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Why do i still live? Becus my life is a big torment.



I just cant take it anymore, im having the feeling why im still alive is becus my whole love is a big torment and they want me to suffer. I have chest pain really much and its so much that im drinking tons of monster energy to stop it. Im feeling so depressed that i just want to die. As for my family, well they will turn againts me soon or later so it wouldnt make any diffrence for me anymore. Im sorry i have wasted all your time by telling my feelings. there will be no other way out for me since im becoming insane in no time if this keeps up, and i want to prevent that. My time has come. i have been a brony for a long time and i really like mlp but it wont cheer me up anymore like it did before.


But this wont be all in vain.




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I feel so much pain for you. You may have problems, but remember, life goes on. no matter what happens, you have to keep going. You may feel like your alone, but your not. Your never alone. People all over the world feel your pain. But don't let the pain beat you. I felt super bad once too. But I kept going. And now I am happy. I am so glad I didn't give up, I can't tell you. Just think of all your friends and family who are counting on you to keep fighting. You have the power to win, all you have to do is use it. When life gives you lemons, THROW LEMONS BACK.

                                                     I'm counting on you,

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Don't drink monster energy drink. you lemon! that stuff has so much energy it'll just stress your blood out with the sugar and the crash you'll suffer once the sugar rush wears off will make you feel depressed as all heck. >_<



Drink something with less sugar (or none at all) and just get yourself outside a bit more. It'll help reduce the chest pains and clear your mind and body alittle bit.

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