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Youtube is a constant source of anger for me.

This forum, too. Right now because I can't make the same Youtube link multiple times (it will embed multiple times though!) and the first link got converted to embed despite me not embedding it, but linking it, and the poem I made recently took me half an hour to format properly, but never mind. I will be crippling the Youtube links in this text, because the forums won't do what I tell it to do.


I wanted to watch

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic PINKIE PINKIE PINKIE (compilation)


in fullscreen, but my Windows task bar is set to fixed, and HTML5 player always has the task bar in the picture.


So I tried


but it still loaded HTML5 instead of Flash player. It outright ignored the parameter that took me extra effort to type out in the URL.

So I switched to my permanently open browser tab with the HTML5 'trial' opt-out

to check for the gazillionth time whether I had been put in again, but no. Still opted out.

So I tried a variation, just to be sure:




Still HTML5.




Still HTML5.




That got me the Flash player.



I just realized something very special about the defining color of that pony that sometimes defies the laws of physics and deviates so nonchalantly from what is considered within the spectrum of normality:


Our visible color spectrum ranges from red to violet. Red is the longest visible wavelength and violet is the shortest one. It's what you see in rainbows. BUT as you can see in the color palette of graphics programs, this is not the complete range. Blending together, outside of the would-be complete spectrum, are violet and red, resulting in pink. For our perception, but also wavelength physics, pink is not an extreme, not an in-between, but it is outside of the whole range.


A rainbow spectrum: red -> orange -> yellow -> green -> turqouise -> blue -> violet


The full color circle: pink -> red -> orange -> yellow -> green -> turqouise -> blue -> violet -> pink


In the color circle, pink is actually the average of full red and full blue (purple being just outside of blue), but it's not contained in a rainbow, because of the wavelength range. Pink is the only full color that does not result from a mix of NEIGHboooring wavelengths OR a single wavelength if you will. Because while, for example, yellow light can be a mix of red and green wavelengths OR pure yellow wavelength, pink only occurs as a mixture. There is no pink wavelength. It is a mix and middle of two extremes.


ppohhaidere.png Isn't this exciting?! ppsurprise.png


There are many quizzes out there about which pony you are most like, but those might not present the full picture, with personalities being more or less multi-faceted. If someone asked me, I'd say I am Pinkie Pie first, then Fluttershy, then Twilight Sparkle.

Since I am somewhat versed in the theory of Eastern spiritual energy practices, I tend to view things from that perspective. The mane 6 are interesting anyway, since there are various polarities between them (TS vs. PP, R vs. AJ, RD vs FS).

The body has a lower energy center (the 'roots' if you will, where it's all about a source of very physical energy), a middle energy center (the 'heart', where it is all about emotion) and an upper energy center (the 'head', where it is all about thought).


Today I realized that there is a complementary setup based on that (which can of course be more or less extreme towards either side, but it seems to be a duality):


Some people draw their basic energy, their drive, from Pinkie's playfulness. Fun, unconventional, new, crazy, chaotic things provide a lot of motivation. For other people, this energy source is hard, honest labor, like Applejack, and being productive gives them meaning and driving purpose.


Then, some people's heart is filled with sensitivity and gentle kindness, like Fluttershy, and practicing this, seeing the effect of it in others, provides deep emotional satisfaction. For other people, that comes from boldness and very active interaction with people and the world in general, practicing courage and observing its effects, setting examples, pushing boundaries, like Rainbow Dash. The heart of a lion, so to speak.


Then, some people's mind is designed in a way to primarily appreciate facts and logic like Twilight Sparkle. Ratio-based behavior is what they consider 'valid'. Other people's minds are dominated more by the meaning we can give things - that for example beauty - something that can be quite subjective - is nevertheless very valid and that something of which you cannot evaluate its beauty or that is void of 'subjective charm' has little validity/relevance ... like Rarity sees the world.


This system also fits the three pony races quite well.



So... what would you say is your triforce? :) And what are your thoughts about this view?


