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Guess what?

Sunny Fox


Hey everybody. Notice anything different about me today? That's right. I got a haircut.

Oh, and this happened.

Yep, I've lost the lovely purple text under my user name. Contrary to the image above, which is purely a joke, it was a voluntary decision on my part. For a whole year, I've been part of the moderating team. Although it really was a good experience for me, it is a role that can be difficult to fulfill at times, and of course, made many demands on my time, mind, body and soul. I still have mixed feelings about my decision to resign. I'm glad that I'll have more time to devote to other things, but also saddened to leave a group of people who I really enjoy chatting to and being part of a team with.

The main reason I'm resigning is due to personal circumstances, largely to do with work and long commute times that take up more of my time and energy than before. It has nothing at all to do with issues either from the staff or the general member side. Basically, it's not you, it's me.

With the newest wave of promoted mods, SCS, Sugar Cube and Wingnut, (Congrats, I'm sure you'll make me proud) along with previous mod DashForever (a most worthy fellow whether he has that fancy purple text under his username or not) back on the case, and the other mods and admins who continue to shoulder that burden, I'm happy at least that my leaving is not going to critically impact on the staff's ability to do what they need to do. The road is yours, now. Use it well.

As a final request to the members in general: If you get a warning, please don't immediately rush to post some kind of status update crying out to all and sundry about how short the end of the stick that you just got is. In most cases, the warning is the end result of a long discussion and is by no means one staff member donning their ten-gallon hat, spurs and six-shooters to dispense frontier justice. In all probability, they are not targeting you for a personal reason, they are just doing what they are supposed to be doing. Someone's got to end up getting their hands dirty.

Think, first. Take a step back. Did I deserve this warning? Could I have avoided it by acting a different way? If you've thought it through honestly, and you still feel hard done by, speak to the mod via PM first, and if you're still not happy with the explanation or wish to take the dispute further, open a support ticket. Shouting out from the rooftops via status update is never a good way to respond to being warned.

Also, if you were arguing with someone and both of you took it too far, don't assume that only you were punished and they weren't. I've seen a number of times when a member calls foul and favoritism because they aren't aware of the fact that the other person involved was also punished, even though they were. You don't see everything that is going on behind the scenes. The staff do. Just be aware of it. That said, if you do truly feel you are in the right and the staff is in the wrong, then by all means, take the steps needed to get the decision reversed. Mods make mistakes sometimes, it's inevitable. But it doesn't inevitably have to lead to forum drama.

Well, enough wagging of my finger for one blog post, ne?

This isn't good-bye to the forums either, although I would like to spend some more time doing other things. I sometimes feel a bit one-dimensional, what with all the pony in my life. I have a few goals to work on. Learning to play the guitar is one. Getting to the 5-kyu level in Go is another. Get out more, meet more girls, that kind of thing. I feel free to come and go a little more now, but this place will still be a big part of my life for the foreseeable future.

Might also get some time to work on my fanfictions, which I have a few good ideas about.

Anyway, happy trails til we meet again, and of course, keep chasing those rainbows and staying on the Sunny Side of life.

Represent. :grin:

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I can understand your decision. I am a mod on another (non-brony) site, a very heavily-trafficked site, and contrary to what some may think, moderating on a site like that is very time-consuming. 

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