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Get to know Champion RD92 a bit better

Champion RD92


Just thought I would jump on the bandwagon. So here's a bunch of facts about me and whatever.

  • I am 21 years old
  • I'm a guy
  • I look really young for my age
  • I live in Northern California
  • I'm currently a college student
  • I'm really skinny, I only weigh like 115 pounds
  • My political views are moderate, but I hate politics, so don't talk to me about politics please
  • I'm an agnostic atheist (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnostic_atheism)
  • My favorite food is pizza
  • My favorite drinks are dr. pepper, root beer, lemonade, and hot chocolate
  • My favorite color is blue
  • Some of my favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Lion King, Shrek 2, and Frozen
  • The only cartoon I ever watch anymore is MLP:FIM. Dashie is best pony <3
  • I love Dashie the most, but Rarity is most gorgeous pony
  • I almost never read books, but I used to be obsessed with the Harry Potter series
  • I used to also be obsessed with Pokemon and Digimon as a kid
  • Currently, my hobbies include listening to music, hanging out with friends, going on MLP Forums, and playing video games
  • My favorite music genres are rock and metal
  • I used to really like skateboarding, but I sucked at it, so I just gave up and stuck with playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
  • Some of my favorite video game series are Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Battlefield, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Bioshock, and a bunch more.
  • I used to play basketball when I was 11, but my favorite sport is baseball. However, I find watching sports on TV to be extremely boring. I don't mind playing sports though.
  • I'm a black belt in karate (no, I can't beat anyone up though)
  • I'm completely straight, I only like girls ;p
  • I seem to have a thing for ponytails for some reason
  • I'm currently in love with Elsa from Frozen (yes I really am that pathetic)
  • I'm really shy in real life and I'm afraid to talk to people I don't know, especially girls (which is probably why I don't have a gf)
  • I am more outgoing with people once I get comfortable with them, however
  • I am a really honest person. I can't stand when people accuse me of lying when I'm telling the truth. It really pisses me off.
  • I hate when people argue with me about something when they have no idea what they're even talking about, it's annoying
  • Unlike other people, I hate when people bash something I really like

So yeah, that's just some random stuff about me.

  • Brohoof 8


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  • I'm completely straight, I only like girls ;p

bby i'll make you like men, if you kno what i mean ;)


i jst kno u think about Braeburn evry night

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