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Mesme Rize



I recently watched this movie again, with the original one, after i heard everybody and LZRD WZRD talking about how bad the Lion Guard is (and believe me, it is) i had a certain rush of Nostalgia coming over me, thinking what the Lion King actually meant in my childhood. The original one, still remains a Masterpiece for me, when it comes to Animation. When it comes to the second one...let's find out.


The Lion King came out when i was just at the age of 5. It was the first movie I can recall seeing on the big screen, and once again, Disney didn't disappoint me. By the time this sequel came out four years later, I didn't immediatly saw it, but i did hear about it. The only straight-to-video Disney sequels at that time, were the two Aladdin ones. However, after i turned 12 or so, I have watched some more of these sequels, even though they never seem to be nearly as good as their theatrical predecessors, and this particular one is sadly no exception.


Now that Simba and Nala are married, they give birth to Kiara, destined to become Queen. While she is a cub, Timon and Pumbaa are assigned to keep an eye on her when she goes out, but they are not very good at it. Under no supervision, she wanders off to the forbidden Outlands, where Scar's exiled followers now dwell! Here, she meets a young cub named Kovu, and surprisingly, they become friends! However, they do not see each other for long, as Simba and Zira (Kovu's mother) soon show up. After this, Kiara and Kovu don't see each other again until they are older, when Kovu saves Kiara from a fire! After this, he claims he is no longer part of the Outlands, and Simba is required by law to accept him into the Pridelands. However, Kovu has actually been sent to kill Simba and take over the land! Will he really do this?


The original Lion King has a lot going for it, including several classic songs, excellent animation, a suspenseful and often touching story, and good humour. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride definitely has some of those things, but to a lesser degree. I would say there definitely are some good songs, especially He lives in you, which was sung on Radio by Tina Turner and we are one, but i think there also some forgettable ones. So, not Disney's worst bunch of songs, but not their best. The animation, while still impressive, I think is just slightly downhill from that of the original, though not enough to really disappoint me. There's a bit of suspense in this sequel, mostly towards the end, but not a lot, and i certainly didn't find as much touching about the story. Lastly, there is a bit of humour, but not enough. The scene where Rafiki is skeptical while communicating with Mufasa is good for some laughs, and in addition to that, Timon and Pumbaa are sometimes funny, but unlike before, they only seem to bring an occasional laugh or smile. Zazu provides a lot of humour in the original, but in this sequel, he is more of a minor character, and is no longer humorous at all! I guess this is partly because he is no longer voiced by Rowan Atkinson (you can easily tell it's not the same voice).


While watching this movie, i just couldn't seem to really get into it for the most part. For me, it seemed to get a bit better towards the end, and if it wasn't for that, I would probably give it no more than a 5/10. So, while I'm not one of the haters, u can see why this sequel has disappointed so many fans of its classic theatrical predecessor. These non-theatrical sequels from Disney clearly never get as much recognition as their theatrical predecessors, and i don't think most of them, if any of them, deserve to. If you like The Lion King, you might be curious as to where the story goes from there, but you just MIGHT be in for a pretty lousy experience. If not, you might enjoy The Lion King II: Simba's Pride somewhat, but obviously, like most sequels, you can expect it to be inferior.



But i really like this song. :)

Mesme Rize

While i certainly don't think, that how the current season has played out now is bad, i would say it's all around fine, i certainly feel that, after 6 episodes a certain something is missing and with every Episode that i am watching, i feel like i am getting more and more dry.


Don't get me wrong. I am not here now to quit anything and say "screw everybody and screw the show" because that was never my style and i don't intend to start that and if i quit, i will do it in a more polite manner.


But i will say, that i am feeling a bit out of it with this season. Maybe it's because the season started too early, because i was used to 8-12 month breaks. I don't know.


What do you guys think? Is this just a phase, or am i really starting to grow tired, after almost 5 years?

Mesme Rize


After having alot of fun with our last Marathon, i thought one month later, we continue to do this again with season 2, of the cult show about paranormal stories. At this point, the show has been taking over, by Star Trek Star Jonathan Frakes.


Also, there will be no pony this saturday, so there is nothing that is holding you back. ;)


Marathon starts this time at 4 PM CET and 9 AM EST in the Lamia Pit:


Come in and watch stories that are just...beyond belief. :)

Mesme Rize

Starlight Glimmer’s existance does not negate Sunset Shimmers success or popularity and the same goes the other way. Sunset is not going anywhere and glimmers good fortune is not sunsets misfortune. Constantly pitting the two against each other is getting tiresome and they both have their own speciel place in the franchise.


