pokemon games would be console games.   Speaking of Pokemon, SUN AND MOON AXED HMS! YEEEES!! Oh, and the game is good. Does a lot of things different than previous games.   Oh and the rest of the MLP season? I left after Dungeons and Discord aired which I found good. Everything else in the season I found par for the course and the finale pretty much answers why the show has been reforming villains. Though I don't know what to think of the new Changeling designs.   Oh and in other news, Weird Al voices in his own cartoon. *insert Cheese Sandwich joke*   And that's all I have to say.




Whinny City Pony Con Recap!

Welcome back. I'm here to talk about stuff that went down with my at Whinny City Pony con.

I met a lot of people there. The best one for me was meeting Andrea Libman. I got to ask her some questions and she saw how loud I naturally am and said, "You don't even need a microphone." And later when I went to get her autograph, she recognized me from the panel. That right there just made me feel complete.

  Me meeting her.   Also, my birthday was over the weekend so I wanted her to say happy birthday to me in Pinkie Pie's voice. And she did. I couldn't record it unfortunately because the staff wouldn't let me but it's a moment that will be memorable later.     She later responded to me on Facebook when I talked about how great the con was on her page.   Another highlight was how social MA Larson was. At one point, me and my sister went to the gaming room and he was just socializing with the con goers. He even played Mario Kart with some of them.   Other than show staff, I met quite a few YouTubers. I ended up seeing ACRacebest, Saberspark, and PaleoSteno a lot. I even got their autographs. Also AC recorded me and my sister and we might show up on his vlog of the con whenever that goes up.   I got to meet Joshscorcher. He hosted a panel about video editing and how it works and it was small so a lot of us got to talk with him. It was exciting because he is one of my favorite YouTubers as of right now.   I also got to meet ilovekimpossiblealot. She had two panels. One where she talked about her review show and another where she interviewed MA Larson about his book. I got her autograph and a picture with her after the review panel.     I also got to participate in a Karaoke party. I sung Super Duper Party Pony because people always compare my voice to Cheese Sandwich. And when I sung, people at the con were telling me how much I sound like him. I take this as a compliment because they're comparing my voice to Weird Al   And now I will show you what I got there:     I got an adorable Cheese Sandwich plush, several autographs, and three posters of my top 3 favorite mane six. The plush seriously costed 75 bucks. Good thing I actually thought ahead and brought more money.   So yeah the con was fun.




Happy 20 Years Pokemon

Decided to make this blog to show tribute to my all time favorite video game series, Pokemon.   20 years this franchisee has ran showing no signs of stopping. I know I have fond memories of this game. I remember the first Pokemon game I owned: Pokemon Leafgreen. My sister got Firered on the same day I got mine and we both played. I remember on that play through over leveling my starter and anything else I caught was just an HM slave. Yeah, I was a stupid kid. However, I've gotten better at the games. I haven't been active a lot today because Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow were re-released on the 3DS virtual console and I've been spending most of the day playing those. I'm already 2 badges in. These things get addicting.   Now I shall talk about the anime. It's been running for nearly as long as the games. I wouldn't exactly call it the master piece of writing. The characters don't exactly have a whole lot of personality, the jokes are cheesy, and the episodes get repetitive. However, I have a little bit of a bias towards it for nostalgic reasons. Plus, some of the jokes are hilariously bad. I don't know how the anime is doing now because I don't keep up with it.   And well I'm at it I might as well talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon since they were just announced. Little is known about it from the Direct. There were just snips of their development shown. I will say I like the titles for some reason. It's kind of weird that they're already jumping into a new generation without a 3rd version though. But whatever.   Happy 20 years Pokemon.




Chikorita Reacts to his Old Posts 2: Status Updates

It's been a while since I've done a blog so uuuuh, what is there to do?

I know, let's react to some more old posts of mine! That should be fun!

Why am I doing this again? Well, it's an easy way to archive many of my old stuff. I've been a member on this forum since 2012 so I'm one of the most long lasting members here who haven't left or gotten banned. I've seen this very forum go through different generations of people. The community goes through a lot of trends. I remember how during 2014, the common thing with members was supporting your best ponies to some quite interesting results that I won't pull up since I don't like calling people out.

I'm not gonna pull up every status I made. Some of the stuff I've done and said in the past is left best in the past. I'm only gonna pull up my best ones kind of like a, 'Best of' anthology. So, let's get started!

This was the earliest interesting post I found which is surprisingly on the last page of my status update list. I've been on the forum for a year at that point. Did I really not make many statuses before them or was there a change causing me to not be able to see them anymore? Eh, I digress. Yes, I made a school presentation about bronies, Freshmen year was when I was very passionate about being a brony. I would sport pony shirts to school every day, wear Rainbow Dash headphones, and have brony wristbands. Surprisingly, I don't remember many people making fun of me. -_- I made this for my computer apps class. I don't even remember what the theme of these projects were. That second half of freshman year is kind of a blur to me.

That joke is still funny to this day.

Like I've mentioned before, my original display name was Brony4398. That name does not stick out and is kind of unoriginal. It's literally the word Brony followed by my birthday. During this time, I was trying to branch out and build an identity for myself on the forums. I was pondering names and wanted something pony related. I thought 'ChikoritaCheezits' because that's my name on other sites but again, not pony themed. I then decided to replace the Cheezits part with 'Brony' and the rest is history.

And now here I am with my iPhone 5c. It constantly tells me I'm low on storage even though I delete as many pointless photos and apps as I can. It then will lag on me and make me click stuff I didn't mean to. Apple is great isn't it?

NO! DON'T DO IT! IT'S A TRAP! Jk. I just don't value getting into a relationship as a top priority anymore. I'd rather build on friendships I have now then try to go farther with it. If the right girl comes along then maybe, but right now nah.

Fun Fact: This was posted before Rainbow Falls aired. And at this point, CheesePie is more likely to become cannon than that ship.

More like prepare for that episode to get bashed as much as Mare Do Well.

Spoilers: They didn't. They mostly talked about how annoying Trenderhoof was. I was kind of predicting a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob thing with the fandom but it turned that AJ and Rarity are better together
And that was my reaction before best episode even aired. I expressed my fanboying over the episode in a blog.

Warning: A lot of my statuses in 2014 are like this. Remember when I said it was a thing to fanboy over your best pony? Well these are just the many examples of that.

Seriously go through my status updates in 2014 and take a drink for every status I made that involved Pinkie in some way!
The comments are the funniest!

Eyup, I had that big of a reputation!

What's more annoying in this is that I said everypony.  I could go through more but I don't wanna be here all night. Just know that a lot of my post that year were like this.   Now this Pinkie fanboy is out!




Magic Tricks: The Claus Files

(This episode opens on the sky. It’s showing snow falling as the camera pans down to Diniville, showing the town covered in snow on a Winter afternoon. Kids are shown doing various snow related activities. We then pan to the Walker’s house, decorated for Christmas. It moves down to the basement as Mark is heard talking.)  
Mark: I have gathered you all here today to discuss the season’s biggest mystery: (pulls down an overhead curtain thing with Santa’s face on it) Santa Claus! (Willy and Emily are shown as the audience)   Willy: Ooooh, such mystery!   Mark: As we all know, every year Santa flies around the whole world in approximately an 8 hour time frame, can somehow fit down chimneys and has trained reindeer with flight. Now, I’m sure all of us have wondered how he can do any of this.   Emily: Not really. I just sort of assumed it was all some sort of crazy magic that only he can use.   Mark: Maybe so. Or maybe there’s another great mystery that’s something we never thought of.   Willy: Like maybe the reindeer are all the result of a nuclear disaster!’   Mark: I like where you’re going with this Willy!   Emily: But how would such fragile animals survive such an explosion?   Willy: Hey Danger Unicorn can.   Mark: It could be anything. This year, our goal is to come to the bottom of it!   Emily: It was our goal last year and look at how that turned out. Don’t you remember your so called interview Santa plan?   Mark: Hey, how was I supposed to know I was gonna fall asleep?

