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blog-0565554001401923622.pngYou guys all know how much of a Pinkie Pie fanboy I am. You might think Pinkie is the only pony I love a lot. Nope. She's just the one I love the most. I also really love all the mane six. (jeez this blog might get sappy).


The mane six are pretty much the group of friends you would want to have. There is the smart one, the funny one, the shy one, the athletic one, the country one, and the fabulous one. All these traits seem to balance out each of the six equines perfectly, so there is not too much of one trait. There is pretty much something for everybody to love.


You can love how Twilight is an adorkable smart dork who you can easily put yourself in. All her freakouts can remind you of a time you procrastinated or over thought something. A great quality to make a lovable character.


Oh Rarity oh Rarity, you are fabulous beyond compare. Your voice having a quite soothing accent, you're generous nature to random passerbys in Manehattan and you're lovely singing voice.

How her episodes never tend to suck and are at least decent. What else can I say? She's just fabulous and amazing.


If you're sick of the girliness, you can stop by Rainbow Dash for an awesome time. She's not in anyways stereotypical. She's a tomboy who loves to fly fast. I normally don't like hanging around athletes, but I would so hang around someone like her. Also her slick design makes her appearance completely memorable to anyone first watching the show. Pretty much, she's 20% cooler.


Even though Applejack is my least favorite of the awesome pack of six, there is still a lot for me to love about her. I like how she is the most down to earth of all the ponies and makes a great foil for Rainbow Dash in some episodes, especially Fall Weather Friends and Castle Mania. And she's got a southern accent that will make you crave for apples. Pretty much BUY SOME APPLES!


Who can forget the adorable, timid Fluttershy. She has a nice soft, soothing voice that sounds like an angel. (heh, get it?) She also has the kindness that will make you feel safe and comfortable around her. Also how adorable she acts all the time will make you want to hug her. And how kind she is to animals is great for all them animal lovers. Not much else to say but, "Yay!"


And now we get to the big one for me: Pinkie Pie. Oh Pinkie, how you always seem to make me smile or laugh whenever you're on screen. How you're the most hilarious out of the mane six with you're constant, well timed jokes. How you've got a nice, optimistic, uplifting singing voice that just makes you want to glomp her. How you just break the tension out of a serious and scary situation for a good laugh. You have a great goal to make ponies smile and laugh. You just seem like the type of friend I would want.


And there you have it, an ode to probably my favorite group of friends in animation. Now, I say I have a cartoon crush on Pinkie, but really, I have a small crush on all of them since there's is something for me to like about all of them (but the biggest crush is Pinkie :wub: )

So this is Chikorita signing out.

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The mane six are pretty much the group of friends you would want to have. There is the smart one, the funny one, the shy one, the athletic one, the country one, and the fabulous one.

"there's just something missing from my social life"


"hey dude you mentioned that you grew up on a farm right"


"Sure, why?"


*kidnaps and brings to ice cream store*

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