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So hey Fluttershy, who's yo daddy?

Stop assuming things.   Much better. Anyway, so far we have seen almost all of the main character's parents and even relatives, most notoriously Twilight Sparkle's and Applejack's, even if we already know what may of happened to AJ's folks anyway.       Come t'think of it, Ma an' Pa never came back after gone buyin' cigarettes.     We saw Rarity's folks who are not really like the pony fashionista loves to act, seemingly more like a middle class couple who roll their eyes a

We're Back! A Dinosaur Story

We're back! A Dinosaur Story   Movie Review   1993   Amblimation   John Goodman voices a T-Rex cleverly named Rex in an animated movie that showed up in theaters and was completely forgotten in the same way dinosaurs became extinct. Directed by Steven Spielberg is no surprise that this was aimed to have a nice, little message for kids in a time era where SNES and Sega Genesis were trying to get their attention away from anything resembling a movie.   So it starts with Rex telling his

A very small preview of Equestria Shorts 4

So I decided to write again. I also decided to continue the Equestria Shorts which some actually found entertaining when I posted one chapter in the Fanfiction section of the Forums. This will be a parody of some Superhero types of all kinds, providing the Changelings as fodder for the main 6 to battle with.         Rainbow Dash swung the bat once again, sending yet another changeling which shifted in mid air as it spiraled all the way to a wall from a house, smacking against it and leaving

My brain, is full of Derpy

So   When we saw the Episode Sisterhooves Social, we learned that Ruby Pinch wasn't Berry Punch's daughter, rather, it was her sister. Well, that would explain it better why she seemed like an OPPP, and being able to be a total alcoholic which would make her an irresponsible mother if fanon had it its way.   Then we saw this:     They discovered Custard wasn't as tasty as they hoped.     Yeah, Amethyst Star with Dinky, who is as fans put it, Derpy's unconfirmed Unicorn daughter. So

So then I drew Nightmare Moon as Magneto

For some reason I did not added her wings, but I guess the cape could be made as the wings.   Nightmare Moon as Magneto? Well, I do see the resemblance between the two I must say.     No, those are not Companion Cubes she is about to toss at Celestia.

YouTube has to go, or at least stop being run by monkeys on keyboards.

So my first strike was when I disputed a video about the movie Avengers I made with the song from Soundgarden, using MLP footage to commemorate the cute ponies non being heroes throughout the seasons, even named it The Equestrians. Cute.   That damn song is everywhere on YouTube however, and still is. So I am wondering how come YouTube had a fit and then set a "strike" against my channel, then forced me to take a stupid little survey telling me is a no no to upload clips they don't want to

The twitter coward

The twitter coward   twitter over the years has become nothing but a cesspool of easy accessible drama and cowards. It has made cyberbullying easier by giving users the almighty Block button, which can also be used to flag for spam.       Little that the public knows is that twitter itself does absolutely nothing about anyone being marked as a spammer. At the same time, twitter does nothing when said person whose account gets suspended comes back online, being that said person can fi

This is the non RP Parody Blog from Trixie's writer.

I will post stuff that is not revelant about Trixie's own "life" on her blog. I will not have as much drama either, just when I feel like sharing an opinion, posting a review I wrote in my Tumblr, or just being random if I like.   Of course I will post entries about my own life every now in then, including dreams.
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