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About this blog

This is a blog where I'll post updates for my MLP AU, from ref sheets, to other random things.

Calamity, BreezeGust, BreezeFlash, Snowbank, Shallow, and Nautilus are to symbolize the new Elements of Unity and are the group of friends who are set on bringing balance back to Equestria. But to do that, it would mean traveling far from home to find the First Order of Alicorns.



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General Information

So.. you all may have noticed I started posting my story in the writing forum! Well, I'm here to announce that I changed that idea. I'm now uploading the story to Fimfiction, and the comic is going to be posted on DA instead of Webtoon! As for a bit of info on this AU: Long before the two sisters, Equestria was an empire. It was ruled by four alicorns, who kept everything in balance. They had ruled together, in hopes of keeping Equestria safe from outside forces. They controlled e


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