Emily: Well you should’ve put more sugar on your Christmas cookies!   Mark: I was saving them for Santa!   Willy: GUYS! It doesn’t matter that Mark couldn’t get it. That was last year. Let’s focus on finding the cause and effect of each of Santa’s doings. Or as I like to call it, the Clause and effect!   Emily: No puns please.   (The three kids are about to run upstairs from the basement when Moe opens the door.)   Moe: Whoa whoa kids. What have I told you about messing in the basement near my magic stuff?’   Mark: That we might accidentally make one of us disappear?   Moe: I was thinking more of accidentally chop one of you in half but that works too. What are you doing down here anyway?   Willy: We’re writing a report on Santa!   Moe (laughs): Why kids if you wanted a report on Santa, you could’ve just come to me. I know everything about the guy. In fact, I know the trade secret for how he does all that magic stuff. Come in close kids (the kids come in close). Santa is a magician.   (The kids look at him weird.)   Willy: What?   Moe: A magician.   (Still staring blankly.)   Mark: Dad, I think Santa has way more magic than a magician would ever have.   Moe: Well Santa is one of the top magicians in the world. He even made Magic Monthly (Pulls up Christmas issue of Magic Monthly with Santa on the cover.)   Emily: That’s just a model in a Santa suit.   Moe: What proof do you have?   Emily: What proof do you have?   Moe: Look, I’m telling you Santa is a magician.   Mark: Don’t be stupid Dad. We’ve got enough of those kinds of Dads.   Moe: Hey I’m not stupid I’m just arrogant!   Mark: Okay Dad. We’re gonna go get more data for this report (The kids run off).   Moe: OKAY BUT WHEN YOU LEARN THE TRUTH DON’T COME CRYING TO ME!   (The kids are walking out of the house in their snow gear.)   Mark (Sarcastic tone): Well that sure helped.   Emily: That wasn’t even real information.   Willy: Calm down guys that was just Mark’s dad. Maybe my dad can give us more useful information. He’s more serious.   (Cuts to Wally)   Wally: He’s a magician.   Willy: Aw crackers.   Emily: Aw crackers?   Willy: Yeah, it’s my new catchphrase.   Emily: That’s not a very creative catchphrase.   Willy: What? I love crackers.   Mark: Calm down. We haven’t asked Emily’s folks yet.   (Cuts to Ellen)   Ellen: Yep. He’s a magician.   Emily: AW CRACKERS!   Willy: HEY! My catchphrase. I should sue. I hope you have a good lawyer Emily. Because the only lawyers you’ll find at this time of year are total clowns.   (Cameron enters)   Cameron: I heard that!   Emily: Look, mom keeps saying that Santa is a magician.   Cameron (shrugs): Welp, can’t argue with your mother (Walks off).   Mark: That didn’t work.   Willy: Hey, calm your face. I’m sure we can get some useful information at school.
I’m sure some of the other kids have caught at least a glimpse of Santa.   (Cut to the next day at school where the three kids walk in and see what looks to be a debate. The lights go off and a spotlight shows on Ms. Strong.)   Ms. Strong (In debate announcer voice): And now, we begin the debate on the most serious issue in today’s society: Is Santa Claus real or not? We now turn to our defendant, Sophie Rottle who will be defending his existence against Jared Shack. Sophie, you may begin.   (Spotlight shines on Sophie and Jared.)   Sophie: Thank you. I say Santa is real. And yes, I have evidence. Exhibit A! (Projects picture of cookie.) This photo was taken on Christmas Eve last year. As you can see, the cookie looks as if it was just baked. I now bring your attention to Exhibit B (Projects a school photo of Mark wearing a dorky suit).   Students: GASP!   (Mark face palms.)   Sophie: Oopsie, wrong photo. Next slide Billy (Slide changes to a picture of a now half eaten cookie). This photo was taken the very next morning, and it is now eaten. And since it couldn't have just magically eaten itself, I have come to the conclusion that i must have been Santa.   Jared: OBJECTION! You don’t know who ate the cookie. It could have been your parents, your butler or your dog.   Sophie: OBJECTION! I don’t even have a dog   Jared: OBJECTION! What about your guard dogs? All rich people gave guard dogs.   Sophie: OBJECTION! You’re being stereotypical. We don’t have guard dogs. We have alligators in the moat.   (Cuts to main characters.)   Mark: Objection, this isn’t helping at all.   Emily: Where should we go now.   Willy: Maybe going door to door will help. We should get more fair responses that way.   (Cuts back to debate.)   Sophie: And my alligators surely have seen Santa.   Jared: How would you know?   (Cuts to their neighborhood.)   Mark: Alright Willy, you got the notes to take?   Willy: Yes.   Mark: Emily are your interrogating skills set up?   Emily (In interrogating voice): Why would you need to ask if they’re ready. Of course they are!   Mark: Alright, let’s go find Santa!   (Cue montage)   Person 1: Sorry, I’m usually asleep when Santa comes (closes door).   Person 2: Sorry we don’t celebrate Christmas (There is a Menorah in her house. She closes the door).   Person 3: Yeah I don’t believe in Santa (Cuts to kids who have unamused faces and close the door on him).   Person 4: Santa? I think I saw him at the mall (Cuts to kids with happy faces. They close the door).   Mark: This is perfect! Santa is at the mall.   Emily: I thought those were just one of his helpers.   Mark: Yes, but that means he has connections with him. We can just question him to get all the answers.   Willy: Don’t you think it was rude to slam the door on those last two people?   Mark: I see my Dad do it to girl scouts and people holding books all the time.   (Cuts to the Diniville mall where Denise drives the kids there. They enter the mall.)   Denise: Now hopefully the line for Santa won’t be too long. I need to finish up some shopping. You know how your Dad is about wanting that new top hat. And you know how Ronald is about wanting that bebe gun.   Willy: Won’t he shoot his eye out or something?   Mark: Oh trust me, he’s trained.   (Cuts to Ronald in some combat training in the house.)   (Cuts back. They get to the line. It looks short.)   Denise: Oh good there’s only one family here (They get in line. The next person goes somewhere else and some other kid gets on Santa’s lap).   Denise: What’s going on? What’s this line for?   Person in front: This is to see Santa.   Denise: Then why did that kid cut?   Person in front: Because he was next?   Denise: Wait what?   Person in front (laughs): Oh you thought we were next. Oh no. This is just where the line starts. It continues over there (Points to the line going all around the mall, complete with a line concession stand, line bathroom break, and special line tents, blankets and pillows given out for free).   Denise (sigh): I hate Christmas.   Willy: Don’t worry, I know how to make this line move faster.   Emily: How exactly?   (Title card comes up saying, “1 hour later” with Willy’s voice saying just that.)   (Cuts back to them. Nothing happened.)   Willy: Aw man that always works!   (There is another montage of them waiting in line with Denise growing even more tired of all the waiting. They stop for bathroom breaks and eat in the lines. When the montage ends, the women in front of them is talking.)   Person in front: And that’s the story of all of our family’s Christmases for the past 9 years. It was made a whole lot better thanks to my little angel Tom (The son looks bored).   Tom (whispers to the kids): That’s nothing. He told the story of my entire life to someone in line for a roller coaster.   Person in front: Oh don’t get me started on that.   Tom: And I got her started.   Person in front: It all started when-   Voice from offscreen: You guys are next.   Tom: Yay! (Runs up to Santa.)   Person in front: Oh he is so adorable. Everything about him is wonderful.   Denise (mumbles): And now I know everything about him. So much that it caused me to not have time to shop.   (Goes down to kids.)   Mark: We’re next. We got everything down?   Willy and Emily: Yes!   (Tom comes down from Santa’s lap.)   Tom: Thank you Santa!   Person in front: I hope we meet again. Then I can tell you Tom’s entire life!   Denise (Sarcastically mumbles): I’ll so be looking forward to that.   (The three kids run up on Santa’s lap. Their notes are ready.)   Mall Santa: Whoa! Calm down kids.   Mark: Sorry, we’re just so excited to see you!   Emily: We’ve been curious about you for years!   Willy: And now this is the moment we find out!   Mall Santa: Uh yes. So anyways, what do you want for Christmas?   Mark: Didn’t we just say? We want to know all your secrets.   Mall Santa: Secrets?   Emily: How do you do all the amazing things you do on Christmas Eve?   Mark: How do you fit down the chimney?   Emily: How do you teach reindeer how to fly?   Mark: How do you get around the world so quickly?   Emily: How do you get in houses without waking people up?   Willy: Can I have a pony for Christmas?   (Mark and Emily look at Willy.)   Willy: What? He asked what we wanted.   Mall Santa: Well uuuh, the pony will be hard to fit in my sleigh.   Willy: Aw cracke- (Emily taps him and gives him the, “no” look.)   Mall Santa: And as for the others, uuuh magic?   Emily: Hmm, you seemed very hesitant and confused to answer sincerely.   Mall Santa: Well you see uuuh, it came to me fast and uuuuh.   Emily: Are you sure you’re Santa?   Mall Santa: Well uuh ho ho ho of course I am.   Emily: Then why aren’t you busy making toys?   Mall Santa: Uuuuh, I’m on break?   (A breeze comes through the mall and blows off his beard and hat. All the kids gasp.)   Mark: You’re not Santa!   Emily: You’re a fake!   Willy: That means there’s still hope I can get my pony!   (Mark and Emily look at him.)   Willy: Whaaaat?   (Cuts over to Mark’s front yard where the three kids are now building a snowman.)   Emily: I can’t believe it? Why wouldn’t Santa nor any of his helpers come to the mall? Did they cancel last minute? Did they have to go to another mall?   Mark: I just can’t believe we didn’t get any information. That guy clearly didn’t have any connections. Why would he do this to us?   Willy: Maybe it’s just that Santa is not real after all.   (They all go into a collective group laugh.)   Mark: That’s a good one Willy.   Willy: I try.   Mark: Well we can’t give up! We can still get some information on Santa.   Willy: But we’ve tried everything. We’ve searched everywhere.   Mark: We haven’t searched on the internet yet.   (Cuts to them in Mark’s room on a computer. Mark turns it on and some sleeping and snoring sound effects play.)   Emily: What’s that?   Mark: Dang it! Ronald hit record on my webcam while I was sleeping again! I should delete those at some point.   Emily: Not right now. We must focus on the task at hand.   Emily: Okay, how should we go about the research?   Mark: Now, in order to research websites, we have to look for accurate, official sources that have well thought out proof and research from a first hand source and-   Wally: Ooooh! Here’s a site called Santaistotallyreal.com! (Pushes Mark out of the way to click on the site.) They claim to have seriously talked to Santa and have all the information, including actual interviews with him. Look, here’s one now! (He clicks on it.)   (Video shows a poorly shot, clearly fake interview with someone clearly in a Santa suit.)   Interviewer: So Santa, how do you do all that stuff?   Fake Santa: Oh that’s easy, I buy all the cool gear to make all the magical stuff work. But sadly, all of it runs on a bill. So I’ll need your help. Donate 5 dollars to Santaistotallyreal.com to help pay for my magic stuff (beard falls off but he quickly puts it on. Video ends. Kids just look at it in shock.)   Emily: Wow, and I thought the mall Santa was a phony.   Mark: Don’t be down guys. Let’s see what else we could find in the gigantic world of the internet.   (After a while of searching they all look defeated.)   Emily: I can’t believe we didn’t find anything.   Willy: Yeah. All we found were long debates on if Santa is real or not and encyclopedia articles that say different things.   Mark: That Santa tracker looked pretty promising.   Emily: Yeah but I doubt Santa would want anyone tracking him.   (They sigh.)   Emily: Wait a second Willy. Doesn’t your brother have anything about Santa? He’s smart, he could figure it out.   Willy: He’s currently having an existential crisis over if Santa is real or not (As he’s saying this, it shows him in his room curled up and sucking his thumb.)   Emily (Sigh): well I guess there’s no hope then.   (The three kids look sad and down. There is a sad montage of them walking down the street looking defeated and getting more sad when they see Santa billboards. They then pass a store with dark clothing and ski masks. This gives Mark an idea.)   Mark (Gasp): I’ve got it!   Willy and Emily: What?   Mark: Remember how my Santa stakeout last year failed?   Emily: Yeah?   Mark: well why don’t we try it again. This time together.   Willy: Hey that seems good. We can keep each other awake.   Emily: But Santa only comes when you’re asleep. How is he gonna come?   Mark: Hmmm, that’s it! The recording on my computer! I’ll just turn it on at full volume and the whole house and Santa will think I’m asleep.   Emily: Perfect!   Mark: Alright here’s the plan, we’re going to- (They huddle close together with only whispers heard.)   (Cut to the night of Christmas Eve. Mark is in his bed with Moe and Denise wishing him gold night.)   Moe: Good night my little magician in training. I Hope your Christmas is magical.   Denise: Hopefully Santa will bring you lots of toys (kisses Mark on the cheek). See you in the morning. (They both leave the room and close the door. They are then heard walking to their room and going to bed. Once they fall asleep, Mark runs to his computer and plays the sleeping sound effect and sneaks down to the living room. Once down there, Ronald approaches him.)   Mark (Whispering): Ronald, you’re waiting up too?   (Ronald nods.)   Mark: Is it to keep me up or is it to see your new bebe gun live?   (Ronald pulls out a tiny latter.)   Mark: The latter? I see. Oh right, I should get Willy and Emily.   (Mark walks to the window. Willy and Emily. Are waiting there and Willy brought Piper. He opens the door and lets them in.)   Mark: You brought Piper?   Willy: he can keep arial search.   Mark: It’s Winter though.   Willy: He’s got a little coat (Piper is wearing a tiny coat and nods and flies up.)   Mark: Okay, who shall be the first to watch?   Willy and Emily: Not it!   Mark: Dang it!   (Cue another montage of them taking sleeping shifts while waiting. Piper is up in the sky getting progressively tired. After a while when Mark is awake, he’s about to fall asleep when suddenly, he hears sleigh bells.)   Mark: Gasp! (Wakes up Willy and Emily. They hear the bells too.)   Mark: I think it’s Santa! Hide!   (They all hide under the couch in the living room. They watch as Santa comes down the chimney in a red suit and a red magician hat. He takes off the hat and gets a table out of his sack. He puts the hat on the table and starts pulling presents out of it and putting them on the table.)   Emily: Whoa, he really is a magician.   Mark: Our parents were right.   Willy: Maybe he can pull a pony out of that hat.   (They look at him.)   Willy: Sorry, wistful thinking.   Mark: A- A- A- Aaaaah-   (Willy and Emily cover up his nose and it looks like he stops.)   Mark: Aaaah. Gasp A- A- CHOOOOOO! (The sneeze blows him out of the coach. Santa spots him.)   Mark (Gasp): Uuuh, fancy meeting you here Santa. I have a logical explanation for why I’m awake heh heh.   (Willy comes out.)   Willy: We have milk and cookies for you if that makes you feel any better.   (Emily comes out.)   Emily: Willy!   Willy: Hey, our cover was already blown.   (Santa looks at all of them suspiciously.)   Emily: Look, we’re sorry we’re awake.   Willy: And that we aren’t at our houses.   Mark: We just so wanted to know all about you.   Emily: The mysterious things you do is an inspiration to us all.   Willy: You can give us coal if you have to.   Mark: We made a big mistake.   All three of them: We’re sorry!   (Santa still looks at them. After a moment, he starts laughing.)   Mark: Huh?   Santa: Oh silly children, I already knew that you were trying to learn about me. I see everything remember?   Emily: Oh yeah. Wow when you put it that way, that sounds creepy.   Santa: I’m FBI approved. Anyway, I’ve been observing you guys’s journey in trying to learn about me and felt so sorry for you, I’ve decided to throw you a bone.   Mark: But haven’t other kids ever wanted to learn about you?   Santa: Well those kids wouldn’t understand. You see, I’m a magician.   Willy: Yeah, we kind of gathered that.   Santa: But I’m a special kind of magician. I’m one where only magicians and families of magicians can know I’m one.   Mark: Ah so that’s why our parents kept telling us that.   Santa: I’m at a higher level of experience than all magicians. Throughout the years, I’ve learned many tricks that require hundreds of years of experience to learn. Heck, I’m an elf. So of course I can live long enough to learn all these tricks (As he’s saying this, there is a montage of him performing all these tricks.)   Santa: I’ve even got a multiple assistants. There of course is my lovely assistant. Mrs. Claus.   (Cut to on the roof where Mrs. Claus is doing tricks with Piper.)   Mrs. Claus: I’ve still got it.   (Cuts back to the living room.)   Santa: And then there’s all my various elves who help me perform the most ultimate magic trick of all, bringing gifts to all the children of the world, who celebrate Christmas that is.   Mark: Wow, that’s amazing.   Emily: I could have never guessed.   Willy: I can’t wait to tell everyone at school this!   Santa: No no no kids. You can’t tell. You can only talk about my secrets with people who are related to magicians or are magicians. It’s a trade secret so I don’t get too much publicity, you know what I’m saying? That Magic Monthly magazine, totally not a model. Everyone just thinks it is.   Kids: Yeah, we understand.   Santa: Welp I’ve delivered your presents Mark.   Mark: Wow, I’m glad you’re not punishing us in any way.   Santa: By the way, you’ve each got one lump of coal with your presents for being up on Christmas. Sorry, top magician rules.   Kids: Aww.   (Ronald comes out of hiding looking like he wants something.)   Santa: Yes Ronald, I got you your Bebe gun.   (Ronald cheers then goes up to bed.)   Santa: Welp, you two better get home and MERRY CHRISTMAS!   (Santa goes back up the chimney and flies off.)   Willy: Welp we should be getting to bed now.   Emily: Night!   Mark: Night!   (As soon as they leave, Mark falls asleep on the couch until the next morning, where Moe and Denise find him there.)   Moe: Up waiting for Santa again?   Mark: Yeah you can say that.   Denise: Did you manage to learn anything about Santa?   Mark: Well let’s just say, the tricks he performs put on the best magic show ever.   (Screen pans out to see Santa flying in his sleigh.)   Santa: HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS! And Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and every other holiday. Oh what the heck, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!   The End




