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Fedora Shaming Is Getting Boring and Obnoxious.



It was amusing at first in a stupid sort of way, but now it seems like the "catch all" slur where people just tack anything and everything they don't like on to it:


Feminists apply it to MRAs

MRAs(or anyone that doesn't like feminism) apply it to male feminists

Christians tact it on anti-theists

Tumblr anti-Christians apply it to Christians(I know this makes no sense but I've seen it happen)

Everyone throws at bronies

Some people through it at Gamers and Anime fans

People outside of 4Chan and Reddit apply it to them

People inside 4Chan apply it to everyone outside.

People that hate weapons apply it to anyone that like guns or knives, or carries either, or is in the NRA(which the NRA does kind of suck now)

People with liberal viewpoints apply it to bigoted and sexist conservatives

People with conservative viewpoints apply it to liberals

Fandoms apply it to hipsiters

hipsters apply it to fandoms


It's like it's now internet code for "someone I don't like" and all of us are fedorks now regaurdless if we even wear the damn things.

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I must agree. The fedora-shaming (and associating "fedora" as an epithet) is absolutely disgusting, and it really needs to be quelled.

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I must agree. The fedora-shaming (and associating "fedora" as an epithet) is absolutely disgusting, and it really needs to be quelled.


It's ever worse because it seems to be a vague insult akin to calling someone a douchebag now because everyone has their own interpretation of what a "fedora wearer" is. 

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Eh, fedora shaming isn't the only idea that's gotten old.

Speaking of tired things, "Get back in the kitchen." has really worn out its welcome.  Besides the whole sexist thing, it's just...ugh.  It's so danged trite.  Like, it's one of those stupid old jokes that people use that you've heard a million times that was maybe "okay" the first time, but didn't age well.  The sad thing is, the people using it act like it's funny and new.  It's not.

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You know what is else is boring and obnoxious? People wearing fedoras.


You know what else is obnoxious? Shaming people for their choices of clothing and attaching everything you hate to a damn hat. I wouldn't even wear one of the damn things and I find it grating. 

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