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For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils



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For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils (March 22nd 2014 22 minutes)


For Whom the Bell Tolls. Everyone keeps saying it's Hemmingway, but it isn't. Hemmingway took it from a meditation of John Donne from 1624. The meditation is all about how everyone is interconnected, and any loss is a loss to all. Not really relevant to this story except in the most vague sense.


Applique is basically a small decorative object added to the main piece. It can be *anything*, as long as its visually different from the main piece. The examples Sweetie Bell is pulling out would indeed be applique for that dress.


Sweetie, sweetie. Yeah, there's no recovery for those dresses. They need to be taken out back and shot.


Interesting. This is obvious a dedicated theatre in Ponyville. We've not seen that before. And the backstage area is a lot more plush than small theatres usually can manage. Who the heck is producing this, given the previous outings of the CMC on stage? Brave pony, that is.


Cheerilee seems to be acting as the stage manager. Not a particular *good* stage manager, as she hasn't noticed that the costumes haven't arrived yet.


Rarity started from scratch there.


"Foresooth and anon, I commeth forth with and poste haste with glad tidings, my ladies." Oh, so close, Sweetie. I've heard worse. At least with this I can actually parse out what you intended to say. "Hey! I came right over to tell you the good news, girls!"


Interesting that Spike isn't assisting Rarity.


Taffeta and chiffon? I can't tell with the art style, as chiffon would be very difficult to get to look right in that style. No, they seem to indicate that was a separate dress from the lace with embroidered cuffs she was wearing. Interesting as Rarity only had three dresses on the rack. There was probably more we didn't see.


Key stitching is something you usually avoid. And that didn't seem very hidden to me, but likely the material twists over it to hide it.


Okay, I see the chiffon now. What I thought was simple lace was actually chiffon, given it's translucence.


Rarity's bedroom is actually her workroom as well? Or is that only when Sweetie Bell is sleeping over? Hrm. Sweetie has a toy box and everything there, so no. Sweetie is spending a *lot* of time at Rarity's it seems. I'm guessing their parents are on a trip or something. Oh, this is part of a dream sequence, so anything I see from here on in is indicative of Sweetie's subconscious desires, not a reflection of her actual status. Nevermind.


Luna! Yay!


Sweetie caught on fast there.


Where's Luna getting this extra information? Or is this actually manufactured by Sweetie Bell's subconscious, coming up with what it thinks is 'the most reasonable' scenario.


The dolphins are implying they are in some kind of interconnected dreamscape, complete with predictive nightmares. Interesting. This still seems like mostly Sweetie extrapolating rather than actual future possibilities.


"Get your Pony on"? That's an odd title. I'm not entirely sure what to make of that.


Sapphire Shores is still a head taller than 'normal', but one of her backup dancers has a similarly very tall build. We really are getting a lot more variety in background pony appearances this season. Their outfits are very typical dance workout clothes. They look very 80's, but honestly that's mostly the colors. The actual style hasn't changed significantly since the 70's.


Heh, the backup dancers are almost falling over, but Sapphire isn't even breathing hard. Yeah, that's about right in my experience.


Sapphire Shores is rapidly rising in my list of 'favorite secondary characters' to be honest. It's the little details like the subtle dance she does when she talks.


Tails gain carrying a *lot* of weight.


Suddenly Luna again. Again, I've heard a lot of complaints that Luna's voice sounds wrong here. However, there was a tweet from Megan saying that 'DHX broke Tabitha's voice' at one point, so I'm guessing that was right before she recorded these lines. I can hear a slight buzz from strained vocal cords with my headphones on. Tabitha must have been screaming or doing something else for another part just before this. I know that they don't record these things in any reasonable order, and sometimes they don't give the VAs enough time to recover.


And here's where there's indication that the dreamscape was all interconnected. The dolphins were from Sapphire's dreams.

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