Motor Issues

(Note, I know I wrote a blog similar to this forever ago, I just decided to organize my thoughts into a free verse poem.)   Picture yourself with different hands. These particular hands look like any other hands on the outside. You can still pick up stuff and do basic hand exercises. But on the inside, it feels a whole lot different. It feels a lot more uncomfortable to do anything with them.   Imagine trying to draw a picture. You want to make it as pretty as can be. You have an idea of what you want it to look like and where everything goes but there’s just one problem, how do you draw it? You don’t want to just draw a stick figure, you want to draw more, like the ones who get paid to do it. You try and try to get it down perfectly, but there’s this shaking feeling in your hand that’s stopping you. It makes gripping a pencil uncomfortable, like some force is constantly tickling your hand to make it not hold straight. Your lines can’t come out straight, and your picture winds up looking like something a 7 year old drew.   Imagine trying to write a story. You want the presentation to look professional. You know you must have good handwriting to not only make it look more mature, but so you can read it easier. The moment you pick up your pencil, your hand starts shaking. You think, “Oh no, that shaky feeling is back.” You try to ignore it as you write your story, but it won’t stop. You finish your story and look as your handwriting comes off as sloppy and and not straight. You are now forced to type everything even if it’s just a little poem.   Imagine doing any other task most people learn at a certain age like driving, riding a bike or tying your shoes, but mastering it at a much later age than all of your peers. It pains you to see all your friends talking about how they finally rode a bike with two wheels or how they finally got their driver’s license, while you wonder if you ever will get your license or will be stuck taking the bus for the rest of your life. You then wonder all the things you could potentially be missing out on, all because your hands are constantly shaking. You know in your head they aren’t actually shaking but when you try to perform any actions with them, the feeling of it comes. It’s like a curse that you can’t ever cure.
Welcome to my world.




Magic Tricks: The Treating Hour

(Yes this is my Halloween blog. I decided to post this a few hours early because why not. There also may be a few grammatical errors with parentheses since I'm terrible with those. Anyway, on with the story!)   (The episode opens on the school, which is decorated for Halloween. Pans into Ms. Strong’s classroom, which is also decorated. Mark comes up to Willy and Emily.)   Mark: Morning.   Willy and Emily: Morning.   Mark: Magician again for Halloween?   Willy and Emily Yep.   Emily: Why do our parents keep making us dress like their jobs every year?   Mark: Something about following in their footsteps or something. Either way, it’s getting old.   Willy: I just want to be something truly scary.   Emily: Yeah. Because to be honest, magicians aren’t scary.   Mark: Except for that one in Danger Unicorn episode 65.   Emily: Oh yeah (cringes).

