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Get to know Flutterdash a bit better.

Flutter's lover <3


Because Why the buck not....


~I'm 25

~I'm gay/bisexual

~I'm ever so slightly transgendered.

~I wear glasses

~I have red hair

~I'm 5'6'' and 140lbs

~I can be sarcastic at times

~I love hanging out with friends

~I don't do parties

~I try to be witty, even if it doesn't wok out.

~I try to be kind and generous towards everyone.

~I have been riding a bike since I could walk.

~My mountain bike is my pride and joy.

~I'll always be a kid at heart

~Fluttershy has always been my waifu

~I'm a licensed commercial, residential and industrial electrician

~I love music. Mainly being rock/metal and orchestral stuff.

~I love brony made original music or parodies(not remixes)

~I Live in the Great White North known as Canada

~I love bacon, maple syrup, coffee,donuts, french toast and waffles.

~My fave soda is Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer.

~My main hobbies are mountain biking, video games and ponies.

~MLP is really the only cartoon I watch currently.

~I love PC gaming just as much as console gaming.

~I have trust issues

~I don't let anyone borrow my stuff.

~I don't like dubstep or pony remixes

~I'm more hands on smart than book smart.

~Relating to above, I'm highly mechanically inclined.

~TV Show wise, I watch Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, and almost anything on The History and Discovery Channel.

~I hate winter and snow.

~I had an alright childhood

~I still love LEGO

~I like playing with my R/C cars, I have a Traxxas E-Revo 1/16th

~If I had a drawing book, I'd give a hoof at drawing.

~I love to weld and work with metal.

~My first gaming console was an NES

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