I am a fan of Starlight and i am okay if other people are against her. But don't criticize her, just because your favorite character isn't in the show, because that is just a baseless argument.

Mesme Rize

I can already see people reading this saying "oh god, this is the most obvious movie that this guy reviews." I just can't help myself. I am in love with the original book, the 1967 animated classic and the not so well known 1989 anime. With that out of the way, let's get this started.


The Jungle Book was billed as a remake, to the 1967 animated classic from Disney itself. I heard alot of people groaning when Jon Favreau (director of the Iron Man movies) announced this, saying "this will just be another cashgrab." And i admit that i was skeptical as well. But i saw the Super Bowl Trailer during the game and i thought to myself 'meh, might be worth a look, just for curiosity.' That's what i pretty much did then.


The Jungle Book tells, like every other version, the story of the mancub Mowgli, who was raised by the Wolves since he was a baby and departed from his real parents. He pretty much spends time playing with his wolf friends, while being teached the laws of the Jungle, mostly from his Lifelong Panther friend and teacher Bagheera. Mowgli was always a bit different though, since he was a human and uses his hands to create human objects to help himself, which the pac leader Akeela really didn't liked. One day during a great dryness, where the Jungle was not allowed to kill, Shere Khan the great Tiger told everybody in the Pac "once the rain comes, this Mancub is dead." So the Pac decided that the Mancub must go back to his own kind and Bagheera helps him. On his way, he meets friends and foes.


While the movie is buildup as a remake of the 1967 classic, they are also elements of the original book in this movie and it really shows. The movie has his disney lighthearted side, but it has points where it's as dark as the book and the movie balances it out brilliantly, making it alot of fun, while not too silly, while also being dark enough, but not too scary for the children. It's really a great adventure, while also having this nostalgia feel for the guys, that are familiar with the 1967 animated movie.


It's also no musical, besides 3 songs making a return from the animated movie being sung in the movie (2 in the movie and 1 in the credits as extra.) People who where never fans of the animated movie, probably won't like it and say it's forced. People like me on the other hand, think it's great fanservice. This Movie also looks gorgeous, infact this is the most gorgeous looking movie i have seen since Avatar. The whole Jungle is colorful and alive and vibrant and just makes you feel like you really want to be in this place. I watched this movie in 3D BTW and it's phenomenal.


The cast of characters are wonderful.
Mowgli (played by Neel Sethi) is a lovable character, who has a childlike nature, but not in a way that it's annoying, like you have with most children actors in movies. He is brave, but also intelligent and knows when it's dangerous. Also, serious credit to the kid. Considering he is the only thing that is real in this movie, he did his job great. He pretty much acts with invisible characters and to do that with 10 years old, much props to him.
Bagheera (played by the great Ben Kingsley) Is wise and is actually a great asskicker (seriously, he kicks Shere Khans ass bad in one scene) He is sort of like the motherly voice of Mowgli, to the point where he figuratively holds a shield up that says "no fun allowed."
Baloo (played by Bill Murray) is the fun and careless friend of Mowgli, who likes to eat honey and just hangsout and sleeps all day. Bill does a phenomenal Job and this is probably his best role in years.
Shere Khan (played by Idris Elba) is THE BIG top heel in this movie. He says it like it is and says that he wants the mancub. He even Kills Akeela just like that, once he hears that Mowgli was gone. This guy is coldhearted. Also, it's Idris Elba. How can you go wrong?
Kaa (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) is a very mysterious character. She is over 100 feet long (from i have seen) seems to know alot and has an extremly seductive and hypnotic voice. And yes, she is doing the color eyes to hypnotize Mowgli, so you can be quiet about that.
King Louie (voiced by the always entertaining Christopher Walken) Is the selfproclaimed King of the Jungle and lives in his big ruin. He lives lavish, has all the fruits, all the treasures and all the servants, he is a real jungle VIP (nyeh nyeh :P.) Some might find Walkens voice strange, but i think that's what makes him entertaining.


Disney could have done a really sloppy job here, by just releasing a very sloppy movie like Tim Burton did 6 years ago, with his live action adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. What we have here though, is a well thought out and clever take on the tale of Rudyard Kipling. It has alot of heart, great character interactions and just an overall satisfactionary feel, that when you go out, you feel incredibly satisfied. This is probably one of the best family movies (not animated) that i have seen in the past 4 or 5 years.


