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Since a Youtube video response to his review... currently not feasible for me and Youtube comments are too limited, I'll respond in written form. I'll directly address Adam here, so don't get confused by the "you"-form.


I will try to condense this into relatively brief paragraphs so it doesn't become too lenghty.



Hi Adam!


I enjoyed watching your Iron Man review a lot.


As you said, EqG is a different kind of movie, resulting in an accordingly different rewiew. But you still apply the same standards to EqG as you do to other movies.


Have you never interacted with the fandom regarding to EqG? Not seen the trailer or pictures before? Because you say when you first saw the humanized forms, you were kinda shocked.

You also said you really can't understand why Hasbro did this, while the pony show was such a success. Did you never hear of the thought that Hasbro sells toys and spends money for the show and movies in order to sell toys, and that they wanted to sell a new line of dolls? This is almost naturally occuring. Also, never heard about the thesis that Twlight became an alicorn so tha Hasbro can sell more types of toys?

If Hasbro decided to sell toys using conventional marketing, the awesome show MLPFiM wouldn't exist, so in a way, it's a win-win situation.


You said there was only one song that was really defining, captivating, not just background music. Did you forget the party cleanup musical? And the celebratory music near the end? This makes at least three musical numbers.


You said to a non-brony, EqG will look dumb as hell. Well, cou can just make a guess or an estimate, and the same might applies to many non-bronies and the show.


You seem to still be very attached to superficialities if you are bugged by the human form so much. Personally, it was just slightly new to me but didn't bug me at all once I realized it's our beloved ponies under that skin. Also, with all the transformative magic going on in Equestria, I'm very used to seeing shape changes.



You called the students' Opinion change in 36 hours about Twily crap? Well, the effect of slander is fleeting when facing solid positive impulse like their uniting mensa musical. They might not even have taken it serious, but just amusing and based on not really knowing her. This is actually quite realistic. And since you admit that after the musical, you'd probably have voted for them too, why is this still an issue for you? You have an inner contradiction there. Two different parts saying two different things. (I'd metaphorically call it mind vs. heart, and cutting the heart some slack can be a great task, because the mind is about control, and the heart can only flourish when the mind can sacrify a part of itself.)


The speedy re-befriending was probably due to play time constraints. I've seen this in other types of movies without ruining it. And while one might doubt that some simple intrigue and malevolent meddling could drive friends apart for years like that, I'd come to realize that proper communication is one of the biggest problems pretty much everywhere. Sunset Shimmer just knew well how to push their hidden buttons. It's not unrealistic at all, albeit a bit frustrating to watch maybe.


Exactly what about that demon/gargoyle is Disney? They're mythical creatures ... just like manticores. Need I say more?

What else would you have considered 'better' in that scene?


I don't find the movie sillier than the show. Remember (just to name one example) Steven Magnet? The silliness is part of what makes the show so enjoyable and fun.


And then even the magically revealed wings, ears and tails are bothering you? These are attributes of our beloved ponies in their original shape, so I don't see what's the problem here? It's totally awesome!


As a sidenote, you explained everything quite detailed in that part, as if expecting the viewer to not have seen the movie already, but this would mean you are consciously making the review an undeclared spoilerfest.


All the oddness in regards to credulity of the people at the school, how they are relatively quick to accept all the magical stuff going on, as fas as I can say this is almost the norm in the movie world, without characters continuing to freak out about these things at length being the exception (and very enjoyable to watch because it's more realistic). I think this would have ruined he flow of the EqG plot.

Yet, the writers did that event with talking dog Spike to slightly defuse this disbelief, and even in a comical way.


About the imporance of high school: That's just a personal priority-applying, because many opportunities to do things right are provided there, and that's what the movie encourages. The view that high school is not that important might be a belief system that works for people who had a very rough time there, but ironically especially those people can benefit greatly from the message of the movie.

Even so, I'd say EqG is about as much about "surviving high school" as Buffy the Vampire Slayer is.


You say people will not like the movie if they haven't seen the show. But you cannot know that, because some people would never have believed they end up loving the show, but did.


EqG has all the important stuff from the show. The other things are mostly just superficialities and technicalities, and when those things are bugging you, it means that MLP has sent you on a spiritual journey and you're driving over the potholes now.


