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Upgrading my PC... Why am I worried when I shouldn't be?



My 500 Watt power supply came in today, but not my graphics card yet! (It says it's still in Toronto, ON)


Just to let you know, my graphics card is going to be the ASUS GTX650-E-1GD5, hopefully this is enough to please me.


Even though I already bought the power supply, is 500 Watts enough to power both the motherboard and the card?

(This card gets power from the motherboard, no slot for the power supply cable)


Old PSU = 300 W

New PSU = 500 W

GPU card power required = 75 W


I wanna make sure I did the right thing, this is my computer and no one else's, so this is my risk.

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Do you know anyway I can find how much power my computer is actively drawing? It's mainly so I can make a decision with it in the future.

Um... no.

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