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A weird/cool mlp dream



I went to a hospital to have a MRI done (I have back problems). After it was done a doctor (which looked like a mad doctor from movies) came in and gave me a pill. Not thinking much about it I took the pill, which caused me to black out in a few seconds. When I woke up the doctor was standing. I went to rub my head because I was a bit dizzy and noticed I had something sticking out of my head. I stared at the dock for a second before lowering my hand to look at it, as I did I noticed my hand was a hoof. I looked back to the Doctor and asked for a mirror, he smiled and pointed to a standing mirror in the room. I slowly got on all four and trying to remember the the ponies from the show walked, slowly made my way to the mirror. When I was in front of it I was shocked to see myself as a Alicorn. I had a white/greyish body and a blond/brownish mane and tail that looked like the mane and tail my OC has, and for my cutie mark it was a golden crown. I looked at the the both shocked and happy, wanting to thank him t didn't know if I should. I did ask the doctor what he thought my cutie mark ment. He said It was probably meant to say I was meant to ruler (and no I don't think like this IRL). The next scene was me running for mayor or president (not sure since I was just at a rally. I never showed my face to the crowd but they still supported me. Then I was at a debate where they said I had to show my face so I walked out and everyone gasped at me. Then I was back home and I got a Skype call on my Xbox One, It was someone from Brony Con. When I answered it I was off camera and a girls voice (not sure who) ask if she could see me, so I jumped and sat on my couch. She asked me a question about gaming, can't really remember what she asked I used my magic and lifted a X1 controller in front of the camera and and its a bit harder to play now. Then she asked me to appear at Brony Con and I replied sure. I was then at Brony Con and they said I could enter from the back so no one saw me, I said no that I would go in the front entrance. I was then flying toward the front entrance as I got closer the bronies noticed me and started cheering. They made a opening so I could fly into the con center so I did. I was then at a Q&A panel. I remember one brony asked me if I watched the show, I said yes, that I loved it. another one asked me If I could pose for a picture like Celestia does when shes addressing other ponies (wings spread looking royal). So I got up and went in front of the table and posed liked he asked. After a few pics like that I turned and did a pose like Applejewel's duck face. Everyone cheered and took a few more pics. Then another person said "I know this might be weird but could I touch you. I laughed a littl bit and asid sure everyone could as long as it in appropriate places. I walked down where everyone could get to me and they started touching my mane, horn, wings, and back. Then I woke up. I have to say this was a Awesome dream.

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And then the FBI came in, and put me in a high-security lab for testing.


Just making things more realistic. :P

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