To clarify, I'd say that MLPFiM is very much an antithesis to Star Trek, in the sense that the latter is very much about intellectual virtue, where analyzing every detail with the expectation to come to a realistic explanation is elemental, while the former is very much about putting that in the background and letting the heart rejoice. Sometimes it's almost bordering on mindless pleasure.


An example of a show that pleases both heart and mind quite well: Firefly

An example of a movie that does neither well: Abrams' Star Trek



If you can find something positive and personally helpful in these words, then I'm happy. fsbiggrin.png


If not, I'm still happy, because ponies. ppharhar.png


tsweee.pngFeel free to leave a comment here (doesn't require registration) or on your video page or in my Youtube mailbox if you like. Or ask Spike to send it directly if he's around.


fsyaaay.pngKeep going!


I wrote a comment on deviantART and realized it's worth blogging here. It is based on a picture I have in my wallpaper slideshow for a long time because it impressed me so much on a deep level:




Twilight shows maybe the clearest example of the power of the controlling mind trying to force its way, fueled by negative emotion. Her energy shoots at Discord, but you see it strike her friends, too, mostly from Discord's head. True friendship empowers love and comes from the heart, while in this picture Discord is like an inner demon of Twilight, and her mental struggle with it gives it power and causes discord in her friendship, turning her friends against her and her against her friends.
The solution to this problem was eventually portrayed beautifully in her battle against Tirek when she allowed herself defeat and let her heart lead the way, against all conceptual fears.


Also, Pinkie has a duck in her hair.


UPDATE 2015-12-02:
While watching the season 5 finale, my desktop wallpaper switched to this. The finale is another reminder of this recurring message that more or less is in all MLP episodes and I appreciate it greatly. It is something worth moving towards, regardless of how little success we might experience at first.
Friendship brings together, because true friendship is fueled by love. And love is magic. Friendship comes from the heart and is empowered by it.


This idea just came to me while rewatching Bridle Gossip:


Maybe Zecora speaks exclusively in rhymes because her first encounter with poison joke caused her to be unable to talk in anything but rhymes, and then she decided:



Joke's on you, my little blue plant!

If you expect me to yearn for a cure, then I shan't.


I realize that now that I mention it, it reduces the chances of it appearing even more, but it would kinda spoil it a bit anyway, and since I'm not a show writer (wink-wink ^^), it very likely wouldn't have occured anyway, sooo...


Pinkie Pie: (knocks on Rarity's door)
Rarity: (being busy) "Who is it?"
Pinkie Pie: ("I am) the one who knocks." ^^


Also works great as a knock-knock joke. ;-)


Would definitely feel less forced-in than that clumsy Game of Thrones reference we saw.


Pony joke

The Mane 6 with Derpy are about to go on a road trip. Stuff is packed, the car is ready.



Twilie: Let's go then!



Derpy: I'm driving!



Applejack: Shotgun!



Derpy: WAAAAH! Okayokay, you drive!




If anypony would like to make a comic out of this, feel free to do so. Just show me the result. smile.png


It feels good to finally have made something pony again ( always my wish :-) ), after tons of Terraria videos.



Video description:
This is a brony fan lyrics version of Buddy Stewart's "Sun Shine On Me"
I had this project on hold for quite a while and now was in the right mood and with decent mic to vocalize it.
I wrote "karaoke'd" because I have almost no practice in singing or music production but wanted to give it my best shot and make use of my decent mic and DAW. I recorded this a dozen times or so and improved RELATIVELY much over those tries (as I did temporarily during brony conventions, hehe), but eventually didn't see significant improvement anymore and called it a day for this piece.


The lyrics are hinting at how sleep and/or meditative introspection (yin approach) can be a healing influence and are of course inspired by the lovely Princess Luna who visits ponies in their dreams ( a true nightmare ;-D ) to help them with just that.


I am open to collabs. ^^


If you like this, like (duh! ^^), fav, subscribe, comment, share, tell your friends, check out my other web presences, send money. Whichever you feel is appropriate. (My humility demanded I add that.) It all helps a lot.


My lyrics:
Moon, shine on me tonight.
Luna, please make things alright.
How I need your cool embrace
To shine upon my cryin' face.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.


Luna, give me a little night.
Take me outta this burning light.
You know what a little night can do.
You make the sky go black for you.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.


Moonshine, come on moonshine.
Let me have one with no pain.
Just one, only one
To get me started on my way.


Moon, shine on me tonight.
Luna, cleanse me of my fright.
You make the trees and flowers sleep
And you can solve my troubles deep.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.