If you have some money to spend, watch this movie. Jon Favreau really deserves the praise that he gets from reviewers like me. You can trusssssssssssst in me. :P

Mesme Rize


Who remember this series? It was an absolute favorite of mine, during elementary school years and later, which also made me interested in paranormal things. The episodes always featured short 5 stories, which most have paranormal themes to them and at the end of the episode, you have to guess if these are true or false.


The Marathon will start at 8 PM CET and 1 PM EST in here:


Come in and chat with us while we have fun. :)

Mesme Rize




This is my very first hypnosis audiofile and i thought i start with something that most people are familiar with, which is integrating the personality of my OC.


It's really of the upmost importance, that you go into it without any sort of doubt. If you do, this thing won't work in the first place. But i assure you, that nothing bad will happen when you listen to it.


Lay yourself down and relax. Try to make your room as dark as possible. Use headphones for the recordings, to achieve the best effect. Let yourself fall and don't think and trussssst in me. :)


Feedback would be appreciated. :)

Mesme Rize



Eversince i was a kid, i always kinda liked to pretend that i was somebody else because i had (and still kinda have) a very vivid imagination. I wasn't somebody who had many friends during my childhood and i mostly spend my freetime of school, to play video games and watching movies. I love to get into my thoughts then and pretend i was one of those characters, or sometimes just be myself and interacting with the world.


These days, i use my imagination to create my own character, that i can relate to, which as you know is Mesme Rize. I wouldn't just Mesme Rize my OC. I would even go so far as to say that he is my Ponysona, because he has some of the personality traits that i have, with some extras of course. I always loved to imagine myself as a larger then life creature. In this case, a 30 feet big ponylamia that loves hugs and hypnotizes ponies. :P


There are some people that probably would criticize me, saying that i should remain with my head in the real world, or that i should grow up. I think it's okay to let your imagination go from time to time, because it's a nice way to relax yourself and let your problems step aside. I think my imagination helped me make more friends then ever, be it through doing Fanfics, Roleplays or whatever.


Do you guys think so as well? Do you also have a vivid imagination?

Mesme Rize



It's something that was on my mind for awhile now and i thought maybe i shouldn't say this. But i think it's better if i am not quiet about it.


It's something that i saw quite alot in this fandom and these are the people who constantly insist, that this ride will never end and that the show will never end, simply because this is everything that they have and that they want to spend the rest of their life with the fandom, enjoying it.


I am not here to hurt anybody, because that is the least that i want. But it's better that bronies realize, that this will not last forever and that they should play with the thought, that this show will stop one day and that this fandom will probably not as active anymore, because i will guarantee you that this will happen. I for one already made up my mind and said that i will leave this fandom, once the show is over.


You probably might say now "But Mesme, what about G5?" There are a few problems with that statement. One of them is that so many people think, that Hasbro will shoot another MLP show out just like that. It might take another 10 years. Also, it most likely won't be the same show, as we probably have new characters, because Hasbro needs a new line of ponies they can sell. Lastly, i think it won't have the same impact. FiM came when the stars and the planets where at the right formation at the right time.


If DHX announces that S6 is the last season (i don't know BTW, but could be) you have to confront this.


But i still love you all guys. <3

Mesme Rize



You know, i've been here for over 13 Months now and during this 13 months i always had this gut feeling that people judge me for what i am, because i had weird interests and at parts a weird personality and that fear actually went way back before the days of the forums.


Not anymore though.


I had a very good conversation with one of my best friends last night (who i won't mention, since i don't know if he wants to be mentioned) and he told me something very valuable and that i took to heart. "You shouldn't be scared of yourself."


I always had this nagging feeling, being mocked behind my back on this forum. Be it for my hypno and lamia/snake interest, be it for me being a cardiophile, be it for some of the questionable comments i make, or whatever. But i realize you guys aren't like this. You are all so much better then even i could imagine.


I love this place, because you guys are all so understandable and so wonderful to me. I know, i said that alot of times in the past. But it's now more true then ever. When you laugh at my antics, i know you don't laugh at me, you laugh with me. And i want to work on myself being more open then ever and not fear with every blog that i write, that it's getting stomped to the ground.


Also, do the same thing. Be a bit more braver and go out of your way with being normal. Be a bit more open to us, because i think some of the more quieter people on this forum, have some very interesting personalities and very interesting interests, like i have. They shouldn't be something you're ashamed of. They are what you are. :)


I love you guys. :)

Mesme Rize

Well, it seems like someone high up in WWE, told the guys from Whatculture Wrestling a few secrets that they probably shouldn't have told. One of them, being the inductees for the WWE Hall of Fame this year.


