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Ranking YOU



I am leading a horde of evil minions, all of which are important to me so I should rank them no? I'll do that in a sec. What may be odd... maybe I shall have a female rule with me! *possible video cumming soon (lol I noticed this unfortunate typo reading over it.... I think it stays :D). What's odd about this? It's real life... so we may start videos together... a youtube channel perhaps? That means growing our reign!!! MUAHAHAHAHA! Taking over the world= a piece of cake ;)

My evil minions contributing to the society of evil:


We are always accepting.


Minion's +rank:

Wayzer aka Kronk Right hand Commanding officer to The Lord Queen Her Majesty RoguesWolfe aka PrivateTatsu

Evil Nightmares aka Comanding officer of project S1 Pinkmena

Charcoal Embers aka Comanding officer of project Sabeleye Whiskers

The Author aka Second in command, Swanky, overseeing opperation Sabeleye

Commander Tangent aka Fluffy Chief Grunt

mrerik314 aka Shy guy grunt


The rankings were determined by what they sent me, a pic video, w/e that is how placing works the best show of devotion gets to start off best. This being said, rankings will change periodically as minions grow and begin to concur the world, as welll as minions who join. It is possible to have your rank stripped and be demoted.


So your first task as my minions is to establish a way of communication between acting members. The person who comes up with the best idea will be rewarded.



If you are looking to get in on this New World you may submit me something, anything here:



Your Queen, Her Lord Majesty, ~PurplePony

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