(Sophie is walking around holding flyers, looking down and handing out the flyers in a disappointed tone.)   Sophie (sigh): Come to the haunted house at my house. Full of frights.   Mark: What’s wrong?   Sophie: It’s just that every Halloween my dad makes me miss trick or treating to run his stupid haunted house.   Willy: Wait, you’ve never been trick or treating?   Sophie: Nope.   Willy (grabs her shoulders): I feel so sorry for you.   Sophie: It’s okay. Though it would be nice to see what the experience is like.   Mark: Hmmm, maybe we can take you along with us.   (Willy and Emily look at him confused.)   Sophie: Really? But what if my dad comes down and sees I’m not there?   Mark: We’ll make a decoy. Just to be safe, we won’t take you out the whole night, just part of it.   Sophie: That. Would. Be. AMAZING! (Hugs Mark and shakes him) Oh thank you thank you thank you! (skips off to her desk.)   Emily: That was… Strangely nice of you.   Mark: Well if you’ve been robbed of trick or treating your whole life, wouldn’t you want someone to be nice to you? She probably wants to see what it’s like to go out dressed up.   Willy: Speaking of getting dressed up, I wonder what Ms. Strong will be dressed up as?   Emily: Since she wears costumes all the time, she will probably be something amazing or something scary.   (From offscreen)
Ms. Strong: Good Morning class!   (There is a dramatic, horror buildup of her walking up to the classroom and going in. The dramatic buildup leads to her just looking like a normal teacher. The class screams as a result of it.)   Kid: WHAT HAS THIS HORRIFYING THING DONE TO MS. STRONG!?   Ms. Strong: It’s okay it’s okay. It’s me.   Emily: Why wear a costume on all days except Halloween?   Ms. Strong: Oh, I am dressed up. I see Halloween as dressing up as something you’re not. And a normal bland teacher is something I’m not.   (Class sigh in relief.)   Ms. Strong: Now, for your homework tonight, you will have to write a 10 page report on how Dracula is an excellent figure in the horror genre.   Class: Awwww.   Ms. Strong: Just kidding! I would never give homework on Halloween. You just go out and have fun. Now, let me sing you my Halloween song (pulls out a ukulele and starts playing music and singing).   Ms. Strong (singing): Ghosts and ghouls, don’t be fools! Take cover from those monsters. Come with me, because you see, Halloween is coming! Witches brew, mummies too, they are also scary! What’s that sound, beneath the ground, I think they are zombies! (During this whole song, her boyfriend David, comes in and starts playing along with his music.)   (The class is sitting there either confused or enjoying it.)   Mark (turns to camera): Just cut to tonight.   (The scene transitions that night. The 3 kids are at Mark’s house as it pans around the house.)   Willy: It was a dark and stormy night!   (Pans to the kids in magician costumes with their sacks.)   Emily: It better not be or else we can’t go trick or treating.   Denise (In an extra motherly voice): Okay. You kids have fun and be safe. You don’t want to get a splinter! (Pinches Mark’s cheek.)   Mark: Mom, stop pinching my cheeks! And how are we gonna get a splinter when we’re walking from door to door?   Denise (In her normal voice): You won’t. It’s my costume. I’m an overprotective mom.   Mark: Does that explain why I have never seen you wear that outfit.   Denise: It does. I hate it. Anyways, (Back to her motherly voice) Remember to avoid all the Danger Unicorn costumes. They are way too violent for you babies (she cringes).   (The three kids walk to the door where they see Moe waiting by the door.)   Willy: Oh are you passing out candy Mr. Walker?   Moe: Not exactly. I’m gonna give the trick or treaters a show!   Mark: Dad, they’re here for candy, not to see your act.   Moe: Well it’s trick or treat. And I will give them a trick alright (Pulls out magic gear). A magic trick that is!   Mark (rolls eyes): Okay see you later Dad (They leave).   (The three kids walk to where there are some porta potties.)   Mark: Oh look here. I have to go to the bathroom (Goes in one stall).   Willy: Uh me too (Goes in stall next to his).   Emily: Me three (Goes in stall next to Willy’s).   (They all come out wearing different costumes. They look at each other.)   Mark: Aw come on I thought my costume switch idea was original! But I gotta say I’m glad I finally get to go as Danger Unicorn! (Does an epic pose and then looks at Emily.)   Mark: Who are you supposed to be?   Emily: I’m Edger Ellen Poe.   Mark: Who?   Emily: I don’t know some writer who my mom was quoting poems from. I even brought a stuffed bird (shows stuffed raven). I think he likes birds (looks at Willy who is wearing a fake giant diaper and is holding a maraca as a rattle). And who are you supposed to be?   Willy: I’m Wayne, the most terrifying thing of all!   Mark: How’s your brother terrifying?   Willy: Have you seen his temper tantrums?   (Mark and Emily just look at him weirdly.)   Mark: Anyways let’s go out! (About to run off then Emily stops him.)   Emily: Don’t you remember? We have to get Sophie. You’re the one who said we would bring her along in school.   Mark (sighs): Okay let’s go.   (They walk down to Sophie’s mansion. It is decorated like a very accurate run down haunted house.)   Willy: Wow they know how to decorate.   (They walk to the front door to see Sophie running the ticket stand looking really bored. She sees the 3 kids walk by and gets excited.)   Sophie: You came!   Mark: Yep, I remembered completely (Emily gives him a look of, ‘No’).   Sophie: Let me just get my costume. (She runs in and quickly puts on her costume. She comes out with a sack and she is Purple Pastry.)   Sophie: I’m Purple Pastry, the damsel in distress that Danger Unicorn saves from the horrors of glue!   Mark (Looks down at his costume): Figures.   Emily: Let’s just head out.   Willy: Wait, what about your dad finding out?   Sophie: Oh yeah (Grabs one of the scarecrow decorations, puts it in a long cloak and puts it at the ticket stand.)   Mark: Okay now let’s go! (They head out.)   (There is a montage of them trick or treating, getting candy and having a good time. The scene transitions to Moe who is doing tricks to hand out candy.)   Kid: Where’s my candy?   Moe: Why in your ear (Pulls it out of his ear).   Kid: It’s gross now (Throws it on the ground and storms off angrily).   Denise: Didn’t I tell you the ear trick was not good for handing out candy.   Moe: I just wanted to be clever. What’s the worst that could happen (Pans out to see that their house is covered in toilet paper).   (Back with the kids, they are walking out of one guy’s house.)   Mark: And what did you get Sophie?   Sophie: I got a rock (Pulls it out and it’s a rock).   Mark. Willy and Emily: Me too (Pulls out their rocks).   Emily: Who gives out rocks anyway? Are people just running out of ideas?   (Pans back to the guy at the house who is dancing happily.)   Guy: HA HA! You asked Trick or Treat, and I chose trick! Take that society!   (Pans back to the kids.)   Sophie: Other than that, I had an awesome trick or treat! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on for 9 years! (Carrying bag.) Does a sack always get this full of candy?   Willy: Yes, and if we went out earlier, it would be even more full.   Sophie: Why didn’t we get out earlier?   Mark: Because the preschoolers get first dibs. They get to go out at 3 all because they don’t want them out past their bedtimes.   (Wayne walks by them dressed like a scientist with a wagon full of candy.)   Wayne: Hooray, I’m gonna get so many cavities next week! (He walks off)   (The group goes back to Sophie’s mansion where the scarecrow is still sitting. Sophie gets back in the spot.)   Sophie: Well I guess you guys can go home.   Mark: Yeah I guess we should.   Willy: I don’t know Mark, I kind of think we should go through the haunted house.   Mark: Are you serious? Do you know what’s in there?   Willy: Not a clue. But that’s the best part of it.   Emily: But this even scared the 5th graders.   (Some 5th graders come running out of the house screaming.)   5th Graders: MOMMY!   Willy: That’s no big deal. Besides, if we can go through it that means we become better than them.   Sophie: I don’t know if that’s a good idea.   Willy: Why not?   Sophie: Because my dad claims what’s in there is so scary, it made this jack-o-lantern cry (Turns around a jack-o-lantern and it’s sad with the stuff in it as tears).   Willy: Pfff, it was probably already crying. Come on, let’s go in (Willy goes in).   Mark and Emily: Hey wait up! (follows him)   Sophie: Wait, you’ll need me to get around this house! (Follows them in)   (Back at the Walker’s house, Moe is doing another trick for the trick or treaters.)   Moe: And now, what I pull out of my hat will not just be a rabbit, but a zombie rabbit (Pulls Ronald out of his hat, and he starts acting like a zombie and walking up to the kids. They all scream and run off.)   Moe: Oh come on, that trick was amazing!   Denise (walks up to him): Congrats on scarring those kids for life.   Moe: Hey at least Ronald had fun (Ronald is still walking like a zombie).   (Transition to the group is in the haunted house as Mark, Emily and Sophie catch up to Willy.)   Mark: Willy, I don’t think it’s a good idea.   Emily: Yeah, I don’t think we’re ready for this yet.   Sophie: And I don’t want to see you guys have nightmares!   Willy: Oh come on, are you chicken?
Mark: No, he is (Points to a kid walking into the house dressed like a chicken and offscreen, he gets frightened and runs out of the house).   Emily: Well if you’re so brave, why don’t you go in yourself!   Willy: Uh, because I wanna protect you guys.   Mark: Oh come on, that’s an obvious excuse for being scared.   Willy: Okay fine, maybe I am scared but I wanna try this out. It might make me braver.   Mark: If you go, I’ll go in too. But I’ll probably hate myself in the morning.   Emily: I’m coming too. You know so in case this is amazing I’m not missing out.   Sophie: And I’ll go to stop everything in case it’s too much.   Mark: Alright (gulp) let’s go in.   (They go in.)   (They are walking through the darkness of the house with fear yet confidence on their faces.)   Mark: Okay, so far so good.   Willy: Nothing too bad.   Emily: This is pretty easy.   Sophie: A little dark but fine.   (Suddenly thunder is heard. This causes them to jump and yelp.)   Emily: Oh great Willy thanks for jinxing us.   Willy: Hey I didn’t know. Just be happy it happened after we got our candy.   (A voice is heard.)   Voice: Give me your candy.   Willy: No! You shall never touch my candy!   Voice: Then I’m coming for you!   Willy: Oh yeah! Well I can take you! Bring it on!   Voice: Whooooaaaa!   (Willy then falls down.)   Mark: Willy are you okay? Willy?   (They look and see that he’s not there and only his maraca is left.)   Emily: Okay Willy, that’s not funny. Now come out.   (They hear Willy’s screams.)   Sophie: Oh no! They got him!   (They all scream and run into a closet.)   Mark: We should be safe in here.   Sophie: No scary monsters or ghosts should find us in here.   Mark: But isn’t this haunted house not have any actual ghosts or monsters? Isn’t it just a scary show?   Sophie: My dad can afford many things.   Emily: Wait, you’re saying it could be real?   Sophie: I don’t know!   Emily: It’s fine, as long as I have you right Robin? (Looks for the raven but it’s gone) Where’s Robin?   Sophie: Who?   Emily: The stuffed bird I had with me.   Mark: That wasn’t a robin, that was a raven.   Emily: What? WHAAAAA! (Runs out of the closet screaming.)
Emily: ROBIN RAVEN OR WHOEVER YOU ARE, WHERE ARE YOU?!   Mark: Come back here Emily! (Mark and Sophie chase after her)   (Mark and Sophie run for a while until her screaming stops. They look down and find the raven.)   Sophie: Well here’s the raven. But where’s Emily?   Mark: Probably not to be seen… Nevermore (lightning effect).   Sophie: What are we gonna do?   Mark: We’ll have to stand our guard and face whatever comes at us. Danger Unicorn always does that.   Sophie: Well Purple Pastry never does that!   Mark: She did in episode 65.   Sophie: Oh yeah. That episode had everything including creepy magicians.   (Both cringe.)   Mark: Let’s just try to investigate the source of this.   Sophie: Okay.   (They both walk along searching for the source.)   Sophie: You heard me House, come out and get us. We’re two children ready to be scared!   (From behind her, Mark falls.)   Sophie: Mark are you okay?   (He’s gone. All that remains is the unicorn horn.)   Sophie (Gasp): Oh no. I’m all alone! I have to face the horrors of my own house!   (The door creeks and lightning flashes. In the flash, Sophie sees a figure. The figure starts moving closer to her.)   Sophie: Uh, come at me creature! I can take you!
(The figure moves closer.)   Sophie: You think you’re so tough? (mumbles) I hope you’re not.   (The figure moves closer. Sophie is shaking until she gets an idea.)   Sophie (Gasp): Wait.   (She digs through her sack until she finds the rock from earlier.)   Sophie: TAKE THAT! (She throws the rock which the figure dodges. However, the rock hits what looks to be a machine, which causes it to short circuit and everything to go haywire. The lights turn on and a bunch of machines are revealed.)   Sophie: Huh?   (Some doors on the floor open to reveal Mark, Willy and Emily stuck down there. They come back up.)   Mark: Sophie you saved us!   Emily: How did you do it?   Sophie: I honestly don’t know.   (She looks over at the figure and it turns out to be her dad. He looks at her and panics.)   Samuel: Uh, pay no attention to the well dressed man backing out of the room.   Willy: Isn’t that your dad?   Sophie: Yes, and I have something to say to him.   Sophie: Daddy? What’s going on.   (Samuel stops backing up and sighs.)   Samuel: I was trying to give you a test.   Sophie: A test?   Samuel: A test, to see if you can brave the haunted house. If you pass, I would let you go trick or treating. I see you went out anyway.
Sophie (Looks down at her sack and hides it and blushes): Oh.   Samuel: That doesn’t matter. You passed anyway.   Kids: Huh?   Sophie: But how did I pass? I destroyed your haunted house. Or rather, the machine controlling all of it (Looks over at the now broken machine).   Samuel: Oh I can buy a new one. The point is, you stood up to the fear in the house. Not many kids can do that.   Sophie (Realizes what she did): Oh yeah, I guess I did.   Samuel: You can go trick or treating next year.   Sophie (Hugs Samel): Thanks Daddy.   (Pans back to the other 3 kids.)   Emily: This has been an interesting Halloween.   Willy: Yeah. Wanna go to Mark’s house and trade our candy.   Mark: Race you all (They race off to Mark’s house).   (Back and the Walker household, Moe is doing one last trick to the trick or treaters.)   Kid: Where’s the candy?   Moe: Well now you see it (Makes candy disappear). Now you don’t!   Kids: BOO! YOU STINK!   (All the kids take out rocks and throw it at him.)   Moe: Whaa seriously? Rocks? Who gives out rocks.   One of the kids: Tell me about it (All the kids walk off as the 3 main kids enter the house).   Mark: I see you’re having your typical Halloween Dad.   Moe (On the ground): Unfortunately.
Denise: Now before you trade candy, make sure you check every piece, or you might get a splinter.   Mark: Ha ha that’s a funny bit Mom.   Denise: No seriously have you seen what some people put in there candy?’   Mark: Oh come on no they don’t (Pulls one out and sees that it’s full of splinters).   (Pans out to all the kids screaming.)   The End




Magic Tricks: My Dinner with the Walkers

(This episode opens up at school. Ms. Strong who is dressed like a troll is taking role call. She’s calling out names and saying here.)   Ms. Strong: Sophie Rottle.   (Silence).   Ms. Strong: Sophie Rottle.   (Silence with Calving the Cricket making noises.)   Ms. Strong: Hmm, I guess she’s not hear and-   (Suddenly, an entourage comes in with trumpets playing and a red carpet coming out. Samuel and Sophie come walking out along with her butler).   Sohpie: You guys didn’t have to follow me into the classroom.   Butler: But we must madame. It helps make you look better.   Sohpie: I really don’t care about that uh… What was your name again?   Butler: You haven’t given me one today.   Sophie: Okay uh Salvador.   Ms. Strong: Excuse me Mr. Mayor why are you bringing all that stuff into my classroom?   Samuel: Because we are here to cordially invite one lucky guest and their family out to dinner at our humble abode.   Ms, Strong: Oh well you know. Me and my boyfriend weren’t planning on doing anything tonight so we’re free to-   Samuel: Oh not you, I met a student you troll.   Ms. Strong: Why thank you. I am a troll. *bows in the costume*   (Samuel clears throat and turns to class)   Samuel: As I was saying, we are having a big family dinner tonight. However, our chefs have prepared too much food for us to eat ourselves. So I came up with the brilliant idea of having my little future mayor (Sophie cringes) pick one kid in her class to bring his or her family to dinner tonight. (Looks over to Sophie) Now darling, I know this might be a very tough, nerve wracking decision to make and-   Sophie: I already picked Mark (Is dragged up in front by Sophie)   Samuel: Well very well then. I must be off then. Have a great day future mayor (kisses and walks off. Sophie still cringes).   Ms. Strong: Hey wait! (runs out of room) You forgot to clean up your mess!   (The class just sits there stunned. They look at Sophie).   Sophie: Welp, I should probably finish up the homework before Ms. Strong gets back. See you tonight at 6 Mark! (kisses him on the cheek and walks off. Mark cringes. Willy and Emily walk over.)   Willy: So Mark you get to go to Sophie’s giant house. How do you feel? (Mark is frozen in shock.) Mark?   Emily (Waves her hand in front of her face): Earth to Mark: Is anyone in there? (Still frozen)   Willy: And Sophie broke him.   Emily: Again.   (Transition back to the Walker’s house. Denise is playing one of Mark’s video games while Moe is feeding Ronald.)   Moe: Now Ronald, eat your carrot.   (Ronald shakes head no.)   Moe: Why not? Rabbits love carrots!   (Ronald pulls out a science book where it’s flipped to a page that shows a picture of a rabbit, then a plus, then a picture of a carrot, then an equal sign, then a skull and cross bone.)   Moe: Oh right. (takes off orange part and feeds him the vegetables. Mark comes in with his face still frozen from when Sophie kissed him.)   Mark: I’m home.
Denise (Looks at him): Oh don’t make faces like that, it will freeze that way.   Mark: Too late: (Forces his face back to normal.) Are you playing my game?   Denise: Yeah. This game is so addicting. I even beat the high score.   Mark: That’s cool so anywa- What? It took me weeks to get that high score! (To himself) Okay stay on topic. (Back to them). Sophie’s family invited us to dinner.   Moe: Oh Sophie the daughter of the mayor who’s been crushing on you since you could eat solid foods?   Mark: Yes unfortunately. It’s tonight at 6.   Denise: Oh we have to get ready then.   Mark: Do we really have to go?   Moe (walks up to him): Why yes Mark. It’s your duty as a magician in training to greet people who may be potential audience members at your shows.   Denise: We should probably dress formal for this.   Moe: NO! PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO! I’LL DO ANYTHING!   Denise: Oh come on Moe, it’s only for one evening.   Moe: But my uniform is tradition. I must wear it everywhere I go, (Camera zooms in) and I mean everywhere.   (Cuts to Moe showering in the uniform then cuts back).   Denise (rolls eyes): Well just wear it underneath your suit.   Moe: I have a suit?   Denise: Yeah. (Goes into closet and grabs it). I got it for you for that magician banquet five years ago but you refused to wear it.   Moe: Oh yeah, that uniform.   Denise: Come on, it will please your potential audience member (smiles).
Moe (sighs): Fine, I’ll do it.   Mark: Now that that’s over with and the dinner is not for a few hours, I’ve got some bussiness to take care of.   Denise: You’re gonna try and beat my high score aren’t you.   Mark: Maybe. (sits down and plays it) I should be able to do it, I’ve got about 2 hours.   2 hours later   Mark: Darn it that felt too fast! (They’re all dressed up and at the door).   Denise: You ready Moe?   (Moe comes out in a suit and tie over his magician outfit and has a very distressed face).   Denise: Honey you look handsome!   Moe (cringing): Why thank you Denise.   Denise: Alright let's go.   (They transition to driving up to the Rottle’s mansion, It’s huge and has a fountain in the front).   Denise: Welp, we’re here.   Mark (sees it): Whoa, you wonder why Sophie’s dad doesn’t send her to some private school.   Moe: I have a big audience to please.   (They walk up to the door. Denise eyes the fancy looking doorbell and rings it. It rings so loud that it actually sends a gust of wind and causes dogs to bark, babies to cry, and the great wall of China to shake. It stops with the family frozen in shock. The butler then answers the door).   Salvador: Greetings Walkers. I’m the Rottle’s butler (reads name card) Salvador. And I shall guide you to the dining room.   (The Walkers are still a bit shocked but they follow him in and the door closes).   (They are walking through the giant mansion).   Moe: Whoa I’m pretty sure the inside is bigger than the outside.
Salvador: Of course it is. What do you think we are? A blue box or something?   Denise: So where are the Rottle’s anyway?   Salvador: Already in the dining room.

