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Wanna see fictional (or real) characters fight? Make a request!

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Firestar vs Strings (Warrior Cats vs Nomadikós)

Firestar   Intro:   Once a common housecat with a longing for adventure, Rusty abandoned his comfortable life to live in the wild with the wild cats known as Warriors. While not immediately gaining acceptance of his peers, he was ridiculed for his collar and viewed as a hindrance on the clan. This would change after he earned his respect in a fight with Longtail, leading to him being relinquished of his collar and by extension his old image, from then on being known as Firepa


Lucid_Nightlight in Vs.


Ever wanted to watch your OC's fight another character in fiction? Well, here's your chance! Just give me a description of your OC (looks, abilities, skills, equipment, etc.) and the character you want them to fight! Rules: 1. Must be a character YOU created fighting a character that is canon in their own story or a VERY popular OC. (Popular OC example: Snowdrop) 2. If there are different versions of a character, you MUST say what version. 3. No composite characters. (Ex



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