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I gained a lot of strength in marching band I don't want to lose that before next season so I'm trying to stay in shape. Do you guys have any routines you follow (eating or exercise) that help you to do this?? Even things you do mentally. I need some ideas besides just stretching because that won't necessarily keep up my strength. 

My Wattpad

If you guys want to read anything I've written, I post some "poems" on my wattpad. If you wanna check it out here's the link to my account: https://www.wattpad.com/user/welcome2realityKidz 

Marching Band Competition

We didn't make it to state sadly. It was one of four worst runs yet. Basically anything that could go wrong did. It's sad too because our morning rehearsal was so good and we were all really pumped about this performance. Maybe next year


This weekend is my school's homecoming but me and my brother can't go because we have a marching band competition that lasts all day. Everyone was pretty bumbed about missing it so we figured that we would host our very own marching band homecoming. It's going to be so much fun! Wish us luck

Hello Again

Hellooooo Again my fellow Bronies!!  We're trying this again because it didn't really work out the first time.  Hello. My name is May. I'm that average American teenager trying to survive high school, avoid the bullies, avoid getting noticed at all really. That's never really been hard for me. Lay low. Stay invisible. That's me. I'm a ghost.  I'm totally and completely average. I love to read, I'm obsessed with romance novels. I get average grades, I look average,  I have an extre


I like writing in my blog. It distracts me. In a way. I think about everything way too much that when I write, I only like to hear the words I'm typing. Sometimes it's not always that way but if I focus on that it helps with my over thinking. Writing helps me organize my thought in a very unorganized way. It's not that great sitting and typing on a screen forever but it'll do. In elementary school I kept diary's full of all the drama that happened at school and how I thought the guy I liked


Many may know that I get sick a lot. I get sick for random reasons and at random times. More often than not it's some sort of sinus infection. I'm also a bit lactose intolerant so I get sick when I neglect my ice cream hating digestive system. But yeah, guess what?! I think I'm sick again.  I just got my ears pierced so I'm hoping it has nothing to do with that, or that me being sick doesn't affect them. Anyways, my sinus infection feels like it never really leaves. All throughout middle sc

Big All About Me Story

I don't want to make this whole thing a big deal but I also want you guys to know a little more about me personally, and I want to tell people. For a while I've been feeling stuck inside my own brain and just feeling like nobody else understood me. I knew people out there probably did but I had no way of asking because I myself could not even describe what I was feeling. I was confused, maybe even a bit depressed. I still am. I'm not always happy but I'm trying. I feel like there are alread
Stuff?? I Have No Title

Stuff?? I Have No Title

First off, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!!!!!! Other than that I actually don't have much to say really. Nothing too interesting is going on. I'm finally starting my online drivers ed though! I know everything on there though I wish it were at least a little bit interesting. Ha. Oh! I'm also trying to start a band! It's hard to find members though because I want people my age and decent players. Plus, people in my grade have commitment issues. I'd like to play some of my own songs, as well

Two More Days of School!

So we have our graduation Thursday and last night me and my mom were supposed to go out shopping for a dress but the weather got bad and we had to turn back. Of course, AGAIN, we have another snow day today. So now we only have two more days. Everyone is stressing because people were supposed to have finals and tests which they can't make us do Thursday or make us come to school Friday either.  I personally don't have too much work to do, besides this 40 Question exam I have to write for my

Been Forever

Wow it's been forever since I was last on here. I almost forgot what it was like to be a part of this community. I'm definitely going to try to be on more in the next week or so but I have a lot of catch up school work to do so we'll see.  So much has happened it feels like since I last posted on here.  Not that you guys need to know every detail about my personal life,  it's whatever because you don't know me, but I have found myself with a girlfriend. She is honestly the best thing i

American Sign Language

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post!  I was wondering how many of you on here where deaf, hard of hearing, or know ASL.  A couple of years ago i decided to go further into learning ASL because a girl at my new school was deaf and I wanted to be able to communicate with her. Turns out I never got the courage to and all the popular kids wanted to “be the one who did a good deed” first.  I kind of gave up for a while on signing.  Now, most of the girl at my s


I've been wanting to write a MLP fan fiction for a while. I have a couple ideas on what I'd write about but nothing super concrete. In Fan Fictions, is it customary to use only known characters from the show?? Or can I mix with my own characters, and maybe even none from the original show? Would doing this make it less interesting or more interesting?  What are some things you guys would like to see in a fan fic?  also, what's the normal length for a fanfiction? I know they can basical

Big Thanks!!!!

