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About this blog

because this needed to be done sooner or later lol

A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough

and you can give me more than one ship if you want, like you could give me 20 if you can think of enough trust me I will more than likely have a rating for all of them lol
also so not trying to start a new trend

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Second half to my other blog

so apparently for some reason I have found out recently, people can't comment on here I'm not sure why but a new friend has helped me figure out a new way around it and for this post I'm Gonna ask for many ships give me as many as you want and for my next reply I will rate them all one by one,so give me any ship on your mind and as many are on your mind I most likely will have a feeling for more or less all of them X3