Yeah moon, shine on me tonight.
Luna, please make things alright.
You know what a little night can do.
You make the sky go black for you.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.
Come on moon, shine on me tonight.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.




Original lyrics:
Sun, shine on me today.
Sun, dry my tears away.
How I need your warm embrace
To shine upon my cryin' face.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


Sun, give me a little light.
Take me outta this darkened night.
You know what a little light can do.
You change the sky from black to blue.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


Sunshine, come on sunshine.
Let me have one with no rain.
Just one, only one
To get me started on my way.


Sun, shine on me today.
Sun, dry my tears away.
You make the trees and flowers grow
And you can make my troubles go.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


Yeah sun, shine on me today.
Sun, dry my tears away.
You know what a little light can do.
You change that sky from black to blue.
Oh sun, shine on me today.
Oh sun, shine on me today.
Come on sun, shine on me today.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


UPDATE: This video was targeted by a mobbing campaign by antisocial scum, that's why it received tons of downvotes.


Did you notice how deep the imagery goes? Those ponies are like avatars of their elements.


Pinkie's hair is round and swirly, any deviation from the norm won't even make a difference. Any child could draw those endless bends beautifully. Totally Pinkie.


Rarity's hair is exquisite - a real challenge, and artists can get frustrated trying to draw it properly. Totally a Rarity, requiring high skill.


Rainbow Dash wouldn't be satisfied with just some color. She wants the whole color spectrum in there, to stand out, to make people gaze in awe like watching a rainbow.


Applejack's hair is practical and simple, like a bundle of hay, and even colored in that style. Condensed so that it doesn't get in the way during work, yet allowing people to see its fullness.


Twilight Sparkle's hair signals a special snowflake with those streaks, haha. They're a pony's rallye stripes.


Fluttershy's hair flows like water, not resisting things, finding its way passively, just like her personality. The color is rose, basically pastel pink, and pink is often associated with the heart, which is what she'll melt when she looks at you. :squee: Her mane even forms a heart!


This idea suddenly occured to me. Poison joke changes something crucially defining about a person, a strength or something dear, into its opposite. It's a cruel joke and naturally not easy to handle.

But looking at this optimistically, an experience like that could be sought. The result: Learning more about oneself and one's strengths and weaknesses as well as issues and fears and then overcoming them through direct experience and coming to terms with it.

And that is relatively similar to what the jungle brew ayahuasca is used for: to be confronted with one's deep fears and issues and work through them, as well as gaining insight.

Poison joke grows in the wilderness of the Everfree Forest, and Zecora lives there, in the role of a typical African medicine woman (which blends into the role of a shaman).

I've only seen Zecora warn to not ingest that plant, but as a medicine woman, she should see the potential in it.


I'm not saying this necessarily provides enough material for a fanfic (although one never knows), but I found it worth mentioning; in the spirit of seeing the good side in things.



fsyaaay.png yayhuasca


For a total Pinkie Pie fan, having good color display is even more exciting. Of all the colors, I am most stunned by how awesome and vivid pink looks on my monitor. So I made a comparative photo. It's not perfect, since a photo camera has trouble with photos like this. The monitors should display a color gradient from pastel-like at the top to extremely vivid pink on the bottom.


The photo will look different on various displays, but the relation (hopefully) should become clear. There should be a distinct difference.

In natura the difference is even more extreme.


Fun fact: My 27" Eizo monitor (on the left) was cheaper than the 'budget' 21.5" Yiynova digitizer display on the right. (Both are IPS panels!)








Here is the color gradient I used for making the photo:














My past experiences with support aren't really instilling confidence, but what I found out now is the icing on the cake.


After the accidental deletion of my old profile by them and some kind of partial restoration, and me creating a new profile, the old profile name has most of the time been used for my comments, and this is also why I have been missing my avatar picture there.


I figured this out today, and also that the old profile is still accessible, and then I noticed that someone else had been posting vulgar comments and added similar site links to my profile since a day or two ago.


It's just the old profile. On my new one, nothing seems touched, thus this is not a client security issue. (And I take good care of that anyway, being versed in IT matters.) It looks more like someone who gained access to the old profile due to the restoration process is doing this.


New song idea

Just a basic concept at this point.



