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Life Progress and other stuff.

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Rapid Shadow

My life is getting worse cause of my real estate kicking me out of my place and now my grandpa passing away and my family disowning me for stupid things and now the church i went to will not help me anymore.

Rapid Shadow

my IRL mother decided to put the bible in my face again about posting things on Facebook even if I block her on Facebook she will still call my phone number and if I change my phone number she still finds it.

Rapid Shadow

I feel like my life is in a never ending loop where I can't do anything right or correctly and nothing in my life has gone right so far and I just don't know what to do anymore and all I want to do is curl up on the couch and cry cause of what's been happening in my life and I feel hopeless at points in my life.


This year alone I lost around 15 friends and I feel like I'm in a cage where I can't do anything and that's why I have been jumping on and off the MLP Forums.


And I'm getting close to breaking point.





Rapid Shadow

Entry 85

My year is getting worse here is a list why.


1. My real estate is still blaming me for stuff and not respecting me by saying I'm making excuses for things
2. some friends IRL are not talking to me and being disrespectful and other things.
3. I broke up with my boyfriend on the 22nd of Jan this year.
4. my parents still not trust me and respect me.
5. And now I got no car.

Rapid Shadow

Entry 84

Hello everypony I just want to apologize cause I feel like I'm bothering users here with my problems and making them feel bad for me and I just don't know what to do anymore cause of my problems and all I can do is cry in a chair and do nothing and I still can't get a job and I keep doing courses and I still can't get a job. :( :( :( :(

Rapid Shadow

my real estate said i haven't been cleaning up and then she shows off by saying this "I work and i clean up a 5 bedroom house and i have a family and you can't use your depression as a excuse not to do the cleaning" I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE *I start to cry*

Rapid Shadow

Entry 79

Looks like i can't hide from my IRL parents anymore cause I changed my phone number so many times and they still find it and I deleted my old facebook account and they found out about it through the rest of the family and i can't take it anymore cause of them and I feel like I'm trapped in a never ending loop cause of them. :( :( :( :(

Rapid Shadow

Entry 71

My life hasn't been the best at all this year cause of things happening here is a list of them

  1. My parents don't accept me for being gay
  2. My siblings are the same
  3. I don't feel comfortable at church anymore
  4. My real estate is putting my mood down when they say the grass is too long when it's ankle height
  5. My collage teacher thinks my depression should't affect me from doing the study of the course
  6. everything i do like playing my favourite game or doing something i like bad memories are coming back
  7. I just don't feel like leaving my house cause i'm afraid of getting called names and other things cause of me being gay

My list can go on so long. :( :( :(

Rapid Shadow

Entry 70

My life hasn't been the best so far due to me liking MLP FIM and finding out that I'm gay my parents mainly have been abusing me psychologically and Mentally and cause of that I have severe depression and anxiety and I do see a psychologist and take medication but I don't think it's working and since my brother has brought it up again I can't seem to control my depression to the level I want it to with music and coloring books and reading please help me. :( :( :(