Weird analogy...

Weird analogy that came to my mind in connection to MLP:


Angels have wings and devils have horns.





Nah, I'm sure it's coincidental, but an interesting coincidence nonetheless.



Let's continue this line of thought just for FUN:


heavenly: loyalty, pushing personal limits, trying to be your best, inspiring people | loving kindness, compassion

earthly: hard work, honesty, family | having a joyful time, cheering people up, faith

evil: magic, rational thought, science | worship of fancy stuff, fame and superficiality


In a way, reflecting on the dreams I recently had led me to a realization. Not something new, but more like a confirmation, a reminder, and also something that the show conveys. I keep pointing out the richness of guiding wisdom in MLP, and in a minute I will give another example.


When I was still playing World of Warcraft, there were people who were willing to help me, to lend a hand with things I couldn't do alone. People who I considered game buddies.

One day, they, plus some other players, overall a small group, were fighting a raid boss in old content that gave them a hard time; they failed multiple times from what I've got.

They asked me to help by reinforcing the group.

I somewhat remembered what was so special about that boss, had done him before, so to the best of my abilities I explained to them that knowing the fight tactics for this one was crucial for success. If you don't know what is going on, you will fail, but if you read up on the tactics, it's easy. I explained that and, because I was kinda busy at the time and didn't remember the exact tactics myself, didn't join the group.

They read up on the tactics and succeeded right away.


People are different, have different skills, and MLP demonstrates very much a working relationship of friends of very different couleur; how it can be used as a strength.


I knew what I was doing; I knew my strengths. I helped my buddies to the best of my abilities. Reinforcing the team, while we don't know the tactics, would only have furthered the frustration.



In S2E21 Dragon Quest, Rainbow Dash told Fluttershy that since she accompanied her to watch that boring butterfly migration, now was her turn to accompany her to watch the scary-as-hell dragon migration. And Dashie was given clear feedback by Fluttershy that friendship isn't always a synchronous thing; that one should respect differences.

While it might have been kinda boring for Dashie, I'm sure it was Fluttershy's charm and kindness that warmed her up to the idea, and loyalty is Dashie's strength.

Dashie's reasoning though was pressuring Fluttershy into it based on synchronous reciprocity. And obviously she overdid it - OUCH.

They were right when they did everything to bring her to the mountain in S1E7 Dragonshy, because they were aware of her skills in animal communication, and THAT strength of hers was the driving force back then. In Dragon Quest, it was merely a cheap trick. Dashie tried to impose his own qualities onto her friend, instead of nourishing Fluttershy's qualities.




To sum this up... As I mentioned before, there might be way more to take from the show than what you are currently aware of. Keep using MLP as a guide for your life. It will bring people in general and specifically bronies closer together in mutual understanding.



I myself will have to cultivate awareness of this latest realization, too, and that is part of why I'm writing this down.


The sixth chakra is the mind and/or the third eye or mind's eye, associated with the intellect and situated (at its energetic activity point if you will) roughly between the eyebrows.
The seventh chakra is the crown, at the top of the head. It is the connection to what lies above, beyond the egoic mind, the higher or divine realm, where anything is possible.


Between those two points lies the 'unicorn point'. It is where a unicorn horn is located. Halfway between intellect and divine connection to the realm of infinite possibilities. The merging of those two forces can potentially make anything possible, depending on how well the 'software' is adapted to that mode of operation.


Beautifully poetical.




All of Equestria is filled with magic. Its nature is channeling, embodying it.


Pinkie Pie is utilizing magic, too, but because her governor facility - the intellect - is not optimized for control and focus, she practices what I (without claiming to understand it troroughly) tend to associate with "Miao Tong Dao", Lao Tzu's no-method path of enlightenment, where you simply wish things or states into existence. Since Pinkie Pie very much surrenders herself lovingly/passionately to happiness and thus an open and strongly radiating heart, that becomes the driving force for her magic. The governor that doesn't govern.


