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Father's birth day (and yesterday friends house)



Hello everypony Bronychan1214 here today and today is my father's birthday. He is so hard to but for he has like every toll in existence and he usally never eats any of his cake. So my mother and brother have gone off to get his cake and some other things that we need. I stayed here because...I wanted to. I was thinking of just giving him some money since whatever we get him he turns the good times into bad times by saying something negative. Lol I will see how it goes hopefully well.


I was gonna say this yesterday but I made an entry pretty early and I didn't wan't to make another one. I was actually able to walk to my friends house get him and then walk to another friends house. I was actually let out of the house the farthest on foot I have ever been. My mother is very over protective witch kinda sucks witch means I can't really do the fun stuff most of my friends do. I know she is looking out for me but I had such a fun time yesterday I forgot about it. We shot practice arrows with a bow, had some fun with lizards, chased each other around, made jokes and took each others things, Ah it was so much fun. I don't know why I didn't go inside to play some video games.


And that is about it for today.

Wondering what my father is gonna get



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