Why he did this? I have no idea. Maybe the higher up guy did this as symbolic punch to the face against Vince Mcmahon, or Kevin Dunn or whatever.


But nonthenless, let's look at the guys we got.






What can i possibly say, that hasn't been already been told about Sting? He was the guy that was always there in WCW, in good times and bad times. He is remembered for some of the greatest and most iconic matches in Wrestling history. His legendary rivalry with Ric Flair is one of the greatest in wrestling, with their match at the first clash of the champions, lasting almost an hour, which is still considered a classic. He was also part of the main event of Starcade 97 between him and Hogan, which is the most bought PPV, in WCW history.


While some people are still mad that he jobbed to Triple H and Seth Rollins last year, there is no denying that it hurt his 3 decades long legacy. He is certainly a man, that belongs in every Wrestlng Hall of Fame.






These days, JBL is considered to be the worst Wrestling commentator and although i can't really stand him now, i have to admit that John certainly payed his dues in the last 3 decades.


He used to wrestle in Japan in the early 90s and then came over to Germany for Otto Wanzes CWA, where he had Bullrope Matches. Until he came to the WWE as Blackjack Bradshaw, forming the new Blackjacks with the legendary Barry Windham. His true rise to stardom, came in the attitude Era, when he formed the APA with Ron Simmons and during his height in 2004 and 2005, when he changed to his JBL persona, he became the longest running WWE Champ in Smackdown history, until dropping it to John Cena at Wrestlemania 21, which pretty much elevated Cena then.


You can think of JBLs personality what you want. But as a Wrestler, i have respect for him.






I seriously have no idea what she does here, except for the fact that the ceremony is held in Texas and she just seems to be there, because Jaqueline for me, was an average below Female Wrestler during the Attitude era.


I have to admit that i never followed her career in the USWA, because i didn't see much USWA. But besides that, i can't really say anything, other then the fact that she was just was one of those pretty girls.


The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts)




Probably one of the greatest Stables in Wrestling history. The Freebirds where the inventors of the so called "Freebirds rule" which means that the tag champs of a stable can let the titles defend from every member of the stable of their choosing. Something that is used by the current tag champs New Day these days.


The Freebirds made their selfs be known in the mid 80s at Fritz Von Erichs Texas promotion WCCW, where they had a grueling and very bloody rivalry with the Von Erich family, which turned into a war between Texas and Georgia (with the freebirds being from Georgia.) They where also the first wrestlers with an own entrance theme, that got to number one of the billboard charts.



After they split in 1994, Michael Hayes became an active man in the WWE as Doc Hendrix, who was an interviewer till 1999 and Michael Hayes still to this day, is an active member of the writing team of the WWE.


For me, this induction was a long time coming, because the Freebirds are an important part of 80s wrestling.


Charles Wright (AKA The Godfather, AKA Papa Shango)






Another very important part of the Attitude Era, The Godfather was probably one of the most entertaining (and also controversial) wrestlers of that Era. A former Intercontinental champion and former tag team champion, the godfather was always coming to the ring with his "ho-train."


But before he became the godfather, he played a mysterious Voodoo priest, by the name of Papa Shango in 1992. One of the more strange angles of that time, was when he put a voodoo curse on the Ultimate Warrior. Some consider it incredibly cheesy, while i am one of the few guys, who thought that it was absolutely awesome.


Wright is also one of the guys, who also always stayed behind the WWE all those years and i think that's also one of the reasons why he gets into the Hall of Fame, which i have no problems with.


Regis Philbin




We got another one of those dreaded Celebrity hall of famers. While i was behind the last two celebrities (Mr.T and Arnold Schwarzenegger) i have no idea what Regis Philbin is doing in here.


The only noteworthy thing that he did, was being a guest a Wrestlemania 7. I don't care if he is a fan of the WWE, because by that logic, i could get into the Hall of Fame. I have nothing more to say.


The Hall of Fame seems to be a mixed bag this year.

Mesme Rize



I know what you guys are thinking right now. I am pretty much beating a dead horse at this point and in some cases, you might be right. But this event pretty much marked a real turning point for me as a fan of the WWE and prowrestling in general.