"Cowntry Song"


Graze this lawn

Graze this lawn

Moo moo moo moo

Together we will graze this lawn

Moo moo moo moo


New content of mine

It has been quite a while without pony output for me and then recently two humble pieces in a row. I just wanted to share them here. (There must be a trampoline at rockfarm bottom, hah.)
I'm curious about what thoughts the video triggers in you. ;-)


Caption pic about anim error, found while browsing content for the videomaking below:


Video edit:


I'm a little kooky. But at least I'm not Spock. That would be spooky.


Take a dolphin. Now add a "w" (U-U) and - naturally - you have an owl there, too.


If you like owling, don't be stingy with the bees, then you can do bowling. It's just like owling, but more fun.(If you try to throwl an owl, it will make you run!)


Might change later depending on how things go, but right now I'm quite content with it.

The glasses were not done with perfection in mind. I just went with the flow and wanted to get it done. I'm still learning this stuff and didn't have that much patience.

The base pony was made with the Pony Creator. The cutie mark was manually added by me. (The dolphin is a heavily modified clipart.) It represents the high frequency transmission of Dolphin characteristics like playfulness, sensitivity and zest for life. (I drew the sound waves freehand and they turned out so well!)




Everypony becomes evil - that would be hilarious.


Look at this and imagine the hilarity ensuring:


They'd all scheme and fight against each other and eventually realize that it's pointless, in part because when everypony is evil, nopony is evil. They'd also realize the stupidity and unsustainability of a life like that.


Meet Lady Xiarity

There's another Star Citizen ship concept sale and it's a space bike. And it being called "Nox" spawned a flood of puns as never before.

I was tempted to get the 2Pac with the black (Nox) and the silver (Nox Kue) one, but I'm not that bikuerious. So I ponied up the money and seaddled up on this space needle. Got the silver one. Seems more classy to me.

It is made by Aopoa, which is a manufacturer of the Xi'an race. So I named it Lady Xiarity, which sounds like sharity -> charity ->generosity, Rarity's element of harmony. This is a racing bike, so it has a very generous power-to-weight ratio. With all this in mind, the name seemed very aopoapriate.

This bike being named after a pony, it thus became an equine Nox. And in summer that's a rarity! :pout:



Here's the official ship teaser video:


and here's my recruitment page in case this bike nox your sox off and you want to join in on the pun:



P.S.: I got another space bike, more of a cruiser. It's the exclusive yellow version of the Dragonfly - "Dragonfly Yellowjacket". I named it "Dragonshy Yellowcoat" :squee:. Also got a stealth fighter named "Mare Selenitatis" :orly: and a big Constellation Phoenix class multicrew ship with a docked P-72 Archimedes snub fighter and a two-seated Lynx rover in the belly. I called them "Constellestia, Philomedes and Twily". (Also got a size-and-weight-optimized racing ship with huge engines called Pinkie and a Mustang Gamma racing ship called Dashie.)

... This is what it means when I'm calling myself a puntheist. Good puns are simply divine! :proud:



This is a brief followup thought to my earlier musings -

for clarifying why the focus on the six main characters for the show was such a smart idea regarding writing skill.

The point should be pretty much self-explanatory, so I won't comment on it.


Rarity = intellect - right brain hemisphere (synthetic, emotional, creative, imaginative, radiant)

Twilight Sparkle = intellect - left brain hemisphere (analytical, logical, scientific, rational, inquisitive)


Fluttershy = kind heart

Rainbow Dash = brave heart


Pinkie Pie = driving purpose - spiritual

Applejack = driving purpose - material


I might write a long account of my experience at the UK's convention "BUCK" later, but I wanted to tell you about a funny experience I had on a bus on the way from Manchester Airport to the city:


An senior lady entered the bus with her niece, who was like the perfect target audience for MLP in any way; must have been between 5 and 7. I talked to the lady and mentioned MLP and the convention and we chatted. She asked her niece whether she had heard of My Little Pony, and the little girl said, in a rejecting, kinda snobbish tone of voice, something like: Yeah, I know what it is. ... But it's for little girls!


I guess from a different perspective it's not just funny, but also a little sad that we live in a society where some young girls deny their age, their identity, and thus, in a way, their childhood. Has society become so unsupportive of childlike nature that the desire to be all 'grown-up' has permeated through teenager level into kids' age?


Of course it's just one case, but I still find it a bit sad. ... In retrospect, that is. At first it was really just ironically funny.


I'm so happy that MLP inspires so many people to nourish and maybe even rediscover their inner child.

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