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Gettin' t'Know the Buffalo Man Better

Dark Qiviut




'Cause somepony needs to see one of my happy kids. ^_^


Mane Fandom Pen Name: Dark Qiviut. Other names: Attitude Adjustment, RTS CNG Command, Midnight Cirrus, Michael Coal


I'm 26 years old, will turn 27 in a couple of months.


I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in graphic design with a 3.990 GPA, but still looking for a job. :(


My most passionate part in graphic design is logo designing/corporate identity.


Beyond FIM, I'm a big fan of Sonic, Digimon (English Dub), Monster Rancher, Cardcaptor Sakura, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, Thomas & Friends/The Railway Series.


Digimon is my most nostalgic series and was the one responsible for my eight-year love for anime. Digimon Frontier is my favorite season; Adventure 02 is my least favorite.


I'm a proud 'shipper.

My OTPs in various fandoms:

  1. Digimon: Daiora (Davia/Sora) and Daimi (Davis/Mimi), Cathari (Catherine/Kari), Mimari (Miki/Kari), Namato (Nami Asaji/Takato), and Yuyako (Yuri/Yolei).
  2. Sonic: Amlise (Amy/Elise), Christopher/Tails, Sontails (Sonic/Tails).
  3. FIM: Twidance, Sparity, CocoRarity, Twixie.
  4. CCS: Saho (Sakura/Kaho), Keroyo (Kero/Tomoyo), Tomura (Tomoyo/Sakura).

My most favorite game show is Classic Concentration. I still remember watching it when new episodes aired.


My most favorite book is Yonnondio: From the Thirties, by Tillie Olsen. Grammar errors notwithstanding, it's fantastic, and I suggest picking up a copy if you can. It's one of few pieces she ever published.


My second-most favorite book is We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin. If you read Orwell's 1984, this is the book that inspired him to write it. Read it.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame's my favorite animated movie. Wall-E's the closest to a perfect movie that I've seen.


I'm a HUGE Joy of Painting fan!


I write fanfiction part-time (both family-friendly and R34 — het, slash/femslash, gen) and have owned a Fanfiction.net account for over nine years.


I have way too many fanfic plots archived in my six-year-old stash.


I don't use social media beyond YouTube. Google+ I have because I was curious, but I never use it. Don't care about getting Twitter (hate it!), Facebook (double-hate it!), PinInterest, Instagram, or Tumblr (its clumsy design is far too off-putting). I rarely log on my LiveJournal account anymore.


Baseball's my favorite sport, followed by ice hockey, and tennis. I've grown rather fond of curling, too.


The Boston Red Sox is my favorite team.


I almost never drink soda anymore because it's usually sugar-filled crap. I always have water and seltzer beside me.


I don't drink, and I don't smoke.


I work out five to six days per week, each for about an hour. My best workout was a two-hour cardio session (twenty minutes on the bike, one hundred on the elliptical).


I'm Jewish, but I'm very loose with it. In other words, I'm anti-kosher, proud to eat pork, and don't celebrate many Jewish holidays (except Passover and Hanukkah).


I love Passover, but hate reading a three-hour version of the Haggadah. Thankfully, I have a thirty-minute Haggadah, and we (family and friends) make plenty of jokes in response to some of the lines.


I don't wear any shirt beyond a polo T-shirt. I don't wear any jeans; just sweatpants and sweat shorts.


When I wear my pants, I prefer them a little high cut (about one to two inches above the ankle) to show sock whenever I'm walking. I don't like to wear pants to my sole.


I'm a proud brony and will be till the day I die. /)


I have two happy cats at home and see them as not my pets, but my children. Daddy's Little Girl, Adine, is one of them.


Here's the other (Asher, a.k.a., my little scooper):


  • Brohoof 7


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