As you might know me, i think that the Royal Rumble is the greatest match idea, in the history of prowrestling and in the past, i was always of the opinion that there was no really bad Royal Rumble Match. There where some mediocre Rumble matches in the past, like 1993, 1997 and 1999. But there was never a time where i really thought "oh my god, did that suck bad." Well, this one pretty much blew everything away that i saw considering the Rumble.


It's not even because Roman Reigns won this, because that's a completly different story for itself. This match, was just badly booked from top to bottom and if you have a bit of time with me, we can look through the errors of this match.


The Rumble started with Miz and R-Truth. Already wrong move. You need to start the rumble off big and strong with 2 big stars, or atleast 2 guys who have some sort of a grudge. But these guys are so random, it's not even funny.


Bubba Ray was the probably only good part of this rumble. It was a nice segment, eventhough vince probably thought that D-Von and R-Truth are not that different, because Bubba obviously just needs a black guy. Bubba made a "get the table" chant, but their where no Tables to be had.


Then we had the spot with the Wyatts (who where split at that time,) as Erick Rowan attacked Curtis Axel from behind and got into the ring, eventhough he wasn't in the match. So, does this make Curtis Axel the actual winner, or what? I am confused. The Wyatt spot could've been great, if they didn't do absolutely nothing the whole time.


The whole thing started to look like the Bookers took their suggestions from a bunch of sea creatures, as the boogeyman came into the ring and made Bray Wyatt look more and more like a Cartoon Villain, as they just made faces to each other, just for the Boogeyman to be eliminated.


Sin Cara came in. Sin Cara came out. Hooray.


Wyatt grabbed the mic to speak out an open challenge to everyone in the back, telling that it was his year. I thought to myself "okay, now somebody big is coming in." The clock was reaching 0 and out came...


"Woo woo know it." gg bookers.


Daniel Bryan came out next, to the wild pops of the crowd. There is a rumor going around, that Bray missed his spot and that he was supposed to call out Daniel and not Zack. That would have been fantastic, if that had worked.


Bray and Daniel showed a good performance, doing their usual thing, as Tyson Kidd, Fandango and Stardust came out, no one caring for either of those guys.


Then the next surprise was the entrance of DDP, who pulled off a bunch of Diamond Cutters, with him being 58 years old. It was really cool to see him and being in such a good shape.


And then, Daniel Bryan got eliminated...


On paper, it wasn't bad of an idea to put the blame on Wyatt. But if any of these bookers where alive in 2014, they must have known that this would kill the Rumble match instantly and it indeed came like that.


The question i ask myself is, why do you put Daniel Bryan into this match, if you won't let him win in the first place? Why do you hype up Daniel Bryan at all?


They shouldn't have bring him out so early and should've waited till Feburary. If that didn't happen, nobody would've batted an eye on Roman Reigns winning this thing. Instead, he got into a stupid programm with Kane, got the fans hope light up and then it all went away for nothing.


Golddust. Kofi Kingston. Adam Rose. Big E. Jack Swagger. Titus O' Neil. The WWE followed Daniels elimination with a bunch of undercarders, that you usually see on WWE Superstars. Kofis big spot of that year, was being catched and carried by Adam Roses Rosebuds. Wonder what he is doing this sunday.


They tried to do something with Stardust and Golddust. But since they don't did anything with them and that the crowd just didn't care, it was meaningless.


Then, Damien Mizdow came in and he was the first guy since Bryans elimination, that the crowd actually showed signs of life. Miz came out and didn't liked Mizdow stealing his spotlight. Mizdow got in anyway and did some signatures on a few guys...Until he was dumped by Rusev. No more buildup, no screwjob by The Miz, nothing. It could had been such a good buildup for Wrestlemania.


Then, Rusev hid under a ring. Let me get this straight. The biggest Monster Heel at that time, hid under the ring like Jerry Lawler did in 1996. Rusev isn't booked to be a coward, he is a fighter by nature. GG bookers.


Know what, let's just get to the Kane and Big Show part, throwing fan favorites out of the ring, like they where jobbers. It felt so symbolic, like Vince legitemately dosen't care for any of us. I mean, who are Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler anyway? (Sarcasm mode off)


Ryback was a complete waste in the rumble, eventhough he was part of the big angle between Team Cena and Team Authority at Survivor Series. Some things seem to never change.


Also, remember Bray Wyatt? The guy who looked absolutely dominant throughout the entire duration of the match? He was dumped out of the ring by Kane. Let that sink in. Kane, who is also a heel, a mortal enemy of the guy who got eliminated by Bray Wyatt, eliminates Bray words.


