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About this blog

I decided to watch the series again from the beginning and blog about it. Nobody will care I'm sure. :lie: But it will be fun and I could definitely use some ponies in my life every day. I'll try to watch one episode every day and the two parters together.

Entries in this blog


MMMystery on the Friendship Express

Okay, that cake would have fallen over on the train and obviously should have been assembled when they got there. Applejack wanted it the most. She should have gotten a bite.  But I guess the writers rightly decided that was really dishonest. Pinkie sleeping was so cute!  So were Pinkie and Twilight in hats.  I've said before it would have been better and funnier if the other three just took little bites and then Pinkie took a huge bite in her sleep.




Hurricane Fluttershy

Fluttertree  Also what's with ponies crashing through trees? That would REALLY hurt and probably kill them. This is the first and I believe only time we saw a pony film strip.  There was no need to be nervous about telling her her score, really. Just tell her she slowed down at the end. Try it again. The animals in the pony masks were kind of creepy. 




Dragon Quest

Great cute Spike episode.  Well Rarity's costume was...interesting.  And apparently eight legged dragons are a thing. I've always wondered if dragons are silicon based, diving into lava, eating gems. But then it doesn't make sense how they can live on carbon based food. Pee-wee was cute and it was cool for Spike to have a pet. But in the comics Spike eventually returned him to his parents and I guess that part's canon since we never saw Pee-wee again.




It's About Time

I have something really important to tell you and I have no time to waste so I have to tell you that I have something really important to tell you and I have no time!  So Twilight's going to stand there for days? At least get into bed. Also she's scared of mice?  Come on, she's braver than that. Who says "Happy Tuesday"? Spike and all his ice cream were really funny.   




Putting Your Hoof Down

I've really never been crazy about this episode. Fluttershy got so mean. When people say "assertive" they usually just mean loud and obnoxious. Just saying no quietly like she did in the end never really works when somebody's being loud.




Hearts and Hooves Day

So many great jokes in the song  Then a funeral.  People say Rainbow Dash's roommate from the last episode died. That's a really simple love potion recipe. I remember when I first saw the episode I had an idea for a story: Derpy crashes through a rainbow, then a cloud, stirring it with her pegasus feathers, then it rains love potion all over Ponyville. Random shipping chaos ensues.  I'd pretty much forgotten the story of the prince and princess. Theories were flying when the episode

Read it and Weep

Jeez, that hospital has some tight security!  Why were Applejack and Fluttershy right there in town?  Okay, so Rainbow couldn't fly when she left the hospital. Meaning she couldn't get home. So what she should have done is ask Twilight if she can spend the night then read the book when she falls asleep. 

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

One of my favorite songs  Things that didn't make sense: Why did they think they could make more than the machine? The argument was about quality. Why did they suddenly lose the farm? They never bet it. I know some people don't like Applejack's lesson but I thought it was funny.   

The Last Roundup

When this episode aired Derpy stole the show and then there was the big controversy. I watched both versions and both voices were good but I'm sure we all like hearing her name. She's had I don't know how many voices since. The thing with the cherry sorting was a famous scene from an I Love Lucy episode. And Cherrychangas were invented in this episode. I've made them. They're delicious.  RARITYCATCHME!!!     Unfortunat

Baby Cakes

I hate when a show explains something that should be common knowledge. There's no way these could be the first foals born to a different race.  When the episode aired there was a lot of talk about "Mrs. Cake is cheating." but that doesn't make any sense. If the father was a unicorn why would one baby be a pegasus or vice versa? Not to mention it's a kids show. Anyway... Changing diapers with your mouth???  Why did they only ask the mane six to babysit? There must be many other choi

Hearth's Warming Eve

Now that's not how you play "I Spy". You're supposed to say letters. But I remember a commentary where they said they don't use real writing in the show because it makes it easier to sell to other countries so I guess that's why. Why did Rarity put her crown on upside down? That was a weird little detail. The worldbuilding in this episode is interesting. Starswirl is mentioned, Celestia(with blue mane?) and Luna are on the flag for some reason. I'm sure it's all been discussed to death

Secret of My Excess

I'm with you, Twilight. I like organizing and shelving books too.  People are always asking why Cheerilee had a pimp hat lol. It's possible to wear a hat with a feather in it without being a pimp. My guess, it was a prop for a school play.

The Mysterious Mare Do Well

That is one stupidly dangerous street! You may be right, silly.  Pinkie forgot to giggle at the ghostie. I know a lot of people don't like this episode for some reason but I thought it was great.

May the Best Pet Win

There's really not a scientific distinction between turtle and tortoise and I always just say turtle.  Never heard of butterfly hypnosis before. \\ Tank is awesome. 

The Cutie Pox

I know some of those ponies are from "the big lebowski" but I've never seen that movie.  I really want to know how the heck ponies are actually supposed to bowl. There are no hoof holes in the balls. "I'm just too impatient to be patient!" Story of my life.   

Sisterhooves Social

Rarity was a pain in the butt in this episode but she never seriously considered messing up Sweetie Belle's picture. I'm sure most of us guessed that it was her in the race. Don't know why Applejack had to hold her breath under the mud the whole time. They probably would have been disqualified if they'd actually won, that's probably why it was written that they lost.  

Luna Eclipsed

Nightmare Night episode! And the first real introduction to Luna.  At first Starswirl was an obscure unicorn, now he's a huge part of the show and everypony knows him. How can it be Pip's first nightmare night ever? The pony with the shark on his butt is funny. What's he supposed to be???    

Lesson Zero

Such a funny episode!  We meet Rarity's fainting couch. Geez, Rainbow Dash is a living wrecking ball!  Celestia seemed pretty mad about nothing considering some of the other stuff that's happened. And, of course, Spike was right.

Return of Harmony

Ah memories!  I started watching MLP around the end of the first season. I remember being so excited and getting up early for the season two premiere and it didn't disappoint! It's really interesting that Fluttershy was incorruptible and Discord had to change her manually. And who could have guessed how their relationship would change at that time?  The Star Wars ending was so epic. It should have ended with Spike roaring. But at least he didn't not get a medal(none of them did) af

The Best Night Ever

The best night anything ever as good as you imagine?  Spike can't come in cause they're getting dressed. References to ponies being naked always just amuse me.  "Oh Fluttershy you're such a loudmouth!"  Pinkie just does a stage dive without knowing where she's going to land. So Pinkie.  Prince Blueblood is another character we should have seen more of. I know there was a comic where he helped Shining Armor with some diplomatic stuff. I assume Celestia adopted him as a

Party of One

Singing a song five times exhausted Pinkie?  Sad Pinkie. Straight hair.  Of course the whole Pinkie Goes Cupcakes scene is legendary.  Only Pinkie would think friends throw a farewell party when they don't like you anymore.  
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