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I desided to take it a pon myself to make a Minecraft map for the RP I'm in called "The Town Friendship Forgot". I am taking my time and planing every bit of it so I am making this update log to keep track of everything in a single setting.

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Shop + Some Streets + A river and lakes????

Trilby owns a hat/clothes shop and this is it's design: I don't know what tiles I would use but This is just the general idea. I felt like if I added the changing rooms on the first floor, it would be too clustered.   Here are all Streets Named SO FAR:   I am thinking of adding streets named after the pillars and the founders of Equestria. Also there will be one called Full Moon, Eclipsed, Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight. There are some roads that used to be one but over

Description and Paper Maps

Here was the description I got from Samurai Equine: And Windy Breeze pointed out how Sundea Delight had her own Polar as well.   This was my response in paper: I made many main streets and side streets. I didn't start naming them until recent but as I was drawing the streets, I was having the urge grow. I also made the ratio 1:6 here.   I tried skipping to making the Town Center. It is a magic thing that changes to what ever the town needs but it was a failur