Mark: Where is the dining room?   Salvador: Oh let me just grab the house map (Pulls out map and it’s got details everywhere right down to coordinates). Ah, right over here.   (He guides the Walker’s in and they see the Rottle’s all poshed up, with Sophie looking uncomfortable.)   Samuel: Ah, welcome Walker’s. Please take your seat.   (They look at the table, and there are many seats.)   Denise: Which one.   Samuel: Preferably the one closest to us.   (They sit at the seats next to them. Moe looks around and clears his throat.)   Moe: So not to be rude or anything, but how rich are you?   Samuel: You know the White House?   Moe: Yeah.   Samuel: These chairs are worth more than that place.   (Moe has a 2 second state of shock.)   (Mark is sitting next to Sophie and looks over at her, realizing she hasn’t said hi to him nor have tried to hug him, or looks enthusiastic at all.)   Mark: Hi Sophie.   Sophie (Looks over at him): Oh, hi Mark. (The tone she says it in is kind of bummed.)   Mark: What’s wrong.   Sophie (Shocked a bit but still bummed): Oh nothing it’s just-   (Server comes in.)   Server: Dinner is served!   (A bunch of servers come in and bring in loads of food. They are all nicely prepared. Moe is still shocked with a stunned face when looking at the food. They all start eating and still hold conversation.)   Denise (Looks at the wife, Harriet): So Harriet, what do you like to do?   Harriet: Stuff that would be too dignified for your taste.   Denise: Well, maybe I’m not dignified, but I can still do many things. Like just today I beat the high score on my son’s video game.   Harriet (Looks up): What video game?   Denise: Why, Danger Unicorn vs. the Glue Maker.   Harriet (Gets a bit of an excited tone): You did? Why I’m still trying to beat my daughter’s high score!   Denise: You play video games? That’s not exactly dignified.   Harriet: I make exceptions. Anyways, I should take you upstairs and show you my high score.   Denise: Wouldn’t it be rude to leave the dinner table?   Harriet: Oh you can leave anytime. Anyways let’s go! (leads her up)
Samuel (laughs): Oh my wife, always doing silly things. My daughter isn’t like that (looks at Sophie) she’s destined for greatness. (Sophie sulks down in her seat) As a matter of fact, why don’t you show Mark your progress on becoming mayor in your room. You know, the stuff you researched on it.   Sophie (looks up): Okay. Come on Mark! (Grabs Mark’s hand).   Mark: Whoa, glad you got your enthusiasm back (They exit).   (Moe and Samuel are the only ones left.)   Moe (Clears throat): So, do you like magic tricks?   (Transition to Harriet and Denise in the game room. Harriet shows her the high score she got.)   Denise (looks at it): Pretty decent. But mine’s higher. Here, let me show you some tips. First, you gotta press A and Z to get more speed, then hit it with the special move.   Harriet: How do I do that.   Denise: With a button combination so hard, even my own son can’t remember.   Harriet: Whoa.   (Transition to Sophie dragging Mark to her room.)   Mark: Wha Sophie why are we going so fast.   Sophie: Shhhh (whispers We need to keep it down, my dad doesn’t know what I really do in my room.   Mark (whispers): What do you mean really do?   Sophie: My dad thinks I research stuff on becoming mayor (looks around). Here let me show you. (She goes into her closet and digs stuff out. She pulls out a top hat and puts it on. She then takes out a magic kit.)   Mark: Huh?   Sophie (Uses epic magician voice): I am Stupendous Sophie!   (Mark is scratching his head.)   Sophie (Sighs): I want to be a magician.   Mark: Wait what?   (Transition back to Moe and Samuel. Moe is doing his act in front of him and it goes smoothly. Samuel applauses.)   Samuel: Bravo bravo!   Moe (Is shocked for a moment but bows): Thank you, thank you.   Samuel: Good show! (Gets an idea) Say, I'm aware of this very prestigious circus:
Chuckle Brothers Circus.   Moe (perks up): Chuckle Brothers Circus?! I was a huge fan of them as a kid. I've always wanted to do tricks for them (Gets sad). But they rejected me.   Samuel (Smiles): Well then, I'll recommend you to them. Who knows, maybe they'll give you a second thought.   Moe (hugs him): OH THANK YOU THANK YOU!   Samuel: You're welcome. Now watch the suit, it probably costs more than your student loans.   (Transition to Denise and Harriet where Harriet is playing and enjoying herself.)   Harriet: Ha ha yes! I beat the high score.   Denise (looks at the score): I didn't even know you can get that high, nor that that's even a number.   Harriet: Yeah. I hope Sophie's not too mad.   Denise: She should be fine   (Transition back to Mark and Sophie.)   Mark: What?   Sophie: A magician. Their jobs look fun.   Mark: Why do you want to be a magician?   Sophie: Well, back at Parents Night, I saw you and your friends' parents, and it was amazing. It inspired me (Shows flashback to her being inspired at Parents night and Sophie asking her dad). Sadly, my dad wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of me being anything else but mayor because of tradition or something. I didn’t want to accept this. So I used my loads of allowence to secretly buy magic kits. It took some serious sneaking to sneak out of here (Shows her sneaking passed guard dogs). During the times when Dad thinks I’m researching mayor stuff, I’ve been practicing (End flashback). I just don’t want my dad to find out (slightly teary eyed).   (Mark just stares at her for a second, then puts a hand on her shoulder.)   Mark: I know how you feel. My dad always talks about tradition too. Except it’s the opposite. He thinks it’s my destiny to be a magician or something all because he did it. It’s like our dads want to live their lives through us so they force their jobs and aspirations on their kids without even taking into consideration what we want. So how about this, I can keep your desires to be a magician a secret well you continue to follow your dreams. How about that?   (Sophie stares at him for a minute. Mark is confused why he hasn’t answered.)   Mark: Uh, Sophie-   (Sophie then precedes to embrace him with tears in her eyes.)   Sophie: Oh thank you thank you thank you. I will continue to follow my dreams. Thank you for giving me some new inspiration.   Mark (A little shaken): Whoa you’re welcome now please let go.   Sophie (Blushes and let's go): Oh, sorry. Tehe.   (Transition to Walker’s at the door about to leave with the Rottle’s about to give them a goodbye.)   Samuel: I hope you’ve enjoyed your time at our humble abode.   Denise: We sure did.   Moe: Thanks for everything.   Mark: Have fun and (winks at Sophie) take care.   (Sophie winks too.)   (The Walker’s walk back to the car.)   Denise: Wow honey, I’ve never seen you this happy for this long without your uniform in view.   (Moe realizes he’s still in suit. It pans out to Moe yelling as they drive off.)   Moe: AHH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!   The End




Magic Tricks: A Little Pigeon Told Me

(We open on a bright sunny day at a birthday party at someone’s house. Zach’s house. A lot of kids are there, including the three main kids. Emily has just arrived. Mark and Willy are sitting at a table. Emily places her present down and walks over to them.)   Emily: Hey guys!   Mark and Willy: Hey Emily!   Mark: How’s your new dog doing?   Emily: Oh, Hyper is doing fine.   Willy: You named your dog Hyper?   Emily: It’s very fitting to what he does.   (Flashback)   (Emily is sleeping. Hyper wakes her up and then runs around the room)   Emily: (Laughs) Good morning Hyper. I guess I won’t need this anymore. (Gives her alarm clock to Hyper and he runs outside and digs it in the backyard. It goes off underground.)   Willy: You’re lucky. Wayne and I really want a pet, but our dad is all like, (In poor impression) Not until you guys are responsible. (end impression) Yet I clean my room every week and yesterday, Wayne organized all of the movies alphabetically by director.   Mark: Seems responsible enough to me.   Zach’s mom: Kids, the entertainment is here!   (Zach is in the front jumping up and down)   Zach: Oh boy! What did you get me? A clown? An acrobat? A cartoon character?   Mark: Pff, cartoon characters. How would that be entertaining? (Willy and Emily look towards the audience and raise eyebrows.)   Zach’s mom: No. This year, I got a magician. Please present Magic Moe!   Mark: Willy can I borrow that punch?   Willy: Sure.   (Mark does a spit take).   (Moe clears his throat)   Moe: Happy Birthday from Magic Moe Zach!   (Zach is happily clapping).   Moe: I’ve got some marvelous tricks for you and your friends. (looks around at kids) We’ve got some wonderful boys and girls and- (sees Mark) HELLO MAGIC MARK! IT’S GREAT THAT YOU’RE HERE!   (Mark sinks in his seat).   Moe: Come up and help me.   Mark: I’m not even in costume.   Moe: That’s why I brought it with me!   (Cuts to Mark in the outfit, with an unamused face).]   Moe: For my first trick, I shall pull a rabbit out of my hat. As you can tell, there’s nothing in the hat nor up my sleeves. However, (pulls Ronald out). PRESTO!   (Audience is silent. Calvin the cricket is seen making noise where Willy and Emily are sitting. He is holding a foam finger and wearing an “I heart Moe” shirt.   Kid 1: WE’VE SEEN THIS ON TV!   Moe: Oh you have? Well, this is no ordinary rabbit pull trick. This rabbit can do a lot more.   Kid 2: It can?   Moe: Yes! This rabbit can tap dance! Hit it Mark!   (Mark grabs Moe’s phone and plays the music. Ronald pulls out tap dancing gear, puts it on and then starts tap dancing The kids are impressed).   Kids: Ooooh. Aaaaah.   (As the act is going in, Wally comes in to pick up Willy.)   Wally: Willy, it’s time to go and- (Is stopped due to seeing Moe perform with the tap dancing Ronald.)   Wally (in head): Where did he teach his rabbit to do that? The kids sure love it. I haven’t made kids that happy in years. Maybe, if I get an animal that can do tricks, I can get that much of an audience result.   (Willy walks up)   Willy: Dad, what are you staring at?   Wally: We’re picking up Wayne from daycare right now.   Willy: Why?   Wally: Because we’re going to go get a pet.   Willy: Really? Alright! But, I can’t just leave the party.   Zach’s mom: Okay kids, time for Berry the Bear   Kids: Awww   Willy: Okay, we can leave.   (Transition to the local pet store, where Wally and Willy picked up Wayne. Wayne is excited.)   Wayne: Oh boy Oh boy, we’re finally getting a pet! Ahem, I mean a pet will be a great establishment to our family. Especially with mom not here and-   (Willy shuts his mouth.)   Willy: Wayne. What have I told you about mentioning Mom around Dad.   (Cuts to Wally, who has an angry, cringy face.)   Wayne: Oh right.   (The pet store owner comes over to them.)
Owner: Welcome to the Houdiniville Pet Store! How may I help you?   Wally: Yes, we’re looking for a pet. Particularly something that can do tricks.   Owner: Ah yes, we’ve got a few of those. (Goes into the back and gets them).   Owner: We’ve got a dog that can fetch, a hamster that can flip and a cat that can swim. (Shows the cat doing synchronized swimming).   Owner: It’s so good at it, it doesn’t need a partner.   Wally: Hmnn, seems tempting. But I want something that can do tricks anywhere and something less cliched.
Owner: Well sorry, that’s all we’ve got.   (Willy and Wayne sigh.)   Willy: I guess we’re not getting a pet then.   Wally: We won’t give up. We’ll try every pet store in the area if we have to.   (A montage happens where they try out different pet stores, and nothing wows Wally. Some rock music is in the background).   (The montage ends when they are in downtown Chicago in Millennium Park tired out from all the pet hunting.)   Wally: We’ve tried every pet store in the area and still found nothing.   Willy: Well at least we can enjoy the sites of Millennium Park.   Wayne: I’ve been here before! It’s not as fun the second time! (Kicks a bench and screams so loud, the pigeons fly away. All except one which seems to be having trouble taking off).   Willy: Wow Wayne. You scream so loud that people in Detroit could probably hear you.   (Meanwhile in Detroit. People are going about their day and hear the screaming).   Person 1: I sense a disturbance.

