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Me as a Brony

Echo Narcissa


blog-0542997001401853686.jpgThis is all about me as a Brony. I'll never get tired of the show, I'll always love it and I'll never get bored of it because I'm a Brony for life and will always be. It's a part of me and my identity. I personally, love the show and hope it never ends because it's absolutely amazing. You can call it a violent obsession, but it's true I love the show and I always will. But today I met some unloyal fans who left the show cause they claimed it was "stale" and they did not want Equestria Girls or Twilicorn in the mix, so the decided to up and leave. I hope MLP becomes more popular as time go by, I hope that there even be a G5 if possible.


I try not to listen to all those haters though and keep my mind focused on the show having four or five more seasons going, so I'm pretty happy about that.

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