The rest was really the definition of everything that is wrong with the WWE right now. The logic was incredibly simple: All the heat on Kane and Big-Show, so the audience can chant for Roman, the big hero. Maybe the fans have forgotten the Daniel Bryan thing by then, right?



They rather scream bulls**t and cheer for Rusev.


Then, they had the brilliant idea, to bring out The Rock at the end, because everybody likes The Rock and he will make people like roman, right?



They actually did it. The WWE has screwed over the fans so hard, that they actually boo The Rock.


I will be honest guys. This was one of the biggest failure the WWE has ever produced. And for god sake, i pray that they won't screw up this sunday again, even if it looks like it.


Rant over, you can go home.

Mesme Rize

"Dr. Carson, how do you respond to the simple mathematics that prove that your tax plan was developed by marmosets?"


"Liberal media!"


"Senator Rubio, exactly how many loan sharks are looking for you down in Florida at the moment?"


"Liberal media!"


"Senator Cruz, where in the Constitution does it say we should have an air force?"


"Liberal media!"
"Ms. Fiorina, what's the capital of South Dakota?"


"Liberal media!"


"Governor Bush…ah, Jesus, man, can you wake the Buck up?"


"Hmph, snort, ghack…liberal media!"


You get the picture.

Mesme Rize



Ever since i came onto this site, i always got those questions of "Are you a hypnotist? What does it feel like? Will i lose my will? Is it dangerous? etc." After doing this for a whole year now, i thought i made up a general basic guide, about some FAQ's about hypnosis and more.


First of all, no discussion of hypnosis can really take place, sadly, without the debunking of a number of myths about it. Many of these myths lead people to the erroneous conclusion that hypnosis is restricted to the realm of fantasy, and not something that can really happen to anyone. While I'm not the first, by any means, I'd like to do my part to set the record straight, as someone who's been both a hypnotist and a subject before.


When most people think of hypnosis, they think of the blank-eyed zombie who sleepily mutters 'yes Master, I am in your power'. It's as cheesy and stupid as it is hot for people who are into that sort of thing, but let's break this down. The first misconception that many people have about hypnosis and trance is that it's like sleeping. This would only make sense; people in trance are breathing regularly, typically with their eyes closed, and for all intents and purposes they look like they're sleeping. A simple enough conclusion to make, but also quite wrong. Which brings me into the definition of what trance actually is. Trance, in its simplest form, is your brain going on auto-pilot, where it's not really focusing the conscious mind on whatever it is you're doing.


Some of you may be thinking: "Wait...that happens to me all the time! Is that really trance?" The short answer is 'yes'. If you've ever gone on a pleasant drive and arrived at your destination, only to realize that you have absolutely no memory whatsoever of what you did on the way there, that is in fact trance; your conscious mind isn't really focused on what you're doing, because it's so routine you do it all the time, and therefore so long as nothing noteworthy happens (like someone suddenly slamming their brakes in front of you) you don't even notice it. The same thing happens when you're so absorbed in a task, like reading, that you suddenly realized you failed to note the three to five hours that have passed without a single movement in your body.




You may be thinking that all of this sounds incredibly boring and mundane. It is. It's still trance, however; that's literally all trance is. Hypnosis, on the other hand, is when someone induces that mental state within a subject, along with a third element, which I'll get to shortly. Basically, the clichés of the hypnotist, such as the pocket watch or their induction spiel, are all rooted in this basic principle. For example, if you've ever wondered why hypnotists would dangle a shiny object in front of a subject's face, or told them to stare into the hypnotist's eyes, or any of might be thinking that it's nothing more than a prop, and in a way, it could literally be anything. It's not important that it be any particular item (though I'd recommend a light one, as holding it for several minutes without moving can strain you if it's heavy); what is important is that the subject focus on it, intently, putting all of their conscious mind into studying every aspect of it.


The reasoning behind this, of course, is that it gives the conscious mind a target to focus on. Most of the time, our conscious minds are busy processing all kinds of information at any given moment. Any one of them can be incredibly distracting from the hypnotist's goal; to put the subject into a trance. When driving for example, you tend to be doing a very small number of related tasks, most of which you handle subconsciously; you adjust pressure on the pedals to check or increase your speed, you nudge the wheel to go around curves, etc. Well, if a subject is just sitting there with a hypnotist, their minds are probably all over the place. That object, the focus, is what trains the subject's mind on one thing and one alone, and dropping everything else. There's more to it than that, but I'll get to it later.


