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Get to know Eureka a bit better *hops on bandwagon*




•My name is Tessa. I haven't gone by Tess since 5th Grade so if someone other than Flutter to the Shy calls me that, I'll....compose myself before I hurt anyone

• My dad died when I was younger

•I have an older sister named Abby, an older step-brother named Brynn, and a younger step-sister named Harper

•I dye my hair a lot

•My self-esteem is lower than Justin Bieber's pants

•Im very hideous in real life

•I don't need no booze or drugs, I just chug my Applejuice jug

•If you recommend me and books or bands I'll probably come after you with an axe. I'VE ALREADY WASTED ENOUGH OF MY LIFE, I DONT NEED TO WASTE ANY MORE OF IT

•Just kidding

•Sort of

•I have crushes on a lot of fictional characters

•Hayley Wlliams is a babe

•Jena Malone is a babe

•I really like highway overpass graffiti

•Ive never been good at making friends

•I'm an in-closet bisexual

•When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band

Rae x Tessa 5everrrr

•I don't know what else to put here

•I'm a Potterhead, Tribute, Faller,Whovian, an Idiot, and a Killjoy

•Tumblr is my life, man

•I'm currently eating cereal in bed.


I don't know what else to say


So yeah.

  • Brohoof 5


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