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About this blog

Just because it's on the internet and spread around, doesn't make it true.

This will basically be a "this is the "fact" found online and here is why it isn't true, and then it could have came from this".

Entries in this blog

Food Price Increases

Well this one is quite simple and popular right now, food prices are going up because it costs more to grow/raise so farmers are raising prices right? Well, no. Most crops, basically anything except for special cases and some specialty crops, are sold in a way that we do not have any control over. They are sold in a way similar to the stock markets, there are traders and speculators but instead of parts of a business its contracts for commodities at various times of the year, usually e


TheGleaner in Prices

$3500 an Acre to Destroy Crops

This "Internet Fact" appears to have originated from a tick tock account that is notorious for spreading flat out lies about agriculture in the US and calling it satire(and proceeding to wonder why no one in the agriculture community likes them). It goes something like the following, while panning over a corn field: This is not true. If this was true, it would quickly bankrupt the US government for one, as there is basically no crop anywhere that profits that much. Also backing
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