So far I've mentioned two of the three elements to hypnosis. The first being the trance state, the state where the subject's conscious mind goes on auto-pilot, leaving only the sub-conscious. The second, the hypnotist who places the subject into this state, which is obviously needed for suggestions and whatnot. The third is the reason behind the slightly misleading phrase that is common among hypno-fans: "All hypnosis is self-hypnosis." The meaning most people have behind that phrase is two-fold: One, that you cannot be made to do anything you wouldn't want to do (for example, something harmful to yourself), and two, that no matter what the hypnotist might suggest, it's up to you to actually obey or disobey; everything, from the choice to listen to the hypnotist's induction and fall into trance, to actually following whatever suggestion he has for you, is your choice, ultimately. These things are somewhat true, but not absolute, as I'll get into right now as I discuss the third element of hypnosis: The surrender of the subject's will.


You read that correctly. The third key element of a successful hypnotic session is the surrender of the subject's will to the hypnotist. When a subject is hypnotized, their conscious mind isn't 'home', and the sub-conscious is more vulnerable to suggestion than you might think (that is, after all, the entire point of hypnosis). Essentially, in a lot of ways, your willpower is significantly reduced when hypnotized, and a key portion of hypnosis is that the hypnotist's will temporarily 'replaces' yours. This is also where some of the... I don't want to say 'danger', but definitely something to be aware of, comes to play. Remember that bit where I said you can't be made to do something you don't want to do? That's true, but the lines aren't completely solid. With carefully worded language, a smooth transition and a suggestible subject, it is possible to bypass some of one's usual restrictions, simply because the subject's will has been subjugated during the trance by the hypnotist. This is the third key element of hypnosis. To sum up:


* Trance (the distraction of the conscious mind)
* Hypnotist (to guide a subject into trance and plant suggestions)
* The Surrender of Will (to permit the hypnotist to take control and guide the subject through the trance)


These are all the key elements.




Now, reading my above paragraph, you might be thinking that hypnosis is an incredibly dangerous thing, as a less than scrupulous hypnotist might take advantage of a subject and plant evil suggestions that brainwash the subject in various ways. However, let me put your mind at ease and basically refute my own point above. While you can be persuaded to do or say some things that you wouldn't normally, there are a number of limits. In fact, too many to list. For example, not everyone is suggestible to the same degree or in the same fashion. I've seen subjects who go completely zonked while under, for example, and can be made to experience certain feelings while under trance, but the moment they awaken, it's over, and trying to get them to *do* something in trance snaps them out. Others have even the slightest suggestion last long after trance, whether the hypnotist attempted a post-hypnotic suggestion or not. Everyone is different.


Similarly, not everyone feels the same way in trance. Some people feel exactly the same in trance as out, and that has nothing to do with how easy or well a hypnotic suggestion works. Others, as I've said, completely zonk out. Also, some types of suggestions work better than others. Suggestions that say 'you will do this and this later' are the least likely to 'stick'; emotional suggestions and trigger phrases (if well implemented) are the better ones, typically.


So, the next question: "Can I be hypnotized?" The short answer is yes. The longer answer is "Yes, but only if you trust the hypnotist enough to surrender your will to him, and depending on how your mind works, you may or may not feel like you are in trance, and even then, the ability of suggestions to work may vary." I will say, if you try being hypnotized and you feel it didn't work, consider that it may either be the result of your mind just not feeling totally zonked, or it could be the result of an unskilled hypnotist with sloppy hypnotic technique. Trust me, there's a lot of crappy hypnotic stuff on the internet. The entire reason I learned my own techniques is because I was unsatisfied with the content I could find myself.


So yeah, these are the basic things you need to know about Hypnosis. If you have more things to ask, you can message me, or leave a message in the comments. Either way is fine. ;)



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That's right guys, i am back.


I know that i said i would be off for a month, but it happend earlier for 2 reasons.


1. I finished my private business a bit earlier then expected.


2. I just missed you guys too much.


I am now totally back and ready to go again. :)


(Also, look out for another blog, that i will release in an hour. ;) )

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Holy crap guys. It's now been almost a year, since i stepped a foot on this site. In that time, alot of stuff has happend. Back then, i was still known as Hypnosparkle and i didn't know if i would even stay here for a week and Jeric was still just a mod on here. But i made alot of friends here during that time. I barely had problems with anybody on here and i am glad to spend the last year with you.


