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About this blog


Every month or so, we'll come out with an update on the game. Sometimes progress is super showy & eventful, sometimes it's boring behind the scenes stuff, but they're always kept interesting and have a hopeful message about determination.

The blog is separated into parts to flow consistently. There's a summary/introduction/teaser linking to the full blog post on my website, then from there you'll get screenshot highlights, a list of tasks completed that week, a list of lessons learned, at least one paragraph of an interesting thought/idea/feature, then either a Patreon thank you, articles/videos my stuff has been featured in, or download counts for all my released games so far. Then the blog post ends with a paragraph or two about next steps and my thoughts going into the new week.


The aim with all this is to inspire other developers the way teams like Mane6 inspired us. To show game development is possible, and even though it takes forever, the progress is visible, the results are tangible, and the process is rewarding.

And for the more casual fan, this monthly blog shows that the devs are not dead, the project is still being worked on, and you'll get to play new content very soon.

So saddle up and come along for the ride!



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