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School is going bad :(



Greetings everypony I have bad news on what is going on in my school. My high school core English teacher had just broken his hip. My grade in his class was doing fine until the new teacher came into the class. I had a b+ in his class and now I have a 60% F. I absolutely do not get in trouble with this new teacher so I have no reason to suspect she would do it out of hatred against me. And alot of other students had this happen to them to so I am not the only one. I checked my grades online and all the homework I handed in no wait my whole class handed in, and 10 of my assignments were complete F's. I am not failing this class because of her I will get to the bottom of this. I think I can get the grade up with the upcoming final exam, But hopefully enough to get a D-. I am really mad about this and I am rarely mad or angry about anything.


Truly yours,


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Sorry to hear this is happening to you. Have you talked with the new teacher about why she fails you so often?

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hmmm it sounds to me like the two teachers may have different standards on good quality work or they just have different expectations of the students. either way I wish you good luck on your final exam! I hope you ace it :)

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I wonder why a lot of teachers are treating students cruel by failing us like that. I feel your pain, but in the end there will be a positive solution.

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Thanks for the consideration. I have asked the teacher and many other students have to, she says "your names aren't on the papers" but this is not true at all. She has a pile of no names on her desk one of those papers were mine but that doesn't count the rest of the nine ones! And the day before this happened everybody in my class handed all the papers in.


Anyway I am not the only student who is having this problem about half of the class has the same problem. And I don't misbehave at all.


Well thanks for the good lucks on the finals to.

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