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Simple Ways



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Honestly, when I saw the title of this originally, I was thinking this was going to be an episode about Pinkie's family, as previously they were presented similarly to the 'Plain People', which includes most of the Anabaptist groups like the Amish, Mennonites, and so on. So I was in a way a bit disappointed, as I am very curious about Pinkie's actual family and want to know more about them.


Simple Ways (February 8th 2014, 22 minutes)


Summary: Rarity tries to impress a VIP, who is more impressed by Applejack. Can their friendship survive... Romance! Dun dun dun...


Ponyville Days, a local festival. Many rural towns in North America have similar festivals based on the 'founding' of the town. A very common occurrence in communities that were settled anywhere from 50-200 years ago. Older than that, and the festival usually becomes less recognizable and gets absorbed into some generic summer festival.


I just saw a video on this episode, that has a quick explanation for Granny Smith being there at the founding of Ponyville, which Twilight says was hundreds of years ago, issue. After the Fact Headcannon accepted. ;)


I'm a bit confused by the ponies in costumes. A pair in Norman armor, a clown, a Science! cosplayer, and a Wonderbolt? I'm not sure how any of those are relevant to the Founding of Ponyville celebration?


The fact that everypony just accepts Pinkie's insanity...


They never really give enough time for this kind of stuff. Real festivals take about six months to a year to organize, depending on the exact circumstance. If there's only three days to the festival, you're done.


The ring on Rarity's horn is weird. Given that the horn is viewed from the side as often as from the front, and given that the horn is angled upwards, a better design decision would be to have symmetric stones on either side with a filigree design in the center, than a single stone. Or at least put some weight on either side of the stone for side viewings.


Trenderhoof. Give me a minute, this pun is so convoluted and is based on modern misunderstandings of original words... Okay, you've got Trend, as in fads and fashions, mixed with "tenderhook" which is actually supposed to be Tenterhook. Tenters were frameworks that woolen cloth was stretched (held in place by the tenter's hooks) during the fulling process to prevent shrinkage. Interestingly, Tenderhoof is also a manufacturer of horse medications and the like.


Culinary revolution in Trottingham. Interesting. I wonder what culinary items came out of that, given the normal inclination for English-style foodstuffs. (English food is *not* as bland as billed. It's just highly dependent on sauces, relishes, and chutneys.)


What is with the argyle symbol? It's strangely popular all of a sudden, and now it's this yuppie's cutie-mark. And yes, he's some kind of blend of Yuppie and Hipster. Not the worst one I've ever run across but still. He even carries a comb in his pocket for hair emergencies. I was hoping for a more world-weary version of this character.


For someone who is a professional travel writer, it's weird that you get the distinct impression he's never actually been outside a city before.


If he really wants to see something, I invite him over here so he can spread the sheep shit over the pastures this weekend. Sorry, actually living on a livestock farm kinda takes the bloom off of 'country living'.


Really? Really, DHX? Wiping her.. Okay, fine. Back to commentary.


Nice detail, with the black tears from her mascara running. Usually a *lot* messier than that, but there are limits the artists would be willing to go.


Heh. Nice.


Wow, dude. That may not have been intentional, but I can see how that could be considered racist. It is indicative of how outside Ponyville and a few other places, the various breeds of ponies must still be somewhat segregated. Much like what was implied in the Flight to the Finish episode. Casual 'breedism' must still be a problem in Equestria.


Garish, yes, but it's pretty close to the 'western' fashions I've seen at various horse-shows. Especially the hat and the boots.


Rather wide furrows, which makes sense given that she's likely planting for orchard trees.


Well, he *is* trying to buck apples. Sort of.


Oh my. That accent. I love it.


I never really understood that style of straw hat. It's real, it exists, but it's more that it's unfinished than anything.


Applejewel. Heh. Okay, Ashliegh and Tabitha are just having too much fun with these accents. They're both approaching the same bizarre accent from opposite sides.


More shiny hooves, reinforcing the idea that these are in fact their hooves, even though they match the coat color. It's not a covering, their hooves are actually that color on these particular ponies.


And Rarity finally snaps.


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