It might sound ironical, but as powerful as Twilight Sparkle's magic is, if there was a danger of Equestria's magic being weakened, hers would be more of a risk factor for that than Pinkie's. Twilight's magic is closest to our habits of generating electricity and other forces through machines, built by applying our intellect with very little use of divine connection. (We mostly work with what's already manifest in our realm and we build machines because we tend to externalize in the impatient pursuit of more power instead of focusing on personal growth by looking inwards.)




I embody various traits, but I definitely have a lot from a unicorn.
My Mayan birth horoscope is interesting in this regard. It describes me as a "flint", the divine spark of intelligence, mirror of reality, discriminating emotion from fact, cutting falsehoods away, tirelessly standing to protect, defend or cure others by personal sacrifice.
Flints can receive information on inter-personal troubles or the evil plots of others by reflecting in an obsidian mirror. (Socio-political research and personal life guidance in front of a computer monitor? ^^)


I'm kind of in a troubled relation with my galactic tone "10" though, the number of physical manifestation of intentions, ideas, hopes, fears, a powerful energy carrying great responsibility.


A while ago I added a lot of favorites from the MLP Vector gallery at deviantART, one character at a time.

Just now I browsed through my favorites - endless Fluttershy pictures - when I saw this:





I just love it! laugh.png


Trading card games, like the one in Steam, are social training and highly symbolic on a spiritual and philosophical level.


A trading card game is like a metaphor for life:

  • Due to statistical chance, it is highly unlikely that any of us is given a full set of cards.
  • We have cards of many sets.
  • Fulfillment comes from succeeding at achieving the goal of the game.
  • So in order to succeed, we need to complete at least some of our sets.
  • Completing a set is impossible without other people's cards.

The world is full of people who are too much in the grip of an irrational fear that they could lose something (even if they're not aware of this root cause for their decisions) and thus do not contribute to the success of the playerbase as a whole. This, at best, causes success to merely be redistributed, but more likely for the afraid to not succeed either.


This leads to less cards in the game, lower chances of finding cards to complete sets. Everybody loses. ... Even those who try to steal cards from others, since they will eventually, after they cannot fool themselves anymore, experience the profound feeling of emptiness that comes from confusing means and ends of the game. And those who encounter enough of this type might themselves eventually become what they resent, and generalize so much that they become deaf to the solution knocking on the door.



Along these lines, my recent experiences with the Steam trading card game as well as many earlier experiences with people in general made me formulate this:



You do not use friendship to play a game.

You play a game to live friendship.


A review of the episode concerned will follow this entry. Life isn't all pleasantry, and grievances need to be talked about, only then can pleasant experiences be put on a solid foundation.


Lately I have been on an unfollow extravaganza on Twitter and deviantART, because the wave of spoilers is hard to counter, and I'm getting increasingly pissed at how people throw them around left and right.
Once I'm done building a relaxing internet silence, the season will probably be over.


The most recent incident was especially vexing because of the feeling of righteousness of the perpetrator.


(Although since I have waited until I found the right mood to watch the episode myself, by now sufficient time has passed not to tag anymore. Still, when feasible, it is decent to in general give the opportunity to see what's coming and decide whether it is a spoiler or not.)



This is the tweet chain in question:


Daniel Ingram at least waited three days before posting it, and it's related to what he does, so it being part of his Twitter activity is understandable. But there was still no need to post it that early. There was nothing to be missed if he had waited a bit longer. It's not like remix musicians are all done after three days and then people keep total silence about it and move on. Don't treat music like produce that spoils if you don't eat it soon.


