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My Coworker Is On Coke




A coworker of mine has a serious coke problem, I told him it was a bad idea but he didn't listen. Nope, I tried to tell him that he should have...




Applied to Pepsi instead




I could not resist making that joke, but seriously my friend and now former coworker Martin just got his class A license and got a job as a trucker for Coca Cola. To get his trucking license he had to take several classes which in total cost him a few thousand smackers, had to take 2 tests (3 if you count having to take his class c license test again) and he did it. He will be delivering locally throughout the county so he won't have to go too far, he will have to work his ass off as these truckers not only deliver the product but also stock it and even build displays. He will be making double what he makes now and will get the hours he needs so I thought I will say for a few seconds that I am genuinely happy for him. Me and his now girlfriend both trained him in dairy and when he became the head dairy clerk he made a lot of mistakes at first but learned quickly and became a very effective department head and a good friend of mine. I could have been department head myself but I didn't because I didn't want the job, and because of my knee injuries I had doubts I could physically handle it so I stayed his loyal number 2. With him gone Jose, who we both trained is now the boss and I can't tell you all how glad I am that I am not. Good luck buddy and keep on trucking.

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