(Cuts back to Chicago).   Wayne: Well it hurts so bad!   Wally: Well you certainly did frighten an entire flock of pigeons.   Wayne: Then why is this one still here? (Points to the injured pigeon)   Wally: Well I uh, I don’t know. (Looks at it and sees it has trouble taking off)   Willy: I think its wing is broken.   Wally: Yeah. I is hopping very strangely.   Wayne: Maybe we can help it.   Wally: We can’t just help a random pigeon in the city. You don’t know where that thing’s been.   Willy: It doesn’t look like it’s been to that many places. It looks like it was its first flight and failed.   Wally: How can you tell?   Willy: It looks young compared to the other pigeons flying around.   Wayne: So can we help her please????   Willy: We don’t even know what gender it is.   Wayne: It’s showing the desire to lay eggs.   (The pigeon is looking another pigeon who had just laid an egg. The pigeon sighs.)   Wayne: So can we please help her?   (Wally looks at the pigeon, then the kids and sighs).   Wally: Okay.   (Willy and Wayne cheer).   Wally: But only until her wing gets repaired.   Willy and Wayne: Awww.   Wayne: We can still give her a name though.
Willy: Yeah. (Looks at the pigeon) Hmm, I think we’ll name her Piper.   Wally: Why Piper exactly?   Willy: She looks like a Piper.   Wally: How can a bird look like anything?   (Piper is seen flying through large pipes).   Wally: Oh hardiharhar Piper. Pipes.   (Cop walks by).   Cop: Whoah woah whoah, didn’t you read the sign? (Points to it. It says, “No puns. Violators will be persecuted.”)   Wally (mumbles): Should’ve said that violators will be punished.   Cop: Okay, get out!   (Transition to back at their house. They just came out of the car.)   Wally: Now I called the vet and she said she’ll be here in 2 hours to repair her wing. After it’s repaired, we let her go.   Willy and Wayne: Okay!   (Wally goes back inside. Mark and Emily walk on by.)   Mark: Hey, I see you guys got a pet.   Willy: Well, not really a pet. More of a temporary pet.   Emily: What do you mean by that?   Willy: We’re only keeping Piper until the vet comes and heals her wing. After that, we have to let her go.   (Mark looks at Piper. She’s sitting there looking around.)   Mark: Man that injury looks very bad. It must’ve fell trying to learn how to fly.   Wayne: It’s not fair that we have to give up Piper! I bet if we taught her how to do tricks, Dad would love her!   Willy: I don’t think she can do any tricks in this condition.   Wayne: Maybe we can do tricks, she can watch and learn and then later copy them.   Willy: That makes no sense.   Mark: Well isn’t that what bird trainers do? She may not be able to do it right away but maybe she can learn.   (Willy looks at the bird, and then at Wayne who’s doing some puppy dog eyes.)   Willy (sigh): Fine.   (Cut to another montage of them trying to teach the bird tricks but utterly failing in slapstick kind of ways. During the montage, Wayne watches as they attempt, having conversations, feeding her stuff and the bird seems to enjoy that. After 2 hours, they start to give up.)   Willy: (Pant) We’ve tried every bird trick I can think of, and still no luck.   Mark: (Pant) Our parents make this look easy.   Emily: (Pant) I just can’t feel the magic.   Wayne: Well we can’t just give up.   Willy: We’ve been at it for 2 hours though. The vet will be here any second.   Wayne: I know, that’s why we have to work faster and- (Ding dong from off screen)   Wayne: Oh no. She’s here!   (They look over and see the vet standing at the door. Wally opens the door.)   Wally: Welcome Dr. Cary.   Cary: Yes I’m here to care for the animal because that’s what I Dr. Cary does.   Willy (whispers to them): She’s lucky she’s not in Millennium Park.   Cary: So where is the bird.   Wally: Oh, she’s right over there with the kids. (Points to them)   (Cary goes over to them and looks at the bird. Wayne is looking teary eyed.)   Cary: Ah, there’s the bird. I can fix her up fine.   Willy: Okay, here’s the bird. (Starts to grab her but Wayne interferes.)   Wayne: No!
Willy: What do you mean no?   Wayne: You will not take away Piper! (Starts looking a bit more teary eyed.)   Willy: Look Wayne, we already discussed this.   Wayne: But I. Love. (starts crying) HIIIIIM!   (He’s crying while Willy tries to comfort him. Piper is looking at him, looking sad too.)   Cary: Does he always do this?   Wally: He just grew attach to her. I’ll talk to him.   (Wally goes up to Wayne kneeling down.)   Wally: Wayne, you can’t just keep Piper against her will.   Wayne: (sniffle) Why?   Wally: Because she most likely doesn’t want to stay with us. The world is a big place. And he most likely doesn’t want to stay with us. It’s the bird’s choice.   (Wayne is still sniffling. Piper is still looking at him sad.)   Wayne: Okay I guess. (Walks up to Piper.) Piper, I must set you free.   (Piper looks a bit dissapointed.)   Wayne: I know it’s hard after all the fun we’ve had, but you must go off and live your life.

(Piper starts to fly but looks back.)
Wayne: Go on! Go!   (Piper flies away.)   Wayne: (Sighs)   Willy: You did the right thing. Now lets clean up our stuff and-   (A chirping is heard that gets louder.)   Mark: What was that?   Emily: I think it was Piper.   (Piper flies fast right into Wayne’s hands)   Wayne: (Sniffles) But Piper. You have to be free.   (Piper is still in Wayne’s hands with a happy expression.)   Willy: I don’t think she wants to go.   Mark: She seems perfectly happy staying with Wayne.   Wayne: Really? You are?   (Piper chirps happily.)   Wayne (Hugs her): You are the sweetest bird I’ve ever befriended.   Willy: You mean the only bird you’ve ever befriended.   Wayne: Close enough! (Turns to Wally) Daddy can we keep her since she won’t leave? Please!!!   (Wally looks at Piper and then at Wayne.)   Wally (sigh): Okay. Justy make sure to feed her and let her outside often.   Willy: Oh please do. I don’t want her flying in my room.   Wayne: I will.   Wally: Cary, can we adopt her?   Cary: I guess so. Just let me forward you to the guy to do that.   Wally: Thank you. (Looks at the kids and bird and sighs.) I just wish that Piper could help me with tricks.   (Piper hears this and flies up to his head, grabbing his hat. She flies in.)   Wally: What? Can she. (He does a few tricks, and they actually work.)   Wally: How did you learn to to that?   (Piper looks at the kids.)   Emily: You mean, us failing at the tricks helped it learned?   Mark: This just goes to prove that anything can do magic tricks better than us.   Wally: And this goes to prove why I’m still training you Wizard Willy.   Willy: Are we really going there?   (They laugh as the camera goes up showing the bird flying. The camera starts fading.)   Mark: Wait, why are we laughing? That wasn’t even that funny.   The End




Chicago Comic Con 2015 Recap

So, I was off the forums for most of the day because I was at Chicago Comic Con. It was fun as usual. As you remember, I went last year and showed off some stuff I got. I'm here to do it again this year. Now, before I show you the pictures I was gonna show you a compilation of my favorite cosplays at the con, but I'm having some issues transferring the files to my computer so I'll show you those tomorrow.   First off, I mentioned in a status yesterday that I was gonna be doing a surprise cosplay. Well, here it is.'     Now, I wanted to meet the YouTuber Black Nerd Comedy since I heard he was gonna be at this con but we couldn't find him. However, I was pleasantly surprised to meet another YouTuber there.     I also got a few sweet merch while I was there.     And that was my Comic Con adventure in a nutshell. Tune in tomorrow to see the compilation of my favorite cosplays.




Feeling so Good Right Now

I feel so good.   After a nice lecture from my mom, I've gone from an emotional train wreck to a lot more optimistic. Let me explain more since you might be a bit confused with what I just said.   It's not as obvious due to the fact that I can easily cover it up when I'm online and heck, even at school but I I felt very emotionally drained when I got home from school today. It's not really a thing that just happened either it's been gradual throughout the past year or so. You probably have seen hints of it though. Just look through a few of my blogs within the past year and you will see me rambling about life or talking about my faults or discussing how I have an inferiority complex. This is caused by a few factors. One being the fact that I don't really have a lot of friends irl. I'm mostly just that one loner kid you see sitting by himself on the bus. I feel I want to make a goal for this year to actually go out and and get to know people.   I feel the other factor is I've taken stuff I've let stuff I've read on the internet get to my head too much, both on this forum and on other websites. I try not to, but it still does get to my head a little and cause me to just act kind of angry and cynical irl. I was actually a lot more happy-go lucky before all this.   Don't take this as me leaving any site because I won't. I'll still be on the site regularly posting, this is just more of an internal thing. It's just when I'm browsing pretty much anywhere, I'll try not to let negative posts get to me and either just ignore it or not let it effect the way I act in real life.   This is Chikorita throwing a happy smoke bomb   *throws one*




Inferiority Complex

I've been trying to break myself down to notice flaws I have and how I can improve myself. There are social flaws I have and my fine motor issues that I've talked about before, but I feel one of my most destructive problems is my inferiority complex.   Most of you should know what this means: Feels inferior around others ad/or gets easily jealous. I feel my problems more surface around the latter though. I only notice my inferiority complex come up whenever someone else is having a lot of fun be it online or IRL. Whenever I see people talk about how much fun they're having on their vacations, at their jobs or at conventions, I get this jealous feeling in me. It only grows the more I read about people having fun. It makes me think about how pathetic my life is and how I can't do really cool stuff like that. I mean, I get to go on vacations but they're nowhere near as fun as going to cons.   It also comes up whenever someone is ignoring me. I usually feel like they are purposely ignoring me because they hate me. When you don't have a lot of friends to begin with, stuff like that especially hurt you. Or those friends have other friends that they hang out with more than me leaving me to be dust in the wind. I barely hangout with anyone outside of school because they're hanging out with their other friends. Makes me sad when I'm not invited anywhere that much.   It makes me feel like my life is useless and makes me worry that my life will amount to nothing. Seeing all these people have fun at young ages while I'm 17 without my license or a job and have only been to cons in my area. I sometimes feel cooped up like this, not being able to go many places that aren't cheap family vacations in some house or cabin. I get it, it costs money but it only makes it worse when I also aspire to get a job. I'm going to be working on that but I don't know when I'll get a job. It could be years depending on how many openings there are. It makes me wonder how some people can just get jobs so easily.   I just hate having this inferiority complex.




Magic Tricks: It's All in the Rubber Nose

(Warning: This is me attempting a semi-serious plot)

(The episode opens up with Emily setting up a game system with popcorn, cheese puffs and soda. The doorbell then rings. She walks over to open it and sees Mark and Willy, along with Willy’s 4 year old brother, Wayne.)

Emily: You’re here and, you brought Willy the second.

(Wayne starts crying.)

Willy (face pams): Emily, how many times do I have to tell you he doesn’t find that funny.

Emily: Sorry.

Willy: I brought Wayne with me because my dad is too busy tonight. He was kind of vague with what he is doing.

(Meanwhile at Willy’s house.)