The real issue though is when a Twitter account that is supposed to be about a convention retweets that spoiler and then when pointed out doesn't even show any empathy, but gives justification-bullshit.
1) Their stated 24-hour rule (although not put to its extreme in this specific case, but that's beside the point) is a mere half of what Reddit put in place. And Reddit is not focused on convention-related content.
2) They conveniently disregard that this is not about music in an episode, but the fact that it is a musical, like Magical Mystery Cure. That could have been a nice surprise. Even just a regular song is still a nice surprise, so BUCK is trying to justify a bigger spoiler by claiming it is a smaller one, and that a smaller one is none at all because it's common. That's like claiming that saying the next episode features Twilight Sparkle doing a physical transformation is no spoiler because she did that several times already.

It's no secret that the MLP fandom shares many negative traits with many other fandoms, and this is just more unempathic, uncaring ego-focus, and it might be pissing me off less if this wasn't just one of so many examples where people don't really think about fellow fans, but let their actions be ruled by personal convenience. I encountered this stuff ever since I was active in the fandom, with the first plenty cases on Cheezburger.


This is a widespread phenomenon that is even propagated by the networks. To me it is appalling that these days they continue to assault us with summaries of following episodes right after the current one aired; sometimes not even with so much as a black screen in-between. In that case, there is also a fear involved that people might not watch their programming if they didn't show what's coming, which sends a message of lack of confidence in their product, which is in almost all cases baseless.
(I refuse to call it an improvement, but I remember times when the networks would even give you a summary of the FOLLOWING episode RIGHT BEFORE IT AIRED.)


There are people so messed up and self-unaware that they bemourn the loss of past childlike wonder and amazement and wish they could get that feeling back, yet at the same time are the ones contributing to ruining every chance for that happening. And when I give them the benefit of the doubt and explain it to them, they actively refuse to understand and cling to the problem-creation. This is not too uncommon to me either. The bemourning (or in a different form the dramatic "Why?!") is a technique for rejecting personal responsibility, for externalizing/projecting the problem to a feigned-unknown cause.


Bringing good into the world requires effort, i.e. inconvenience. That effort is worth it because it creates win-win situations, while the at the root fear-based course of self-serving action harms everybody on some level. And effort here must not be confused with action. The whole point is that the fear-motivated mind tries to actively control. In that state, it requires effort in the form of having courage to not try to control things, prepare for the future, know everything in advance.


I will continue to remind people of that, because apparently it needs repeating.


P.S.: Little warning: Don't visit if you hate spoilers. They're frickin' doing it too! Synopsis of upcoming episodes, right on their front page.


Imagine it is night. You are sleeping in your bed.

Suddenly, you are woken up by a loud noise.

You see a bright energy swirl in the room, a kind of portal.


How would you react if this really happened? Very likely you'll totally freak out, jump up, cower in a corner, leap out of the room, arm yourself or some other kneejerk self-defense reaction.


But now imagine out of that otherworldly thing Pinkie Pie poked her head and said: "NO TIME TO EXPLAIN! YOU HAVE TO COME WITH ME NOW!"


How would you react?






And there you see the relevance of trust! laugh.png


I watched The Last Unicorn again. (First time was as a child.)


Here some comments:


1) The unicorn has a star on her head, around her horn, that looks quite a lot like the main star in Twilie's cutie mark.


2) In dubbing, they used the sound of a flying pigeon for a raven, a falcon ... and AN OWL!!! Owls are known for their silent flying, and there they apply the sound of probably the loudest flyer of all to it.


3) A Prince slays not just a dragon in a typical western style context, but an Asian style dragon! In Asia dragons are associated with wisdom and are very diferent from the dragons in Western tales.


4) The King Haggard part reminded me a bit of the Greyjoy family stuff in Game of Thrones.


5) I refuse to drink Red Bull!

(Better quench your thirst with water.)


Lately I have watched some music videos from MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and realized how skillfully and beautifully the makers depicted a theme with it. The villains are three sirens, putting people under their spell using music in order to take their magic, or more generally, benefit personally.
People keep saying that the sirens got the best musical parts in the movie. Crucial word here: "best". It is a mind judgment. Their music has a different vibe than the music of the mane 6, which moves, too, but in a very different way. It is a less intellectually stimulating way. But the way that speaks to the heart.
The makers of the movie managed to have the sirens extend their influence beyond the movie universe and affect viewers in a very similar way. That is amazing work. People find themselves unable to stop listening to it, and I have to include myself in that to a degree. Which is no surprise, since my mind is still very active and easy to capture in that way. But I also realize that salvation lies in focusing on the mane 6 instead, so I don't consider myself in real danger when dabbling in siren music, haha.