But now, i think it's time for me to leave for awhile. Don't be afraid though. I might leave for 1 or 2 months, since nothing happens right now, since we are in the hiatus and doing speculations are not something i really like to do much. I also need to do some stuff in real life, which need to have my priority now and which are in need to be done.


The only thing that i will keep coming back for, are for the friday movie nights, because i still want to get after my duties as an EQTV admin and because i enjoy these nights still.


If you feel the need to contact me though, you can call me through skype or steam, which i always have on in the background, whenever i am on my Laptop.


Also, i will give a shoutout to some people here, that i grew fond off here and that i am thankful for. (if i forgot someone, it dosen't mean that i don't like you.


The whole Equestria TV crew: You guys are awesome and make my fridays wonderful. I especially thank Yozer247 for giving me the staff spot back in September, which just shows how much you guys trust me.


Dark Qiviut: A guy who i grew more fond of as the months have gone by and someone i found out to be incredibly cool. He might not always have the most liked opinions about MLP, but then again, same could be said about my controversial opinions on WWE. :P


Jeric: One of the nicest mods/admins i have ever come across. He never ignores anything that i ask him and is always helpful. Can't think of a better Captain for this ship. :)


Simon: He is the worst person on here. He allows no fun and is totally emotionless and shows no compassion. I love you Simon. ;)


LZRD WZRD: A guy i really had a rough year with and someone i might not have the same emotions for as i had a year ago. But someone i admire that he goes out and does his own thing, with his review series, even if i don't always agree with him. One day, the Lamia will eat the Lizard. :P


Dark Horse: Someone i might not know long now, but he really grew very close to me in this short time. He is incredibly funny and is very patient and can be compassionate. As dark and edgy as he might claim to be, he really dosen't seem that way. :P


Lightwing: The ultimate Shipping Queen of the Poniverse. She is so funny and incredibly random, it's not even funny. But her very positive mood lights up my day. Many Lamiahugs from me Lighty. ;)


Ward Jenkins: It was incredible for me, that i would consider a Storyboard artist my friend. Such an incredibly peaceful and patient guy, who i might went on his nerves a bit too much sometimes. Incredibly cool and can't wait for his work to show up in Season 6. :)


Also, a big thank you to all the other guys that i didn't had the time to mention. *Lamiahugs to everybody*


See you around.

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Do you know that feeling? It's that very quiet and boring time between christmas and the new years eve and you have absolutely no idea, what you want to do with that time and there seems no hope for something cool to come.


Fear not my dear friends. Because i am gonna change that.



On December 30th, Starting on 4 pm est in "the_lamia_pit" I will stream 5 of the greatest Royal Rumble matches in WWF/WWE history in a row. Join us in the chat, where we can talk about your favorite wrestlers, wrestling memories or we can just trashtalk in general, while we watch some older royal rumble matches.


The Rumble matches are shown in chronological order, as follows:


Royal Rumble Match 1992:


4:00 PM EST

10:00 PM CET


The Royal Rumble Match 1996:



5:00 PM EST

11:00 PM CET


The Royal Rumble Match 2001:



6:00 PM EST

12:00 AM CET


The Royal Rumble Match 2006:



7:00 PM EST

1:00 AM CET


The Royal Rumble Match 2008:



8:00 PM EST

2:00 AM CET

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I really wonder why i haven't thought of this in the first place. If i love singing so much, why shouldn't i find a platform where i can share it with everybody?


Anyway, i am now on Soundcloud. I will post more masterpieces there in the future, with me and my beautiful voice. :)


But for now, enjoy listening to my version of the irish classic, the fields of athenry, which was a special wish, by my very special friend, Dark Horse. :P


Have fun :)

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3 days after my glorious birthday, something different big happend in my city and something happend almost every year there in my city. The CWA Catch Cup was wreaking havoc in Bremen.


Small history, the CWA was the league of Austrian Otto Wanz, former AWA world heavyweight champion. Every year, he held a 7 day show in Bremen called the catch cup and it was always during Christmas time, in the Bremen Stadhalle. We had some of the biggest stars there. Otto Wanz, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Jushin Thunder Liger, Andre the Giant, etc.When it comes to me, Bremen and the CWA, is like New York City and the WWE/F. We had the biggest and best Wrestling audience in all of germany.


This here is Bull Power (who many known him as Vader, from his WCW and WWF days) vs. the owner Otto Wanz, for the CWA heavyweight championship, which Power held at the time.


Have fun. :)