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The internet: as brought to you by the US Government

Rainbow    Dash


I know I am a bit late on this, but i figure I might as well test myself.


Also, if Im wrong i want you to know I dont care. Mostly because this kind of stuff doesnt concern me so much that it gets me fired up.


Back in March or April, it was announced the United States government was going to take over the internet. It was said that the FCC was the only thing keeping the government from doing so.


I won't get too into it, since you all probably know this by now; so im going to rant about it.


I see this being a good thing for one thing only. This thing would be our rights would actually be enforced. Many a time have I been censored online or had my rights infringed upon because it hurt someones feelings.


Sorry, but when i speak the truth you may not like it.


However, this would also be a bad thing since this site would most likely be taken down.


On top of that, 4chan would be taken down(although, thats not a bad thing.) which would cause a lot of backlash. Not from Americans, but from other countries.


The internet is free to everyone, an follows the laws of the region its in. If the US took over the internet they would be taking over the world.

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