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Super Comfortable Bed

Fallen Angel


Ok i got a new bed a few months ago and this weekend i was moving around on my bed and found the most COMFORTABLE SPOT EVER ! for all weekend i layed on this spot but eventually when I lay on it long enough i just mellow out and relax to the point of extreme high or bliss or what ever u want to call it and totaly zone out its so Awesome i. Then i tend to forget what im doing and just like i did eat my final project for biology that was due today thank god i took a picture of it.


So what im asking you whats the most comfortable u have ever bin ever EVER EVER OOOOOOOOOOOO!


I could find any good pictures but it was like this laying on my bed this is the closest thing i could find of things on beds there where no other pictures


With these on the ground



and like the bed felt like everything that was good like sleeping on a cloud and i cant explain it it was so......... good like Good


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