Wow! So I just opened my computer and logged on to the forums, wanting to go ahead and chat with some of my RP friends. What I open the site to find is around 64 notifications all from @Justin_Case001. They had gone and reacted to and commented on almost every single one of my blog posts. I wasn't able to go back through them all and comment or react back, but I wanted to give a big thank you to whoever you are. It took me from an iffy mood to a pretty good one. So thank you @Justin_Case001, for

It’s been a While

Wow, so it’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. I’ve just been really busy with school starting back up and a big performance at my dance studio.    So so today I just had a really stressful. I have something called misophonia which is basically a fear of certain sounds and noises. For me it’s basically any sound. Mostly breathing and chewing but other things too. we had this sub in our writing class and she made the whole room silent all of class. And my desk w

I Have No Idea Anymore

I want to blog right now, I do. I just don't know why or what about. There's so many things going through my head right now and I definitely can't write about all of them. So I'm writing about all of them.  Yeah, yeah, super counterproductive sure. But I won't be too specific. A lot of these things probably seem petty or stupid or just plain you know wanting to punch me in the face for being stressed over this.  I just want to grow up. I want a choice in how my house looks, or what foo

My Only Addiction (besides reading)

As some of you might know, I'm a dancer. I started dancing around seven months ago actually. It doesn't seem long at all, but in that time dance has become my life. In June I stared my first hip hop class, by November I was also starting Contemporary and Lyrical Hip Hop. I soon decided to drop the lyrical hip hop to save money because hip hop mixed with contemporary is essentially lyrical hip hop.  During my last hip hop class before our performance, the owner of the studio came into our cl

Some Things I've Been Wondering About

So I have been wondering:  Do I really have "quality" blog content? Is what I write interesting to read about?  I see that a lot of people view my content, and a few select users comment. For a blog, are the viewers or ones who comment what I am trying to gain?  I would also like to know what kinds of things you guys would like to hear about in the future. *Comment your answers down below*

Happy New Year's Eve!

Hi everyone! HAPPY NEW YEARS  I hope you all have an amazing 2019 and had a great 2018!    My sister's surgery went great. Afterwards she felt a bit of pain but that was expected. She was able to come home tonight for new years! 

My Sister is Having Surgery Tomorrow

My sister has acid reflux. That means that acid from her stomach is coming up and burning her vocal cords. In retrospect, she can barely talk and this has been going on for three years. She is a singer. For three years she has not been able to sing, let alone talk normally. At first, the doctors did not know what was wrong with her. A year later we figured it out. Now she has a vocal choach, and many other doctors and appointments she needs to go to. Tomorrow she goes in for a surgery




Why am I still awake right now....

Yes, it's past midnight. No, I don't care.  I oddly feel like crying right now even though I had a pretty good day. I guess I feel stressed with Christmas coming up soon? Today at school we had another "fire". Some dumb kid put his toast in the microwave for five minutes and BOOM. So that got us out of first period. We also had a half day AND an assembly so our classes were super short. I also found out that my favorite teacher was leaving after break and never coming back. It's a




I Have Good News!!!

The best thing happened to me today! In American History I was doodling a pony on my worksheet and then when I realized we had to turn that paper in I mumbled "Crap, now I have a weird looking horse drawn on my paper". The girl sitting next to me heard. She looked over at my paper and her eyes got so wide.  "It's a My Little Pony!" she said. I kinda looked away like uhhh yeahhh...  Turns out she is also a secret fan of MLP! The whole rest of the class we just talked toge




Collecting People for a Roleplay

Hey everyone! I've been twantingto start roleplaying for a while but obviously I don't think I'd fit in with the people who have been doing it for a while.  So I decided to search for a group who haven't roleplayed before and we could all start off together. I think this could really help everyone because we would all be learning with eachother and nobody would feel out of place.  Just go ahead and comment if you'd like to be a part of this ! And once we have a set group I will st




The Weird Dream I Had The Other Night

The Weird Dream I Had Last Night There was a party. It was at school, but it wasn’t our school. The room was open with stark white chairs in rows. The walls were grey with green and blue dots on them that were different sizes. On the other side of the room, there was a flight of stairs going down. Next to the chair there was a door leading to other rooms. The room was filled with people in my grade. The party was being supervised by a substitute teacher, yet they weren’t paying much a