Wally: It’s time to test about the most mysterious magic trick of all time: HOW THE HECK DO I TIE THIS TIE ON FOR THE MAGICIAN BANQUET TONIGHT?! (He jumps around while trying to tie it and ends up falling into something.)

(Cuts back to Emily’s house.)

Wayne: Don’t worry, I’m just an adowable little kid.

Willy: Yeah when your first word was antidisestablishmentarianism, the adorable speech becomes just a little bit unbelievable.

Wayne: All right you got me. It’s not my fault I was a prodigy literally at birth.

Mark: Cut the introductions and move on to the sleepover.

(They go over to the TV and start loading up the Danger Unicorn video game.)

Wayne: Whoa whoa, I don’t wanna play this game.

Willy (looks over at him): Really, what game do you wanna play?

Wayne: A game that was designed for a more big kid audience.

(Cuts to the game loaded up.)

Willy: The Clowny Cam video game? This is for a big kid audience?

Wayne: Well, the game says ages 3 and older and older are big kids.

Willy: Oh curse the game rating system.

(Wayne starts playing the game.)

Wayne: YAY Clowny Cam is so fun!

(The three kids groan. Ellen comes in and sees the game in horror.)

Ellen: (gasp) (She runs to the kitchen, pours a cup of water, walks back in, and proceeds to spit take.)


Wayne: But Mrs. Ellen, it’s for ages thwee and up.

Ellen: Not that kind of inappropriate, the clowny kind of inappropriate.

Emily: (face palms) Oh not the clown thing again.

Ellen: Clowns are the bane of my existence. They steal the attention of the magicians with their circus acts and balloon animals. Oh and that squeak from the rubber nose, that horrible squeak. (A squeak comes from the game. She cringes.) That Clowny Cam was the worst of the bunch. He was one of the reasons that we magicians started losing popularity. (Flashback ensues.) I was at the top of my game. Everyone loved my tricks. They gazed in awe at it. They loved seeing my magic. Until that Clowny Cam rolled into town. (Clowny Cam's act literally rolls i to town.) He used very cheesy acts like making balloon animals and firing himself out of a cannon and squeaking his stupid rubber nose (Squeak squeak.) (Cringes.) The audience fell in love with him and I started losing business. Eventually, I settled down and started a family and somehow, Clowny Cam mysteriously disappeared. That game you’re playing must be an old one.

(Mark looks on the game cover.)

Mark: It’s a reunion special game from 20 years ago.

Ellen: Oh, I can’t believe they’re remembering someone as despicable as him.

Willy: But why did he disappear?

Ellen: No one knows why. Now if you’ll excuse me kids, I’m gonna go vent my frustration in my room due to the horrible reminder of those dark times. (She storms off.)

Mark (Looks at Emily): Man, your mom really hates clowns Emily.

Wayne: Her story scared me.

Emily: I find it weird that she hates clowns. Does she not know about the clown stuff that’s sitting in the attic?

The Rest: Clown stuff sitting in the attic?

Emily: Yeah, my dad gave them to me as a birthday present when I was 5, but my mom never knew about it. I wasn’t too interested in them so I just stored them away in the attic and they’ve been there ever since. Let’s see if they’re still there.

(All four of them walk up to the attic door. Emily grabs the string.)

Emily: Now remember, opening this door can be dangerous. I mean the door could just fall on you on any second (As she’s saying this, she pulls the string too hard and the latter falls on her head. It results and a cartoony look on her body.) Nevermind.

(They climb up to the attic and dig around. Eventually, Emily finds the clowny stuff and blows off the dust. She coughs and looks at it.)

Emily: Ah, here it is. A little dusty but it looks like it’s still in tact.

Willy: How could your mom not realize it’s been up here?

Emily: We barely look in the attic. Some memories I prefer to be forgotten. (Backs up to a stuffed animal of Berry the Bear, she sees it and throws it somewhere else well the voice activates and says, “I adore you.)

Wayne (Looks more closely at it.) This is the Clowny Cam costume.

Emily: What, no it’s not.

Wayne: Yeah it is, here’s all his balloon animals and there’s the red nose.

Emily: Wayne, clowns mostly do the same tricks, I highly doubt out of all the clown outfits in the world, this could be (Looks at the label. It says “Property of Clowny Cam. She studders in shock.)

(They all look, and are stunned in shock)

Mark: How could this be?

Willy: No way.

Emily: This can't be true.

(Wayne stays silent a little longer, then gets excited.)


(The other three silence him, shushing. Emily covers his mouth.)

Emily: Do you want my mom to have a heart attack which will only escalate into more dramatic ranting?

Wayne: No.

Emily: Then shut up about it!

(Wayne nods)

Emily: I just don’t understand. Why wouldn’t my dad tell me about this? I’ve only known him for 9 years.

Mark: Maybe he didn’t want to shock your mom.

Emily: Probably, but that still doesn’t explain why he didn’t tell his only daughter.

(A knock is then heard)

Cameron: Kids, what are you doing up in the attic?

(They huddle together)

Emily: Okay, I think we should go about telling him about the Clowny Cam thing in a calm and courteous manner.

Others: Right.

(They come down from the attic)

Wayne: Hi Clowny Cam! I’m a big fan!

(The others shush him.)

Cameron: Uh, Clowny Cam. I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not like I’m him or anything.

Emily: The jig is up father! We know your secret.

Cameron: Shhhh. Just be quiet about it. I don’t want your mother to find out. Clowns are the bane of her existence you know.

Emily: Yes, we know.

(Cameron speaks quieter)

Cameron: It’s tough being a former clown when they’re the bane of your wife’s existence.

Willy (Whispers to Emily): Is your father gonna tell a tragic backstory now?

Emily: There’s a reason they got married.

Cameron: I was a traveling clown. I traveled around spreading my clowny acts all across the world. Until one day, I literally rolled into Houdiniville. (Cuts to flashback where he’s rolling through the barrel). The first thing I saw when I got out of it was her: The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life. She made my heart do it’s own tricks (Shows a visual representation of a heart doing clown tricks). I saw her doing magician tricks so I decided I should impress her with my own tricks. I did it and got a lot of attention, but she seemed to show an angry look on her face. I think I made her jealous. I tried to approach her but it was too late. (Shows young Ellen storming off and him standing there looking miserable). There was not much to do after that but to just continue on. I became pretty successful for a few years but I really missed it in Houdiniville. Other than Ellen, there was also many other great things about this town, like the restaurants and the beautiful sites. I eventually decided to settle down and move here.

(Cuts back to present day).

Wayne: Woah.

Willy: I’m just curious, how did you meet Ellen?

Cameron: (Sigh) Ellen. I still remember that day. (Cue flashback) I had just been living in Houdiniville for about a week and I was checking out a magic shop. It was then I once again saw her. She was checking out some magic outfits. I was nervous. I didn’t know if she remembered me but I decided to give it my best shot. I approached her and we had… an actual nice conversation. We had so much in common and had so much chemistry. I of course didn’t tell her about the clown thing because I knew that would end it. I kept this secret hidden. Through dating, through getting married, and through raising Emily. I may have given subtle hints, but those were subtle. So the secret remained secret. (Flashback ends) That is until today.

(The kids look at the clown costume)

Emily: So you gave me this to be clever and subtle?

Cameron: No. I gave you that because I hoped that one day, you would follow in ny footsteps but instead your mom took you under her wing.

Emily: Oh. I don't know if I would've wanted to be a clown.

Cameron: I don't know either Emily. I don't know either.

(Ellen enters)

Ellen: Honey, It's time for us to cook dinner and- (Gasps) Why is Emily holding the suit of evil!?

Emily and Cameron: Uhhhhh

Wayne: Oh that's easy. He's Clowny Cam and he gave her that suit!

Willy: WAYNE! (Covers his mouth)

Ellen: (Big gasp) Is what this boy speaks true?

Cameron: Uh well I (Sighs) Yes.

Ellen: (Gigantic gasp) I can't believe you! Keeping a secret this big from me after all these years!

Cameron: But Ellen

(Ellen storms off)

Cameron: Ellen.

(Scene transitions to later that night. The kids have fallen asleep, but Cameron is still up. He walks up to Ellen, who is still awake, but still angry at him.)

Cameron: Uh Ellen. You still mad at me?

Ellen: Humph.

Cameron: Look, I know me keeping that secret for all these years seems a bit unwarranted.

Ellen: Unwarranted? That's what you think it is? It's downright sketchy to keep secrets from your loved ones for this many years! Why would you do something like this?

Cameron (sighs): Because I love you.

Ellen: Why in the world would you love me for-

Cameron: I quit the Clowny Cam bit to look for you. I knew how much you hated clowns. I feel you wouldn't feel comfortable with me knowing that I'm a clown so I gave it all up.

(Ellen lays there in silence. After a moment, she starts to cry.)

Cameron: Ellen?

Ellen: Sorry, that's just so sweet! You'd do all that for me?

Cameron: Anything that's doable.

Ellen: Oh Cameron!

(Cameron runs into his memory trunk and grabs his rubber nose.)

(Ellen squeaks it.)

Ellen: Now that I think about it, the rubber nose is kind of cute.

Cameron: It's what keeps my comedy in top notch.

(They both laugh. As they're laughing, Emily crack open their door and they don't notice. She had woken up to get a midnight snack and overheard them talking. She just smiles.)




Chikorita Talks About Conventions

Conventions: You gotta love em... if you're able to got to them, because the big ones always seem to be held really far away from me.   Now, I can't say I've never gone to a con because well I have been, twice. One was Midwestria in 2012 and another was Chicago Comic Con. I am planning to go to the former again in a few weeks so I'll blog pictures from that as I did last year. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the distribution of cons around the world.   Ever notice how in the grasp of people hyping for Bronycon or BABSCon, there's always that group of people going, "Aww, I wish I could go?" That's because there in the same basic areas every year. Now well they're both on the east and west coast of the U.S. respectively, that's only 2 areas on the whole planet. I certainly don't live in Baltimore or the Bay area. Now, people are able to drive or fly there and stay in hotels. I can barely drive and have no car or license, so that's out. How about flying? Have you seen how expensive plane tickets are? I haven't even been on a plane in 8 years mostly due to my family not having a lot of money. Now I might go to Bronycon next year if I can get a job and save up enough, but I don't know.   The point I'm trying to make here is I feel that those few cons are the only ones with any real coverage. Well, them and Everfree Northwest. There are a lot more cons across the world that should get equal the amount of coverage.   These three cons seem to be the ones that get all the coverage on EQD, most of the crew of the show end up coming to them, and they get the highest attendance. You know what would work? If other cons got this much coverage. There is a small pony con in Chicago coming next year, and it only got maybe one or two features on EQD, and I haven't heard any other details since. Now, I'll still go to this Con, but I don't know how big the attendance will be. The other pony con we had in Chicago couldn't get enough money to go again because the attendance was low.   So what I think should happen is either cons in other areas should get more attention or we start adding more cons around the world. They've been doing a pretty good job with the latter but not the former.   This is Chikorita giving advice.




Just Another Life Update

I'm just here to update what's going on in my life and maybe have a small rant.   So this fall I'll be starting my senior year of high school. I feel so old. Senior year is usually the year you start applying for colleges/visiting colleges. For me, this would be all fine and dandy except for one thing: My mom is currently not in a financial position to pay for college. My sister is still in college and she's even having trouble paying for her due to losing some financial aid due to recently getting remarried. The dad paying? He has his own kids to pay for. So I don't even know if I'll be able to go to college in time. I might be able to do community college for two years until we've saved up enough to send me to a university. Problem is, I can barely drive. I probably won't have my license by then and even if I do, we still can't afford a car.   My question is, why is college so expensive? It's probably put many people in debt. I feel they should either make it cheaper or just let the government fund it. Though, we would get taxed for it.   Also small update, I've been back in Illinois for a few days now. Yay!




