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Gamershy - Custom Xbox Controller

Flutter's lover <3


So, a couple weeks ago, I ordered all the parts needed to convert my boring black Xbox Controller into something more exciting, a Fluttershy controller! :squee::yay:


Well, today they arrived in the mail :yay:


So, I got all the parts out, pushed back my keyboard so I could have a work area....With Formare Fluttershy watching over the build, closely. :blush:



I also got the special screw driver I had, that's required to take a wireless controller apart.






Let the disassembly begin! :squee:


There's ALWAYS a screw hidden under a sticker, somewhere...on electronic devices. It also tends to void the warranty. I'm such a rebel.


(I've taken Xbox controllers apart before. So I knew it was there.)







The kit came with those black Trigger supports, but I couldn't get the white ones off, :angry: so I gave up and stayed with the white ones.




On with the triggers and analog sticks!




Starting to come together!





AND FINISHED! :squee::yay:










Oh yea...I had the idea of using a cutie-mark tattoo from one oft hose Enterplay card packs. I tested it out on the black shell...I gave a shot of clear coat over top of it as well. Not sure if I like the outcome, I'm sure it'd be brighter with the yellow background of the new controller shell.


But I've got some decal slide paper, for model cars. I may run that through my printer to print off her cutie-mark and try that, as it may work better.



Oh yea.... EXTRA PARTS! I'll be using them to make some other funky controller for my wired Xbox controller I use on my PC...it needs new analog sticks anyways...they're worn down to the bare plastic.... :blush:


Also, the seller seemed to of given me double of the yellow XABY and Home buttons. As well as a set of normal XABY buttons. Kinda odd. Oh well. more parts for me! :squee:



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It turned out perfect!


You should put her cutiemark on the guide button



Thanks. Yea, I might. I just don't know how I would, lol. Just because it being so small. If I do do it,it'll be the yellow guide button I have.




Nice job man. That looks really good :)


Thanks! :squee:

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that's a lotta fluttershy toys


You should see the ones I have off camera. :squee:



I'm jealous of your Fluttershy inventory XD


Ahh, don't be. :blush:



Funny, I just got a new xbox controller as well.


I actually got this controller at Christmas.But it's still fairly new. the 4 nubs on the analog sticks are still there. :squee:

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