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First game for the blog



Hello everypony Bronychan1214 here today in my new blog. Well I will be posting my entries in the journal onto here. So here goes the first entry. Enjoy!


Animal Crossing Chapter One: I have started to play animal crossing wild world. I have started over completely with a guide on how my character face will look. I have entered my town and have found my house witch has a blue roof. I have had my house placed next tom nook's store, the bale sister's, the museum and the town hall. I have begun working for tom nook and have planted saplings and flowers. I have begun introducing my character to my residents. I have talked to the mayor tortintimer and buck one of my residents. I have talked to Dora. She has a beautiful garden and she says she enjoys taking care of it. I have just met my last resident purrl she is a big fan of bug catching I am assuming since she carries a net the first time I met her. Next the business owners starting with the able sisters. Just got my first cup of coffee from Brewster. Have talked to the gate guardian dogs. Have gone back to talk to purrl and she has asked me some questions about myself. My birthday date and what trait I like most in people. I have started to make delivery's for tom nook. An item that I did not check the name to Buck. A rug to Purrl, and a watering can to Dora. Witch means I have finished work! And Now I have purchased a fishing rod to begin making some money. Tomorrow witch is today witch I will make another entry for I will make some money to pay off my mortgage. Of course getting a cup of coffee before that! :D


Well guys that is what happened on my first day of animal crossing hope you enjoyed it!




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