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About this blog

This blog is solely dedicated to musical essays, starting with the Last Goodbye entry from a while back. I am not sure how consistent this series will be, as inspiration cannot be rushed, but nevertheless, I will update it as often as I can. :darling:

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"Until the End:" An Essay

I confess: though I did not promise any sort of schedule for this series of mine, I have slacked a touch more than I would have liked. Nevertheless, I believe I have found another excellent song worthy of appraisal, and one from a band that I have been familiar with for quite some time. I refer to Until the End, by Breaking Benjamin. Breaking Benjamin is a group that specializes in more melancholy music as a whole, and in a way, this is no exception... but with a twist. A twist that puts

"Adam's Song:" An Essay

In regards to what I consider particularly exceptional music, blink-182 likely won't appear very much. They have their place, of course, but when all is said and done, one would be hard-pressed to call them virtuosos. That said, they have written one song which I am particularly fond of, titled "Adam's Song." This song was written in memory of a fan who had sent a suicide letter to blink-182. They were so moved by it that they decided to write this song not only in memory of them, but als

"Already Gone:" An Essay

Although I may have already covered my favorite song of all time in the form of Last Goodbye, potentially limiting the potential of future analyses, I believe there are still a few songs worth praising... one of them being the one I will assess today: Already Gone, by Disturbed. Similar to Last Goodbye, this song is about grief as well, though this one takes quite a unique approach. While Last Goodbye is a song about one particular loved one's passing, Already Gone is about multiple death