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2nd Opinion's 500 Subscriber Q and A Special! (Too many questions...)

O:11 - What did I get myself into?   O:54 - What's your favorite movie/TV series? (You shouldn't have gotten me started on this one )   10:24 - What's your favourite film/TV genre?   11:31 - Do you have any guilty pleasures?   16:44 - Among the characters that have been newly introduced since season 4 (in My Little Pony), do you have a favorite and why?   18:59 - Do you have a favorite episode where Spike is the main focus?   21:46 - Which character from a different series would you have ponified and make an appearance as a cameo in MLP?   22:40 - Thoughts on Dragon Quest's general absence on Nintendo consoles in recent years? Same with main series Final Fantasy games if you can.   25:17 - Thoughts on 4kids still having the dub rights to Yugioh?   27:01 - Do you think Zygarde's forms are meant to be based on Loki and/or his children in spite of the fact that it's a guardian whose role is to prevent a catastrophe, not cause one and the fact Xerneas and Yveltal are closer to their inspirations?   29:13 - Do you think the pokemon anime will end/reboot with a new lead character? Do you think Serena will get Ash if that does happen?   32:09/ 35:14 - If you could demand the writers/producers of MLP to make one episode about whatever you wanted what would it be? (Apologies. You probably didn't mean "try to write an entire episode yourself, on the spot, from any random idea you ever had.")   44:21 - Which Hogwarts house do you think you would be in?   48:38 - What are your favorite fanfics?   52:00 - If you could critique another show, which would you choose and why?   54:16 - What's your favorite song from MLP?   56:45 - Favorite movie thus far?   59:59 - Since my life revolves around everything horror, what is your favorite movie in that genre? And if you're not a fan, why?   1:03:35 - Who is your favorite character in Yu Yu Hakusho? What was your favorite arc?   1:13:12 - What is your favorite Pokemon region? And what Pokemon is your favorite from Ash's team?   1:21:34 - Have you seen the whole YuGiOh Zexal series? (No.)   1:21:44 - How many Yugioh games have you played?   1:25:07 - Which series is your favorite of the current 5?   1:26:29 - What is your proudest YouTube accomplishment/what is your favorite video you've made?   1:30:20 - who are your favorite YouTubers?   1:34:29 - What do you aspire to be?   1:38:11 - Favorite ship?   1:39:26 - Favorite pony?   1:45:26 - Do you have a cutiemark? and if yes what do it mean and when did you get it?   1:49:07 - Who/what would you say are your biggest inspirations/influences?   2:09:06 - What is your favorite movie/book/etc?   2:17:49 - If dinosaurs still existed today, what kind would you have as a pet?   2:18:29 - Favourite episode of MLP season 6 so far?   2:19:47 - Have you read any of the MLP comics and if so do you have any favourites?   2:21:31 - Favourite Studio Ghibli film? (Warning: Personal story attached. Now's your chance to skip it. Don't say I didn't warn you.)   2:35:58 - Favourite MLP song?   2:37:27 - What's your MBTI result? (Myers Briggs Personality Test)   2:43:09 - Saddest Harry Potter death and why?   2:45:48 - Favorite Yu Yu Hakusho character and/or quote?   2:48:25 - Your Pokemon Go team?   2:48:51 - Favorite Ghibli film and/or character?   2:54:47 - Why did you join the MLP fandom or any other fandom you'd showed in the background of your review show?   2:57:18 - Why that username, The Second Opinion?   2:29:15 - When MLP:FiM has come to a final close, where do you plan on taking the review show, like what other fandoms and such do you think of covering after MLP is said and done with?   3:00:20 - If MLP did a Game of Thrones episode, how would you cast it?   3:02:06 - What was your first opinion?   3:02:13 - What's the one question you wish someone would never ask you, and what would the answer to it be?   3:03:00 - What's your favorite condiment?   3:03:18 - Which two characters would like to see share the spotlight in an episode of MLP?   3:04:51 - What parody has MLP not done yet, that you would like to see them do?   3:07:28 - Who is your favorite background Pony in the show?   3:08:43 - What is your favorite Discord episode?   3:10:19 - Favorite wrestler (or wrestlers)?   3:16:17 - Favorite (wrestling) match?   3:17:33 - Favorite (wrestling) event?   3:19:22 - Why My Little Pony? And if you were to review something else, what would it be and why?   3:20:58 - What is your favourite out of the comics and manga you have on display in the background?   To subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvEK5J0VoizavCTutkA-lpg?sub_confirmation=1

The Second Opinion

The Second Opinion