Magic Tricks Episode: Magic Cards

(The story opens with shots of downtown Houdiniville. The shots show the streets and the different buildings. During this process, Willy is narrating).   Willy: Ah yes, downtown Houdiniville. Such a peaceful city. The drivers are on their Sunday drives, the birds chirping on a happy afternoon. Such a beautiful-   Emily (Interrupts him): Who are you talking to?   Willy: Uh, no one.   (We then show the three kids walking down the sidewalk).   Mark: Stay focused you two. Let’s just go into the card shop, grab our Danger Unicorn cards and get out of here.   (The kids proceed to walk into a card shop labeled ‘The Card Bard.’ They go up to the front desk and see a guy with a bard outfit and a ukulele. He happily greets them in song.)   Card shop owner: Welcome kids to the bard shop, shop until you drop. I’m David the best card bard, now go buy card.   Emily: Yes David. We know your name. You don’t need to sing it every time.   David (stops singing): Okay fine. What cards are you kids looking for?   Mark: We’re looking for some Danger Unicorn cards.   David: Ooooh. Sorry but we just sold our last one.   Willy: NOOOOOOOOOOO!   (Mark and Emily look at him.)   Willy: Too over-dramatic?   David: Yeah. It will take a while for us to get in a new stock so in the meantime, please enjoy our other cards.   (The kids sigh and start looking through the store for some other cards.)   Mark: Hmm lets see here. How about Box Monsters?   Emily and Willy: NOOO!   Willy: That’s so last year.   Emily: And it practically turned the whole school into zombies.   Mark: Yeah you’re right. (Continues digging).   (After digging for a bit, he comes across something that makes him gasp. Willy and Emily hear this and walk over to him. They gasp too.)   Emily: I can’t believe it.   Willy: This is shocking.   Mark: It can’t be.   (It shows the card wrapping, which shows a card labeled ‘Magic Moe’ with a younger looking Moe’s face on it.)   Mark: Dad was on a trading card?   Willy: Was my dad too?   Emily: Or my mom?   Mark: Lets see. (Looks at the other cards on the cover and sees Willy and Emily’s parents on the cards. They all collectively gasp.)   David: I see you guys are gasping at the new retro magician card collection. I'm seeing if these old magicians can still be hip with the young ins today.   Mark (Still shocked): Yeah, hip with us today. We'll take it.   David: Sold!   (The scene translations to back at Mark's house where the kids are showing Moe the cards.)   Moe: Ah yes, the magician cards. Good times. I was such a strapping young lad wasn't I honey?   Denise: Yes you were my magic guardian.   (They continue bantering well Mark rolls his eyes.)   Mark (Whispering):Hate it when my parents do this. (Clears throat)   Moe: Huh? Oh yeah, cards. I was the rarest and most valuable card. You're lucky this set comes with my card. I was certainly much more rare than Wally.   Wally (From somewhere else): HEY!   Moe: Just take these cards and see what they do. (Moe pushes them outside)   (The three kids stand there confused and shrug.)   (Transition to the next day at school where Mark is still staring at the cards at his desk.)   Emily: You still wondering what these cards are about?   Mark: Yeah. Dad didn't give me a clear explanation.   Willy: I guess this is a mystery we will have to figure out ourselves.   (Sophie sees the three staring at the cards and runs up to them.)   Sophie: What are you guys staring at?   Mark: it's just, these cards. They have our parents on them.   (Sophie gaps and take the cards.)   Mark: HEY!   Sophie: Oooh! Here's your dad. And here's a bunch more magicians. This card set is so awesome! HEY EVERYBODY! CHECK OUT THESE NEW CARDS!   (The entire class hears this and surrounds them.)   Kid 1: Woah these are cool!   Kid 2: I want all of them!   Kid 3: I’ll pay you my entire allowance for these!   (Kids start talking to Mark at the same time in some manner of wanting the cards.)   (The three main kids are all trying to calm them down until eventually, Emily yells.)   Emily: QUIET!   (Kids stop)   Emily: You can all have the cards. They just started selling them at The Card Bard.   Kids: YAAAAAAY!   (The rest of the students begin to run out of the classroom until the school cop leads them back in.)   Cop: Now now kids, school’s not over.   Kids: Awwww.   (Cut to the next day at school. All the kids have their own sets of magic cards and are seen trading them, showing off the rare ones, and just looking at them. The three main kids are seen at their desks not really getting into it. Sophie walks up to them.)   Sophie: Oh Maaaark, I’ll trade you this Warlock Warren card for that Magic Moe card.   Mark (looks at the card): I don’t know. I don’t really want to trade away the card of my dad. It seems kind of like betraying him.   Sophie: Oh come on. It’s the rarest one.   Mark: It is?   Sophie: Well I can’t seem to find any other kid with it.   Kid 1: Yeah I’m looking for the Magic Moe card.   Sophie: Mark has it!   Kid 2: He does?   Kid 3: I want it!   (All the kids start arguing, including Emily and Willy trying to stop them. While this is going on, Mark sneaks off to another part of the classroom. While sneaking, an arm from under the teacher’s desk and grabs him.)   Mark: AHHH, FINE YOU CAN TAKE IT JUST DON’T HURT ME I- (Looks and sees Ms. Strong, dressed in black kind of spy like gear.)   Mark: Ms. Strong?   Ms. Strong: Shhh, if you don’t want to be attacked by the zombies, stay down here.   Mark: But they’re your class.   Ms. Strong: For now. But after they get too into those cards, they will eventually start fighting over them, leading to them turning into zombies going through every nook and cranny to collect them all! It’s exactly what happened with (pause for dramatic effect) Box Monsters! (Lighting strikes) On an unrelated note, how do you like my new under the desk lightning effect? I’m testing it for when we do the Edgar Allen Poe unit.   (Mark just nods his head)   (Ms. Strong looks up at the other students, Mark does too.)   Ms. Strong: They seem to have passed stage 1, casually enjoying the cards with others. Now they’re on stage 2, fighting over them.   (Goes over to Sophie looking at an Enchanted Ellen card)   Kid 3: Hey can I have that Enchanted Ellen card?   Sophie: No, you didn’t offer a trade first.   (They look at each other and blink. They then proceed to fight over it.)   Ms. Strong: Next is stage 3, stealing.   Kid 4: Hey give me back my card!   Kid 5: Ha ha, now it’s mine!   Ms. Strong: Next is stage 4, zombies.   Mark (gulp): What do you mean by zombies?
Ms. Strong: They’ll gang up and go after the one card they all don’t have.   Mark: And what might that be?   Ms. Strong: Usually whichever one is the rarest.   (Mark suddenly has a flashback to earlier when Sophie says that the Magic Moe card is the rarest).   Mark: Oh no! I have the rarest card!   (The kids hear this)   Kid 1: MAGIC MOE CARD!   Kid 2: LET’S GET HIM!   (The class starts chasing after Mark and Ms. Strong)   Mark: Willy Emily run!

(Willy and Emily are seen to be part of the mob)   Willy: I must have that Magic Moe card!   Emily: You would give it to your best friend!   Willy: No I’m his best friend!   Emily: Says who?   (They start loudly bickering)   Ms. Strong: There can sometimes be more fighting in this stage!   (They run out of the classroom and to the front door, before they’re stopped by the school cop.)   Cop: Whoa Whoa Whoa, school isn’t over yet. It’s not 3:00. You can’t leave, and that includes teachers.   (They look at the clock, and it’s 2:59. They continue to stare at the clock as the zombie kids get closer.)   Mark: You’re the teacher! Punish them!   Ms. Strong: Oh yeah! Class, you better stop this or it’s detention for a week!   Kid 4: We’ll take detention for all eternity for that card!   Ms. Strong: Ok, that didn’t work.   (The bell rings)   Ms. Strong: School is over! Now run!   (They proceed to run out of the school with the class chasing them. A Benny Hill esc. chase scene plays complete with the music. This continues until they reach The Card Bard. They walk in and see David. He looks at them.)   David: Mark? Sweetie? What are you doing here?   Mark: Sweetie?   Ms. Strong: Oh yes, we’ve been dating for quite some time. He swept me off my feet and- (She continues talking/flirting with David as Mark watches the kid zombies get closer.)   Mark: Uh guys, I don’t think we have time for any lovey dovey catch up right now. They’re coming!   David: Who’s coming!   Mark: The zombie kids!   David: Zombie kids? I’ve never heard of that card set? I mean there are the regular zombie cards but-   Mark: That’s not what I mean! The magic cards I bought got out of hand and now the whole class wants my card because it’s the rarest!   David: Oh great it’s Box Monsters all over again.   Ms. Strong: Tell me about it.   Mark: How do we stop them.   David: I don’t think there is a way. Those kids have got us cornered. (They are approaching the store.)
Mark: Well it’s been nice knowing you too.   Ms. Strong: Nice having you guys as a student and a boyfriend.   David: I feel like playing a somber tune right now. Wait, a tune! That’s it!   (David gets up on his desk and starts playing some song about not getting too wrapped up in things you like and that turns the kids back.)   Sophie: Uhh, what happened?   Willy: Why are we at The Card Bard?   Emily: And why does it smell like zombie?   Mark: You guys were turned into crazy card zombies.   Emily: Card zombies? Oh dear.   Willy: I’m never gonna be a zombie again.   Kid 2: Hey guys look at these awesome zombie cards!   (The rest of the class looks at the zombie cards that David dropped.)   Ms. Strong: Okay, you can play with those, just don’t let them take over your mind and turn you into zombies. Promise?   Class: Promise.   (Ms. Strong goes up to Mark)   Ms Strong: And this, my friend, is the final stage.   Mark: They’ll eventually get bored of the old trend and move on to the new one?   Ms. Strong: Pretty much.   (Mark looks at the kids looking at the zombie cards)   Mark: Meh, I liked zombies before they were cool.   The End




An Ode to PinkiPoni

Oh @Pinkiponi, my lovely girlfriend. So depressed right now you don't know what to do. Your life may seem like it's hit the end, or you seem like you can't feel anything but just remember one thing.   You have this place.   This place full of many people you can talk to, full of people you can ask for advice from, full of people like me you can talk to. Full of love, which is the one thing you need.   Which is why I need your help. Show her some support. Show her some love. Show her some positivity. Her life is terrible, full of people who laugh at her for being depressed. That is a terrible and cruel thing to do. I want you to show her love.   She truly needs it.




What I did Before MLP

(Feel like I already did a blog about this, but I can't seem to find it)   Yeah, I made let's plays with a friend. I deleted most of the ones on my channel because they sucked. But they weren't deleted off my friend's old account. He has since then moved to a new account, and never deleted them. We were both about 13 when we made these, and oh they suck. This was before I hit puberty and before I got into MLP. So here's all the ones I'm in. You should recognize me quickly.        




So wait, it's bad to like an episode?

So yeah Tommy Oliver left, I think we should all know that by now. This has caused some discussion among the fandom, so I think it's time for me to to throw my two cents into this.   First, I find it weird how Appleloosa's Most Wanted was the ultimate final straw for him. I mean, the episode is probably my least favorite of the season so far, but that's more in a meh kind of way.   Second, from what I've heard, it was kinda expected. I mean, I just heard that in his Cutie Map review, he said that anyone who enjoyed it is a mindless drone. That is a fallacy and a blanket statement to say that.   Also, his rant on the fandom is too condescending in nature. If you want people to take you seriously, never act overly cynical. It just makes the tone sound bitter and you to sound elitist.   Now the big one. The part where he said that the fandom was being overly positive. To this I say,   When did it become a crime to like an episode?   Yes, it's apparently bad to be overly positive on an episode. Yes I get it, some people will say that the whole show is perfect and flawless which is a lie. Nothing is perfect. But hey, why let people still enjoying the show bother you? It's not like that greatly affects you and will be a big deal. There are episodes that I have personal gripes with, but hey if you like those episodes, then I won't hold anything against you. This should be the standard for critics. When critiquing an episode, make sure that A. Your arguments make sense and B. Your tone is sound. When your tone comes off as bitter and cynical, you just sound whinny. I'd recommenced going the route of someone like Dr. Wolf. He looks for the good and bad of an episode and even when he has a negative opinion, still manages to hold a sound tone.   I honestly really don't care that Tommy Oliver left. I unsubbed him a while ago and plus, better critics like Silver Quill and Dr. Wolf came around after that. So yeah, so long farewell.