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Thrashy gets more than he bargained for



Well, I knew it'd happen someday.


There comes a time in every pony's life where he or she falls victim to that horrifying rule of the Internet.


The rule some of us would rather forget.


The rule that scars children for life on a daily basis.


The rule that plagues just about every fandom in existence.


The rule that has divided these fandoms since the dawn of time.


The rule that has outraged many a "concerned" parent and social justice warrior.


Yes, THAT rule.


...If it's still not clear by now, I am of course, talking about...


...The abhorring.
















RULE #63.






...What? What'd you think I meant? :comeatus:





Anyway, I hope I haven't scarred anyone for life. I stole the idea from my buddy Rockout E. Stringer over at Everypony Forums. You can check out his "miss-adventures" [and somewhere, a kitten just died at that pun] on his deviantArt page.


Peace out, foo's.


P.S.: Don't get any ideas, @Champion RD92. She's still not interested. :okiedokielokie:


P.S.S.: Oh, and apparently whatever gender-bent him also sheared off his wings for a brief spell...whoops. Fix'd. :P

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Oh my, this made my night. XD

I've been planning to do this with my OCs too at some point or another.


You totally should! Just be sure to let me know once you get around to it. :P

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Something like this is never forgiven...or forgotten. 


I really hope you don't end up in a ditch somewhere.  :/

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