I might not have vast personal experience with various musicians, but the experience I have is interesting to examine, because there tend to be electronic musicians who find the right sound effects and such to excite the masses, and they might be the ones who stand on a stage and 'lead' the crowd with various techniques. The typical dance club DJ maybe. Then you have musicians who get you less excited, but more heart-open, maybe also warm and fuzzy, calm, serene. Those will cause less of a unified ritualistic environment.
The more you practice something, the better you get at it, and the more you observe with an open mind that doesn't obsess over absolutes and total certainty, you can discover some intriguing bits and see how much is going on behind the curtains, beyond the realm of shapes and things.


The Dazzlings could be seen as (among related things) a metaphor for the shallow pop music business with all its artificialty and trickery and ulterior motives and its effects on people.


So to come back to the title message: The Dazzlings' reach extends into our world, but so does the magic of friendship of the mane 6. Especially Pinkie Pie isn't inhibiting herself in that regards, but more recently Twilight has learned to think with portals and has joined the club of interdimensional relations, so to speak.


If you are still skeptical, maybe you need to have a fresh experience of the underlying theme. Watch these three videos in succession and try not to repeat-play... hahahaha!
Pay close attention to the lyrics.
And don't hold me accountable for any results. ^^





P.S.: Unless you'd like to warch/rewatch the whole movie anyway, check out the two sides of this based on the lyrics. Examine what the protagonists say in response to the sirens:


I was watching this tiny cut I made from the show:



and suddenly realized:


Giving Pinkie Pie the tickle treatment would render me unable to stop, even if I wanted to.

I thought: It would be a vicious cycle and the metaphor of turbocharging came to my mind.

Then I realized that the metaphor is more appropriate as I thought at first, because the thing that prevents a turbo engine from blowing up is the so-called "wastegate".

And what will ultimately happen if you keep tickling someone which will put an end to any kind of fun? ... A wastegate opening.

Not sure how effective that would be specifically in the case of Pinkie Pie though. Her element of harmony is among the most powerful forces in the universe.

(Maybe that's why the Nazis couldn't resist using tickle torture, haha. Perhaps they were performing experiments in order to create the deadliest joke ever which would make people die laughing.)

But I digress. :derp:


Witnessing excellence causes amazement and joy. But this would not be if it weren't for mediocrity ( and outright failure, haha ) to provide the necessary contrast.

So these things are a necessity in order to make excellence and success have a massive impact.


And I thought, these things being a necessity, it would be best to create them through the least motivating means.


What I'm trying to say is: If your or someone else's creative output isn't consistently excellent, rejoice! It means that there is a person regularly putting out mediocrity without being demotivated by it, since they have occasional excellence to pull them through.

Also, learning is great! If you achieved excellence in a certain profession right away, you would not create all the failure and unimpressive material that's so necessary for the contrast to even your own future excellence. When you are learning, you have your progress as a motivating force, making this an example of another type of mediocrity relatively easy to create.


This is why I tend to put out there whatever comes to my mind. Even if I become better at something, I won't pressure myself into becoming overly selective. When some idea reflects who I am, I will go with it. This is art. Not worrying about what people expect to get, but expressing yourself.


The greatest admiration though should go to those people who manage to provide a consistent supply of mediocrity without having the lack of excellence crush the force that drives them. There are those who aspire to greater heights and torture themselves with those aspirations until they can fulfill them (if ever), and those who go through a life of mediocrity with the serenity of a buddhist sage.


Thus we are all contributing necessary parts to this shared experience.




P.S.: I'm the self-torture type. laugh.png

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