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Kendroh has a hard time leaving Charles in any form. So Charles felt like he had no other choice but to force Kendroth to make friends. Kendroth doesn't want to disappoint Charles so he will do it but making friends with ponies is a lot harder when he's stuck with his traditions. Slowly he'll make it but it'll be one heck of a struggle. 

(Kendroth's letters to Charles)


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Oh dear...

Dear Kendroth, I am so sorry to hear that. Those ponis have no right to talk such nasty things about you. I know many fear dragons but to treat them with such disrespect. Sad to say I shouldn't have been surprised. Many ponis hold prejudiced against things they still have yet to understand. I am sorry. I too have been a victum of this kind of behavior for years, despite being  poni myself I just thought that since things have gotten better- you wouldn't have to face it.   -Xi

Words Divided

Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, That is horrid to know but explains too much. I assure you now he is jailed now. If he starts with any of his shenanigans, I will deal with him swiftly. I will be honest,  there isn't much I have done. I am afraid No poni really wants to talk to me. They have many and I mean MANY prejudice against dragons. Worst of all I ate some ham I purchased from a griffon and the ponies around me gave me nasty looks. There was no away to escape them. No matter wh

Dear Kendroth- What?

Dear Kendroth, What?! That poni you confronted was a poni by the name of St. John Allerdyce. He is a nasty poni who have been giving my students and I a hard time for years! Ithought he was in jail but I thought wrong. I am sorry for my ignorance and should have known.  Did you really have a speak prepared?  How long was he out and how long did it take you to make and memorize it? Most likely not long, but still, an hour or two is still something that could have been used for much else




First Letter: A Burning Anger

Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, Today is 12/10/2018 and at the start of writing this, it is 18:12. Today was a very strange day. I knew something was off the moment I left the X Mansion, I just couldn't tell why- that was until later! It was horrible! There is this pyrokentic poni, I believe his name was Pyro- so unoriginal BUT point is, he went around burning things! Such an hooligan! I had to put him i his place. I confronted him a 12:30 sharp with a whole lecture ready and h




Glewed to the Hip (Charles's Perspective)

It has been two whole years since I've found Kendroth. I know he has been a pain but he has a good heart, better than expected given how I found him. You'd think if he is such a traditionalist, he would burn down villages and eat ponies off the bat but he is far from that dipiction. Made everyone realize those stories were either exaggerations, purely fiction or the exceptions to dragon culture. No one is truly sure. Kendroth is the only dragon we have seen and I am hoping I can talk t



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